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UBS On The Prowl:
Steals Thousands Of Metric Tons
Of Gold From Prominent
Trillionaire In Their Quest
To Defraud Him

UBS On The Prowl: Steals Thousands Of Metric Tons Of Gold From Prominent Trillionaire In Their Quest To Defraud Him – And Further: In An Assassination Attempt He Remains Hospitalized

One of the world’s richest men, Peter Chhang, walked into a UBS building in France and politely requested the 9,000 Metric tons of gold they were holding for him and have been doing so for a very long time.

It was time to cash in. Instead of receiving his Gold he was told to leave and not return and if so then he would be removed (remove means killed in this context).

Peter Chhang is next in line for access to the Emperor of China’s assets.

Knowing how much his assets were worth in this bank and carrying the proper papers to have them removed upon request he re-entered the bank.

He met with the UBS Bank President and the next time anyone saw him he was being saved him from an untimely death by local authorities.

You see, Peter Chhang was poisoned and was never meant to leave the bank alive.

He lives now barely because of the attention of the French Government, but he still has poison in his system and must stay in the hospital

He will need the doctor’s approval to leave the hospital in Lyon, France.

Peter Chhang is a strong person and he will survive.

Just the other day we mentioned that the UBS was making offers of Gold using others’ gold and not their own. They planned on using Dragon Family Gold and as well as that of Indonesia.

“They” planned on selling all they held and do not give a damn about the actual depositors. In the first version of article as posted, we actually showed the gold contracts being offered.

UBS is up and at it people. They are coming after us and praying their thefts can keep them alive.

I personally am never going to place anything in UBS and would recommend anyone and everyone to get their Gold and assets out of there before they close the doors on them as well.

Otherwise they will survive and you just might not. They never cared about you.

I have my hands full protecting Indonesia and believe me, Indonesia will be safe.

It is UBS that will be in danger.

One step at a time and it will be done for sure.

All the best.



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  1. you’re an hero mr. Neil.


  2. Dear Amanah Neil
    Again thank you for a very informative & important update. Hope PC recovers soon. Daily I see the veil lifting, more people accepting these unmentionables have no part in the world. Agree DW is only good for a giggle another well paid DI. I’m truly surprised Pres Putin not asked to join you & Group K the only other cool headed person on planet trying to warn of same man-made atrocities. Ignorance is no protection to those in denial. Keep standing your ground in highest love n light

  3. Dear Amanah Neil
    Thank you for this important good to know
    the infinite creator.. continues to support and give you
    the strength to prepare and courage to battle on
    Love and light of the highest to you & Group K

  4. Now is THE time for We The People worldwide to consciously negate and block the dark forces of the cabal who are ramping up their latest attacks in their nefarious attempts to stop those brave souls working overtime on the front-lines for humanity. Neil Keenan and Group K have done so much, both hidden for security reasons as well as overt, over the past years to awaken us to the real dynamics of debt slavery as well as other gruesome sins against humanity in the name of greed.

    Unfortunately, to make matters worse, there are some public figures, such as Benjamin Fulford, who knowingly crossed the lines of integrity to personally attack Neil by recently telling outright lies such as, “Neil was murdered, etc.”

    I’ve personally known Neil for many years, and wish to reassure those who have supported Neil with their prayers and goodwill along the way that he is very much alive and doing battle like the old warrior that he is!!! In fact, Neil and I spoke on Skype just 2 days ago, and Neil’s sole focus remains on his incredible mission in Indonesia to help the people of Indonesia as well as others who have suffered from the blatant harm done for eons by the criminal cabal.

    In closing, we must continue sending prayers of protection and well-being to all courageous people such as Neil who work tirelessly for humanity. Each one of us can shine our light in the darkness of despair and tyranny, making a profound difference in realizing a victorious outcome.

    Thank you, Neil, for enduring despite the slings and arrows of lies and deception by the “Has-Bens” of this world. We stand strongly and proudly behind you every step of the Way!!! May God hold you in His heart now and always…

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