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The Global Accounts: The Truth,
The Thieves, The Liars And The
Con Artists

I am sitting here thinking of how close we are to finally getting to what we could call the “End Game”, but then I keep saying to myself that the Cabal hasn’t quit anything yet, but they are near ready to be destroyed.

Good News for us. Bad News for them…

UPDATE: Vital Message from a Dutch-Indonesian Insider (below).

UPDATE 2: BREAKING NEWS: UBS On The Prowl: Steals Thousands Of Metric Tons Of Gold From Prominent Trillionaire In Their Quest To Defraud Him – And Further: In An Assassination Attempt He Remains Hospitalized (Below).

I see such groups as the Committee of 300 breaking bread with other kindred spirits in order to strengthen their positions in their quest for controlling the Global Accounts.

You can clearly see this with their plans to rob South Korea of their Assets / bunkers giving nothing in return.

See Also: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Japanese Puppet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: “If You Want To See Me Do My Thing Pull My String”

I also see many other insidious groups coming out of their clandestine closets and making false claims for the Accounts – of which most of them had never heard of before myself and Group K came along and exposed the crooks lurking behind their false fronts of notoriety.

I’ve heard and seen the sanctimonious push for said Accounts by public individuals or organizations that never made one damned effort to protect the Accounts from the Western thievery that has occurred over the past ten years that I have been involved in this colossal effort.

And finally, to top it all off – you know it became really silly when David Wilcock recently made the preposterous claim and says the Dragon Family (probably White or Red or Purple) is working with him and planning on making a movie.

Hahahhahah! I love a good laugh, given that I was in Singapore with the Family when David’s release took place.

They not only laughed about doing a movie but wondered “who is David Wilcock?”

The Family have never heard of him.

And does anyone really believe that this ancient family who operates in privacy above all would ever “go Hollywood”?!

In the past I would let this fly, but I believe I did my good share when I provided David with nearly all of the material for ‘Financial Tyranny‘ (with Keith Scott providing some details as well).

See Also: Financial Tyranny: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time

Remember this book was about my original lawsuit and nothing more. No more freebies, David! Not only this, but I was never credited for the wealth of information that I contributed towards ‘Financial Tyranny‘, just the mention of my name here and there.

Returning to the more immediate and indeed urgent “real” matters at hand; it has become clear that a growing number of conniving parties are overwhelmingly interested in only ONE Account… The Global Accounts!

As the Amanah I will never give credence nor any of my time to all the innumerable, nefarious thieves of years past, present and future… no matter how many times they deceptively change their names or alliances.

Hear me now loud and clear! You are all wasting your time!

Soon I will be allocating funds for Humanitarian Projects beginning in Indonesia and then worldwide – to only those who are proven to be legitimate and honorable.

To the entire Cabal: You are out of the game!

After many years of stealing, devastating murder and mayhem across this planet, at last, you have struck out.

We The People are finally becoming the winners on this earth, and we are stepping up to help one another build a better future for our children and grandchildren!

Guess what? You are not going to be involved.

So take a seat, a back seat at that, and watch how these Accounts are really supposed to work. It is near time, folks, and soon we will be screaming, “The time has come today”!

Back door confusion, including your horrific Red Flags, have gone on for the past year in Indonesia.

Even after making false claims to nearly all of the Global Accounts in Asia, many of your crooked (“wolves in sheep’s clothing”) global organizations – all along were waiting for the right opportunity to sneak into Indonesia during the night and steal everything in their bunkers.

I want to especially call out the UBS’s cunning plans, as I am the last person they wanted to see stand in their path with official documents that tell the truth about financing in Asia with UBS; and how they stole not only personal and / or corporate Assets, but Global Assets as well – which they continue to do to this very day.

I am now going to expose a document that shows how UBS has stolen Assets to finance Malaysia, circumventing the actual owner of the Assets not for one year, but for many (to the very day this man passed on).

And now they brazenly want to steal the Gold from the real Dragon Family’s (Gold) Account.

After preventing theft from their Accounts for many years, I will be damned if I will allow UBS to steal anything that belongs to the Family now.

I submit to you a picture of the UBS team involved in such thefts here:

And the alleged leader of this group as well: Once again the infamous Mr. Loh (on Right):

See Also Regarding Mr. Loh the Con Man: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Moving On Without Pretention

Note that the only banking person I will allow to converse with the UBS is Chris Brosnahan.

UBS, you know who he is and where the truth will be fully exposed to end your blatant thievery.

In the near future, I plan on litigating and exposing what exactly it is they’ve done and who they really are behind their facade of banking respectability!

Simultaneously, I also plan on taking them out of the race…

Otherwise, let’s go to court, boys and girls, and have a real good time!

I love it when you squirm in your seats in your three piece suits, as I sit relaxed with my Tommy Bahama shorts and shirts on as though I just arrived from the beach.

It really is a pisser, isn’t it?

At the moment, I foresee a quick skirmish between myself and the above groups. Consequently, I plan on litigating and making them become crazy by shining the light of truth on exactly what it is and who they are!

I also plan on taking them out of the race. This is almost done, and the battle will be short, seeing that what I hold is exactly what they fear the most.

I cannot wait to expose it to the planet leaving said jackasses with nothing but their hands in their empty pockets.

Here is the UBS offering of gold that is not theirs:

PDF Download: Contract Sale And Purchase Agreement UBS 250MT

Now, remember these are Indonesian / Golden Dragon Family assets held by the UBS.

Forthrightly, it is about the West and its man-made technology that created many “timely” volcanic eruptions, deadly earthquakes and tsunamis here in Indonesia.

There was no seismic activity whatsoever prior to these tragedies.

“Remember that John Kerry threatened Indonesian President Jokowi that the West would sink this island if they did not relinquish the Gold they held.

Neil reminds us of the threat made by John Kerry when he visited Indonesia; that he wanted the gold – and when he was told that he could not have any gold – he remarked about the weather and earthquake technologies that the West (the Zionist Nazi faction of the Cabal) have access to.

Kerry indirectly threatened to ‘sink’ Indonesia (and any other country that attempts to stand in their way) and this threat is on the record… just so you know. One further note; Indonesia has already felt the wrath of the HAARP machines, as have Turkey and a number of South American nations.

The cabal will not be taking over Indonesia.”

From: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Indonesia At Bat: “Connect The Dots”

Shortly thereafter the Japanese militarized their Army for the first time since WWII in their quest to invade Indonesia, to take the Gold that did not belong to them.

See Also: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Hail Hail The Gang’s All Here

It is interesting to note that this was at a time and there was no seismic activity detected whatsoever.

It’s time to bundle up one and all to fight the Khazarian Gangsters right under our own roofs.

WE, that is WE THE PEOPLE are doing this right now all over this beautiful World of OURS.

Let us create our own teams of action and lend support to those leaders that support us and are accountable to you and me.

I am sure the sneaky Lizards will find a way to slither their way out, but the “Calvary Call” is on its way..

So stay alert. Help wherever you may and be prepared for a better World.

Neil Keenan and Group K





UPDATE 2: BREAKING NEWS: UBS On The Prowl: Steals Thousands Of Metric Tons Of Gold From Prominent Trillionaire In Their Quest To Defraud Him – And Further: In An Assassination Attempt He Remains Hospitalized

One of the world’s richest men, Peter Chhang, walked into a UBS building in France and politely requested the 9,000 Metric tons of gold they were holding for him and have been doing so for a very long time. 

It was time to cash in. Instead of receiving his Gold he was told to leave and not return and if so then he would be removed (remove means killed in this context).  

Peter Chhang is next in line for access to the Emperor of China’s assets.

Knowing how much his assets were worth in this bank and carrying the proper papers to have them removed upon request he re-entered the bank.

He met with the UBS Bank President and the next time anyone saw him he was being saved him from an untimely death by local authorities..

You see, Peter Chhang was poisoned and was never meant to leave the bank alive.

He lives  now barely because of the attention of the French Government, but he still has poison in his system and must stay in the hospital

He will need the doctor’s approval to leave the hospital in Lyon, France.

Peter Chhang is a strong person and he will survive.

Just the other day we mentioned that the UBS was making offers of Gold using others’ gold and not their own.  They planned on using Dragon Family Gold and as well as that of Indonesia.

“They” planned on selling all they held and do not give a damn about the actual depositors.  In the first version of article as posted, we actually showed the gold contracts being offered.

UBS is up and at it people. They are coming after us and praying their thefts can keep them alive. 

I personally am never going to place anything in UBS and would recommend anyone and everyone to get their Gold and assets out of there before they close the doors on them as well.

Otherwise they will survive and you just might not. They never cared about you.

I have my hands full protecting Indonesia and believe me, Indonesia will be safe.

It is UBS that will be in danger.

One step at a time and it will be done for sure.

All the best.



UPDATE 1: Vital Message From a Dutch-Indonesian Insider

“My heritage is that of an old Dutch family that has lived for generations in Indonesia and, as many of my higher-up Indonesian political and financial friends, we closely follow Neil Keenan’s activities and we most certainly do appreciate beyond words, what this one man has done to protect our country.

He has exerted to much to save the sovereignty and wealth of our nation. He has done so selflessly and at his own expense. We truly respect him as our Amanah.

Those of us at the top echelons of our society are amazed and grateful for how Neil relays pertinent and timely information about the plans and actions of the Globalist Cabal in their attempts to steal our assets and ruin our country, because of not only greed, but indeed other far more insidious intentions.

We deeply appreciate his protection and defense of our heritage and the wealth of Indonesia; the Dutch and the nations of Asia that have entrusted their wealth for safekeeping here. We know that we are under attack and that Neil has intervened on our behalf.

On nearly a dozen occasions no other one person nor collective has stepped in front of these evil entities to slam the door in front of them. We thank you Mr. Keenan. We also know that the war against the cabal remains ongoing and that we must maintain diligence. It goes without saying that there will be more attacks, however Mr. Keenan makes “gado-gado” (fight-fight) and “mixes the game up”.

And this brings me to mt key point: I know you are out there and you know who you are. And I know you are reading this:

Our Dutch and Indonesian patriots need to step up and protect our Amanah and visit justice upon the Nelu’s and Younus’s (etcetera); all of those who who became treasonous traitors to not only our country but the world at large.

It is time that all of us with the wherewithal to do so, must undertake further investigation to expose any and all that try to pull strings to steal our power and wealth.

Mr. Keenan will help to make our country a truly great nation and we need to match his efforts in any practicable manner. I have been informed that Neil has been in country for almost six weeks in working to complete his duties as Amanah duties.

There are remnants with intentions of blocking and delaying. For our part, we will do as much as we possibly can to assist.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime to win against the (now increasingly referred to) global adversary. So what are we, those of us with still some tools at our hands waiting for?

The balance of power has tipped and the time is upon us for those with means to seize the opportunity and come forward in this final push.

Awareness of this pivotal point in history is fundamental. May many become brave when the fiend [is being leveraged to] flee.”

– Dutch Indonesian Insider



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  1. OOEE an Whoopie an all that.
    Great news, and as I’ve said before, I will help in any way I can.
    I did note that I wuz right bout the timin thingie.
    Those of us who are involved, are very ready.
    Thank you for this update.

  2. Good to see you so happy Neil, the subtle changes as banks are clearly losing liquidity and Russia and China are buying up gold. Thank you for proving beyond doubt in the family’s trust in you was the best investment. 🍀

  3. Ambrosio Nabila

    October 5, 2019 at 7:18 am

    Neil I believe in your integrity. Thank you.

  4. Thanks very much for your report.

    If you allow I should ask what do you mean by “soon” in the phrae:
    soon we will be screaming, “The time has come today”.

    Kindest regards

  5. Neil,
    God bless you; you look and sound so much healthier than you did a couple of years ago (on the Youtube tape). Hopefully, Indonesia treats you as well as Singapore.

    It seems that the Cabal cannot win against you, even with all their physical threats and acts of treachery. Perhaps, they need to read Sun Tzu, especially when he said, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Go Neil! Beat them in the Courts of Law!

    Still praying for you and the K-Group,
    Thomas Beaver

  6. Such a blessing you are! Standing on the sidelines cheering you on! If there is anything you need for me to do, just speak it and if in my power, it will be done. May god speed you safely on your journey.

  7. i see anwar ibrahim with the guy aforementioned as mr loh….what’s his connection to the current financial fiasco in malaysia……what about mahathir?is he clean or does he have a hidden hand as well

  8. Integrity as someone here mentioned. That’s (like the master of words – Wade Frazier puts it) what is the worlds scarcest commodity! True humans have their integrity – as it is closely related to “being a whole person”. A true, awesome human being without any scruples! “Stay true”, “be real” are definitions from our daily language.

    And the New World shall have leaders of that. Of integrity! And of wholeness.

    May it happen!

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