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Stupid Is As Stupid Does
– Forrest Gump

Karen Hades is at it again with gross stupidity and disinformation.

In her latest interview she is telling everyone that the original Bretton Woods Agreement has now expired and that all the gold that was put on deposit in the Global Collateral Accounts is now the property of the People of the World – due to the Statute of Limitations being 50 years with no claims against these deposits.

Hades claimed that Marcos, being a lawyer, arranged the agreement as such and that the gold came from Jose Rizal, a Philippine Ambassador to the Vatican; who is supposedly related to the old Queen of England.

Let’s get a bit of history correct to begin with.

Marcos was never M1 but he did negotiate with the Asian Elders to finance the reconstruction and world development after WW2 as detailed in the Bretton Woods Agreement.

The Elders individually placed gold on deposit with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and they are the legal individual OWNERS of these accounts and deposits – but have been repeatedly denied access to their accounts, or use thereof, since the time of their initial deposits (WHICH IS GROSS FRAUD).

These original depositors are clearly identified in official records held by the BIS and the Elder’s Depositors (now also with Neil Keenan).

At no time whatsoever have the OWNER Depositors ever relinquished their claims to their assets on deposit, but have repeatedly tried to secure them for proper use for the benefit of mankind as originally intended.

There never has been an issue of abandonment of claim and any possibility of invoking a Statute of Limitations on said accounts.

Any attempt to do so is fraudulent and a gross theft which is the current foundation of legal suits that Neil Keenan is preparing against all those involved, past and present: Ms Karen Hades included.

In its simplicity, if you put your money in a bank, you expect the bank to return your deposit on your demand.

If the bank refuses to give you your money back, it is theft and a fraudulent act punishable by LAW.

Karen clearly understands THE RULE OF LAW. She just doesn’t seem to understand that it applies to HER and the UN / IMF in trying to steal the Global Collateral Accounts for themselves. 

Who were the Depositors and OWNERS of these accounts in the BIS?

It is estimated that 80% of the original Depositors were from the Asian Elders (Golden Dragon Family) and the remainder from Western Royalty and Rothschild banker elites.

Jose Rizal came into the picture as he was trying to recover gold that the Philippine government had deposited with the Vatican prior to WW2 for safekeeping but which the Vatican refused (still to date) to return to the Philippine people.

Jose then tried to tie the Philippine gold to the Bretton Woods Agreement but it is still unclear as to whether or not the Vatican (Rothschild bankers) ever released funds to the BIS.

Certainly Jose and Marcos never had any legal authority over the deposits made individually by various authorized Asian Elders.

Ultimately it is the BIS, it’s officers past and present, and anyone, bank or financial institution – that participated in this fraudulent use and abuse of the Global Collateral Accounts – that will be the ones held liable and subjected to the full force of the Rule of Law.

Neil Keenan has already assembled a large legal team to handle these matters which is going to clear up this gross injustice and fraudulent mess.

This legal action will take place as all the original evidence is now available and the Elders are entrusting Neil Keenan with the legal authority as M1 to proceed with the reclaiming of these assets.

And anyone who gets in the way will be steamrolled.

Now that the original documents and certified copies are in the hands of Neil’s legal team, there are now 100+ “Neil’s” should anything happen to the original Neil.

The Cabal cannot get them all so guys – put your hands UP!

Higher!  You’re DONE.

Stupid is as stupid does: Karen.

There is no corporate entity such as the UN or IMF which has any legal authority to claim assets of any individual – or to appoint anyone to make such claim as having authority by way of a mandate or appointed Trusteeship, granted by any Board of Directors or Financial Advisory made up of Finance Ministers of various countries.

A Non-Party has no legal authority or Standing in this matter as it is a legal contract between the Depositors and BIS ONLY.

As a lawyer and legal adviser you should be clearly aware of your gross negligence in advising your clients in proceeding in this manner; which has the potential for making them all LEGALLY LIABLE, particularly because sticking their fingers in this pie is a FRAUDULENT ACT.


King Farouk & Group K


Copyright © 2016, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. The Dragon Family chose wisely when @Neil Keenen was appointed M-1 to protect their interests. Much thanks for your integrity and strength of will in carrying out your responsibilities, Sir!

  2. Play there game and printoney and back it with the gold “he he call it imf notes and n bis motes” cheeky

  3. Stealing is not legal, even if you say it is…

    People will learn soon enough. Clean air and water clears the mind.

  4. Is there a relationship between an asset being “deposited” in a Bank and property being placed in a “repository” as property being held for the owner?
    I have read that a “deposit” becomes the property of the bank that they then “owe” to the “depositor” and when the banks where originally chartered they were “repositories” where the property was held in trust for the owners – however, in the law of maritime/admiralty (which covers the cause of “bottomry” ie bankruptcy) – there is a first “lien right” on property being taken and used without the consent, compensation,or knowledge of the owner – then that “use” and the proceeds therefrom are the property of the owner by operation of law through “first lien right” if invoked and lien served??
    It seems to me this applies here when invoked, and Karen Hudes has no standing to make such a claim – however the elders have the lien right – have they served such claim and invoked it?

    • This is what Neil’s legal team will be doing very soon now. Lots of lawyers on board to torpedo the Banksters.

      • AT THE TIME OF THE 2008 STOCK MARKET CRASH, WHEN I LOST MY RETIREMENT MONEY, I WAS SO LIVID AT WALL STREET’S & THE BANKSTER’S CAVALIER MENTALITY, HOW “THE WORLD WAS THEIR OYSTER”. I recalled my dad telling me how after the 1929 Stock Market Crash, when they lived in a Apartment House in Cambridge, Mass., his neighbors in the apartment next door lost everything. The husband commited suicide by throwing himself into The Charles River in Boston. His wife, who was wild in her bereavement, later jumped out the apartment window. LATER ON I LEARNED HOW BILL CLINTON HAD SIGNED SENATOR PHIL GRAMM’S BILL THAT DITCHED THE GLASS-STEAGALL ACT, SOME 10 YEARS BEFORE. THIS GAVE ME A NEW HATRED FOR POLITICS & THE POWERS THAT BE !


  5. Blessings.its good to see those irish eyes smiling.the cherokee indian have a saying if it is not good for is not good. karan is working for those who stole from the natives in all countries.its time for them to be judged as they have judged.

  6. You Mean Karen Hudes not Hades????

  7. Karen and the Rothschild’s are just stalling their own arrests. Go get ’em! Charge them and lock ’em up, throw away the keys!!

    Blessings for Neil, Group K, and the Peoples of the earth.


  8. Loved the name change. 😉

  9. What a good read this morning . I know Neil & Group K will get this done he must have all the angels protection and luck of the Irish. Prayers for continued protection. Thank you Neil & Group K love & light Laurie K

  10. Thank You, keep rolling Team, God is Love, Truth is Light, God Bless

  11. Hello Neil
    I am glad you are catching up to Karen, she has been talking about this “statute of limitations thing” for a long while now (at least 3 months or more). Glad to see you are setting things straight. It is amazing to me the Chinese did not hire some of those ninja’s from Hollywood and send them to the BIS and teach them a lesson of what happens to thieves. Have a Great Day!

  12. Chewing-gum-under-the-shoe is at it again! Nice try! I take it ¨people of the world” means ¨My handlers¨. Sigh! Wink wink nudge nudge!

  13. Thank you Neil for your relentless pursuit of justice for all of humanity, as well as the earth herself. These accounts are the key to changing the world and society we live in. You are truly deserving of the title of Hero, and I’m sure history will reflect your endeavours undertaken for the benefit of all and at great personal expense to yourself.

    Love and blessings from the universe
    Kezia <3

  14. I was under the understanding that the BIS is a tool of the Illuminati elites, the very people you are trying to fend off, so why would you put your global account certs or gold deposits in that institution??

    please forgive me for being a moron in these matters…

    • The BIS is the most obscure arm of the Bretton-Woods International Financial architecture but its role is central. John Maynard Keynes wanted it closed down as it was used to launder money for the Nazis in World War II. Run by an inner elite representing the world’s major central banks it controls most of the transferable money in the world. It uses that money to draw national governments into debt for the IMF.

    • Do you think I put them there? Need to do some reading Mickey and lots of catching up

      • No I didn’t say you put them there. I doubt you would ever consider such an ignorant move. From what i gathered above the ‘Family’ did this early on, perhaps before they realized what they were doing. Unfortunately it seems like you are between a rock and a hard place forced to play both sides of the fence.
        And you are right i am a ‘Johnny come lately’ here, so i will review some of the archives.

  15. To clarify, i didnt mean to infer ‘You’ put the paper and gold into the BIS, i guess i was referring to ‘you’ as a representative of the group that were the original depositors.

    Anyway, here’s to your health Neil.

  16. Hello Mr. Keenan do you know anything about this person Cindy Kae Currier and the American Swissindo the court of ages the hairshp economy and NASARA ? She talks about the king of kings as m1 who are this people

    • Keenan Team | Two

      September 20, 2016 at 9:02 pm

      If you look through previous posts, you will see several concerning SwissIndo. Also check the history timeline.

      • thank you stay safe my freind

        • Cindy Kae Currier is the owner of all the domains she refers to. Funny gal but SWISS IN DOO dont step in it K!

          • Ok thanks for the info had a bad felling about her and Swissindo. I am half polish and half german and was told beware of the man giving free gifts. I have been fallowing Neil . but back in 2013 I lost my internet because I could not afford it at the time that is why I messed that part of the info.Iam behind you 100% neil not much I can do but pass the info on to others I wish I could do more but I am diabled and do not have any money to send.Iwould like to get my hands on them and show them what this halfbreed thinks of them low life sum.Take care Neil and team K kick there butts. forgive the spelling please. p.s. if I can help some how let me know paul

          • I remember when I was in Jakarta I searched the base of SwissIndo and laided with Neil. But there was nothing. Their base was in the very remoted area. I talked to the boss of them and he begged some money. SwissIndo and OPPT is nothing!!!

            • Flyer, please explain your post. I’m a blond and kinda having a little trouble reading between the lines. I’m sorry for being ignorant to what you are trying to tell us but I would love to learn any truths from your post. Thanking you in advance.

  17. Neil and Team K- our entertainment tonite “Weekend at Hillarys Debate” should be interesting:)

  18. Best wishes to Neil and g4.
    Hope things are going well.
    Looking forward to the next post.
    Seems like the only ray of truth
    at the moment. Worth waiting for.

  19. Quiet be is what Quiet is!!!

    Keep on keeping on as this world is going nuts all over!!!

    Best regards Charles!

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