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Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me

WELL, Neil has given everyone a few days to enjoy themselves bashing our names around.  Neil says: “In fact it was their Pied Piper who was leading them over the cliff.  My father used to say give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.”

We are now clearing the air, setting the record straight with facts, and just the facts.

Bitcoin Account

Yesterday Jean had to delete a member of our Team’s name from her latest post.  This individual only helped Jean set up the Bitcoin account since she didn’t know how to do it.

Jean has always been the sole administrator of the Bitcoin account.  Complete control of the account was hers alone, and the proof of this was the screenshots she posted; only an administrator can access the account and thereby take screenshots of it.

She could have told the truth and said she did not know the status of the account, but she chose to lie in one more vain attempt to throw Neil under the bus. The fact that she chose to lie says volumes.

To make this whole matter worse, Jean has threatened the individual who helped her set up the Bitcoin account by making public the Skype exchange between them about the account. Since the original unedited Skype exchange clearly proved that she had sole control of the account, her threat is meaningless except for the unwanted exposure of this individual and his family. Obviously, she seriously disliked having to retract her false statement about the account.

The point of this revelation is to make it known that Jean is not above resorting to a criminal element in her tactics. She also states that she received the Skype exchange via a third party and claimed that there was a leak on our Team.  The person who shared a copy of this Skype conversation can be none other than someone who works closely with Jean.

Jean has now amended her post with no apology for her lie about Neil having the funds.  On August 26, Jean finally transferred the Bitcoin funds for Neil’s use. As intended, these funds will now be utilized in his continued efforts to release the collateral accounts for humanitarian projects (free energy being a priority) as well as his upcoming travels to have the No-Fly Accord officially executed, signed and put into full effect for each country.

As many are aware, Neil has spent millions of his own money toward these efforts, and since his funds became depleted, donations were asked for.  We thank each and every one of you who have contributed and assure you that your money will go toward what you intended – freeing humanity from cabal control.

The Gold Note

Neil had a good belly laugh at those who really thought they caught him displaying a novelty item.  The note displayed is the real deal – a genuine gold FRN.

Novelty notes are copies of the real notes that anyone can buy online or at novelty shops – they are fake notes with fake gold.  At the train station in Zurich, you can buy FRN’s nearly identical to the originals for $5 USD.

Try and cash them in and you will buy yourself anywhere from 3-5 years in jail.  The novelty note says that it’s a novelty and shows who printed it.  These copies are all based on original notes and quite often look as good as the original.

The real note that was displayed by Neil is worth cash with compounded interest from 1933-34 and comes with documentation.  It was provided by a legitimate Elder for display purposes only.  The gold note came from a documented “baby box” which is part of the “mother box,” and there are 40,000 boxes or more of these in existence.

Dealing with these notes requires a verification process of procedures and safety precautions.  A real note presented to the bank is put through a process to verify its authenticity and who it actually belongs to — the Dragon Family.  If you are working with the Family, then they would be the ones to authorize whether payment of the note would be made.

But there is no-win “game” that is played with the presenter of the note.  Even if the note(s) is real, they are declared fake when presented to a central bank, and the presenter of the note is subsequently jailed and loses all of his assets.  The central bank then splits the proceeds from the notes with the Federal Reserve.  And the game goes on.

What happened in Chiasso is a perfect example.  When Yamaguchi and Watanabe were stopped in Chiasso, Italy, a whole new adventure began to take place.  Yamaguchi was carrying FRN’s which held no value, but the guards took the notes and brought the men before a judge.  They were then released because the court understood that the Family itself could bankrupt the Italian Government.

But the charade played on.  After looking over the notes on a computer, the U.S. claimed that the notes were fake.  Neil finds it  laughable now that he understands how things work and that they would do such a thing.

On the other hand, the Italian Financial Police declared the notes to be real.  In the end, the Italian Government and the NY Federal Reserve Bank split the funds 50/50.  Although many have heard that Yamaguchi and Watanabe each received 3 ½ years prison sentences in “Abstentia,” this is not so.  There are three data bases in Italy, and there is nothing on either one of these men.  Their names do not exist so what do we have?  They stole the notes!

Jean’s Dark Agenda

Addressing the most critical problem first, Jean is now attempting to interfere with the progress of releasing the collateral accounts.  She is calling members of the Dragon Family, complaining that Neil is not a worthy representative, among other things.  Little does she realize that the Family members she has talked with are not the members with whom Neil is dealing.

In her extreme delusion of having any kind of influence outside of being a blogger, Jean is so hell-bent on revenge at any cost that she would attempt to jeopardize all the work that has been done toward releasing the collateral accounts.  Without a doubt, her actions tragically demonstrate that she has no regard whatsoever for the people on this planet and that her sole motivation is to exact her treacherous vengeance.

With all that she has been doing and saying, Jean Haines is betraying the world at large.  This is a cold hard fact and not one that we state lightly.

We invite readers to look closely at the slander and smear campaign that Jean has embarked upon.  If one looks at Jean’s comments and her writing style and compare it with what has been written about the King of Hawaii and Neil and the Team, it becomes obvious to those with eyes to see that Jean herself has not been writing the majority of these recent accusations, outright lies and lies of omission.  She does post this under her name and is nonetheless responsible.

She did not interview the King of Hawaii, she did not interview Kauilapele, nor did she interview anyone from Hawaii.  This is the true definition of “Yellow Journalism.”  What she has presented is her obsession with carrying out a personal vendetta in the most malicious way possible.

So we would pose the question of why her staunch supporter, Graham, has not posted even so much as one comment to any of this?  Could it be that a cabal shill is too busy behind the scenes manipulating someone to assure that this plays out to the cabal’s advantage?  Under the guise of providing the “truth,” the overwhelming question for intelligent readers is exactly who is gaining benefit from her posts? Certainly not We the People.

The undeniable facts are:  there is much to be gained by the cabal in dismantling the increasing momentum to restore Hawaii’s sovereignty; and there is much to be gained by the cabal in distracting the world at large from realizing exactly what the King of Hawaii is actually doing, the fight he maintains against the cabal for the great injustices suffered by Hawaiians, and the symbolic stand he is taking on behalf of all people on this planet.  There is no one else in the Kingdom of Hawaii who is leading the way to help his people.

To truly seek the truth, look beyond the slander and see for yourself what he is doing by actually reading the documents on the King’s  website.    Read about his long-standing efforts and his communications to the Powers-That-Be.  You will find no scams or personal financial gains in what the King of Hawaii is doing.  Like Neil, his efforts against the cabal pose deathly risks on a moment-to-moment basis.

What they do is to toward the Ideal, a reality of justice and harmony for the planet and her creatures. This is the legacy that they intend to leave to this world.  These are not acts of desperate men looking to make a fast buck.  These are acts by men of honest vision, not young, reckless men who would risk everything simply for money.  And you can be sure that the cabal never wastes their time trying to get rid of anyone who poses no threat to their agenda.

In discerning statements made by Dr. Aidun, it needs to be made clear that his statements are his own and were not issued by us on our site nor by the King on the Kingdom of Hawaii’s site.  None of us had anything to do with Dr. Aidun’s statements.  We cannot control personal statements made by those who provide volunteer support services for our efforts.  Good, bad or ugly, freedom of speech applies here.  We are all imperfect creatures, however, it is to our advantage, humanity’s advantage, to utilize the best that an individual has to offer, and leave the rest.

Readers are directed to review our archives and see all of the information that we have provided – OUR WORK STANDS ON ITS OWNIt is up to each individual to decide what our intent is.  While we understand the concept of “guilt by association,” the flip side to the coin is that we cannot and will not control personal responses to personal issues.

Although many unnecessary distractions have been thrown our way, we absolutely will not be deterred from our mission to do what is needed and what is rightfully deserved for humanity.  We provide the truth as it becomes known to us from the best, most credible sources available.  We do this for you.  While it is extremely difficult in these times to discern the information that is put out there, a vital guideline is to be aware of Actions – the actions being taken to make people aware of crimes against humanity and actions being taken to stop them.  You are the judge — actions reveal the truth rather than any form of individual ego machinations.  Our actions speak louder than words.

We thank those whose support has been unwavering because they realize our intent even amidst twisted and distorted campaigns to slander those whose actions are demonstrably for the good of all.  Intentionally or unintentionally, it’s tragic that detractors do nothing but support the cabal’s agenda.  It is only our unity in supporting Action that will free humanity from enslavement.

It has also come to our attention that Jean has been brewing more lies about an individual concerning a personal accusation of “sexual molestation.”  This makes no sense whatsoever other than being motivated by outrageous revenge.  We mention this in order to thwart her lie and issue a warning against severe retribution.

A definite pattern emerges in Jean’s short-lived associations with people who came to know her well:  Michael Dunn, Michael Calhoun, Frank Amadeo and Robert Miller no longer associate with her.  And contrary to what she has insinuated, Peter Eyre continues to be a friend and associate of Neil’s.

We’d hoped that after Neil’s last message to her that Jean would cease her vendetta campaign, but she has escalated this to the point that we have been forced once again to address it. While it is extremely distasteful to have to deal with sordid drama, and a completely unconstructive use of precious time, truth across the board can be the only order of the day.

It becomes a dirty game with distractions such as Jean and her team.  Real things, vital things, become increasing difficult to get done, but Neil continues to provide information to you because he feels you should know, that you have the right to know.  In many cases Neil has grown close to the people from both Jean’s site and Cosmic Voice.  He is loyal to his many friends and is most grateful for all of the support that he receives.

It has been a long and winding road, and now that some major blocks have been cleared, we can proceed undeterred with our work. Soon enough all will see and reap the rewards that we deserve to see in our lifetimes.

The Keenan Team


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  1. Thomas Williams

    August 27, 2014 at 11:29 pm

    Thanks for the update and as an observer and at times participant in this sordid matter, I 100% agree with the above statements.
    Jean needs to see the light, and despite her nasty protestations to Alie James on her blog, no Jean you are not operating for the truth, the light or humanity, you are operating for the dark, with a self serving belligerent attitude to all and sundry.
    Tell the puppet stringed shadow man Graham to come out into the light as well, maybe you need to do some real investigations and found out who he is? do you know? best find out and quickly.
    Jean you have dug your hole so deep you will struggle to get out, make a start now please, for yourself and the rest of humanity.
    Whilst you are playing games Jean 27,000 children die per day of malnutrition and poor water supply, please think about that will you before you escalate this nonsense any further.

  2. Neil, go ahead and make the call – PLEASE. Let’s get rid of this Jean problem ASAP. We out here are just as frustrated hearing Jean and even more frustrated that she is now interfering!!

    Nelu, glad to hear you’re out – been praying the complications you mentioned dissolve.

  3. I don’t know what the freakin’ point would be with Jean doing what she is doing……I’m at a loss.

    • Me too Raven…I’m at a loss. Things are ratcheting up on her site IMHO and it’s getting very ugly. I don’t understand any of this.

      Go Neil! I love that you can stay so cheerful; your eyes say it all. It’s very reassuring.
      Go NFK Team! We all love you.

  4. “Oh what a ta.gled web we weave, when we practice to deceive.”

    Always respond when someone appears to be calling you out. Cabal likes to deflect and blame, as Jean has done…

  5. I didn’t see anything break in those vid’s. You’re more calm than I thought.


    • I was calm….This had to be done and we should have stopped her a long while ago. She is a raving lunatic who cannot stop her lying. It has gone on so long that she cannot tell the difference between truth and lies. We need to stop her now from this nonsense.

  6. BRAVO!!!! Well said Neil!!! I would make the call and end the Jean problem once and for all!!! This old world needs you and truth more than we need a hateful, vengeful woman like Jean!!! I feel sorry for her because it must be truly miserable to be that filled with hate and venom.

    God Bless, you Neil and your team.

  7. …. I feel for you, Mr K …
    ….. I would not want to be in your position
    …. I would rather fight to defeat the cabals than engage someone in an emotional battle-ground …

    • She is a quack. I can deal with Quacks. It is a shame though. We will get through it do not worry!!

      • Jean is her own worst enemy. A visit to her blog proves this. Her blog is outdated anyways. Nothing happened on 2012. Nothing to see. Move on!

        Yeah she’s seems about as stable as an alcoholic reaching for their morning beer.

  8. First thing: I’m so sorry for all this trouble. It’s truly horrible.

    I just want you to know that I love you guys and I always have and I always will.

    God Bless and Stay SAFE!

    live oak xxx

  9. I am Pissed too, Neil…that Jean has taken up so much of your Valuable time and put so much Negative energy around you…when you need just the opposite at this time in your life…doing this Amazing work! I left a note on her blog this past Sunday and Monday, saying I wanted the $ I donated last Nov. back…as I only gave it, with the intention of it getting to you! And to hear it was “sitting in some account” was too much! Very Happy to hear just now, that you will have it soon! Sending you much “white light” and Positive energy for the next battles you have to wage. Stay safe–you and the whole team! Cheers, Ruthie Cassidy

  10. P.S. I subscribed to this site quite awhile back, and haven’t received the past 2 posts? Can you help? Thanks.

  11. Such a shame…all of these words, writings, high tension unnecessary in midst of steady streams connected with a new Cabal’s offensive, in anticipation with New York, USA in genera, possible attacks. Please both side stop with further escalation, it is a clear visible loose of potency, gained momentum… Neil team, please focus on these coming two weeks. It appears astrologically that they are excellent for undertaking some new assignment, new hit, new strategic move. No wonder set back issued suddenly JUST NOW at this auspicious moment, to fight each other instead of Illuminazi’s. What is said is said, everybody can discern for itself for now on…
    When ever New Moon comes it means good start something that can grow, whenever Full Moon comes it means good opportunity for diminishing of something or someone. Go with flow, ebb and tide, naturally everything fits in.
    Ascension means also be high in the knowledge and attitude too, changed practically life upside down for the better. In that sense no one need any King anywhere in the world. King represent flock and only one ruler. Ascension means getting ready for discarding web of duality, no more dark white, no more pure dirty, poor rich issues. Final rising up and switching of the light inside out. Please try to understand… ” the coming pole shift”
    “For hundreds of hundreds of years, the prophecies from indigenous tribal people have been saying a time would come when mother earth would shift and be reborn into her heaven. At this time the people living on earth would have to switch from living within a mind consciousness to a heart consciousness, if they wished to enlighten during this shift.

    They spoke of a people who would come to the planet, the strongest of the strong of all souls and all spirits to arrive and these people would shift the consciousness from mind consciousness into heart consciousness and change the world. And these people would be called the tribe of many colors.

    And we are the tribe of many colors. It is us that they were talking about. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

    The pole shift is happening, it is not going to happen, it has already begun. It is no longer a story that the elders are saying will happen, they are saying it is happening.” – Kiesha Crowther

  12. Jeanne Scoville

    August 28, 2014 at 2:00 am

    My heartfelt gratitude to Neil Keenan & his team for never giving up in your valiant effort on behalf of We The People! My prayers are with each of you that you continue to proceed victoriously re the Collateral Accounts. Many of us cannot begin to imagine the horrendous roadblocks you’ve moved through nor the life-threatening harassment you’ve endured. I’m deeply saddened by this primarily personal conflict between 2 people, Jean & Neil, for whom I have had the greatest of respect. My concern at the present moment is for the majority of us to stay strongly united as We The People rather than allow the cabal to separate & destroy our sincere cause of real Justice & true Freedom for humankind. This, too, shall pass & may we continue to support both energetically & collectively the most critical tests currently Neil & his team are facing amidst the chaos of the world-at-large. Wishing each of you every success as well as the peace that passes all understanding…

    With Gratitude & Compassion…Peace, too…

    • Thank you Jeanne and I never lost a beat despite the distractions. Today I will release a post that needs to be posted. Not something done to expose a fraud for what she is. I am tired of it but never tired of fighting for us to rid ourselves of the vermin that continue to attack us. We will win and it has already begun.

      All the best and great to hear from you again under any circumstances.


  13. Neil and team I’m so glad that you are all still safe and that Nelu is finally free and at home with his family and friends.
    I feel like a real elohssa for ever thinking that you were not the real deal. I will take what ever Jean puts on her blog with a grain of salt from now on.
    I can’t tell you how sad I felt after reading her accusations about you and your team, but I’m glad you’ve straightened that out now. God bless you all and above all stay safe. Love you guy’s thank you for everything you do.

  14. steve t cambridge

    August 28, 2014 at 2:43 am

    Kudos to you guys over there.
    Bless you all and especially Nelu right now. It is a beautiful thing to be free and with your loving family again. I am very happy for you.
    Neil I have been following all that has beem going on and been in the group for a couple of months now. I have been “awake” for several years and have been looking for my “mission” in life. I have found it. I have said before in a message to you that I am incredibly grateful and proud to be a part of something so selfless and right.
    We can make this happen regardless of the dark energy that gets thrown in our path (I have experienced plenty)! Their time has ended! Let freedom Reign!!
    It is time to leave something to those who come after us, that some of us have been waiting for, for a very long time. Freedom!!!
    I am with you guys to the end!!
    Neil, I am going to jump on that bus as well and say “Make that call!”

  15. Well, that has really cheered me up Neil 😉
    I know that you have been a most amicable person and tried your hardest to resolve issues with Jean Haines and it has saddened me and I’m sure many others, to see how this has affected you and wasted so much of your valuable time.
    What a hateful and deceiptful woman she has been, to force her selfish demands on you, ignoring the true purpose and intentions you and all the NK Team have worked so hard to achieve.
    Who would have thought that a harmless, 70 year old spinster, would become such a vengeful and destructive person, attacking you and everything you stand for, just to satisfy her selfish ego and personal status on an internet ‘blog’ !
    What an arrogant, stupid and thoughtless woman she is, to place her own interests before those of Humanity.
    Thank goodness you have finally reached the right decision to fully expose her and rid her from your mind… Oh, and please let me know if you need some change for that phone call…

    With my Best Wishes for ALL that the NK Team will go on to achieve, in abundance for Humanity.

  16. Just a note about the Kingdom of Hawai’i websites… there are two sites:

    Main website (with links to all documents):
    Blog site:

    Thank you for all of your efforts, Neil and team. Aloha, Kp

    • Thank’s for you information. I read you post on Jean’s blog. Her long winded response only showed her own ego and obsession to discredit anyone who doesn’t see the world as she does.

    • Nancy C/Seattle

      August 31, 2014 at 6:01 am

      Thank you for posting the links to the Kingdom of Hawai’i. Particularly the first one resonated with me. I randomly clicked on the “Vision & Plan” section which started with this beautiful line:

      **The Gift of Love from Hawai’i
      The world has reached a crisis point where people in all nations are recognizing a need to reorganize Human civilization to incorporate principles of:
      (1) sustainability, (2) self-reliance, (3) community, (4) respect for the Natural World, and (5) peace.**

      One can certainly see why the cabal might not want the world to receive this gift and restoration.

  17. Sorry to hear abut this. Sometimes people become attached and develop a sense of entitlement like that crazy bitch who attacked and shot Selena the spanish Pop star who died a number of years back.

    Consider yourself lucky that this crazy whack a doodle did not have a gun and know how to find you, not that she would be able to hit anything. She’d probably shoot herself in the foot from the sounds of things. So keep safe and tell Jean to buy a big toy to play with and keep it handy when she needs to relieve some stress, if you know what I mean, because it sounds like she needs to rub one out and is very frustrated.

    Maybe they make a special toy that takes crazies and calms them out so they can act sane again. You should have some adult mail order company drop ship one to her.

  18. Soooooo anyway…

    What’s going on with the Clinton team? Got names yet 😉

  19. Hello Neil:

    I subscribe to The Event Chronicle. Please see this recent post:

    I find this outrageous and have written the Editor before about her opinions and attacks. I think she’s in league with something very dark or completely deluded. Either way, this stupid post will not deter me from receiving your updates. I have no idea what this Jean situation is as your posts are new to me but I am familiar with ego-based lunatics in this movement. I know you’ll be fine.

    All the best to you and your team.

    • I think this whole thing with Jean will separate more wheat from the chaff. There isn’t going to be any EVENT. We may fix things but it’s going to be a lot of work and years before things are fixed. It’s all about who’s integrity holds up under pressure.

  20. She is manipulated, I think, and has been for a while. Too bad that Neil has to spend time on such a trivial “Wow ! Busted ! Yeepee! I prove you wrong!” matter. The RM has better things to attend to. Neil once said Jean has a history of turning against the people she once supported.
    That would include cabal members … :-))))

  21. Dear Mr Keenan,

    I am verry sad, it finishes this way… I thought this lady was really a nice lady, I am troubled and verry sorry for you all!!! Except for Nelu because he is HOME welcome Home Nelu!!! 🙂 🙂

    I wish you all the best and take care,



    • In my life experience I have found it’s the nice people you have to watch. The people who are obvious jerks are pretty much letting you know what they are. It’s the nice people that will throw the blind punch you don’t see coming.

  22. What I wanted to say is that for quiet a while I thougt it wasn’t Jean that was writing her posts any more….but I’m maybe wrong!

    and then I came about this article: The divide and conquer by making crooks of the other party… I mean makking allegations about the bitcoins and the King of Hawaii etc. It seemed to me there was tactics going on!!

    Mr Keenan I thank you for beeing so straigt and so funny you make me laugh all the time even when you are deep in…. you keep laughing, that remembers me of someone verry dear!! Sorry I am getting weak here hihi!

    I wish you and you’re team all the best for the sake of all of us together NOT DIVIDED!!!

    Thank you and love to you all 🙂


  23. All that I can say about this Jean mess is “you will know them by their fruit”.

    Truth and lies have always been at war.
    When you learn that the truth you believed is now a lie; it rubs hard on the soul until you loosen the tention by proving the lie. By this the war ends and fruit starts to grow.

    Jean, you should thank God that Neil has been very patient with you.

  24. Neil and Team:

    I agree with Pete. Do it and be done with it. Make that call. I just had to look up “person who constantly lies”.
    What is another name for a person who constantly lies ? › Categories › Health › Mental Health

    Someone who constantly lies is known as a pathological liar, or in the psychiatric world he or she would be classified under the term “pseudologia fantastica.”

    Sounds about right. Good luck to you all and Thank you for All Your Hard Work.

  25. Thanks K Team! Brush Jean away as she is not worthy of forgiveness at this time. Now please stay focused on the goals. I am praying the No Fly accords can be expedited and completed. I am still excited about the BRICS nations that formed after the Monaco accords and the actions that have developed from it.

    The century long ponzi scheme of the federal reserve fractional banking must be defeated and humanity must fight the oligarchs and strip them of their funds and power. The depopulation agenda has to be discarded. Depopulation is a result of people who have so much money that power and control is all they have left to achieve. And power only attracts the sick. The gates foundation the monsanto corp and the soros, bush, clinton, windsor, nato, etc. and the tiny poroshenko puppet in the Ukraine has opposition and my prayers are with that group which includes the K Team.

    I truly had thought the US military might wake up and see that domestic enemies exist and they are just pawns in the game of war. The evil that exists today WILL be defeated because good men are doing something. But it takes patients and diligence.

    I do hope the world can understand that money and the love of it is the pure evil we need to defeat. The inequality created by the federal reserve century long ponzi scheme is so obvious. After 100 years the 1% of the people are so wealthy it is pathetic. And now that their scheme has ran its course they scream for austerity for those left behind.

    I can not see the planet because it is still to dark but I can see a wee bit of light at the end of the tunnel! I am still excited about Nelu and his freedom thanks to Neil and his Team! POWP (Press On With Pride) K Team! As Drake would say gitterdun!


  26. Humanity, Mother earth and Most importantly millions upon millions of children world wide are dependant on this battle to overthrow those who create poverty war and murder on this earth, the Cabal. The children of this planet are suffering and dying, if not by death, by spirit, mind and soul. The Bankers Wars waged which result in so much genocide, murder, suffering and trauma for the innocent is tearing the very soul out of who we are as human beings. The Children of this planet should not be subjected to the current suffering they endure at the expense of greed, power and control. All “Sovereign” beings of this planet should be free to enjoy peace, good health and play their role in caring for Mother Earth. This battle is critical for the survival of this planet and all of humanity. For the children of this world I hope we see success, the end of poverty, free energy for all and a healthy existence for all on this beautiful place that birthed us. Thank you again Neil and the Team, for the hope of all children and this planet I stand right beside you all!

  27. Neil, squat them flies as hard as you can brother!

  28. The NSA’s insatiable file gathering apparatus enables them to accumulate huge personal info on anyone anywhere. Gary Hart’s 1982 Presidential run was destroyed by NSA “leaks” to the controlled media. They cleared away any opposition to Reagan/Bush.
    NSA info could have been used as extortion against Jean or to find a way to bribe her in a way that would be very hard to refuse. Other than that we have to give Jean full blame for taking actions only a “made man” cabal member would take.

  29. I think it is time to move on, and get back on task.

  30. Jean is her own worst enemy. A visit to her blog proves this. Her blog is outdated anyways. Nothing happened on 2012. Nothing to see. Move on!

  31. brooks o'bryant

    August 28, 2014 at 10:07 pm

    with you all the way…thank you for looking out for all of us out here Neil from one irish person to another…keep up the great work…lots of us are behind you…and Nelu free…music to my ears…. have been following you for a while now! all my best to you all out there in the trenches…i have folLowed Jean’s blog for awhile but brushed Off that story entirely as I knew you represent the truth…do what you must…as I said we are all behind you…go TEAM KEENAN!!!

  32. DON’T HAVE HER ARRESTED. This reminds me of all the efforts to provoke Putin to respond so the US can go to war. If you have her arrested, it will be spun by the Cabal into something huge and be bad.

    Put out more stuff on OITC or which ever fake group it is, and positive stuff on your people and keep focused on your work.

    They did this and used her to PRECISELY to provoke you. Okay, they got you but you can recover and act like they don’t exist or describe what is going on and stay steady and do the work you are so great at.

    Be like Putin, unflappable. And Putin does only two things: puts out questions that have not been answered and puts out his own data contradicting the garbage.

    It looks very much like she started all this after she put out major articles on the ebola false flag they are ready to use to kill millions here, and exposing the the Rockefellers, the Bushes – the very people on the No Fly Accord list. And of course it’s related that and you being so close to finishing.

    Put out old stuff on the OITC or whatever it’s called, so you don’t have to waste your time. If some of it was on her site, use those links to show what she thought of them.

    Don’t let her get to you. She is just being used to provoke you.

  33. Here’s the sort of thing that needs to get out that she is not posting.

    The CDC is CIA and has more than one set of books (just like in banking!)

    CDC Ran the Tuskegee Experiment for 15 Years:
    Any Connection To Operation Paperclip?

    CDC and CIA: A Close and Sick Relationship

  34. What I don’t understand is why so many people gave so much credence to Jean in the first place. From the first minute, though I like most of the information she shares on her site, I thought she was a control freak. She micromanages nearly every comment and in some of her comments, she feels she must defend her position, but then she ends with this “Hugs” nonsense. To me, that is so disingenuous. It’s like saying “You are wrong. I am right. But no hard feelings.” Obviously the web site is her entire life and it has put her in touch with people with whom she would have never ever been able to connect, had she not had the site. It seems the public attraction to it has gone to her head…from a little country girl to an Internet star. Frankly, I understand Neil’s and other’s need to defend one’s honor and one’s name since so many people follow this critical and historical information, but perhaps now is the time to reconsider whether Jean and people like her are worthy of such time and attention when there are more pressing issues at hand.

  35. Hi Neil,

    I’m sorry to hear that Jean had turned out to be a nasty vengeful old woman. I had a look at her blog once I knew a bit more about her. I thought at start she was a lady of good human intent. Gees, how wrong can one be! Anyways, don’t quit and don’t let the bastards grind u down. All the best. Tom.

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