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No-Fly Swatter
& Straightening Out
Some Family Matters

good-old-fashioned-fly-swatterBy THE KEENAN TEAM

Always two steps ahead of the cabal, Neil has moved the No-Fly Accords forward in due course. Many countries have reached out to Neil expressing their support for his latest efforts and pledging their country’s participation in this all-important effort.

Sweden and Libya have already taken well publicized actions against well known Zionists breaching their airspace against their national will.

While each country must take action to accept and enforce the No-Fly Accords as it applies to their own sovereign airspace, depriving the Cabal airspace will box them in and deprive them of the room they need to further implement their genocidal Agenda 21.

While international airspace cannot easily be included without time-consuming and complex multi-national treaties, depriving the Globalists airspace on a country-by-country, and then region-by-region basis effectively terminates their ability to travel internationally.

When enough countries join, Cabalists’ flight patterns will look like pretzels to avoid a violation, interception, and detention, effectively grounding these self-appointed elites.

Orchestrating the Monaco Accords has been a tremendous success for Neil.

They have led to the unprecedented cooperation of Asian economic powers, giving rise to BRICS, the Asian IMF, and the rise of Asian international banking and trade severed from the oppressive colonial policies of the West.

Neil has full confidence that the No Fly Accords will have the same success at grounding, alienating, and quickening the decline of the Cabal.

The No Fly Zone shows the ease with which Neil turns the tables on the Cabal to the point that they have nowhere to go to achieve their sociopathic goals.

The Cabal and their Agenda 21 is snowballing into a living hell on Earth and has to be cleaned up; and we have to do the cleaning – all of us have to do our part.

This situation cannot survive much longer, so it’s best we deal with it now and not give them an opportunity to hurt another generation.

Closing the doors on their airspace is pounding the stake into the heart of this vampire. It sucks their energy out of them; it leaves them no place to run, and no place to hide.

Neil is thankful for the additions to his team and to those that continue to work diligently alongside him.

Here is a downloadable PDF of The 2014 No Fly Accords. Pursuant to Neil’s promises, he will not publish signed versions of this document, leaving that to the nations to promulgate their joining upon their own time and terms.

There are well over 800 Globalists listed in this document to date.

Have we missed anyone? Take a look and make suggestions by emailing us at contact[at] (replace the “[at]” with “@”, of course (web e-mail spam programs be damned).

Copyright © 2014, GROUP K, Ltd.



  1. Hi Neil, thanks for the brief update. As always, great to see you and hear the latest. I’d love to get my hands on one of those scumbag-cabal-nazi-zionist-reptilian-controlled-lower-lifeforms from hell. I think like anonymous.
    We Are Legion
    We Don’t Forgive
    We Don’t Forget

    Expect Us

  2. Great Gramy J

    May 20, 2014 at 10:04 am

    May The Great Spirit bless U all. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J

  3. Thank you Neil Keenan & Group for ALL you are doing for humanity. I pray for you guys every day and wish you God speed!! You are all heroes!

  4. Neil,
    Thank you for all you and your team is doing. My concern is.. will it be too late as Agenda 21 goes down July1? We are running out of time. The good news was an article HAARP is going to be dismantled. But is it replaced by the Scaler weaponry? They have plans to kill us one way or another.. In the U.S. currently, we are dying a slow death. The dark powers have no mercy for the sheeple.. Thank you for ‘standing in the gap’ for all of us. Know we appreciate all you do – you are truly Heroes. God Bless!

    • What do you mean Agenda 21 goes down July 1st? Could you elaborate on what you’ve read or heard? What is your source of info? I’d like to know to be better prepared for the inevitable if and when something comes my/our way. I am prepared for most things but more knowledge is always welcome. One thing is for sure. Neil and company will not rest on their laurels until the cabal scumbags are finished. Some sheeple will give up and just roll over. Not this boy. I’m in it to the death if it comes to that. I hope it doesn’t. But seriously I think some of us are going to have blood spilled along the way to either victory or demise. Stay strong. Be brave. Hope for a peiceful outcome.

    • Hi Sue

      Just to let you know that Agenda 21 was in its death throes at Rio Summit back in June 2012 as Nigel Farage (God bless him ) and many other leaders of the world disagreed with this Agenda, It lost all of its momentum in that summit, 2 years ago. As a result their depopulation and climate change agenda , which is Agenda 21 is about, lost steam and will not pass.
      So rest easy but be wary at the same time. I hope that this info will keep you at ease. God Bless and take care.


      • That is wishful thinking. What about the Deptmt. of Interior’s Five year plan to implement 25 Blueways? Connecticut’s was slipped under the radar, but Wyoming’s Yellowstone Blueway and Missouri/Arkansas White River Blue was outed, and the scumbags were sent packing. The latter covered over 17 million acres; it nearly got confiscated. This is an Agenda 21 scam to steal our lands right out from under our noses calling us “Stakeholders”. The only stakeholder that needs to be present here is us driving a stake in to the SOB’s blood sucking hearts. Keep your eye on the latest UN Agenda 21 scheme to include every type of water on the planet that is on your property, passes through your property or services any thing that has to do with LIFE sustaining. Keep a light on for something called International Waters. And keep an eye on Agenda 21 point man in the United States; Mayor Patrick Hayes. Just saying.

    • then lets quit playing ‘ kick the can ‘ and start physically kicking some ass

      • since I first hooked up with Drake, I would think there’d be 1000’s of these elites fully decomposed by now

  5. Thank you Neil Keenan & Group for ALL you are doing for humanity.
    Please sign this petition against project Haarp and Chemtrails
    From Stop poisoning our planet and Humanity with ChemtrailsTo be delivered to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama

    We have got enough of project Haarp. Stop Chemtrails all over the world.
    Stop poisoning the air of our planet and Humanity.Stop those creasy crimes against Humanity.

    UN Speaker Proves Chemtrail Deniers are Liars. Says Chemtrails are Real. Skies filled. A UN speaker admitted during an assembly that Chemtrails are Real and are being sprayed from planes. She speaks about weather modification.

    Elisabetta Errani… to Dr. Eileen Ruth B…, YONNETTE HOOPER, Catarina Alexon, Teresa Proctor, Tina Jonasen and 194 more…

    Chemtrails finally proven by whistleblower

    Will you sign my petition? Click here to add your name:


    • I would very happy to sign it but have no idea how I can do this with this computer from here. I will request one of my team to sign in my behalf.

      • Neil please add: Chuck Schumer, NY to your PDF list

        • I also want to add Joe Lieberman, retired democrat politician living in luxury from Connecticut. He’s on the Committee of 300 list I sent you the other day. Thanks!

          live oak

          • Joe has got to go. He definitely has to be on the list.

          • this is why you have the opportunity to add to the list…Lieberman is Cabal through and through and needs to be hanged with the rest.

            • What about Robert Mugabe, in Zimbabwe, and S Africa’s President Zuma and Malema! I can’t see how BRICS will work with any of the black politicians who promote the murder of the whites. And who are profoundly corrupt.

  6. Andreas Engblom

    May 20, 2014 at 8:55 pm

    Thank you so much for the work you are doing!!
    Blessed you be!

    One love

  7. JUST BRILLIANT!!!!!!! Thank you Neil and Team K!!! Be safe! I’m working on something for you and will submit it asap.
    My Love to all of you.
    live oak xxxxxooooo

    • P. S. I sent you two emails

    • “For there are these three things that endure: Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love.”

      1 Corinthians 13:13

      • Hi Jo,
        I hope I can meet all of you someday when this is over. It’s going to be very soon; I can feel it in my bones. You are very dear to me, Jo, The Gentle One. I can hear it in your voice on Neil’s updates.

        “What happens to my neighbor happens to me.”
        Chinese Proverb

        live oak xo

  8. Good grief – the US is totally infected!!! Good ridance.

  9. Thank you so much for fighting them. Please be safe and be well. We need 100 more exactly like you but thank goodness we have 1!

  10. Why is China bullying Vietnam over oil with 84 ships when they know about free energy? People ended up dead for no reason. Aren’t their countries in the same alliance?

    Why did the Dragon Family allow the mandate of heaven to be abused?

    What happened to the “peaceful rise” of China?

  11. Neil,
    So, does this means all US military bases in those countries will have to close? Great news.

  12. Russia and China just signed a deal with each other, how soon would/will the Petro dollar die off??

  13. Rock steady Neil. Thanks for everything.

    Joe Milwaukee, WI

  14. Great work!

    You good folks have probably caught this by not but I noticed an apparent typo on page 33 of the accord, next to last line. I believe “Iraq” appears where “Iran” was intended.


  15. This pdf-no-fly-list reminds me of the list that you can find here

    Maybe it is the same if not, might be an idea to work together.
    Thanks for all the work and the great insistence of all of you guys….. I think the irish mentality is of good value in this longlasting challenge.

    Love to all and keep on going we are nearly done I think.

  16. Neil these people have put you through hell my brother! I can not think of the words to say that would be adequate for expressing my gratitude and how I feel about all the work you have accomplished! I will pray for you and yours until the day I die! God bless you and I love you and admire your fortitude and courage AND your heart!

  17. The elite also use underground super rail system gets them anywhere in the world quickly. They would have to be stopped there as well. Then they would be truly boxed in.

    God bless

  18. Dear Neil & Team
    Not sure if you have seen these videos but was hoping you could bring some clarity to the information thats presented as well as to the players that are involved especially in regards to their involvement and roles they have played, the truth and who can be trusted. I recall that when D. Wilcock did his “financial tyranny” expose- it
    appeared that shrout was helping you with your suit(?) Now these videos

    seem to shed a different light. Your feedback is always aporeciated.
    This one mentions K S

    • Winston Shrout works with Keith and I only want and need honorable people working with me. We do not need to lie to each other, we do not need to cheat each other and we need to help one another so this eliminates Winston and Keith. If you followed the happenings from the time you speak of you would know that Keith and Winston attempted to stab me in the back. We caught them thank God.

  19. Hi Neil, How about Donald Rumsfeld & Dick Cheney? I thought they were with the bad guys as well. Thank you Neil for everything you are doing. You are an American and a world Hero. Blessings to you always.

  20. Is Peter Eyre still part of the team.. have not heard from him for a while??

    • Peter Eyre will always be part of our team. He is a very special individual and you have to love him. All he does is fight and fight hard for humanity.


  21. Neil, is there a plan to do away with the Artificial Intelligence that was originally implemented to save the planet, but has since been hijacked and now used for depopulation in conjunction with the chemtrail program?

  22. Neil & Team,

    FYI – In case you are not already aware of this info please read the article linked below and add Rahm Emanuel to the No Fly list:

  23. Excellent progress with your ingenious plan. I would think that as countries join we will see an escalation in others coming onboard.

    Please add these characters if you haven’t already!

    – John McCain
    – Robert Menendez
    – List of federal political scandals in the United States (It may take a while to add those listed in this page to the list):

    Thank you

  24. I did not see the ‘Black Pope’ and the Jesuits on the no-fly list.. These people are evil beyond words. Ritualling kidnapping, killing, and drinking the blood of innocent children. The Vatican has many evil-doers masquerading as religious men who devote their life to God.

    I thank everyone for caring about our future. I pray we get these guys and dismantle their plans. They know they are being sought and are not sitting still. Their evil minds are hard at work trying to put plans into action before anything goes down to prevent them from doing so..

    Neil, I made a donation. It is not much in the big picture – but know I pray for your wisdom and safety of you and your team. I am truly grateful.

    • read this…..

      MEXICO CITY (approved) -. The Spanish religious Adolfo Nicolas Pachon, the “Black Pope”, as known to the head of the Society of Jesus, resigned Tuesday 20.

      This day, the Society said that later this year will convene a General Congregation in 2016, will meet to choose a kind of conclave’s successor Nicolas Pachon.

      The order of the Jesuits for the first time in history that managed one of their own became maximum hierarch of the Catholic Church, Pope Francisco, besides having universities worldwide.

      The Jesuits administered the Iberoamericana University and the Institute of Technology and Higher Studies (ITESO) in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

  25. Keenan Team (2)

    May 24, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    Hi Harrier,

    Your posts are always most welcome here. I’d say this is good news and hopefully these creatures are just too old to fly anywhere. Still, they have been added to the No-Fly list. Thank you for being so “on it”, Harrier! It cannot go without saying that we greatly appreciate all of your support and efforts.

  26. Hi Neil,

    So glad you saw through what Karen was doing, at the very beginning when she first came out as a whistle blower I started to look at her court documents on her website. I did notice something strange in the documents, when asked in court what date she was let go or fired she could not give them a date? I still find this strange and it really makes me wonder was she let go or fired or was she hired to play the game? We shall see how this unravels!

    Glad you are doing well much love!

  27. I am sure the list has room for these political tycoons as well. They may be on the list somewhere but I would have thought it would be in the US section.
    Charles G. and David H. Koch on United States
    They are now in Canada drilling the oilsands for more money!

  28. Neil,
    I listened to you on the Drake Bailey radio program. Your scope is huge and believe me we appreciate it. We know it will take an army to get our freedom back. I heard you loud and clear to get involved. I believe many would like to get involved but have been the ‘sheeple’ and do not have any idea what first steps look like. Could you give us some insight what we could do to support the ‘freedom’ initiative? What does that look like at a local level? Thanks so much for all you do!

  29. Keenan Team (2)

    May 26, 2014 at 12:32 am

    What a piece superficial PR this is about trimming the fat from pentagon budgets. It’s may be all well and good that they would even consider cutting back on their budgets, but why aren’t they focusing on where this excess money urgently needs to go to? The pentagon “trimmed fat” needs to go immediately to our own veterans whose bodies have been maimed and destroyed but who can’t get the proper care they deserve, who can’t even get jobs to live a decent life in the country they fought for. Vets have had their lives destroyed because they loved their country enough to fight for it. Their patriotism has been played with lies and brainwashing to support absolutely unnecessary, bogus wars. To be sure, these trimmed funds will go no where else but right back into supporting the war machine. It must be shut down and it seems we cannot look to even pentagon “white hats” to make any difference. We must become a people who love peace so completely that war and violence are no longer options. And it’s got to start somewhere — this is why the No Fly Zone is a vital catalyst, the first step toward containing the warmongers on this planet.

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