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Let The War Begin

Let The War Begin

By The Keenan Team

After yesterday’s blow-out one would think that the Keenan Team would rest, but not so.  Today began just as any other day that is filled with information and excitement.

This day Neil shows that yesterday was nothing special, and the news he had to bring to you was delayed for a day because of the unnecessary interference and interruptions brought on by days of malicious and erroneous statements by Jean Haines, Denise Rednour and others known and unknown.  But let’s put this aside and get back to the real work.

There is a lot happening and we want you to be aware of this information before it is too late.  You should take whatever we offer in terms of news, and work it into your parameters and thoughts.

There is much to look at now that we near the end.  The Gold is becoming ever more paramount to the expanding plan of the Cabal but nevertheless dwarfing  over a few Asian states.  U.S. ships have blocked the gulf of Thailand to threaten the kingdom.   At the request of the family of Thailand, the Dragon Family is being called upon to speak with Thailand’s elder son who is in charge — immediate assistance is needed.

You will understand once you take a good look that Manhattan and Stamford, CT are joined at the hip, or at least it seems that way.  Are they planning another major event in the city that never sleeps?  We hope not, but look and come to your own conclusions.

An attempt is being made by the U.S. Corporation to split Indonesia into pieces for less than $6 trillion dollars.  In fact, there is more value in just a small portion of a gold bunker in Indonesia than the $6 trillion (of useless dollars) that is being offered to overthrow certain portions of the political structure.  But it is doubtful that Indonesia will allow this to happen now or at any time in the near future.

Much more is included in this video, including:

  • South Korea is renewing her efforts to take 240K metric tons of gold, and since the Dragon Family has surveillance on this, once again, they are implored to take action.
  • The Elders who are dealing with the Clintons, Soros, Armitage, et al. are soon be facing international arrest, and Neil may be adding his signature to the arrest warrants.
  • The HAARP facilities are revving up their activity, which is costly and not done without a very good reason.   This indicates that something is going to happen soon, so be aware and be prepared.

You cannot sleep when reading such news.  It keeps on coming and it can’t help but give us the “willie jillies” knowing their plans for us.  At the moment we cannot give any more hints about what is happening on the inside, but we promise you that we are all in for an extra bumpy ride if people do not stay out of the way of those that are working to rid the world of such destructive people.

It has to end.  It MUST end or we will not be living in five years, and the change will see the globalists in complete control of what’s left of the planet.  It is in our hands.


Video Part One


 Video Part Two


Video Part Three

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  1. My husband and I just got home from driving along the 210 freeway West. A railroad crosses the freeway in the city of Highland, California. As we drove by that area, I looked up at the stopped train and could see weaponized vehicles occupying the train cars as far as I could see, and I said, “Oh, my god, what is happening?” It looks like we are preparing for a war!

  2. I wonder if the volcano erupting in Iceland is HARP related due to them rejecting TWB some people are saying they have seen the HARP signatures aimed at that region, I guess we can only wonder. I do have a question, why hasn’t anyone taken out some of the ‘high profile’ psycho players who are still going about business as usual before we got to this point? I know there is an immense amount of information I don’t know or will never know, but, it seems to me if they become as physically vulnerable as the rest of us it would strike a note of fear across their minions, it would at least bring them down a notch or two.

    My heart goes out to you and your team Neil. I can only imagine the weight of the burden you all have taken on your shoulders and for this I give you all my respect and admiration because win or lose you are all truly World Heroes.

    From the bottom of my heart I send Thanks to you all and wish you all God’s protection to the highest degree

    Phyllis Price

  3. Good work, Thank You!

  4. I’m on the helicopter flight path here in Boston…6 miles out from downtown…you will hear the small ones that carry Red Sox Bigwigs…or the local news groups…but lately not only have I heard many copters, I know the sound of the Black Helicopters..from when I lived in California..and I NEVER have seen them here in Boston..but lately I hear them all the time, and SEE them, too! I saw one the other day, flying low after I posted one of your updates, then I hopped on my bike to go to work. DAMN if the thing didn’t fly low right over my house..I saw it turn.. I thought it was going to chase me!

    I f—–g hate black helicopters…discordant energy…FEMA camps sounds like turn about is fair play…until they can be taken off world…

    I pray we are all Divinely protected and perfectly safe, in all space and all time, And so, It IS.

    PEACE <3

  5. 1st
    ….. May the DIVINE INTERVENTION Be With Us
    …. round up those [ bastards ] and dump them in their own F E M A camps…
    I volunteer to administer their continuous IV infusion with fluoride, daily dose of vaccines …. 3 meals a days of GMO seeds with choice of snacks : ebola cookies, hiv pie or MMR juice …. enema 4 times a day …. and at night continuous inhalation therapy of chemtrails …. and if they’re non-compliant … I’ll get an order for water boarding as needed …
    …. wait for meeeeeeeeeeee ….. save some martini for me !!!!!!!!

    • Aye ShabbyPink, I’ll defend your right to say what ever you want.

      However, fluoride, gmo, ebola, hiv, mmr, enema, chemtrails, and waterboarding is what one fights against, not willingly carries out upon another soul.
      Fema camps are not the way forward. A camp is by definition a temporary place. Camps will just make camp operators as evil as those one ought fight against. To activate and operate FEMA camps is to promote all this evil continuing forever.

      If you are planning on doing something with oath breakers, I suggest expanding Ft. Leavenworth nice and legal like, is a better bet. I’d avoid the private prisions like down in Adlanto, Ca/Victorville, Ca they operate like the pinkertons and so that too is evil to souls on Earth.

      I can understand wanting revenge–however it’s not the right action. I ask you take a breath and hear what I say, “resentments kill.” Not “can kill.” If your like me your already tortured up with everything you listed, all night, every night anyway day after day, year after year now. Why would you possibly want that for others? Personally I just want to know they aren’t going to be in power again, and can not harm other souls again. And if they are *ALL* that bad and harmed that many people, give them death legally after a trial, do it publicly and refuse to perpetuate the evil sneaky catch twenty-two guile.

      On the other hand, maybe I mis-understood what your meaning was, it’s possible you know.

      I agree with ROUND them all up. but after that, ya lost me. If there’s no plan as to what to do after said, “ROUNDING UP” then there is no plan, and one would be stupid to start rounding anyone up, and likely to get oneself killed on accident from mis-direction and lawlessness.

      If you want me to ROUND people up, you had better tell me exactly WHO (Identification) my target is and WHERE (ADDRESS) I am going with that target afterwards.

    • I find your suggestions lacking sewage condiments! Botulism? Slimy slugs? New created diseases especially for predators, devious liars, who’ve smirked in your face as the their weapons of mass destruction destroyed babies, children and parents who unfortunately were helpless innocent victims of greedy psychopaths! So many deranged oddities breathing air of ours they’ve polluted. Hows about extra sharpened barbed wire whippings with salt for the wounds?

  6. Thank you for all the hard work time will tell if it all comes together ! See you all on the other side either way !

  7. Precious information. Victory of the light!

  8. Thank you for staying centred and not allowing the cabal to distract you. And thank you for everything that you are doing to save our world and return it to its people. Simon Parkes (who is in contact with ‘off worlders’) mentioned that New York was likely a target – and he also says that the ‘overseers’ have to take control of the planet before the year is out. Which makes sense as they are upping the anti.

    We will succeed!

    Much love to you all.

  9. It was on the news tonight that a Volcano has erupted in Papua NG and the ash is heading our way (Australia) I thought that maybe something sinister may be behind it and when you mentioned HAARP being revved up it made sense.
    I wish you Neil and team all the best and thank you from all my heart for what you are doing. You are VICTORIOUS!

  10. Great stuff guys i just wish i could do more, i have a lot of rage building up over these scum ,,they have maid fools of all of us. chem-trails again today corrupt judges,, cops,,, lawyers,, you name it. again today in Ireland an other family loses there home kick out on the streets by the bankers. even with 50 people trying to stop them the guards come in and beat down the good people. a few weeks ago they kicked a women off her land she ran an animal sanctuary taking care of all kinds of animal for over 30 years. Neil would it be possible to ask the dragon family to set a private hit man scud. and just take these people out. enough is enough i,m a good person and i don’t want any one to die. but these scum wont listen and are trying to wipe us off the face of the planet.i will take them out if it mean spending the rest of my life in jail i will. i,m a dad my self and i can tell you right now i will do what ever is needed to protect her. ask the family to take them out.. they don’t care about us. they kill 3000 people in 9 11 ,, poison water supply’s to get rid of the natives . commit open genocide each day spraying the sky’s.. enough is enough just take them out now and be done with it..
    NEIL could you explain to me why some one in the military wont stop them, or have they all been brain washed.

  11. Thank you all guys!
    My the force, love, God’s blessings always be with you, protect you in all your efforts!
    Hari Om Tat sat
    Hari Om Tat sat
    Hari Om tat sat

  12. The end game is here and the NWO has let all people know they aim to continue their world domination of the people that inhabit earth. The weapons unleashed on the people i.e. water, food, environmental destruction of water tables using fracking chemicals. The frackos are quackos and from my view and news of late it seems that the scorched earth policies have been in full force for too long already. The BLM and the land grabs are about fracking and more water destruction of the North American continent water tables. People lighting their water on fire and being told that is normal?

    And Denise and Jean are two ladies that need to see action and want resolution but are too stubborn to recognize those that truly want to help. Drake and his predictions did not come to fruition quick enough for Denise so she attacked Drake. Jean same story with Neil. But neither of the 2 realize how huge a task it is to bring down the cabal. Drake and Neil are sincere and obviously mean well. Both will be vindicated in the end and these two ladies will be eating crow.

    The kinds of change the world needs is being fought for by good men who see the evil and recognize it and are fighting to STOP the cabal and their plan for world dominance.

    Remember the 1st American Revolution? Only 5% fought it while another 5% supported the fighters by feeding them etc. and JFK was not whistling Dixie when he warned if peaceful revolution was made impossible violent revolution is inevitable. Is peaceful revolution impossible at this stage? Not if those 2 ladies get what they are unknowingly wishing for! POWP K Team!


    • I am not to sure about crow but I can hear them screaming as the boat pulls out and there is no place in this any longer for two desperate, distrustful, hateful women. At least not with me.

  13. We pray for you. Thank you.

  14. Great updates, Neil! this offensive by the Cabal seems like an all-out, final desperate act to pull something out. And it bows well with what David Wilcox was saying earlier from his insider sources.

    It’s interesting to note that this time in this post, you seem to provide instructions for the Family to take some important actions.

    Stay safe!


  15. Thanks so much for the update Neil. I can’t wait for this to be over; it’s always on my mind. Stay safe and aware NFK Team. We need you. You are all heroes!
    Blessings and Protection to all of you and MUCH LOVE!
    live oak xxx

  16. One of the Islands of Papua New Guinea is now named Bougainville it used to
    be named Ophir where King Solomon got his gold. Rio Tinto did mine there
    and wants to reopen the mine. The King of Bougainville want to separate his
    Island from PNG. Largest in ground Gold Deposits in the world.
    The BVK currency is Basil II compliant 100% percent gold backed. (coconut revolution)
    I have an account there.

  17. Something very strange and worrisome happened today when I went to the bank. My bank is just a small town bank with 2 tellers if you are lucky. Today, when I went to my bank, the first thing I noticed is BULLET PROOF GLASS all across the counter between teller/customer!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!! This bank can’t cash a $5,000 check!!!!! Why the bullet proof glass???? I was kidding with the Branch Manager and I mentioned they must be getting ready for the Cyprus effect……….he said yes……..I’m hoping he didn’t quite hear what I said. The bullet proof glass was just recently put in during the past 6 days……….

    Yes, I will need at least 4 martini’s (well actually Vodka Collins)

    Somehow, these thieves and murderers need to be stopped. Time is running out.

  18. I’m doing green smoothies in California. They’ll be mush against that.

    • I’ll be making margaritas….or maybe mojitos a la Ernest Hemmingway. I have 5 kinds of fresh mint in the garden.


      • Here is a delicious Vodka mint lemonade, btw…

        Quarter the limes, blend them with mint leaves, water, sugar/honey and ice, then strain them, add in some more water and vodka – serve with extra ice, lime slices and mint leaves… Vodka a s much as you like, I prefer Absolute Vodka…

        I just wanted to add my two cents after I read the commend and smiled…

        Drinks at NK blog – hopefully after the battle is over, why not, hahahahaha…

        Greetings from Germany!

        • Thanks Tertiusgardens! Great recipe! Yes drinks at the NFK Team website….I’d have all of you at our house and we’d hang out on the porch and in the living room…wherever you want to be…and we’d have a great time. I would definitely do some baking…Scottish shortbread, maybe a Cointreau-saffron brioche–my own recipe….maybe Frau Renner’s wine cake recipe…that’s a keeper! I’ll leave the front light on. All who come here for the party will have to spend the night. We’d make everyone comfortable..lots of pillows and cozy flannel. No drinking and driving!
          We would celebrate the freedom of the planet, not just America. Everyone must be a sovereign citizen. I want this beautiful Mother Earth pristine and sparkling and all people to be free. This is what I hope for. It’s what I pray for…that, and justice in my lifetime. You/We just have to keep going and fighting the whole way…whatever it takes and never give up no matter what happens.
          I want to see Barry and Mooch and Valerie Jarrett perp walked out of the WH in chains and ALL guilty parties in severe secure custody. It’s on the horizon. I can see the light peeking through.

          • You know what?

            Like many, I belong to those who ain´t getting nasty after having a few shots, the opposite is true: I´m getting silly and can´t stop laughing, and obviously you do belong to the same species, don´t you? Btw, the Cointreau thing must be delicious, I have often a bottle in my fridge…

            O Lord Jesus, I love such easygoing and funny chatter once in a while, Neil´s mouth must be watering while reading it…

          • Jeanne Scoville

            August 31, 2014 at 1:27 pm

            live oak, Your hospitality sounds most inviting…:) It keeps our spirits up along with some good Irish humor thrown in with the Scottish shortbread & the French & German side-dishes…a most hearty treat! Then top it off with Tertiusgaudens’ “Russian” Vodka mint lemonade…Let the Good Times roll!!!

            The best way to defeat the cabal’s false power is to stay strong as in “United we stand”; that includes creating a community of compassion, co -creativity, & supporting one another to stay clear of unnecessary dissension & bickering…Peace…

            • Jeanne,
              Frau Renner’s wine cake is a recipe from my Canadian cousin who lives in Germany. I made it once and it has a lemon glaze frosting. I have a Meyer’s lemon tree so I make it with the fresh juice and zest the rind. I usually make the brioche for Easter and sometimes for Christmas. It’s an all day affair because the dough takes at least 4 hours to rise. The shortbread is always made at Christmas. I always make a full batch for my vet and his staff. They are so good to my fur girls and I always learn something new about cats when I’m there.
              It’s fun to think about all of you here at my house. We are all brought together because of our love for our country. I want it to remain the “the land of the free and the home of the brave” forever.
              I never drink in excess; there’s nothing worse seeing a woman out of control. I use the Cointreau mostly for baking. Grand Marnier works well too I think but I haven’t tried it yet. I put the saffron in the Cointreau…about 2 Tablespoons , and it brings out the colour of the saffron. You can see the threads in the brioche and it smells so good baking in the oven. I know it drives my neighbors crazy. The shortbread is very special and it smells divine baking. I use my antique German moulds from Bremen that my late aunt gave me a long time ago…”Stroll Peter” and “Rumplestiltskin” and I have a honey bee mould that I love. My husband’s birthday is a week before Christmas so there is a lot of baking going on in our house. One of our neighbors always brings us oranges from his tree so I bake for him too. He is very generous and quiet.
              We have to stick together and stay strong. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best and look out for each other.
              live oak xxx

              This should cheer us up. I was listening to it last night. I leave you with Martha and the Vandellas. I was 9 when this came out. I love Motown.


        • You are the bartender my friend but I will give you a hand.

  19. Everybody is talking about The Chemtrails and The HAARP situation alot now.What people don`t realize that we the PEOPLE OF THE WORLD we have the power also to destroy the EVIL CHEMTRAILS and also The Haarp(EMP) also. How is that you say? Do what they are doing, do it with Frequency. What frequency are we talking about? They use 3.39hz and 440hz which is negative frequency. We use positive frequency here in long beach,Calif. which is what we are able to destroy the chemtrails and the effects of the haarp nightmare. All you have to do is turn your computer and go to the kabbalah chants on youtube and also go to RIFE FREQUENCYS . The various ones that you can use from the kabbalah chants from youtube are 528hz,432hz,9hrs 9 frequencys and many others. We The People have to fight back with their own use of frequencys and that is the answer to to this nightmare. Neil you made a statement awhile back that nobody was doing anything about the chemtrails or the haarp,but I`am here to say this is far from the truth!!! If you want more information on this subject matter just send me an e-mail or you can call me from my cellphone which I will give out when you e-mail me back. Remember for a few good men to do nothing Evil shall prevail.

  20. I do not understand why 200,000 Jacuza cannot locate 1000 top Cabalists and take them out?…they r hurting everything they touch. Hope to hear their disgusting screams as they fall from buildings and mountains…and take their ghosts with them.

  21. Neil, I heard in your latest video that you warned people to keep an eye out between Manhattan and Stamford, Connecticut. Have you seen the reports from 2 weeks ago, that several UFO’s were spotted over Stamford?! I’m in a group on Facebook that is dedicated to contact with ET family, and there were reports and video showing this over the city… Your thoughts?

  22. …”power must be used to defeat power. We’re not going to blog away the problem with clinky keyboards.” GO TEAM KEENAN!!! May Guardian Angels clear your pathways & protect you & your loved ones…Blessings, too…

    • Reminiscent of the scene in Dragon Slayer (1981) where the priest says: “Demon, get thee down” (talk, talk, talk) the dragon just ignores him while the Magician’s apprentice (actions DO speak more loudly than words!) does
      the work.

      • Michelle, I agree…Power is all about INTELLIGENT ACTION…We The People are a strong force when we unite rather than fight among ourselves. I have no problem with honorable debates, but ad hominem attacks severely take us away from our original cause of liberating humanity from the cabal’s stronghold over the world encompassing so many areas of our lives. I sense David is referring to blogs in general becoming disinformation sites. The alternative media is not as honest as it purports to be. Oftentimes, it is “trial by accusation” or vindictiveness. Real force, to me, is akin to martial arts whereby the aggressor is met with clear, effective counter-flow tactics. It is not passive, but, rather, strong appropriate action resulting in a victorious outcome that uplifts humanity & rights many wrongs…The real battle on Earth right now has multiple facets; many of which are occurring behind the scenes. A lot of hearsay clogs the blogs appearing as “truth”. May the true “Warriors” fighting on behalf of We The People succeed in their quest for Justice, Freedom, & a New Earth with genuine prosperity for all…

  23. The above quote re “power must be used”, etc. is from David Wilcox in his most recent response to Ben Fulford’s latest update…

    The tide is turning!

  24. Hi Neil and team.

    What are the chances that the no fly zones will be in operation before the G20 meeting slated to begin in Brisbane Australia on 15th November, which is actually my birthday. If these scum try to attend, can they be grabbed as they pass through the door and have their butts put in prison? Now that would be the very best birthday gift EVER!
    Thank you for all you are doing to free the people from this hell we have been forced to endure. Stay safe and well.

  25. I c’ant find my comment I hope I didn’t say anything wrong!!!

    All the best to you all


  26. Corporation of the US has been canceled according to the Puerto Rican Web Site…

    I continue to look for any supportive evidence that our country is returning to FREEDOM….LOOK what I found….a website from Puerto Rico (where our IRS payment go) says that THE CORPORATION OF THE US…has been CANCELLED!!!…

    SOLICITAR CERTIFICADOS – Confirmar la Corporación Ayuda
    Me gustaría radicar a esta entidad


    Información General
    Núm. Registro 73 Status CANCELADA
    Clase Corporación
    Tipo Sin Fines de Lucro Jurisdicción Foránea
    Agente Residente
    Dirección Física B5 Tabonuco Street
    Suite 216-277
    Guaynabo, PR 00968-3029 Dirección Postal B5 Tabonuco Street
    Suite 216-277
    Guaynabo, PR 00968-3029

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