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Knock Knock

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  1. Jason Nichols

    May 31, 2022 at 8:28 pm

    Who’s there?

  2. GraniteMarbleman

    June 1, 2022 at 12:52 am

    Love you Neil, keep up your good work, Please, so we can get to where we’re going )

  3. Sorry Neil if I come across as yet another keyboard warrior but it is my firm belief that what we are dealing with here is commerce operating via trusts. Yep that same one that was set up via the birth registration. Now Richard you’ll know where this took place, there was a court case in Manukau District Court in 2013 with a well know family. We were witnesses to what was said. When the so called defendant said to the Judge “I wish to claps the Cestui Que Trust and appoint a new beneficiary and trustee ” the Judge replied “But I want to be paid” (plus other comments), in that moment the Judge admitted that it’s only titles under trust law that’s being administered. Problem is our friend brought this into the “Public” court , that is to say , not in private chambers. Thanks God your now acting as a trustee for those accounts. The purpose of this post is purely to support your mission, focusing on the trust relationship in equity rather than focusing to much on statutory jurisdiction. I see that your on track and reinforce your direction as trustee for the depositors rightful and intended beneficiaries.

  4. Thank you, Anna Von Reitz and Neil Keenan for all you do and all you have done. Love is in the air. Over ten years ago, I asked for “patience”. God said, “okay, but you’re going to have to wait on that.” I have kept the faith in the plan and in those sitting in the front seats of this bus. Again, thank you.

  5. Ben Fulfords report of Neil Keenans demise has been… Mark Twain’s was once long ago…..GREATLY EXAGGERATED!


  6. God Bless you Neil and Team. My heart goes out to you about your dog! You look younger than ever! Thank you for all you do!

  7. Dear Amanah Neil
    Great to hear & see you ty did not think you would post!
    I checked 2 days ago this was still hidden to me then.
    Today as I watched the sky close again with strange chemtrail
    clouds pulled together with Norway’s EISCAT this week &
    I start freezing irony put the heating on – as they charge more.
    As I ask Spirit guides & Angels to help me make the sky blue
    & bring out the sun so we can get the work done!
    I came in checked & here you are well & large as life & full of great
    Irish humour, a sign we’re on track never doubt team work is
    securing humanity’s future & we can be thankful.
    Blessing highest love n light to you & Group K
    & all who connect with you ✨

  8. I have followed you avidly since 2015. You say, in all your videos since April 2021 it will all be over soon. I truly have faith in you and you have given me hope but, my hope is diminishing by the day as Evil against the majority from the criminal minority increases. Neil, I am a working class man from a working class family. We never even owned our own house-the father was a Depot Keeper and the house came free with the job. Watching great Evil unfold all around me today, I constantly look for ways to push back the tide of Evil but, I’m only a working class Irishman. What can I do, Neil? What can I do before all hope of Goodness disappears to be replaced by total evil?

  9. Knock knock the queen has died
    Charlie the twit the third is now the

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