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Keenan’s Empty Sock —
Santa did not come

As we all know, after leaving the first bunker, Neil Keenan was given a box that we saw opened which contained gold kilo bars, a gift for his incredible stamina in staying with and protecting the assets.

With little concern for his own health, Neil regularly put in 20-hour days with his utmost focus being the protection of those who were with him — his own security came second.  True to his resilient nature and love for action, he remained on the front line, taking all the shots.

It took nearly a month to get everything cleared up with just the one box, and before it even got to that point, Neil had “flipped” it in return for a bigger box and the promise of an even bigger return. This would facilitate the Keenan Team’s arrival, and as seen in the previous video, the box is huge and allegedly contains much more than the box of gold that was already opened.

Neil’s honesty and straightforwardness has brought about a unique closeness with the Elders, and once again, they wanted to show their appreciation.  Not only did the Elders promise a larger box, but they also promised an additional box that Neil could take from the bunker, along with their approval for the creation of video footage inside the bunker of any length he wished.

With the assets from the bunkers, Neil’s intent was to provide gifts of friendship to all of those who have worked so diligently in supporting his efforts. His Team would then be properly set up and base operations would soon take off from there. Neil had also counted on giving some of this gift funding to Nelu, Jo, those with Cosmic Voice, and many others who have assisted him along the way so that all would have a fantastic Christmas.

But no, this did not happen.

The Twisted Tale

It first needs to be understood that in order to get into the bunkers, the Guardians who protect the door must be paid. With this payment, they purchase provisions/staples for the people in their village who have assisted in guarding the bunkers.

It is not easy to get into the bunkers and it can be equally difficult to get out.  There are physical spirits to avoid inside the bunkers, and outside the bunkers, there is an entire village of people to be dealt with. The Guardians must obtain the funds for the villagers and Neil must make payment to them in order to get the gate open and get the boxes.

To this end, Neil then most certainly did give $20,000 to the Guardian’s “runner” whose name is Yulianto. Here is how this twisted tale evolved:

Per their agreement with the Elders, Neil and the Team waited for approval to enter the bunker.  Throughout this week they were repeatedly told by Yulianto that there were many “prizes” in it for Neil and that it would change the Keenan Team’s world. But Neil did not really believe in this man and seriously doubted much of what he said.

Early one evening Neil received a call from Satrio (Yulianto’s partner in crime). He stated that he was at the bunker area (but in fact he was not there) and requested that Neil immediately send him an additional $500 to an account number that he would provide. Satrio emphasized that they needed the money right away to pay the bill for the Elder who was allegedly in the hospital.

To cut to the chase, Neil advised Satrio that they would drive more than five hours to personally give that money to the Elder. However, in reality, Satrio was four hours away from the bunker area and had to beat the Keenan Team there or otherwise his scam with Yulianto’s theft would be exposed.

To circumvent a meeting with the Elder and to buy themselves time to get to the bunker, Yulianto and Satrio conjured up a story that the Elder had been admitted to the hospital due to bleeding from mouth and nose.

Upon arrival at the bunker site, Satrio told Neil that the Elder had been released from the hospital but now his feet had started to bleed, so it would not be possible for the Elder to meet with them.

Then lo and behold the Elder appeared before them and there was not a thing wrong with him.   Questions started flying from Neil and Chris (Neil’s Irish associate) and they quickly learned from the Elder that he was in perfect health and had never been in the hospital. Yulianto and Satrio had created a scam!

The Elder then proceeded to show them a receipt for $20,000 that he had given to Yulianto and Satrio for the purchase of a box that these con men had no right whatsoever to possess. This was obtained with Neil’s money!

An honest man playing by the rules in working with Neil and the Team, the Elder told them that he was not aware that the funds had come from Neil and that the money had already been spent for supplies and provisions for the village. Now another $20,000 would be needed to get into the bunker, but the Elder stated that he would only accept that money directly from Neil because the “runner” Yulianto was no longer in place with the Elder in any capacity.

Yulianto was a liar and a cheat from beginning to end. The Elder is a most sincere man whose sole intent is to help his people and others to survive. He clearly understands that Neil has “signature rights” which makes things easier for all.

However, acquiring the $20,000 could not happen in such a short amount of time, particularly because Western Union would not accept such a large sum to be paid out. To add to this dilemma, they had no time to work this out because Neil, Chris, Jo and Nelu had holiday plans that could not be delayed.

An associate of Neil’s, Diane Hicks, came up with some ideas, but with only two days time to make something happen, nothing proved workable. Neil could not believe it — the doors were open for him but he could not get in!

These foul swindlers, Yulianto and Satrio, stole Neil’s money and used it for their own purposes, defrauded the Elders and, most serious to Neil, cheated all of the people to whom he intended to give Christmas gifts. But these were not the only destructive consequences of their thievery. With their larceny and ruinous greed, Yulianto and Satrio prevented not only the opening of this one bunker, but also the opening of another three to four additional bunkers.

It did not take long for Neil to go on the warpath and begin worrying about how his friends, Team, and associates would survive. He filed a criminal complaint with the police against Yulianto who has now become highly concerned about what he’s done, to say the very least.  This retribution has just begun!

Now Yulianto makes daily promises to Nelu that the funds will be returned soon.  Both Nelu and Neil doubt this.  That money is gone but have no doubt about it — Neil is working to put things together so that he is back in the bunkers at the beginning of the year and will then be able to send out what he intended to the people he cares for so much.

Yulianto Cannot Hide

To be sure, Yulianto will meet severe reprisals for his crime. For those who are outraged enough to voice their dissent/condemnation of what he has done, here is his contact information:

Full Name: Yulianto Purwodiharyo

Passport #P660194

Home Address:

Jl Danau Towuti E11

No. 25, Peyompongan

Jakarta Selatar, Indonesia

Neil is immensely upset about what has happened and this is an understatement.  He feels he did not deliver but then again, no one was expecting anything to begin with. But you can believe this: you can’t keep a good man down!

Since not many knew of his plans at the time, Neil decided to keep quiet about what happened because he did not want to ruin anyone’s holiday. He wanted you to enjoy this day in time, and realize that we are on the cusp of something truly great.

As Neil states in the video, in the next few months the Global Accounts will be opened. Then all will finally see the beginning of substantial action and the changes we have all envisioned.

In the aftermath of these events, the most up-to-date good news is that the bunkers are now available and open to Neil. With tremendous support in full force, he will now forge ahead unimpeded!

The Videos

One of the videos here features an informal interview of Neil by an Irish journalist and banker (one of the few good ones – yes, they do exist). Although it is clear how upset he is, the interview portion shows that Neil never ever loses his sense of humor. He brought everyone into the interview — Jo, Nelu and even the interviewer himself. In the end, the video returns right back to the foremost issues at hand: the heinous theft, and the people.

Neil and his Team remain resolute and dedicated to the people and the planet. We provide no false hopes and there is no backing down in the face of temporary setbacks. Now it’s full steam ahead! And this is what Neil is all about; nothing more, nothing less.

This new year WILL be full of changes, remarkably good and celebrated changes. We thank each and every one of you for your support and wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year!


One can tell by Neil’s look at Yulianto and Satrio that he does not trust them and is warning them to be careful, but apparently they did not take heed and now they must face Neil’s wrath.  It is not going to be nice.


Video Part One



Video Part Two


Video Part Three



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  1. (note, my previous email has been deleted by the provider, so using another one)

    I hope you will be alrigyht from here and we hope to be able to see you all safe and in good health kicking cabalist ass on the world stage 🙂

    • God bless you Neil, and the entire team, this has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride to say the least.this year of 2015 , will be what we all been chasing , freedom and justice .happy new year to all. robert11011 .

    • Federico Cuervo

      January 4, 2015 at 1:11 am

      Let us know if Yulianto and Satrio will try to sneak into the Philippines.
      We will kick them back to Indonesia.
      You are in our prayers.
      Victory of the Light!

  2. Nothing like jackasses!!!!!! Oh I hope they get what they deserve.

  3. Most unfortunate. Just a thought, by posting address of the scallywags on internet, now the cabal will know the approximate location of the bunker.
    They might bribe these two cheaters to show them the bunker location and
    Get there before you ? I am sure you have taken steps to prevent this.

    I pray that something good happens soon.

  4. Neil, I know you are very dissapointed that you were not able to complete the task you wished, for the benefit of others at xmas. Yes, it is a big dissapointment for you, because you are a man of his ‘Word’ and you neverbreak your word or promise. But for me personally, I am just happy to know you are all safe and well, that is enough to satisfy my wishes for you all. Happy New Year, 2015 the year the Sheep fight back.

  5. Very handled Neil, IMO, Damn shame it happened.
    Hope you’re heading home to spend time with family,

    Happy New Year


  6. May The Great Spirit bless U & Ur team. <3 Happy New Year. <3

  7. It’s ok Neil, kick some ass for me also lol. Please take care, have a great and happy new year my friend, see you next year

  8. Mr. Keenan, with all do respect, Sir,. I don’t understand how come you cannot find some trusted people… I know there are a lot of crooks out-there, but there must be a way to find people that are through to their word….

    • Keenan Team (2)

      December 31, 2014 at 2:11 am

      Hi Marie,

      It’s not surprising to find that the prospect of money can turn even an honest man into a thief especially in hard times like these. Not that these two men were honest to begin with. We are indeed fortunate to have such a man as Neil standing up for us and championing our rights. But out of something bad, something good comes – seeing the potential for treachery, the Elders’ support is stronger than ever now.

    • Just remember the the folks from this part of the world have been impoverished for too long. Most struggle to make basic needs available. It is important to forgive these fellows. Happy new year all

    • I ask this sincerely in true wonder. Is there an answer or will this even be posted?

      So the Dragon Family has people in their ranks that are cheaters? They say, from what I understand, that they are holding back funding all this time because they want things to be just right and yet they don’t know about their own crooks in their midst? How many more are in the ranks? Who is actually honest and telling the truth? What gives the Dragon Family their authority if they cannot even produce a small amount of the gold without ripping off the guy they say they’ve been supporting – for $20,000 and reneging on what they’ve said.

      How is any of this even remotely okay – what’s really going on here – I mean all of it? The family should be able to hand Neil all the gold they want – yet at Christmas, they allow this to happen? And we should trust them to do the right thing in the future after this? They are the sole holder of all this wealth for everyone, yet they are unable to produce anything but a $20,000 ripoff?

      • Keenan Team (2)

        December 31, 2014 at 3:42 am

        Hi Dave,

        We tried very hard to make this understandable, we really did. We tried to give our readers some small idea of the tremendous and delicate complexities involved with what Neil is attempting to do. In the real world, trust is quite precious, and the fact remains that no one is impervious to dishonesty. No one! There has been no reneging on the part of the Elders. One has to work with what one has, and it’s truly unfortunate that criminal tendencies can present an unpredictable element in this complicated undertaking. We suggest that you re-read the post again to possibly get a deeper understanding of the many aspects involved with this endeavor.

        • This has nothing to do with the Dragon Family….The Elders were appointed by M1 President Soekarno and it has been a handed down position. The Elders and Holders are protectors of the assets. Yuliento was most likely looking for the right time to make his own move and did. Now I will be on him like flies stick to ______…..You have things all mixed up.

        • Theiving little bastards!!!!

          The fate of the world at stake and two little islander scumbags just have to go and be a pair of pricks!

          When the fight needs people you can trust in England to act, I insist you add me to the list of people who will not only work for you but work for free.

          • Bless you Luke! To me the real victory is in dis-empowering the criminal cabal so that We The People can have lives of dignity & freedom without the paralyzing fears they’ve imposed upon humanity. I. too, am not in this for any monetary reward. It is truly about changing the entire paradigm of greed, lack, hunger, warfare, etc. that needs to be removed, once & for all, from this planet!!!

  9. Sheesh…I guess that everybody wants a piece of the action. It’s always somethin’! “Sociopathy” has trickled down…as well as, a world in desperation. What a world. 🙁

    • Happy New Year. Total Victory & Empowerment for ALL of Humanity. We The People say NO to all of the lies, deceit, unnecessary harm & suffering, control, force, distraction, divide & conquer, dis-empowerment, & enslavement. Let Freedom Ring out in 2015 & going forward. The time has come, ALL liars be gone. Let Truth & a Culture of Trust prevail. We are One. imho

  10. I agree the address was not a good idea. It will not take long for the PTB to find the bunker.
    That said, I wish I knew what these accounts are. Is one of the suitcases an account? I feel so in the dark about these accounts. Boxes of gold are accounts? What am I missing here?

    • you are missing everything seeing you do not know….You are not supposed to know. This is how it was meant to be. All the best

    • Patricia, the accounts are the bunkers themselves. An account is a place (or box) where you keep your valuables.

  11. The outlook for the new year is ending on a high note regardless of this set back. Corruption has reached the lower bowels of humanity and absolute corruption corrupts absolute. A global monetary system that is ultimately a century old ponzi scheme designed to enslave whole countries via debt. The federal reserve is exposed to the point of ridicule and the BRICS nations have created another monetary system to oppose them. Positively a great year! Will the tyrannical American defacto government get funded again via tax day in 2015? That should be a really good question to positively think the answer to the question is HELL NO!


  12. Unfortunately, you can’t trust anyone when it comes to money. So sorry that happened but I know you will come out if this with a renewed faith in justice.
    Be well and Happy New Year to you and your family

  13. Please feel free to use this image I created . Hopefully it will give Neil a chuckle 😉

    (Yulianto parody) —>>>

    Happy New Year to the NK Team!

  14. (Note: apologize for my poor english, i have been following this page as part of my research to write an Indonesian documentary movie script about Indonesia history up to current modern era ).

    Neil, during my research, i have met dozens of people like Yulianto, satrio, or “assumed to be” elders. Pay this and that just to fulfill my curiosity of so called ancient kingdom “Gold”, “Soekarno treasure”, Soeharto “red money” printed abroad, sample of old foreign money from many countries, various b******t documents with signature/stamp/etc…

    So, trust me I know how you feel when a poor-ass guy like Yuli, Satrio, and other f******g fake people .. screwed us up like this, they need to be “warned” .. hard way. Until now, i am about to change the idea of my script from a history documentary into a comedy. A tragic comedy. Unless my last hope ended up with success: You.

    Back to the game:
    – Could you please scientifically check the “thing” inside the first box is a real oxidized gold?
    – Intuitively speaking, the Yuli-Satrio-elders are 1 team … based on your report to the police, you may ask the police to track down the money (if the usd 20,000 is wired transfrred to Yuli. But if its handover, a bit more tricky i think).
    – If scientifically tested prove it is not a real gold, then most likely the elders is a fake too.. you can add him as the additional suspect on the police report.
    – I think what they are doing is like a drug dealer. Give 1 gr for free, and get the real $$$ return once the customer being addicted….

    • Keenan Team (2)

      December 31, 2014 at 6:08 pm

      Hi Roni,

      Please re-read the post — Yulianto and Satrio are not Elders. They were “runners,” simple errand boys for the Elder. And the gold is 100% real.

      Good luck with your documentary — I’m sure more than Indonesians would find the history interesting.

  15. I recently read somewhere, “There is a choice: comforting lies or unpleasant truths”. Despite this temporary setback in Neil’s courageous quest, he has the utmost integrity to keep us informed despite the unforeseen & unpleasant challenges that arise without warning. How many of us has the strength, let alone the fortitude, to take on this battle full-tilt, as Neil & his team have? I cannot say THANK YOU enough to each one on Neil’s team, &, especially, to Neil for ALL you’ve done despite great odds. My prayers will continue as well as my deep faith for the victory you so very much deserve…I wish you & your loved ones every blessing in the New Year…

  16. Hi NKT.
    First of all Happy New Year,and second, we must consider that this happened before end of the year and not in 2015.
    We must consider everything (the cabal knows it well), even do, it can seem crazy but:


  17. One last life lesson for 2014 it seems. 2015 will be a stellar year regardless.
    Happy New Year Neil and Team K, much love

  18. Hi Neil and NK TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for all you are doing!!!!! WE ALL BELIEVE IN YOU AND YOUR TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Errand Boys of the Elders???? I can feel Neil’s teeth bleeding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This setback will make things happen even more quickly, than before……….
    The entire planet is with you Neil, and your unmatchable team…
    Thank you again.
    Happy New Year, stay well, in good health, be careful and Stay Safe!!!


    • Too bad, but that will only delay the whole operation. I’ll say too bad also for those 2 scallawags, you don’t mess up with Neil Keenan ! Ha ha ha ! Could be also that they have been set up so as to reveal their true « worth », who knows, they could have been framed.
      Nevertheless, we’ll get there.
      I wish all the team and all the friends here a fantastic New Year with many new revelations coming forth re the criminal organisation that used to rule the planet. Vet Today is soon to release a thundering report. If I were a member of that group I’d shit my pants off ! No laxatives needed !

  19. Neil and Team,
    So glad you caught these guys before they could do any more damage! What perfect timing it was for the Elder to appear when he did showing there wasn’t anything wrong with him. At that point Yulianto and Satrio were caught with their pants down so to speak ~ Gotta love that! At least you got these two schemers out of the way right at the very beginning so that hopefully you can have “smooth sailing” moving forward now. I really appreciate and admire you for sharing this information with all of us to keep us in the loop and informed!

    I hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas with your families! It is New Years Eve as I’m writing this, so here’s wishing each of you a very Happy New Year and much excitement for the promising days ahead in 2015! Thanks again for all you have done for humanity as a whole!

  20. Happy New Year Neil, sorry those crooks hit ya. Give em hell so they remember it the rest of their lives. They lost their honor. Thank you Neil for all you have done and all you have suffered. I have been following everything. I like you want to see that humanity is free and prosperous. God Bless You! Be safe. I’ll be watching.

  21. Hey Neil, sorry about the mishap. But it is just a minor setback. Justice will be served. That is the way of the Universe. My intuition says that 2015 is going to be a very good year. For Everyone! Looks like the cabal is weakening and I see it every day. I want this thing over as well. I am tired of them using humanity as little pawns in their twisted game.Enough is enough. So let 2015 be the opening of the accounts! And a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, your wife and team and everyone else doing their part in the defeat of the cabal! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    • john reporting in from Ireland ,,,awesome stuff Neil and the team what an exciting lives ye lead god bless ye all. i have prayed to god to send his strongest angels down here to watch over ye now for months,,, i think god has listened to my prayers have a great time with your family and happy new year to ye all… Ireland sends it,s love

  22. Diane Stawiarska

    January 1, 2015 at 11:53 pm

    Dear Neil,
    What a bunch of two timing jerks.
    And stupid too.

    They could have gained so much more by standing by you and being loyal.

    God Bless you and Here is hoping there is success right around the corner!

    I want to see the bunker so bad!!!


  23. Everything happens for a reason, I believe that. Those thieves needed to be exposed and removed from Neil and his Team’s path, just before further work is done entering the new year. It was done !
    I’m sure somehow you all will be compensated and you Neil, will
    recuperate very soon. I’m sure the Elder is going to fix it; if he is who he says he is, an honest and trustworthy man, he must feel some responsibility; at least things can be accelerated to compensate this setback for Neil’s Team.
    Enjoy your time with family and try to rest a little… you all need it. Many Blessings to you all. There are many many people praying for you in a daily basis and we all are very grateful for what all of you are working and doing on behalf of the peoples of the world.
    I understand you can not tell us all the details in your mission, it would not be wise; so I thank you for the info you very kindly post for us.
    Blessings to you all.

  24. Happy New Year to all of you! I think those two fools underestimated just who NK is! And I can see exactly why Yulianto’s info was posted online. NK is a smart man!
    I wish you all the best and I am looking forward to Big News in 2015!

    • Ah AP you are one of the few……Yes it is part of my trap now and one they will never get away from. No matter what they do now they will pay one way or another.

  25. I hope you all managed to enjoy the festive time of year – and I wish you every success for 2015. There are no words to express the enormous gratitude that we all owe you; and for your tenacity and inner strength. We all have a part to play in turning the world around. Sadly greed has overtaken humanity – but things are changing and the consciousness is rising.

    God Bless you all for playing your part – and God Bless all of us who are waking up and preparing to play ours.

  26. Keenan Team (2)

    January 4, 2015 at 12:17 am

    Here is a link to Drake’s latest show featuring Neil:

  27. Keenan Team (2)

    January 4, 2015 at 2:57 am

    NOTICE: We have released a number of comments and responses, however, they appear to be lost in cyber space, possibly a server issue. We have limited ability to even post this notice. The problem will either be fixed by tomorrow or we will have a work-around. Thank you for your patience.

  28. Neil and team,
    Thank you for all the marvelous work you are doing for humanity. May you be blessed with success in all your endeavors. I am asking for your protection at all times in your pursuits to reclaim what belongs to humanity.

    Sending love your way,

  29. Keenan Team (2)

    January 4, 2015 at 11:41 pm

    Federico Cuervo
    Submitted on 2015/01/04 at 1:11 am | In reply to Daniel.

    Let us know if Yulianto and Satrio will try to sneak into the Philippines.
    We will kick them back to Indonesia.
    You are in our prayers.
    Victory of the Light!

  30. Keenan Team (2)

    January 4, 2015 at 11:46 pm

    Submitted on 2015/01/03 at 5:47 pm

    Neil, I did some research on the the Logo On that Gold and it would have had to be cast between 1921 and 1966.. but the thing is… it can’t be 1921 Gold because they didn’t have a Logo like that in 1921 and it can’t be 1960 Gold because it would have SBG on it horizontally and UBS on it vertically in 1960 and the other way around in 1966. This is likely Gold that was stolen by UBS and sold after the second world war. I realize that the 50 years statute is up for claiming the gold but there is another problem with the Gold. For one, The Logo still looks not right with both UBS horizontal and Vertical and there are also no serial numbers which would consist of a letter followed by 5 numbers. Now this could very well be Gold that has been kept out of circulation (Gold that is not suppose to exist) but there is still a problem with that Gold. For One, Gold doesn’t oxidize and that Gold looks more like Rose gold which would be more like 75% Gold and 25% copper… If it is even Gold at all. Check if it’s soft .. you should be able to sink your teeth in it easily if it was pure gold. The color of that gold is all wrong.. it looks pink/rose colored. Given the fact that you have seen 2015, USA dollars there, I’m beginning to think that the Gold and the money are counterfeit. I think you should be careful that your not being scammed. It smells like a scam to me with all the things that have happened to you already.
    There is something fishy about that Gold. It makes no sense to me to give $20,000 dollars away to see the Gold if there really is trillions of Dollars in Gold there. Why would they need your money when they are sitting on trillions? Something is not quite right Neil. Just a heads up… I may be wrong but like I said the Gold looks pink. I think your being scammed and I think your going to be really embarrassed about it later having to face up to it to the public. …

    • Keenan Team (2)

      January 4, 2015 at 11:47 pm

      Keenan Team (2)

      Submitted on 2015/01/03 at 11:09 pm | In reply to Mike.

      Hi Mike,

      Nice to see that someone has done some research but unfortunately, not thorough enough. 1) Gold will oxidize on it’s own if given enough time. Considering the conditions and the number of years it’s been stored under highly humid conditions, the discoloration is exactly the way it should appear. 2) If you re-read the last post, and think through the details, you will realize that the bunkers have been protected for a very good reason and not just anyone can go in there, take what they want and then turn it into usable value. As this unfolds, it may well be that you are the one to be really embarrassed by your own statements. …

  31. Keenan Team (2)

    January 4, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    Adrian G
    Submitted on 2015/01/04 at 12:33 am | In reply to Keenan Team (2).

    Right, in full.. they are so bad.

  32. Keenan Team (2)

    January 5, 2015 at 12:01 am

    Keenan Team (2)
    Submitted on 2015/01/04 at 1:01 am | In reply to Tim:

    Tim – You chose to disregard what was stated. You chose not to research gold oxidation. So then please don’t continue to look for responses here to change your beliefs. But here’s a clue that speaks volumes about Fulford and his agenda. No lucid individual could possibly see green on the gold that was unboxed. Why Fulford would say such a thing is a horse of a different color, and it certainly doesn’t reflect that part of the horse that wins the race. …

  33. God bless you Neil and Team K and I hope all of you had a beautiful Christmas. I’m so sorry this happened to you; I can see how tired you are Neil. God bless all of you…Nelu, Jo, Lorraine, Chris, Diane and everyone else and all your families and those who you hold dear. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers always.
    A late Happy New Year to everyone. I know in my heart 2015 will be a good one, way beyond our wildest imagination. You are my other hero Neil; you and my better half, Sam. So sorry for this late comment but I was ill and am just catching up with everything….NO worries.
    Thank you for helping all of us get our countries back; I’m heartsick that Boehner got re-elected and am having a hard time keeping myself from calling his office. He’s just another greasy whore for Obama…more of the same to come and Boehner’s already trying to destroy those who did not vote for less than 24 hours. It will catch up with him; it’s called Karma. I’m trying to be good and I tell myself to let God sort it all out. It’s very difficult keeping my mouth shut. lol! It really is. I’m glad he’s on the no fly list….woe to the US congress….such as it is. Most all are dirty, except maybe Louie Gohmert from Texas. I’m beyond disappointed in Gowdy, Chaffetz, and a few others and I will call them and speak my mind. It’s all about money and power and greed with these scum. TERM LIMITS in every single state and they get yanked instantly if they don’t keep their promises. I am so fed up, but better times are right around the corner and I’m with each of you every step of the way.
    I send everyone much love and prayers and blessings now and always. Neil, you are one in a gazillion trillion and you keep my spirits up. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Thank God there are people like you in this world. We need more of them. Bless you and your wife and your son and family. Blessings to all who comment here. You are my very much loved extended family.
    live oak xxx ooo

    • Keenan Team (2)

      January 7, 2015 at 4:02 am

      To our feisty live oak,

      As always, thank you for your comments and for keeping the fire alive even under less than ideal conditions. Hope you’re back in fine shape now. Yes indeed, 2015 is shaping up to be a fine year. Tip of the hat to you for the support!

      • I’ll be fine. Much love and a big hug to all of you.
        live oak xxx

        • Jeanne Scoville

          January 7, 2015 at 4:56 am

          live oak, I’m happy to see your comments here once again & to know that you are well…Your fighting spirit as well as your compassionate concern for others is a blessing to us all…Yes, 2015 is going to be a year of VICTORY for We The People if we stay strong together & not allow ourselves to be sidetracked by unnecessary distractions or undermining, destructive personality disputes. It’s also time to let go of “manufactured” MSM/cabal fear-mongering & focus on reclaiming our collective power as in “United We Stand”! We can & DO make a difference!

          With Love & Appreciation, Your “Soul Sister RN”, Jeanne

  34. “There are physical spirits to avoid inside the bunkers, and outside the bunkers,”….. there are foul swindlers, defrauders with larcenous, ruinous greed in their hearts, that also must be dealt with. The weakness in man must be recognized by the strong man, so as to know with sure footing where to put the next step. Though surprised by good fortune, one must keep their eyes and ears open at all times…meaning, don’t be over-surprised. Good things are coming and will keep coming so stay awake and guard oneself appropriately. For, not in every man is there a heart with pure intent where devils have been chased away. In some there was an intent, but being not pure, the devil came in and corrupted what was there. Life is a daily challenge; as it begins within, it can also light the way to what’s outside by knowing what’s inside.
    Happy New Year.

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