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Keenan & Group K Take Down
Mark Carney And Possibly
The Bank Of England /
English Insider Steps Forward

This message was sent to Neil by a person who wishes to remain anonymous. We shall call him ‘The English Insider’.


“I understood when I began writing this that I could not use my real name.  Many within the establishment are well aware of who I am and where I work. Neil Keenan and team have put that which is required on the table in order to warrant an investigation into the many major bankers involved in the “One Million Metric Tons of Gold Deal”. 

There is no question that this situation is indeed real as I was to have personally benefited by way of a minor commission on the transaction.  I like the pseudonym “The English Insider”, which felt to be fitting given the other insiders such as “The Asian Insiders” that have worked with Neil and team.

Zero Hedge and the British press have also figured out the double-speak of Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England (BoE), hinting that he may step down much earlier than expected, possibly even as early as next week. 

The high probability of Mark Carney’s resignation is all over the mainstream media now as one can see in the examples below. This narrative is really a cover for the impending investigation:

The Telegraph: Speculation grows about Mark Carney’s future at the Bank of England

The Guardian: Mark Carney may end speculation about future this week

The Daily Mail: Mark Carney could quit his Bank of England role within DAYS after his ‘Project Fear’ predictions were repeatedly proven wrong 

The Sun: ‘BANK BOSS TO RESIGN’ Bank of England Governor Mark Carney could QUIT next week after fear-mongering predictions over Brexit were proven wrong

One must ask why someone in such a lofty and influential position in the banking community would relinquish such a prestigious position of employment at such a young age – unless there are extenuating circumstances such as personal, physical or fiscal issues surfacing. “I have personal circumstances which I have to manage”, Mr. Carney said when asked.   

Perhaps Mr. Carney is looking for a way out being that he must be well aware of an imminent investigation. Most here in England who are “in the know”, are taking measures to separate themselves from the syndicate of persons referenced in the recent Keenan article. That article in and of itself is so revealing that all involved should be well aware that there are circumstances that will lead directly toward incarceration.

The theft of one million metric tons of gold is not even mildly amusing unless you are George H.W. Bush and are “hand-wringingly” hopeful this deal may go up in flames being that he is not included. 

Imaginably, Donald Trump may be the proponent of such an investigation that will lead throughout Asia , Europe and the United States.  It is well worth the consideration. 

The recent Keenan article has created an underground uproar here in the United Kingdom and there are those who are left wondering why we would allow anyone to complete such a transaction, when it would subject the populace to a fate worse than slavery for hundreds of years. You now have the push for the revelation of this transaction that would destroy the people on this planet. How many similar atrocious plots of such formidable gravity is it now that Keenan and team have revealed?

Perhaps you can find the hyperlinks referencing such on Keenan’s internet site and recount these endeavours for yourselves. Many attempts have transpired and have been truncated – that had the intention of hi-jacking the world on the scale of a James Bond villain’s lunacy. This is yet another of the numerous adventures that Group K has halted.

It surely must be a mathematical certainty that Mr. Carney is looking to flee the coop.  All involved should be very nervous as they observe the conversations in play around this conspiracy.  All should wonder if Mr. Carney has or will defect, with his escape made good under Police supervision until such time as he reveals the intimate details.

Perhaps Neil Keenan and Group K’s recent searchlight shining expedition upon the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, in a “One Million Metric Ton Gold Racket” with trillions of dollars in commissions at stake, may have hastened Mr. Carney’s decision to depart in an expedient fashion.

Of course, leaving before the guillotine drops is always a good idea. It is also prudent to ensure one’s extended vacation is somewhere so secluded and isolated that there are no telephones nor extradition treaties.

The next question is that if Mr. Carney was well aware of this Asian gold caper (as he would obviously have to be in his position as Governor of the Bank of England), then what of his comrades-in-arms at the Federal Reserve?  When will “Mad Dame” Yellen accommodate the press with her unconvincing denials? 

It is quite obvious that the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve are somewhat lacking in solid collateral backing. Without real assets of any tangible value propping up their Fiat currency, printing more Monopoly money will only lead to hyper-inflation and the demise of both the British Pound and the United States Dollar.

Consequently, it is no wonder that the establishment are hazardously desperate and willing to buy gold, even from people who do not even legally own it. Refer: The Golden Dragon Family.

Therefore, adding Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak into this greedy amalgamation should serve to put Southeast Asia on high alert as well. This thievery of the Dragon Family’s assets has serious repercussions that must mandate the immediate attention of the Malaysian people and their government authorities. 

The specialists who deal in large quantities of precious metals at government and central bank levels are all aware that such deals are brokered at sizeable discounts from the current global market prices, while the margins being split between the interested parties (personally), before closing with the institutional buyers at full market values.

Commissions paid out on one million metric tons of gold would be exceptionally large as calculated by Mr. Keenan. Can you calculate 1% of one quadrillion dollars worth of new collateral-backed Fiat dollars as commissions (protracted vacation money)?

Mr. Carney, it seems that you may be compelled to elaborate on your “personal circumstances” that require your attendance, and in short order. Your precious Bank of England is going to be agape, split like a watermelon and whatever shall be revealed? You are all responsible for everything wrong that is happening in this world. The colloquial “Banksters” are the source of so much that is wrong with this world.

With the impending elections in the United States in the spotlight, has anyone considered “electing” Neil Keenan as the honorary Sheriff of Nottingham? He would waste no time in rounding up and arresting the “Robbing Hoods” of England, not to mention bringing them to justice. Alas, a true hero for our not-just-fiscally chaotic and challenging times.

Thank you, Neil and Group K for halting another treasonous hustle.  The times, they are indeed changing.

A concerned Englishman”


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  1. The real basket of deplorables –  Council of Foreign Relations – Membership includes former Secretaries of State, CIA directors, bankers, lawyers, and senior media figures.  It is essentially run by the Rockefeller Family and is probably the most influential body in the broad engineering of our Society.

  2. I am a little confused, has this theft taken place as of this writing? If not, does Neil have a plan in process to shut this down?

  3. Well, the Clinton Foundation may be right in the mix of these things to be revealed – maybe in the emails if not in their books – they have their hands in everyone’s pockets and criminal payoffs within Congress – maybe disclosure is in order?
    Words of appreciation are not enough for you Neil- you are in our prayers

    • how about the 650,000 emails just discovered in WIENER’s Pants
      ( sorry Weiner’s Laptop ) – will they shed more clarity ??

      • FBI were looking into the pedophile ring that he was involved with and found a trove of State Gov emails that have been archived for quite some time. I hope the victims are given justice and saved from these evil people.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you English Insider, and Asian Insider(s) and Group K. We need more good people like you. You are saving the world. You are freeing humanity. Again, thank you so much.

  5. Hear Hear, I second the Motion for our new Sheriff. Thank You Team, the rats are scurrying about, God Bless

  6. It is sad that so much greed has brought the world to such degradation but the boom is about to fall. I hope they don’t get away. Obama will pardon Clinton if he gets the opportunity.
    Again why is he still in office?
    I say the gallows for all who have committed Treason. That includes a lot of people at the White House.
    Thanks to all who are working to make this world right again!
    I am anxious to start on the humanitarian projects. Neil Keenan is a Hero.

  7. Hi Dear All,
    Thanks for the interesting letter. I am glad being Brit the land still has some goodies hopefully in this viper’s nest of total scoundrels and worse. Minds me of Samuel Johnson I think who back in the 18th Century exclaimed, there is barely an honest man in the whole of London so what’s new?!!! Save that this time things seem more total like End Times somehow, things are kind of melting and fragmenting even at some cosmic level I feel , As Above, So Below. Rumor Mill News for example has some fascinating new posts on a kind of Etheric Lower Astral Armageddon just being fought which may be reflected imminently on financial and political arenas of this world where End Times divine Justice needs and it’s way beyond high time to be administered. The fallout will not be pretty just as it is not for the dark aliens and demons right now. We’re fighting back the Light is coming for its own!!! Victory to the Soul of Man and Mother Earth!

  8. Ur 2 be congratulated 4 every good deed U have done. Great BIG hugs.

    • Linda Church McConnell

      October 31, 2016 at 3:52 pm

      I am in TOTAL agreement and “second” what Great Gramy J said. In this world of such uncertainty of who/what to believe right now, it feels so wonderful to find Neil’s group and feel that they are being totally honest in everything they do. I believe that a new and beautiful world is on the horizon. We just have to keep thinking positive thoughts as much as possible so as not be sucked in to the vortex of of negativity.
      I am grateful to Neil and the whole group. Blessings and Namaste.
      How can it get any better than this and what else is possible. J.

  9. Well done. Now watch for the flip. It’s done when it’s done and not before.

  10. The Bank of England are a bunch of crooks. Here are a series of audios from, I think, 2011 where the man on the phone who works at the Bank of England actually admits that the BoE creates money out of thin air (fresh air is what he actually says):
    It is in part 3 beginning at the 7 minute 45 second mark.

  11. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Neil, group K, and all that are involved helping us on this beautiful planet. As my mom used to say “There goes another slice of the pie.” Be well.

  12. Please use only my first name.
    Thanks ever sooooo much to Neil and Group K.
    You are saving mankind’s future
    May you experience many Blessings.

  13. Hello Group K, there are 3 types of English language: 1 is street language, which we are using right now. 2 there is formal language which we learn in school. And 3 is the language of the Court. If Group K can spin it around to Court language I will support you in becoming the New Sheriff in town? One last thing, we are judged by our status, so once you change your status from a slave to a King, I will help you in any way. “In order to protect my Liberty is to help you protect yours.” John Benson ‘’s. Roger Sayles author.

  14. Way to go Neil! Way to Go! May God Protect you and your team always.

  15. I enjoy that your making these so-called elites scatter like roaches. It’s not enough that we have Hillary Clinton thinking that she’s above the law but having people around the globe that are good hearted towards humanity is just what the planet needs in this time. Indeed it’s time to open up a can of whoop ass on these in-breads and these scumbags on this planet. I can go on and on, so I’ll stop for now. Again thanks Niel, Group K, and I like to give a shout-out to the dragon family. Thank you !

  16. You know I like that ” The New Sheriff of Nottingham =SHERIFF “K”, NOW I can get behind that in a big way. Go get them Sherrif K, you have earned the Right & we all support you 1000%

  17. Yes indeed. The times are definitely changing – for the better – about time.

  18. It is time! Just maybe the American people will do what is right this time. It is time for people to awaken and look at what is happening in the world.
    Justice once meant something in America but now it has become a joke. The brainwashing of the young has taken away the ability of free thinking.
    It really is time. It’s time for people of the world to open their eyes and see.

  19. Very well done
    Ball is rolling
    God loves all games
    He likes to play
    All games at once!!!!
    I see all games playing now
    God wins
    All the games at same time
    Paul Arthur stabler

  20. Many thanks for all you do for the world to free us. I pray for your safety and protection for all who help you and Team K and the Golden Dragons. Hopefully we can be free soon. Thank you again Love & light Laurie K ❤️🍀🙏🏻

  21. It is difficult right now for the whole of us. We do not know who is who true, and who is pretend. It is part of the end of times game and I accept it. Thing is, you have, more than ever, to use your mental compass!
    Ben is asking for assistance to a member of the WDS, but I am not even sure it is not some scheme. I am extra careful. So I stay still. By the way, I mean no offence to Ben! I respect him!
    I am glad to know the ¨23 years machine”is on its way. The Rolls Royce of healing.
    This man from the London Bank, seems to realise that is has gone too far and his own kids are in danger, that has always been my question, how can you behave like that if you love your kids? And your potential grand-children?
    Do you NEED 20 cars in your garage?
    Do you need a property with 60 rooms and 60 staff?
    Do you need to be aloof and despicable?
    Do you need to be un-human? Or is it that, for you, being UN-human is effortless and part of your nature?
    Anyway, to conclude, thank you to the AAAAAAA-TEAM! I love you all!

  22. English = soccer/ football
    Match has started
    He is his own goal keeper
    He has to play!!

  23. Proof that money isn’t the only thing their stealing:

  24. Great job Neel i wanted to let you know that we have been highjacked in Canada just go to the You Tube site ,Comer Versus the Bank Of Canada ,and Carny was the boss and helped out the Central ganster banksters out and kept his mouth shut.Watch Rocco Gilatti who is fighting for the Comer group of people and for Canadians to try and get our Billions back.The CBC news has a great interview with Rocco and he called these guys in England Gangsters.And Mr. Harper the Bush lover put a news media ban on the story so regular Canadians wouldn’t find out about enslavement our Government put on us.Since the 1970s at 40 % interest charges i believe.

  25. Well Mr. Keenan and Group K…another job well done!!! I have my son now “hooked” on watching your videos and reading your posts. When I told my son that Neil is so down to earth, my son said to tell you that you are the real Clydesdale pulling the wagon. He said you would understand. Is this a guy thing or a Neil Thing? Love you and Group K…yep, I’m growing longer arms so I can reach out and hug you all.

  26. No doubt Carney and Ms Yellen will take the fall for this attempted dastardly deed.
    Hopefully the Fed and the BOE will soon crumble like the houses of cards that they are, so we the people can be free of these corrupt elites.

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