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To The Rescue

Let’s Kick The Garbage Out To The Curb

Apologies are extended to those that might not have gotten things straight without this preface.

Initially I was under the assumption that we had nailed the former Sri Lankan President and Japanese Gold buyers (as well as government) in an attempted theft of 20 thousand metric tons of gold.

As things turned out it was not an attempted theft, it was a theft already cemented – and 4 years prior. The rest of the detail follows and I cannot wait to review the audit of all accounts and put those responsible away where they belong.

As one can see nowadays these shenanigans are rampant among the politicians and banksters. Hell is too nice a place for them so let’s find a place more fitting for them NOW.

I will request arrest warrants from the UN and ruffle their feathers seeing that they are not worthy of being referenced as real men or real women. We will straighten this crap out and send them all back to where they came from.

It is in our hands now, not their hands. They will be at our mercy and no longer vice versa.

P.S. Karen Hudes bought a gun. Ha ha I guess she knows what she has done and what she deserves. And hell she is a big enough target.


The Details

Ali Baba is alive and well… attempting to relieve the East of its Gold! Most recently, the “Ali Baba role” has been played on various occasions by Jeb Bush, Ban Ki-moon, Obama, and many others who are  desperately trying their utmost best to steal and build up their Gold chests/coffers under myriad guises cloaked in deception.

They intend to collapse the US Dollar and still control the world’s finances.

If you live in Asia, you see and understand when Westerners appear almost everywhere looking (unlawfully) for precious metals and other riches. Lately, more often than not, they’re told to take a hike and leave the country immediately!

This is to also say that the East likes honest, respectful Americans, but strongly dislikes those who misrepresent themselves or try to hide their underhanded, illegal ways that do great harm to many good people and their countries as well as the world’s economy.

In light of all of this, Neil Keenan and Group K have altered their way of doing business in the East, building honorable business relationships as well as in creating an impressive resume on their way to opening the Global Accounts.

Most recently, Neil received illuminating phone calls and detailed information relating to a 2012 illegal Gold transaction between Sri Lanka and Japan.

Because it is directly related to the Global Accounts, Neil and Group K have now come to the rescue!


Upon further investigation and our decisive action in verifying said research, we discovered that the Global Accounts were indeed tampered with in 2012 and Assets were stolen by the following:

Japan, Sri Lanka, Credit Suisse Securities Limited.

Japuga Holding Company, Limited.

Mr. Keji Matsumura, Corporate Advisor Of Japuga Holding Company, Limited In Japan.

Mr. Rajagopal Kartheepan, Mr. Reiji Onizawa (Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited.

Director -Global Foreign Exchange Sales.

Sri Lankan Former President Mahinda Rajapakse.


The above mentioned are known to have participated along with others (both known and unknown) in the theft of 20,000 MT of Gold from the Global Accounts, belonging to DEPOSITOR (owner) Dragon Family, being held in the bunkers of Sri Lanka under the protection of the former President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapakse, who at that time was the HOLDER of said assets (Not the owner).


Here is the key information about what happened at that time:

1). The Japanese Japuga Holding Company Limited (Co-Director Mrs. Uwataki Tamae) made payment for 20,000 MT of Gold through HSBC Bank.

2). Credit Suisse Securities Limited appointed Japuga as MANDATES for this knowing illegal transaction.

3). Mr. Keiji Matsumura Corporate Advisor of Japuga Holding Company, Limited in Japan was appointed to proceed with this metal transaction.

4). Mr. Matsumura appointed Mr. Rajagopal Kartheepan I.D. No. 833433342 V to proceed on behalf of Japuga and Credit Suisse with the relevant authorities in Sri Lanka.


Mr. Reiji Onizawa, Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited, Director -Fixed Income, Global Foreign Exchange Sales.
Address: Izumi Garden Tower, 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 106-6024, Japan.

(Contact numbers kept private and for authorities only.)                                               


 Sri Lankan ex-President Mahinda Rajapakse (HOLDER of the Gold Accounts on behalf of the DEPOSITORS – the Dragon Family) did sell said Gold to Japuga Holding Company, Limited and delivery took place in 2012 to, Japan to Credit Suisse Securities, Mr. Reiji Onizawa, of 20 Thousand Metric Tons; thus, completing this illegal transaction.



The seller received payment which was, and most likely still is, located in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

To reiterate: Not anyone other than the former Sri Lankan President and a few others have received any payments at all!

What was earmarked for Humanitarian Packages ended up in the hands of a few greedy Globalists. Consequently, a full audit is being immediately commenced in Sri Lanka.

Without delay a fully-fledged transparent, ongoing investigation is required following the incriminating lead and fact-filled documents in our hands substantiating the above evidence as having taken place along with uncovering in great detail each and every participant’s role.

Unfortunately, what you will find is that this conspiracy extends to the West – right back into the hands of more Globalists!

What we need to strongly emphasize to governments, which are actually corporations, as well as to the Globalist banks, et cetera, is that THEY WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED!

In addition, through very specific auditing of said Bunkers/Accounts, they will be publicly exposed, tried, and sent to jail for very long terms.

Those listed above are all part of a heinous conspiracy to defraud, not only the DEPOSITORS, the Dragon Family, but also the People on this planet.

Again, those names that are included in this article are all involved in the theft of 20 Thousand Metric Tons of Gold which was designated for Humanity Packages/Programs.

Former President Mahinda Rajapakse, the Holder and the SELLER, betrayed not only the Global Accounts and the Dragon Family, but he also deceived his very own people and his country – who did not receive one cent, despite the funds being deposited in the Sri Lankan Central Bank.

The Sri Lankan people thought the assets belonged to the National Treasury for the well-being of their country. Whichever way you look at it, a huge theft took place with impunity (however, that will change very soon!)

Furthermore, the former President turned his back on any and all aides who assisted him in this transaction, thus making the theft complete. His crony, the current President of Sri Lanka, is also hereby implicated in this matter and should not be allowed to escape justice.

To be clear, we say once again (although it cannot be said too often to these crooks):  Auditing is being undertaken, and you have nowhere to go or hide!

To all “Ali Babas”: There are no “Open Sesames” here! There are NO escape routes! We’re coming for you!

Be advised that Justice will have its way sooner rather than later, although it can’t happen soon enough.

The planet’s patience is at an end.

Neil Keenan and Group K



To download a PDF transcript of this video click here.




Copyright © 2016, GROUP K, Ltd.


    • This all looks very dubious.

    • I think its bullshit.

    • I wonder if this “New Republic” will ever close just ONE of the 700 military bases around the world; esspecially Ramstein Air Base to end the drone-murder which is happening in Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, in which more than a thousand children, older and innocent people were killed.
      I wonder if this “New Republic” will forbid vaccination, cease TPP immediately and stop the TTIP or TISA, allow alternative doctors to practice and make a disclosure to chemtrails?
      To put it straight: stop playing “world-police” and let sovereign nations and its people prosper with thier ownded resources and freedom?
      So far it seems to me only names have changed and it is the same dirty, cruel and injust business as usual.

      • Mirror, we should not be fooled by the words ”New Republic”
        being thrown around lately. It is a play on words to deceive us.
        We do not want any ”New” Republic which is of ”their” making,
        which simply means ”more of the same ole, same ole” to make
        the Republic fans think they got what they wanted.
        No. We want our OLD Republic back. You are correct.

  1. brooks o'bryant

    August 25, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    I was so happy to see you in such fine form! I am so happy that the healing machine will be available to all the citizens of this planet! I sing your praises to everyone I know and they don’t know you but I fieel like I DO KNOW you and I’ve been on this journey with you for so long! God it’s
    a great and exciting time to be alive in a world where there are such people such as NEIL KEENAN fighting for us and all the good we deserve! God bless you with love and light Neli! Go team K!!!!

  2. U dont mess about do ya pal thourough investigation pal you should be very proud of yourself, and brother these people yearn for thereplace in hell so punishment in this life is a must…also how about my(our) hemp project

    Keep up the good work
    One of the people for all of the people ….WE ARE THE PEOPLE

  3. They will never learn. We had a flood here in US namely Louisiana and only Trump showed up to help. Everyone asked where Obama was? He was said to be hiding in a bunker because of death threats. Either someone has had enough of him or he is not playing ball with his masters even VP Joe Biden had to do the work of the President. They run to their holes like rats when the going gets tough. Just look for holes in the ground Neil and you’ll find those responsible?

  4. FANTASTIC Group K, A patt on the back from NW Pa. The rats are scurrying, Love Ya, God Bless

  5. “Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses” Neil- taken names @ ……..!

  6. Thank you Neil and Group K , Here in the states people are saying they opened FEMA camps here and have taken some of the homeless don’t know for sure if this is true but some of the regulars around town seem to have disappeared. I hope you can save the people in USA from being rounded up. God speed Neil you sure gave me hope of a better and pain free ,disease free being able to live life and do humanitian projects with the healing. May all of the angels protect you and Team K , love & light. Laurie

  7. Great Work Neil! It is really good to hear that justice is being served to the cockroaches that infest this fine world of ours.

  8. Neil. You surely know that the UN will do nothing. I’m at a loss here. So many games. I’m tired of getting back sided (I’m saying this nicely).

  9. James Comey

    Loretta Lynch
    1.9 billion dollar money-laundering with HSBC as a state attorney.
    Became ATTORNEY GENERAL under OBAMA has pulled the rug
    over many cases.

    Both are under the rule of all BIG BANKS, BUSH, CLINTON, OBAMA and all that stinks in the WHITE HOUSE. So for all that think Hillary Clinton is just going to go away!!! Sad news to does who think the FBI and DOJ are going to convict!!!

    Great to see you are doing much better Neil and as always that laughter!
    Getter Done!!!!

    A little advise to all that can’t get the healing machine at this time in point!
    To help your body fight sickness and bring your body back to fighting diseases
    for you.. Start eating lots of raw greens, until you get the healing machine available. To understand that reasoning, take a voltage meter go and pick even
    the smallest flower with stem, stick both prongs in the stem and you get 2.6 to 2.9 volts alkaline, eat raw greens til it comes out your ears!! Stay away from all sugar, it’s acidic which all disease thrive in.
    Do a little research for your health.

    Best regards Charles

    • Yes, alkalinising is important.
      There is also a simple zero point energy wand which has given great results on some people, but for me, healthy, I can’t testify. Furthermore, many suppliers, so who is genuine. and who is not overcharging and taking advantage of people ? This, I can’t know!
      This wand, I just can’t figure how it works, very frankly. Total mystery to me.
      The computer, I see it as Radionics somehow, except with radionics, you need no connection at all. And radionics is SOOOOOOO SLOOOOOWWWWWW! BOOOOOORING !
      We definitely live in interesting times. Stressful times also, any second we are in danger. But I always see protection around our White Knights, and I know it works, especially since many people are doing that also. And we have also got our heavenly friends.
      I believe people in the resistance have been incarnated to undergo that mission, a very difficult one.

  10. It’s amazing how many weasels we have all over the World running our governments. No matter how high these officials are in government they should be put in prison for a long long time. Thanks Niel & Group K. Best Regards Jerry

  11. That you Neil and team ! Great news! Time for them to face the music!
    I do not remember the details, but Sarkozy got rid of the French gold in circumstances that appear dubious. I also remember Nigel Farage fierecely attacking an English prime or ex prime minister for the same reason.
    In the eyes of those politicians, us the people count for peanuts. That must change, we’re all sick of it. We could all be so very happy. And healthy.
    Bless you all!
    @ SF, check last thread, I sent you info, please…

  12. Niel & Group K, you have no idea how many are happy your in the right place at the right time. Friends of mine know who you are but do not understand the depth of knowledge you have on these Accounts. Wish you the very best, and yes I agree with you to go after those Politicians wherever they are in the world, and lets put a light on their evil deeds. You are doing an excellent job, glad your health is back, can’t wait to get a piece of that for myself either. God Bless==BillyBobG

  13. And the Plot Thickens

  14. Mr. Keenan, thank you for the update. I’m so happy to see you are feeling great/like Tony the Tiger lol. Judging from your video it does not look promising for the machine for my Mother. I live in the states. I pray that others will benefit from it. Thank all of you for the work you are doing. God Bless you all.

  15. Woohoo! No more waiting around! These crooks, including all the crooks in the West, have needed to be incarcerated for a long time. I hope I’m still around when it finally happens cuz that’s something I’d REALLY like to see. Thanks Neil and Team K. Godspeed and all the best.

  16. Faithful Servant

    August 26, 2016 at 8:48 am

    Clean water, free electricity, swift health. Which leads to productive, strong and creative creatures of the Almighty. Amen. I hope to see this come to reality. If I had funds to help you, I would give it all for such love towards humanity. I do know who does own everything and I am faithfully praying for His will to be done. If it is His will, all will happen in His appointed time. God bless all you do for His glory. May we all realize who gave you the love that bubbles from your soul towards His creation. Agape love from our creator is most lovely and precious when expressed in His creation…you…Neil Keenan. You are spoken of in the scriptures…vessel of honour.

  17. how is it that we are on the verge of the biggest change in human history and yet Neil cannot raise enough money to get the job done. I challenge everyone who reads this blog to dig deep and make a financial sacrifice so that our world can truly change for the better. 1500 emails were received concerning the healing machines, which would cost 10’s of 000’s of dollars to purchase, yet if each of those sending emails would donate to help Neil secure the GCA’s, those released funds would be used not only for that technology, but also other suppressed technologies. Many hands make light work. If you truly believe in Neil and his mission, then show it through financial support. The time is NOW. Let’s prove our hearts through out pocket books. We are so close to the finish line. Good people of the world, step up now! Everyone has something they can give. We are ONE so let’s show it through our actions. If you understand the spiritual principal of giving, this is time to put it in practice. It is not so much our words that matter, but our actions. You shall know them by their fruit.

    • Well said Russ. Come on people , feel proud that you can support Neil,this
      Humble, and unselfish person who is showing us what it means to be human.
      I will be donating half my weekly pension again soon, knowing that in a
      Small way I can be part of the solution and not part of the problem.
      It almost makes cry when I think how demoralising this must be for Neil.
      Be part of what you want to happen . Love. John

    • A Word to the Wise

      August 26, 2016 at 5:27 pm

      Indeed, this is & has been the most crucial time for Neil to return to Indonesia & get what needs to be done NOW!!! The Cabal has done its utmost to block or destroy the strong momentum Neil & Group K work tirelessly in order to keep it at a very top level.

      Thanks to Mark Thomas & the Lords of Light Foundation, there is a safe place to donate. He, in turn, has a secure means to make sure any & all monies received are promptly given to Neil.

      This is a colossal effort to change world-wide systems of corruption, not only in the financial & political arenas, but also in the scientific & medical communities where so much is suppressed or humanitarian researchers themselves are killed who long ago found cures for most diseases.

      Neil has often said he is only one person who can’t do it all by himself, although he has accomplished far more than many persons combined have in their lifetime. When we pitch in now with our donations, we not only add our energy to the current critical push that is needed to get to the finish line, We The People will be the beneficiaries of the humanitarian foundations that will be established to right so many wrongs done for far too long to us & our beloved planet.

      It’s great to see so much moral support from so many good people on this website & on It’s A Keenan Thing FB page. Their prayers & good wishes are most helpful. And for those blessed with the financial means to do so, their help is most needed now…more than ever! Together as a world-wide community…we CAN move mountains & then some!!!

      Blessings to Neil & his Group K & to ALL of humanity…God speed to Indonesia!

      • Indeed, PLEASE HELP TEAM K and Neil Keenan at this CRUCIAL TIMES. There is a safe place to donate, you can see at the upper RIGHT SIDE of This PAGE… “The Lords of Light” are giving Neil every Dollar they receive for him and Team K, They are telling us this much, so they REALLY NEED THE DONATIONS to keep on their work. Neil has spent all of his own personal money in this war with The Cabal./ $ 20, $ 50, $100… whatever you can give to this cause will amount to something IF WE all give.

  18. Why does IT not shock me that HSBC is mentioned. HSBC held my loan 4 a new car that I bought many years ago! I paid it off early & this time paid cash 4 a nice used vehicle so nobody can rip me off with interest etc anymore! <3 Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J @ Fort Hood, Texas! <3

    • Hi HG, looks good.
      So many things happening now, I am hooked to the news on the Internet, very hard for me to read a book, except in portions. I follow the resistance wherever and whenever I can. I know we live in very important times.
      Love to you all! And bless the team!

  19. My sincere thanks to Neil and Team K for all the work you’ve done and are continuing to do.
    God Bless!
    live oak
    Please donate to Lords of Light to help Neil. I have given what I was able to give and I wish it was more and it was no trouble at all. Any amount helps the Team. Please give it careful consideration to helping them financially. Thank you one and all and God bless everyone.

  20. Step on em hard fer us Neil…

  21. Great to see the Healing Machine!

    How about dental applications?

    What can be done for tooth infections, re-growing teeth,
    closing cavities etc?

    Is the technology at that point?

  22. Great job Group K…

    Neil, when do you think the activation of the GCA will be put into play.

    This is on everyones mind I think and we are all fed up with our individual countries governments and politicians antics and their new found “Dull memories” when it comes to either answering questions of how to develope new industries not for tomorrow’s dollar or polling stats but, for the countries betterment in 20 – 30 years.

    Keep the updates coming…

    Great work.

    • Here’s an update MF ,Neils $ 10,000,000
      has run out. Now it’s our turn to get this
      mission completed. Reach into those
      pockets world, we are the beneficiaries
      of this gift .Lets create a completion date.

    • MF, 20-30 years?? Nah, thats too long. Our whole country
      is crumbling Now and needs fixed Now. Once the gloves come
      off, things can move quickly. People are broke Now, and need
      to get a big break Now. Otherwise there won’t even BE a
      ”20-30 years” from now.
      Thankfully there are also many many other ”white hats” people
      working on many other things as well, and they all tie in along
      with what Neil is doing. Now it all depends on who gets in the
      way without harsh repercussions.
      It is just plain time to rid this earth of ALL of those who have
      brought us to this dismal position we are in; they deserve No
      mercy whatsoever. None of us should fall for all this ”love
      and forgiveness” crap that is being ‘preached’ by idiots.
      Instead, learn to digest the ”reap what ya sow” and forget
      those foolish emotional pity parties for the evil doers.
      They chose their evil path.

      • SF…. I couldn’t agree more!

        Hence the question of when it’s going to happen. We need industry across all humanitarian sectors NOW. I only hope for great things from all the good work Neil and Group K have done already.

        Neil, we are in the right spot to help in anyway..



  23. largest pedophile ring in history,70,000 members, heads of state, rats scramble- monsters are the lowest form of life- show “no mercy” for them..

    • Tina, there NEEDS to be a tough-guy Task Force set
      up just to go after these perpetrators and issue them
      all an on the spot ‘end to their days’. This is the outrage
      of all time, beyond words. It is just sickening to me.
      Who is there to rescue these helpless children?????

      • SF-it is unforgivable. Anyone that would harm our innocent babies and children or the elderly. “Let God sort them out.” SF- don’t ever underestimate the underground. Myself- if I had the opportunity- it would take me a split second. And I agree with you. There is no room to play nice with these souless creatures. None.

  24. Good hunting bro!

  25. Step on those b**tards very very hard Mr. Neil. They deserve it for what they have done to humanity.

  26. The planets patients is at it’s end absolutely! Is it time to freeze Soros accounts and Clinton and Bush accounts too? Soros is migrating human beings to create chaos. I wish George would land in Russia! Stand tall Neil and team stamina is yours! If Hillary goes to jail I will mail her an old Trumpet I never learned to play.

  27. Thank you,and god bless you

  28. Keenan Team | Two

    August 29, 2016 at 7:09 pm

    REMINDER: Please make sure comments are brief and relative to the post. If you would like to discuss other off-topic subjects and have conversations with specific people, please go to Neil’s Facebook page: Multiple comments between individuals on one post (especially off-topic) make it difficult for a new person to scan each post. Thank you.

  29. It’s coming to an end soon!!!!


    • Charles how soon ???? hopefully before Nov.8/2016!!!!!!!

      • Had to break the North American bond between Canada and US to kick the Cabal in the nuts!!! Well start enjoying that fact!! Canada about to join AIIB Banking!
        Basicly leaving the U.S by itself! Ben Fulford report about Canada was invited to China to step up an alliance to lead the North American. Alliance of Canada, U.S and Mexico. Here we go Cabal swallow that sideways!!
        So watch Trudeau on the news saying to the world, Canada very favorably joining Asian Bank..and to start infrastructure with everyone.

        Best regards Charles

  30. Keenan Team | Two

    August 30, 2016 at 6:37 pm

    Here is a transcript from Neil’s recent video (August 25 post), where he gives added information about the healing machine.

  31. Q: I read that 188 nations of the world have joined BRICS. WHy aren’t they jump on board to help Mr. Neil & team to finish what needed to be done in jakarta indonesia? Seeing this is very very very important for humanity .

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