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Karen Hudes: What The Flack?

By Neil Keenan and the Keenan Team

A9sfCsCCcAAyV9f.jpg largeThis could be considered an update, but it’s a little different than usual. I noticed a post that had gone up on my site, from what I understand quite by accident, stating that Karen Hudes is a cabal shill. It was not written or approved by me. It was a draft written by a team member which was mistakenly posted before it was reviewed and approved by myself, which is required for all posts on my site.

The post itself most likely would have never have reached you. But it did. It was only up for a few minutes and it went viral!  Ms. Hudes responded to it saying that there was no proof of her being a cabal shill but that she has taken a lot of flack from me. It is her use of the word “flack” that I disagree with.

When I heard I was giving her flack, I thought immediately of Roberta Flack, but upon reading her response to the inadvertent post of this draft, I understood that this flack had nothing to do with Roberta. In fact, Ms. Hudes has been a fraud and con from the moment she left the World Bank. Some call this being a shill, others label it something else.  Whatever the label, the irrefutable fact about Ms. Hudes is that she is a disgrace to this planet and its people.

Now let me explain the “flack” that Ms. Hudes has taken from me, because it needs to be understood for what it really was – rage. Being who and what she is, I do not believe that Ms. Hudes has any right to criticize anyone. She has gone after so many good people that one loses count. She claims to be a whistleblower, however, from the very beginning this woman has come to us with deceit in her black heart.

Ah, but do not take this Irish man the wrong way. I am far from perfect, but I do give to you what I get because I believe in my heart that all of you have a right to know what is really happening in the world to which I have access. Following the wrong person hurts us all. Anyone buying into the disinformation and outright lies of Ms. Hudes will find themselves in a state of perpetual confusion.

Soon after being fired by the World Bank, Karen “the-bouncing-ball” Hudes was claiming there was no gold in Asia, which was in complete contradiction to her earlier claims that the Dragon Family owned eighty percent or more of the World Bank assets.  Furthermore, she stated that she never worked with me when, in fact, not only did she request my assistance with the Dragon Family, I also introduced her to some of my associates, including Count Albert.

Having been barred from entry by World Bank security after her dismissal, the Dragon Family was going to get those doors reopened for her. Instead, she brazenly went behind my back with the Family and attempted to cut me out. After that, the Dragon Family would have nothing to do with Karen Hudes, and the World Bank doors remain barred to her.

Ms. Hudes could not even contain herself at the outset of our acquaintance, quickly devolving a conversation with Jean Haines into a one-way screaming match, where Ms. Hudes attempted to intimidate and bully Jean until I intervened to put a stop to this perplexing personal abuse. Hearing Karen become completely unhinged for no reason lead me to the conclusion that she was not someone with whom we could continue to be involved.

There were other clues too. Karen claims that Ferdinand Marcos was M1, the controller and signatory for the Global Account assets; and that he had the authority to designate Global Account signatories and controllers of Global Account assets after his death. Ferdinand Marcos was President of the Philippines and died in 1989.  The West designated him M1 during his lifetime.  He was not elected by the stakeholder nations.  And he certainly never had authority to designate signatories and controllers upon his death.  Indonesian President Sukarno was the only duly elected M1.

Among the many arenas that Ms. Hudes has strayed into was the global reset. How could she discuss a global reset excluding the Dragon Family when she herself stated that eighty percent of the Global Account assets were Dragon Family deposits, including those of the World Bank?

The deposits have been stolen and used by the West for more than 100 years. The Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 was an outright theft that landed us in the position we are in today. But the tide has changed, and as I stated more than two years ago, the East needs to create their own financial system and rid themselves of the Zionist/Nazi/Khazarian bastards who have usurped power from the Western peoples.

In an interview with Kerry Cassidy on August 2, 2013, Bix Weir, a business blogger, states “all debts will be forgiven.” Sure, Bix, the West steals and walks away after so much damage not only to the East but also to mankind. Did you ask the depositors of the Global Assets if they would forgive the West? Of course not — business as usual!

In Bix’s interview Hudes states, “I recommend that we need a currency that is backed by precious metals or some other valuable commodity.” Where has Karen been, in a bunker? Global Accounts’ gold has backed most currencies on the face of this planet for more than 70 years, albeit through much theft and the misappropriated collateral use by the West.

In a Karen Hudes’ update of October 3, 2013, she claims that the Monaco Accords of August, 2011, was nothing but a money grab to gain control over Global Account gold. Since I was there, I can state that this meeting had nothing to do with gold and everything to do with the East severing financial ties with the West.

No one from the West was invited to this meeting because the sole purpose was to discuss plans for leaving the West on its own and the evolution of a new financial system for the East. The Eastern financial system is evolving now with the building of their own new “IMF.” How could this meeting conceivably be a power grab when the funds were stolen from the East and they wanted their assets unmolested NOW?

Ben Fulford was courting a half million dollars in fees from third parties for an interview with Hudes, a clever ploy that received a great deal of publicity.  When questioning Hudes, Fulford feigned ignorance about the 2011 Monaco Accords to draw her out into a trap set by her own deceit.

She admitted that she was only repeating hearsay about the Monaco Accords’ agenda.  Apparently she thinks nothing of representing hearsay as fact, while I was there (eyewitness Jean Paul’s comment of 9/23/13 @ 7:38 a.m.) and my information is direct, confirmed by the stakeholders of the Global Accounts themselves and corroborated by other leaders in power and in the know.

No gold in Asia? No gold in Indonesia? No, Karen, there are enormous stockpiles of gold there.  It was there when you said it didn’t exist, and it remained there after you claimed to have “found it” in China. This is precisely what John Kerry was after during all of his visits there.

When he was told “no” by the Indonesian President, Kerry then made the statement that the US has new technological weather devices that could put Jakarta underwater in minutes. This threat and public confirmation of HAARP was not meant just for Indonesia, but was a threat to the entire world. Hudes then pivoted her assertion stating it is the Vatican that is holding on to the gold, not Asia.

Prior to our post on the German Government’s demand of the US to return 300 metric tonnes of “their” gold, Ms. Hudes joined the Germans in clamoring for its return.  After our post, Karen hopped on our bandwagon, pivoting her position yet again, and agreeing that the German Government has no standing to demand gold in US possession after their colossal gold theft leading up to WWII.

The East entrusted the West twice to do the right thing with the Global Accounts, and the West failed.  Now the cat is out of the bag. There is no way the Zionists will continue with their control — it is over with. The Bretton Woods Agreement has long since been exposed and will not be renewed.

The fact is that with its own financial system being put in place, the East will use what belongs to them to strengthen their nations. Do not get me wrong here — they will give funds directly to established foundations to assist the West. These funds will not go into the hands of the cabal or their puppet politicians again. The glory days of the Zionist are over. We have had a century of fraud, robbery, and bloodshed as their bequest to the world, and now it subsides.

The American People and the people of the West are welcome to place their funds in the Bank of China, (I believe there are branches in New York and Los Angeles where deposits are held in yuan and debit cards are available for daily needs) seeing that the US dollar possibly might not survive the Zionists’ greed and recklessness. This option might be a way out for individuals, as well protecting assets through physical gold and silver holdings.

Finally, Karen Hudes has recently been talking about aliens, and Peru and the Parallel or Nazca Lines. This is something I know about but it is no new discovery. Let’s digress a bit. If you are not familiar with the Ica Desert in Peru, you’ll find that there is a trident etched into the desert pointing the way to the Nazca Lines. It cannot be seen on the ground but only from the sky.

Peru has many mysterious sites, one of which is Machu Picchu, a city built with large stones and located high in the jungle mountains.   Briefly, the stones that were used weigh two tons or more and fit together precisely with absolutely no space between them. Imagine moving two-ton rocks 15,000 feet high into the mountains. This was the home of the Incas, with the city of Cusco nearby. (“Cusco” means belly button in the Incan Empire). How did they ever build such a city as Machu Picchu? Men with llamas? No way!

Long before Karen Hudes appeared on the scene, the actress Shirley MacLaine brought much attention to Peru and its mystical sites. She claimed they were visited by aliens. The inside of some Incan tombs substantiate flying objects in the skies with strange beings on the ground.

A search on the internet will provide much information on these sites. So now Karen Hudes has announced the discovery of a second species on the planet “distinct from homo sapiens” who are hiding in the Vatican. I leave it to the reader what to make of this.

Add to this that Karen had earlier embarrassed herself with preposterous conclusions that the comet ISON was actually the planet Nibiru and was going to cause electromagnetic catastrophes on Earth, and that the Chinese army was going to enforce Obama’s martial law on American soil back in the spring of 2013.  Please, Karen. Get a hold of yourself!

The glaring question here is why this former World Bank lawyer would claim to be a whistleblower who wants to help free humanity? She has put out misinformation on everything from the Global Accounts, to world finance, to gold being returned to people who don’t own it, and has attacked both the Vatican and anti-Vatican activists, as well as sincere human liberty activists everywhere.

And now aliens? She openly admits to repeating hearsay, switches positions on her assertions and has the audacity to slander what other sincere people are doing for humanity. For those who are interested, there are many factual exposés on the internet about her background and associations, the World Bank work of her husband, Barry Spergel, and their ties to the Rothschilds, all of which make it clear that she does not have humanity’s best interests at heart, such as here, and here, and here, and here.

Some have suggested that Hudes is the victim of MK Ultra mind control. This would certainly explain her schizophrenic statements, obnoxious behavior and her true situation. If this is the case, she is to be pitied but hardly excused from what she’s doing. Blowing the whistle on her handlers and cease speaking to the public can be the only humanitarian things for her to do now.

The bottom line is that Karen Hudes is nobody. If there are those who choose to see her as a brave whistleblower out to save humanity, then they are falling into an obvious trap. I have not heard from her in some time and I consider that a blessing. As you will surmise from what I have said here, I have not given her any flack.

What I did have for her is rage:  rage for her engaging in a campaign to deliberately mislead people while posing as a humanitarian whistleblower, rage that she would dare to criticize and slander other good people in our liberty community while posturing herself with self-righteous importance and credibility simply because she is a lawyer, rage with her deceit, lies and complete lack of morality.

But after going over the entire list of Karen Hudes’ shenanigans, I’ve now decided that I no longer even feel the rage. I have forgiven her because she is a …


This will be my last time addressing the notorious Ms. Hudes, one of Zionist’s own – but surely not one of its brightest.

Now let me give you a quick insight as to what is happening in the world today with the information I have. The Asian and Russian nations are now being joined by the Caribbean nations who have reached out and requested that they also be allowed to join the NO FLY ZONE accords. Is it possible we can box the bad guys into one place with nowhere to hide?

Bear in mind that this has nothing to do with you, but with them. It will assist anyone who would need to enter the US to track them down. But I have to make sure it does not hurt any of you, as in the case of your being on a flight along with blacklisted individuals, which now number over 600.

As for the NO FLY ZONE accord itself, it is still being worked out with the various parties that are joining it, or will be impacted by it. This is not as simple as one would think, but once completed it will have an immense global effect. I am working hard to see that everything I do is timely.

Thanks go to all of you for your support.

Copyright © 2014, GROUP K, Ltd.



    May 8, 2014 at 5:30 pm


  2. Just Wow ! Thanks for all you did/do Neil. Love from Quebec/Canada.

    Merci Beaucoup Neil !

  3. Thank you Neil, as always very informative and kind of relieving at same time.

  4. She called me a shill for believing in you Neil and questioning her and the world bank, with its debt based fractional reserve Ponzi scheme. With over 20 years of working with them as a lawyer, she could not figure it out or is she is part of the problem that affects us all ??…

  5. Thank you Neil for the update as I’m always looking forward to them. Looks like Ms. Hudes has egg all over her face and has dried there. She should go into hiding or have a brain transplant, if that’s even possible. You and Team Keenan have been sterling in your quest for the truth and exposing who’s who in this matrix of evil. I will continue to spread the info to people who will listen with open minds and hearts. I look forward to having a drink with you someday to celebrate the demise of the bad guys. All the best to you my friend.

  6. Thanks Neil, for everything.

    Question, this “new IMF”, is it the new system the BRICS and un-aligned nations have been building, or something completely different?

  7. JB Brown/Gramy J

    May 8, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    Thanks so much 4 taking Ur time 2 explain all of this Neil & team. I have the utmost respect 4 all of U……… Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J …… please stay safe. …..

  8. This update is such a blessing and eases my mind. I know you’re working very very hard. Thank you with all my heart Neil and Team Keenan. Stay safe. You’re always in my thoughts and prayers.
    live oak xoxo

    • Keenan Team (2)

      May 9, 2014 at 12:59 am

      Really such nice feedback to hear that your mind has been eased, live oak. We appreciate that. And xoxo backacha.

  9. This document takes all of our money away from the Federal Reserve and gives it back to The People. Do you know how much money the FED has? They have so much money that it can never be spent as long as Earth exists. Their supply of money is infinite because they can print all the money they want. You won’t have to worry about food stamps or anything else the government gives you because you will be given all the cash you need if you don’t have a job. Wealthy people will disagree with this but the thing they don’t understand is that won’t have to pay any more taxes, on anything.
    Do you want proof that all we have to do is sign our names this to make it happen? Ask a lawyer or a politician if we can do this. I’m pretty sure they’ll lie to you and tell you it can’t be done. Then ask that same lawyer or politician to face me. None will dare face me because they know I’m telling the truth and they won’t be able to lie to me.
    If you want to be wealthy and you want your freedom back, this is the only way to make it happen.

  10. Hi Neil,
    I have been seeing a lot of information coming out from multiple sources saying that the USA is about to be attacked and taken over by the Russians and the Chinese. These are military guys and witnesses that are seeing these forces gathering at multiple areas in the states. The evidence is overwhelming and I am truely frightened. When I first started following you and what was going on with the global accounts, I felt that the bad guys running our country might actually be taken out, but now I’m worried that everyone I love and care about will be taken out along with them. I don’t know how to put all this together in a way that feels hopeful anymore. Just wondering if you have any insight into our future. Thank you

    • there are so many angles in this. I believe that the FEDS will finally get theirs but I now hear Obama is trying to set things up so that the Chinese and Russians control the US yet when Obama was in Asia he only went to the nations he thought he could count on for help. They turned their backs on him. So I am back where I started with the FEDS finally getting theirs. I am looking for cracks and watch everything that happens. I am aware of the possibility that we are all being played but I pray not. Anyway, if I find something I will let you know.

      • Hi Neil,
        I just want you to see these 2 video clips. There are others and the land fiasco going on in Nevada with Harry Reid and the BLM should be a real eye opener. We have been sold out by our govt – lock, stock & barrel. You don’t have to respond to this. I just wanted you to see some of the very serious stuff that has been going on between our govt and the Chinese & Russian govt for quite some time it appears. I think they are all in cahoots with each other. Meanwhile putting on a show for the world. We are in serious trouble here.
        Sargent Major Dan Page, speaking to the St. Louis/St. Charles, Missouri Chapter of Oath Keepers, explains how they plan to end American sovereignty and the Constitution, establishing martial law and merging the U.S. with the New World Order.
        Chinese Crossing Mexican Border Into USA
        Just spending my time trying to get right with God. The money thing has destroyed our world. So sad.
        Blessings, Shelia

        • you forget one thing Sheila we do not have a government we have a corporation so let’s fight to get back what is really ours. They do not have any right to do anything legal seeing they are illegally taken over our government with this make believe governmental scheme. They are responsible for all debts not we the people and we must lay it on them and those that listened and worked with them. Has nothing to do with us….Let’s make that clear.

      • we would get more confident about them “getting theirs” when we SEE THEM ….. get theirs

        Makes me wonder if seeing a few go down would put a match to the dynamite for the rest of the worlds ass and WAKE THEM UP

      • If the Federal Reserve crowd, and Cabalists et. al. do get arrested in No-Fly Monaco Accord countries; I hope they get the full measure of justice (upon conviction) served upon them for their crimes committed via the Rope, the Rifle, the Sword, or the Axe.

        Being a purist, I prefer a Colt SAA .45 be used on the condemned.

        • Keenan Team (2)

          May 12, 2014 at 11:12 pm

          Hi Michele,

          But why waste perfectly good metal? Why not give teach these creatures something that they can take with them into their afterlife? This is the wisdom that evolved beings can impart. Let them suffer living. Let them feel some of what they have inflicted upon humanity. Let them suffer fear and hunger and the pain of sickness. They do not deserve a quick death nor would they learn anything from it. Experience is the only reality.

      • Hi Neil
        Thank You for “What the Flack”. KH has just released the following Office Memo on her twitter page,
        She indicates that her client Wolfgang Struck, who claims to be the authorized signatory for the Global Account, intends to sale 1000 metric tons of gold and use the proceeds for various Global Account maters and administrative fees (I assume this includes her attorney fees and expenses as well) if a request for 10 million US dollars from the Global Account for the same purposes is not is not granted.
        She has indicated that the Global Account has Gold assets of 1,715,000 tons of Gold that is being held at 172 banks in 49 countries. This would suggest that she has a detailed accounting of the Global Account Gold assets.
        You have indicated that Karen and Disinformation is one in the same.
        I am guessing that if they are unable to sell 1000 metric tons of Gold now, Karen would have a lot of explaining to do. After all she said they already had a buyer lined up ( they have made an arbitrary decision to sell this 1000 tons of gold if they have to at a 50 per cent discount). From her assertion that they can sell the gold at a 50 per cent discount, this seems to indicate that that they make all the decisions pertaining the the Global Account assets.
        Now, I am assuming that Karen could claim to sell a worthless gold certificate, but if she does so, she has to account how the funds were actually used publicly, as many will want to have an accurate accounting of the trust funds. Also, the Trust Fund would need to have an Audit as well.
        I guess she could also say that they changed their mind and decided not to sell 1000 metric tongs of Gold.
        Any thoughts or comments on KH’s memo?
        Thanks in Advance!

        • Keenan Team (2)

          June 24, 2014 at 6:47 pm

          Hi Macray,

          Thanks for the info on her current antics and your comments. I think our article pretty much answers any questions about her actions, past, present and future. She’s staying busy though … spinning her wheels.

          • Thank you again. Appreciate it.

          • The World Bank’s version of What the Flack!

            Statement on Former Staff Member Karen Hudes

            Available in: Español, Français

            An individual named Karen Hudes has been issuing correspondence and arranging meetings in the name of the World Bank. In some communications, Ms. Hudes has presented herself as the World Bank’s Acting General Counsel.

            Karen Hudes has not been employed by the World Bank since 2007 and is in no capacity authorized to represent any arm of the World Bank Group. Any claims otherwise by Ms. Hudes or her proxies are false and should not be viewed as credible.

  11. NEIL

    • Keenan Team (2)

      May 8, 2014 at 11:52 pm

      If you simply do a search for George Scherff, you’ll find PLENTY of information. And thank you for your good wishes!

      • I did that today and there it came-a boat load of information (yikes)- Neil, have you heard of v.k. durham? If so, do you feel she is credible? Thankyou.

        • I believe VK Durham believed in everything she did but in fact those notes she stood behind had been cancelled out long ago. Nevertheless she was/is a fighter and a remarkable woman.

          • I have to say.. I think it shows something of your character in acknowledging VK Durham and your kind words for her. As she was or is not only a victim of these bastards, but in the same fight to expose them. I said it before and ill say it again… I believe her to be an invaluable resource in your mission, and that alliance to be their worst fucking nightmare. Don’t ask me how I know. I just do.

            believe me

      • Would that be “Schiff” by any chance? 😉

  12. Neil,
    Thank you for taking some time to step out on the Hudes fiasco. She is killing me with her horrific lies especially as I watch others fall for her insane BS. I really needed to hear from you on this one. On another note, I live in Texas and was just told by my southern neighbors that the Chinese are amassing on our border right now. Sorry but I’m just not feeling really safe right now. But Godspeed in all your team and their efforts. May we all one day look back on this with a pint of cheers!

    • Keenan Team (2)

      May 9, 2014 at 12:06 am

      Rose, if you or your southern neighbors can get some pictures, please send them to us. In the meantime, feel no fear and look forward to the pints!

  13. Oh, I forgot to add, Hudes has to be living out of her car. She wears the same suit jacket for all her interviews. Just a female observation.

    • Keenan Team (2)

      May 8, 2014 at 11:57 pm

      I doubt that she’s living out of her car, but yes, that blue jacket IS tired. Meow!

    • Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

      I can contribute three possible scenarios:
      (1) She is too broke now to be able to afford more than one suit that fits her.
      (2) She has a dozen of the same suits because she used to wear only that model when she was working as a high-level lawyer at the World Bank.
      (3) She has to do it because somebody else is telling her the script of what to say, who to attack and even what to wear, out of a purpose of creating a public image that is easy to remember.

      • You have got to love Jo….He surely has an amazing grasp of the obvious thank god the dog is changing. hahahhahahahah….Jo is very observant and spots the little things that we often overlook. In this case he looked very closely at Karen (JO?) and spotted the jacket.

  14. Thanks for this enlightening report Neil. In regards to the no fly zones it has been said the elitists use jump rooms (stable wormholes) to get around anyhow. Is this true or not? Thanks

    • John Chapman

      May 9, 2014 at 1:21 am

      They are actually unstable worms looking for a hole to crawl into nick. They’re to damn stupid to operate a star gate…

      John Chapman

    • Whereas I do know there are portals I do not believe for one second they travel through wormholes. If so then please tell me why they are worried about flying and being arrested upon arrival in foreign countries?

  15. Hudes is an embarrassment even to Zionists! She is undoubtedly a reject from Hollywood Central Casting , with a law degree. In ethnic speak, she is a “Yenta Kvetch,” a gossipy, meddlesome, busybody, nuisance, and nag of a female who is always whining and complaining. She’s a classic malcontent who more appropriately belongs in the cast of ‘Fiddler on The Roof’ than ‘1776’.

    • Hahahhahahahahah now you kill me. You should have written the post seeing you have a better grip on Karen than all of us. I just love the way your writing style flows….And the way you speak so nicely of people deserving it. hahahahhaha you really do kill me Anonymous and I humbly step down to your comment……Love it!!

  16. Silvercloud Musafir,J.

    May 9, 2014 at 6:13 am

    Enforceable acts, activity and action must be brought upon these purveyors of evil who wallow in the belief and bask in the comfort that they are beyond reproach and correction. Paraphrasing Edmund Burke, its is necessary to do something to stop evil from triumphing. The NO FLY LIST (NFL) is a must PROVIDED it is enforceable with force and might. Without enforceability, the NFL will be a toothless, clawless, and clueless tiger. I believe we can summon the wherewithal to to render inter arma enim silent leges – in the clash of arms the law is silent. There are some naive people who believe in inter leges silent arma – the law must speak and speak loudly so that the arms are silenced. Well, the law and justice today is like a scarecrow with a thousand crows sitting on its outstretched arms cawing and screaming at its impotence.

    • Keenan Team (2)

      May 9, 2014 at 9:19 pm

      Thank you, Silvercloud, for your most poignant and well stated comment. The No Fly List will be a monumental effort for justice in this world. We appreciate your making your voice heard here.

  17. Ian Shon Marshall

    May 9, 2014 at 11:04 am

    Good Morning,

    I want to thank-you for writing such a great article. I have a question for the Keenan Team. Have any of you read the document called,

    [Political history of government and law]
    By Judge Dale, retired

    His paper appears to be congruent with the information you have put out in the past. Perhaps the Keenan team could reach out to Judge Dale for help? I have submitted my resume to team Keenan and I await for the call to help. In the mean time, I research and prepare my family for the “Event”. Thanks so much for everything you do to help the planet.

    God Bless,


  18. God Bless You, Neil, and the Keenan team!

  19. Yves D Martin

    May 9, 2014 at 6:19 pm

    Thank you for everything you are doing to help the innocent creatures sharing this planet with an extremely dangerous small group of deranged, monstruous demons from Hell, who are now being uncovered and can hopefully be brought to justice and the rule of Law but frankly, arranged events such as 9/11, HAARP and Fukushima make me doubt it; what can stop these insane demons from destroying the world out of spite if they cannot get their way? It’s clear to me tthey are completely off their rocker, and it’s clear to me they’re not interested in negotiations that don’t suit their plans.
    In my estimation, and it’s a ball park figure from all the most credible sources of information I gathered over a lifetime of private investigations for my own edification, close to 70 % of the world-wide population can safely be classified as demoniacal at various stages of madness, with the exception of a remainder of humanity representing about 35 % who is still aligned to what I call the Eternal Divine Laws, for lack of a better definition.
    To know of somebody like you, Mr. Keenan, and all your efforts to right the wrong, is therefore very heartening, and you are to be thanked profusely for your courage, good heart, sense of justice, honesty and all your activities in the right direction.
    I’m also very appreciative of Mr. Benjamin Fulford’s efforts to help as much as he can with this huge “Good” vs. “Evil” battle we’ve all been subjected to for so long, but let’s not forget that it’s because we all live in a Free Will universe and therefore, people have the right to choose what they want to do or not do. It’s not even debatable!
    I also appreciate all the people who have awakened to the truth of what is really going on over the last 14 years, in Asia as well as around the world.
    Yves D Martin

  20. Been thinking about the NO FLY… a lot of work and planning will be involved in successfully carrying out this op. Most of the elite kingpins travel in private jets nominally owned by countless front corporations and they land, in many cases, in private, little known airstrips …. Nonetheless, it is Git ‘R- done !!

  21. This happened today on Project Avalon’s Website
    You should see this!!
    After this posting of your current thread had happened there this morning, this was what had happened afterwards, several members began to defend Karen Hudes, then this thread was locked down and removed from the view of the public…

    Default Re: Neil Keenan Update 5-8-14 regarding Karen Hudes
    After reading the first three paragraphs of this article I am reminded of why Neil Keenan has never set right with me. Many years ago I was given a simple explanation for judging another… When one needs to point the finger of judgment at another they have three fingers pointing back at them self.


    Default Re: Neil Keenan Update 5-8-14 regarding Karen Hudes

    Given that Karen Hudes is a member of Avalon, the title of this thread should be changed.
    Members especially should be considered innocent until proven guilty, and there has been no discussion of this material yet so far on Avalon that I am aware of.

    Default Re: Neil Keenan Update 5-8-14 regarding Karen Hudes

    Quote Posted by Journeyon (here)
    After reading the first three paragraphs of this article I am reminded of why Neil Keenan has never set right with me. Many years ago I was given a simple explanation for judging another… When one needs to point the finger of judgment at another they have three fingers pointing back at them self.


    I get what you’re saying about judging people, but he has good reason to say what he said,. Also, that is irrelevant, and has nothing to do with what she had done to Neil Keenan, the Dragon families or the other spheres of influence she tried to taint with her poisonous lies, but, nonetheless she has absolutely no credibility what so ever in her doings either then or now…

    Parent Post

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    Default Re: Neil Keenan Update 5-8-14 regarding Karen Hudes

    This thread is closed, while we think about it.

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    I also changed the thread title from a nasty attack on Karen Hudes, to the neutral “Neil Keenan Update 5-8-14 regarding Karen Hudes”

    Parent Post

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    Default Re: Neil Keenan Update 5-8-14 regarding Karen Hudes

    I moved this thread out of public view.

    I have two concerns here.

    One concern will surprise no one. Karen Hudes is a member here, and this is not a respectful disagreement, but a rude attack. We don’t treat fellow forum members that way.

    The second concern is only slightly more subtle. Such visceral infighting amongst the alternative media is just what the bastards in power want. I will grant that some of those in the alternative media (I won’t speculate here as to which ones) are plants, or the unpaid equivalent, for the bastards, sent here to stir up infighting. Even so, stooping to this level serves the interests of those bastards, not our interests. This concern applies to anyone in the alternative media, whether a member of Avalon or not.

    So… Neil, and K Team what do you make of this crap?

    • Keenan Team (2)

      May 10, 2014 at 1:34 am

      Hi anonymous,

      It is only natural for a forum to protect one of its members. And Project Avalon is certainly no stranger to the dubious intent of members, “Charles” being a perfect example of this. Of course, there are good and intelligent people who are members there who do not want the post censored, preferring that it is not decided for them as being too “rude” to read.

      We present the facts, and it is up to the individual to decide what to believe. If some choose to see this as judgment, then let them ignore the facts.

      It is almost a cliché these days to say that if you disagree with the alternative bloggers/website personalities with anything but polite, politically-correct language, it is infighting and precisely what “they” want. But the time has come to take stand against blatant lies, double-dealing and misinformation in the everyday language of real people. This is precisely what “they” DON’T want. And we intend not to give them what they want anymore!

  22. Thanks Neil Keenan & The Keenan Team,
    I just wanted to share with you my experience with Karen Hudes after sending her an email and asking her about the debt relief that everyone has been hearing. that Every American citizen with a family and mortgages to pay has been the perpetual slave of the banks and this is what I asked her and her response followed suite:

    > From: Safa Azimi
    > Subject: Debt relief
    > Message Body:
    > Greetings Ms Hudes,
    > I have been watching your videos on YouTube and other internet sites. I am fully appreciative of your undertakings and reform to a crumbling monolith of a financial system.
    > I was curious to know, in view of the financial tyranny that most Americans have been subjected to for the past several decades, will there finally be a possibility of a debt forgiveness?
    > Considering that the banks have been bailed out only to continue their criminal activities, will the people finally be free of debt? As you might very well know, the programs put out by the banks by so called presidential decree for the purpose of alleviating public debt, turned out to be a rude farce and a waste of time an resources!
    > Is there finally going to be a complete financial reform for the American people?!
    > You information and insights are very much appreciated
    > Best Regards,
    > Safa Azimi

    Dear Safa,

    I am sitting in the middle of the Ministers of Finance, who will have to take these decisions, with their citizens fully informed and participating. There will be all of the world’s wealth at the disposal of humanity, and it may make sense to pay down the debts. We will have to see if that is what they decide. I cannot tell which is your country. You should be organizing your family, friends and neighbors to follow these issues.

    Law Offices of Karen Hudes

    > To:
    > Subject: Debt relief
    > Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 19:32:16 +0000
    > From:

    Needless to say that the answer was dismal and inconclusive.

    I am putting this question to Neil; is there going to be an end to this financial bondage with compounded interest banks charge for mortgages and similar loans that people are coerced to borrow at several times the value of the loan.
    When all this is going to change?

    Your input is appreciated.

  23. Not everyone has knowledge of Extraterrestrial Terrestrials (ETs). I am impressed with the knowledge in this area NK has imparted and have learned some myself. I recently began researching myself in this area and have gone from not believing to believing they are currently on this planet. I would be interested in in knowing if NK believes ETs, are currently on this planet? Mrs. Hudes has been prompt in returning her e-mails to me and even provided evidence she had of another race in attachments she sent to me. If you wish, I can ask her if she is OK with me forwarding the information to you. I can send it via e-mail. I’m sure she would be OK with that. I don’t know how to send the attachments to your team.

    When Nixon took the US off the gold standard, everyone knew the longest FIAT lasted was 50 years. It’s too easy for people in power to abuse. In planning for the return to a new currency, I don’t think anyone thought 50 years ago thought the transition would get so dark so quickly. When Afghanistan was bombed in Tora Bora, I was told that 6 nuclear bombs were detonated and that also created earthquakes that were felt throughout Europe. I have been told Iraq sea life has been destroyed and fall out from the bombs have made farming much of its land impossible without Monsanto products. We are seeing FBI getting involved with the Bundy Ranch where the Sheriff has 100% jurisdiction and has done nothing but hide under a desk or take depositions to help the FBI try to claim the protestors are terrorists and start an effort to take away firearms. I’m not lawyer, but correct me if I’m wrong, but all the Sheriff has to do is tell BLM and all Federal authorities to leave and if he’s feeling good, give them a copy of article 61 of the Magna Carta. The land technically is the US Native Americans. Perhaps it’s the Floride in my water or the signals coming from my water meter, but it would appear the connections Harry Reid has too close a relationship with Chinese lobbyists and that needs to be investigated. We see Pure Heart, Black Eagle, MK Ultra, Operation Hammer, Foundation X, $2.6 Trillion missing from the Pentagon and Trading programs with Russians and a single person earns $17 Trillion and people chasing his money because they want to steal it for themselves. The pirate ships and people protecting against them are the same people. We see a Benghazi cover up, IRS and nothing regarding Snowden seems to have changed the laws for the people. 3 shipments of uranium coming in and Washington has been as quiet as a mouse. Not sure what that could mean.

    If I go to traffic court, can I ask the Judge for his EIN number? If I pay off my house, why can’t I ask for my promissory note back? Can I write that off my taxes? A few months ago, I knew nothing about this , I’m not sure I’m on the right track.

    • From what you have described, you comprehend things and articulate your
      new knowledge with a nice flow, and I don’t even have to ask but for the audience
      you chose the red pill right? Anyway you seem to have a great comprehension of the present state of affairs, and depending what your ultimate goal turns out to be, once you come to a realisation of just how much influence an individual can create and manage, your ideas start becoming less self centred and more one focused.( not that you are self-centred ) i have discovered from far far more intelligent individuals than myself that the present formats of language are laid out as a science as in linguistic science and you uncover three possible paths a detour , a complete block , or a device, the and i choose to think of them as possibilities and I have to engage the task at hand and seek out whatever that path is revealing. in order to utilise the particular characteristic that i am experiencing (detour block device). The successes are out there and getting to the point i am making is that the powers at be (now fading) have a labyrinth of rabbit holes that are compartmentalised ( Military style) to keep the secrets from getting out ( you know if you tell you lose your privileges) a good way of keeping secrets. You’ve uncovered in a short time , what it has taken me awhile so hats off to you ( word must be getting out ), Thanks to fine blog- casts like this one.
      Feel free to contact me if you’d like to bounce ideas.

  24. Hi Neil and team

    I don’t pretend to understand the following UN financial document from Scribd, but it looks very important and I wonder if you’re aware of it.

  25. This time the sheriff didn’t hide behind his desk. LOL

  26. Tertiusgaudens

    May 13, 2014 at 1:40 am

    Each sensual relation to something which is supercharged with meaning, sense and value will develop a tension field leading to sexual attraction: Mrs Hudes is simply a person moved by strong sexual desires. It is not about screwing around via “fluid exchanges and horny stimulations” in physical intercourse, but more basicly a thing the old Greeks called ἐπιθυμία, in Latin libido which is desire and impersonal excitement. Or more simple: sexual horniness from it´s ontological roots includes states of mental restlessness and obsession with THINGS which appear having maximal impacts on one´s perception. Some humans even love machines, cars, buildings and : precious metals like gold. Not only do humans enjoy crazy sex games and call it love, they also tend to have sexual relationships to impersonal things. Aristotelian philosophy is mainly THING philosophy. The West is obsessed with THINGS and THING relations…

    And THINGS are the essence of performing capitalist and utilitarian thinking. THINGS is the keyword to a digitally and mathematically structured world. THINGS make it all possible to calculate and exploit and press all that is into sequences of language, formulas and clear expressions. Thus even humans became THINGS, and sex is the highest expression of a saturated human number in a THING WORLD. We have come to understand sex related to a number in the West. A physically ugly person with gold is more sexually attractive than an avarage person with personal and ANTI-THING ambitions. Mrs Hudes is an external expression of that THING HORNINESS in a THING WORLD with THING UNDERSTANDING and THING CALCULATIONS. Mrs Hudes is a mirror to a sick society we all have established. As sick as she appears she forces me to look into the sickness of my THING THINKING.

    How does it come that many are still waiting to earn gold and prosperity goods from the keepers of gold? How sick is that? Did I not screw someone like a THING for my own pleasure and did the same with my mind in mind f******g procedures because I wanted to HAVE someTHING? And in all this I feel compassion with Mrs Hudes, who like many THING thinkers live in the dark seduction of sexual horniness towards THINGS they consider WORTHY. Hudes with her silly THING physiognomy is only a strong revelation to all of us being silly THING f****s. But THING f******g is the root of dehumanisation and hell. Btw, Dante´s hell is cold and frozen – all is frozen in ice, all love is frozen and hell is the place of cold jaw chattering. Dante´s hell emerges from the depths of THING thinking and THING screwing.

    I´m done with that. I don´t need any gold. But I need freedom and breathing and warm love. And Hudes reminded me of that. God be gracious to her. And to all of us.

    I ask for gentle consideration.

    Humble greetings from Germany!

  27. Esskumar wrote: Neil, you forgot to copyright your idea of a non-fly zone! Look the Ukrainians and Moldovans have already used it on Deputy Prime Minister of Russia!
    More seriously, is the “International Court of Human Rights” mentioned in the post
    involved in the no-fly-zone initiative?

    Keenan Team (2) replied:
    Thanks for this infowars link, esskumar. You almost have to thank the Ukraine for firing the first shot. Proof positive that Neil’s idea for the No Fly Zone is absolutely an idea whose time has come to turn the tide on the cabal.

  28. brooks o'bryant

    May 13, 2014 at 11:37 am

    thanks Neil from all of us who applaud you for fighting the GOOD fight! We are with you mind body and soul…now is the time for all good men/women to come to the aid of our country and ourselves! Thanks for the update as it keeps me going daily!

  29. Hi Neil,
    So refreshing that this Karen Hudes episode is exposed and sealed for what it was – a desperate diversion. I took note that she was abruptly ‘inserted’ unto the scene when the Rothschilds’ OPPT scam failed – too many awake people out there with questioning minds. She was busted by me when I caught her pushing the ‘Constitutional Convention’ scam thru the Republican party’s shill org ‘Article V .org’. I pointed out the two ‘National Emergencies’ signed by both Lincoln in 1861, and the FDR ‘National Banking Emergency’ of 1933. These HAVE TO END FIRST AND FOREMOST!!!!! All the bogus Amendments from the 13th to the 27th, all statutes, codes, supreme court rulings are driven by these bogus N.E. She also did NOT acknowledge the Organic Act of 1871 that established District of Columbia as a sovereign city state with its own flag as part of the triune with the Crown and Vatican. FDR National Banking Emergency stole all American’s gold and switched their Land Titles to ‘Certificate of Title’ at the counties and even converting Divine Spirit into a ‘Birth Certificate’ to milk our labor. But she ignored it completely. I am only too glad she is busted and you don’t hear her being interviewed any longer. Misinformation/Disinformation is the worst thing for those of us seeking liberty for all!!!!

  30. I did listen and communicate with Karen Hudes a bit. Looks strange but she knows something and shows that is a fight between her group and their enemies…which she say had all the power and they are loosing it. Benjamin Fulford and Neil which look like from same side and group do tell the opposite of what Karen said about the power,elite who has it etc. I like to listen both groups but I can’t believe that there may be parts of the same elite and group and act to confuse,divide,brainwashed same as two opposite parties left and right who are paid,created,run by same owners in corporation of a nation or that of the world. These people just want to change systems but be still in charge of it in the world power on top of the world corporation or business..called NWO or World Kingdom. It may be religious institutions both Christians and Jewish in this building of the kingdom to put on top of it someone,give to the one they are waiting to come or show and who may be around now walking.!.
    It doesnt matter if world kingdom is build with evil,anger,hunger,death,violence,terror,lies…important is to build that for the one to run,be in it as king..So the inferior humans think …they think of a pyramid build where the last stone is needed to be on top of it

  31. Karen give to us a picture where Jesuits rule the present world corporation or nwo system…hated now because of the pain causing. Benjamin fulford give the picture with Jews not Jesuits running things. Picture may be that they are both two parties of the same team,two sides who just brainwashed the mob,move them around like sheep…and lead them in the same gate… So you can listen to all Info’s but gather all in one…make a soup or a mix salad with it and eat it turn it as one thing

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