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It’s That Time Again
There Is No Other Option

Well it is that time again. It’s Election time and did we learn anything over the past four years? 

I am sure we all did and that is that our President, Donald Trump is the greatest President ever. We cannot compare him to anyone, (except perhaps John F. Kennedy who was taken too soon from us) seeing that nearly all of them were Cabal (and that all began a long time ago.)

Our President, Donald Trump went out and took on both the Democratic and Republic parties right from the beginning; although by necessity he found himself within the Republican party.

He was a conservative but he was much more than anyone ever knew they were getting. He was the one that would clean up the mess created by fools who thought they could take over our world. 

He chased them. He kicked them, and when it is all over and done – and they are found guilty of so many crimes – he just might be able to say “I cleaned them from our house.” 

Mr. President, I will be there to help you once you win. Until then I am sure you will continue to fight hard and however you have to; but do not ever let them do such things to you and your family again.

For now, and with the support of all those who back Group K, get out there and make sure we are going to have a planet to live on after the election and do the right thing. Know what that is?


This is the only one on the card that makes any sense at all. 

Now rest well and let me get back to doing my job. Time is a wasting. 

All the best,

Neil Keenan



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  1. I live in Australia I have been telling people for a lot of years now that the USA is been taken down by foreign agent politicians covertly. I have not been able to understand why the Military do not get involved, considering they take an oath to defend America from foreign and domestic enemies. Now would be a great time for them to step up and remove these Criminals that have committed TREASON against America.

    • Cecile Schlebusch

      October 11, 2020 at 12:21 pm

      Hi Neil, in South Africa many people have been red pilled, some are awake now, or at least in the process of waking up. We have many problems here, as well. Personally we have been involved for many years by watching, reading, etc, all about politics, worldwide, especially what is happening in the US. As you know, when America sneezes, the whole world shudders. One of the many facts we have come to know, is that the infiltration, deception and lies have come about over many years; that swamp is much deeper, wider than we can ever imagine. Even the military is deeply infiltrated, up to the point where oaths do not matter anymore. Oaths are only lip service. There may be “allegiance”, but definitely not towards the country they are supposed to love and show patriotism for. Rather towards the masters who control the evil and wrongdoings. Of course there will be patriots too, amongst all this evil. Mr Trump and his team have been working towards this goal ever since he came into office. There is a plan, and I believe that things do go wrong, or change as they move forward. They have to adjust and it takes time. Much to the good has been done and achieved, (not all is known), and we believe that after the election, (Mr Trump wins of course), more events will occur to effect the annihilation of these evil forces.

      • Barbara Hamaker

        October 12, 2020 at 9:10 pm

        Dear Cecile, I will agree with you with one exception/caveat. The allegiance of the minions is NOT to masters but to MONEY MONEY MONEY. Everyone is on the Soros Payroll. Every “bought” person/politician is receiving MILLION$ and BILLION$ of dollars per year for their allegiance to the dark side. What did Kamala Harris get — $2 million. What does every Dem mayor, governor, senator, representative, mainstream media mogul & spokesperson, every internet mogul corporation rotten to the core get yearly–billions and trillions in payoffs for their “allegiance” as you call it. Biden and his family have reaped billions and billions of dollars from China and God knows what other countries in exchange for ‘favors’ (selling our country to the highest bidder during the 50 years of his political raping of America.) On the other hand, Trump refuses a salary. Trump loves people. Trump loves America. Trump IS AN AMERICAN PATRIOT. THE GHOSTBUSTERS (sing along is fun!) chant is appropriate here: “Who ya gonna call when you’re up against the wall???” PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP. He’s the one who is trying to “right” the world before we (AND IT) implodes into feudalism ruled by a world-wide Soros/Illuminati dynasty.


    You’ve given the ultimate ultimatum for Americans to vote for President Trump not only for America’s salvation, but for the world. You and Trump will make terrific Tag Team to totally take down the Cabal and Drain the Swamp.

    May you trip to Indonesia be successful in opening the Global Collateral Accounts Bunkers to establish a Eastern Banking System, as you take down the Cabal’s Federal Reserve Central Banks, as well as fund humanitarian projects and planetary infrastructure.

    You will make Indonesia not only the Jewel of Southeast Asia, but the epicenter of the world, as it once was during the Atlantis and Sundaland era.

    Cheers, Jeanne

  3. Maju terus pantang mundur Neil.
    Saya sebagai pendukung inti Anda selalu berdiri tegak dibelakang sampai terealisir secara nyata GCA.

    Salam dan hormat

  4. Hi Neil,
    I urge you to watch the video on the Quantum Financial System (QFS) that can be found at the following link:
    It is an updated version of the originally posted Quantum Financial System (QFS) presentation with added spoken track and animation.
    The US Government QFS website can be found below where there are a considerable number of reference documents indicating the development of the QFS:
    quantum|gov webpage is found at
    I trust this information can assist you in what you are in the process of achieving as Amanah. I also live in Indonesia and we have a number of humanitarian projects, in addition to that on our webpage, that we plan to develop upon securing funding.
    Kind Regards

  5. I agree with everything you say. I and my family are voting for Trump. There is no other choice. And Thanks for all your support in this. They all need to go.
    Trump all the Way.

  6. Forget the red wave it will be a red Tsunami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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