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It’s Showtime!

There are things that happen that could change the world.

Here you will learn the truth about some publicly unknown (until now) historical incidents; offers that could have greatly assisted the United States of America – and the World. 

These could have led to a major financial and economic recovery, BUT the offers were declined.

Few people in the entire financial world have a grasp of what really is the foundation of global wealth,  and even fewer know who are the people actually controlling this. 

Neil lays it on the line, naming the Rothschild corporate financial empire of Khazarian, Cabal, Deep State operatives whose objective is the annihilation of 90% of humanity through economic chaos and destruction as planned in Agenda 21 & 30 – and being currently implemented through a fake pandemic.

Most people are confused by the Western fraud-based financial system where money is created out of thin air with NO ASSET BACKING. 

This creates valueless FIAT colored paper of all denominations that are sold into rigged casino markets. 

They think that the FED, BIS, IMF and World Bank control the supply of money through DEBT and the major international commercial banks and their financial subsidiaries simply roll over new money 100 – 1,000 times before letting some of it enter the real economy.  

That is what most people see and think, but there is a much higher level that is unseen.

First, a brief historical background understanding is necessary. Traditionally and until the 20th Century MONEY was based on GOLD, precious metals and other real tangible assets.

Over centuries of trade, most of the gold made its way via the silk road to Asia and ultimately under the control of the Golden Dragon Family, a group of ancient Asian family representatives that few know about and even fewer ever meet.

The West’s gold is limited to a bit more held in Rothschilds’ Central Banks and is limited to a “recognized” 800,000+ metric tons and that is supposed to support the trillions in markeplace colored paper.

Now watch Neil’s interview closely and you will see him show on camera one of several authentic 1928 “gold coin” certificates that the Golden Dragon Family has placed in holding with the US Treasury. 


Think about that for a minute…

This and more was offered to President Obama and VP Biden and others in 2009 to stimulate the American automotive, airline and infrastructure industries.

This was DECLINED. Instead the Obama / Biden Administration set about an 8-year campaign to destroy American industries, the Military and the Healthcare industry.

It should be understood that this relatively small group of Golden Dragon Family elite members essentially hold the fundamental collateral backing for the entire global financial system.

Their resources are enormous. It is estimated that 85% of the West’s (Rothschilds’) Global Collateral Accounts are actually owned by the Golden Dragon Family and their depositors. 

And that is only a small portion of their secured asset holdings.

It should also be seen that the Golden Dragon Family is dedicated to supporting global growth and humanitarian projects.

They are constantly monitoring national governments and offering assistance when and where necessary. This is now Neil’s job as The AMANAH.

The funding of the Global Collateral Accounts after WWII and the continued support of Western financial institutions and major economic developments can clearly be seen even though Western financial fraudsters have illegally abused and usurped their authority.

The Cabal-backed Crime Families controlling the US Corporate Government, of course, rejected the 2009 offer as this would financially and economically strengthen the US, which was counter to their agenda.

So it is now obvious that the Rosy Boys Gang fronted by Soros, The Bush / Clinton / Obama crime syndicate and all their bought-and-paid-for politicians, corporate heads and bankster buddies – certainly don’t want to let the cat out of the bag. Ooops! Neil just did that – again!

Watch and see him pull a few more nasty scratching cats out of his bag of tricks too!

See for yourselves how diabolical their plans have been and will continue to be if WE THE PEOPLE allow this. 

Neil is running in parallel to President Donald Trump in unrelenting efforts to CLEAN THE SWAMP.

He strongly supports the Trump Administration and behooves all who can vote to vote for the MAN.

The humanitarian offer presented to the former US President was made by Mr. Neil F. Keenan and Mr. Yamaguchi, for and on behalf of the Golden Dragon Family. 

The offer was made to Corporate Government of the US and was in fact quite an easy transaction to deal with seeing the FEDs held many of the notes. 

Despite the need to take care of said problems immediately, they neglected the offer and stated that they did not want to fix the problems and that they wanted the US to fall apart so they could ride their horses into the center of it all and make claim to a new era. 

The coming of their NEW WORLD ORDER. 

If so, then we are all dead and to avoid all this we must get out immediately and vote for our President Donald Trump. 

There are no more tomorrows if in any manner shape or form he loses. 

It is a must-win for we the people of this planet. 

Neil Keenan has battled the Cabal for over twelve years and knows them quite well. They also know him.

There are no tomorrows only todays at this point in time and you best get out and vote and be thinking of your loved ones when doing so.

If not then we cannot cry when our loved ones are taken from us by the New World Order never to be seen again. Remember 90 percent of the populace will be eliminated and know they will do this.

They have been doing it to us all along.

Again there are no tomorrows only todays.


Your lives depend on it.

To download a PDF version of this article in Portugese click here.

Copyright © 2020, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. Amanah Neil Keenan is the ultimate Ringmaster of the Greatest Show on Earth under the ‘Quintillion Big Top’ comprised of the Golden Dragon Family’s Financial Instruments, Precious Metals, Gems, Currencies Asset Bunkers and the ‘Depositors’ Accounts–which account for 85% of the world’s wealth.

    It’s now Curtains for the Global Cabal as Amanah Keenan is ending the it’s Three Ring Circus of Destruction, Doom and Death and their Global Agenda 21-30 Clown Acts. Amanah Keenan will be cracking his legal whip and caging each and every member of the ‘Cabal’s Lion’s Den’ for their control of and crimes against humanity, as well as planetary destruction. It’s now Show Time for Humanity and Planetary ‘Out of This World’ Acts and Innovations.

    The Golden Dragon Family and Amanah Keenan not only offered 3 Gold Coins valued at $800 Trillion each to President Obama and Vice President Biden, which they’re Administration rejected in their intent to destroy America–They were also a force that Obama couldn’t reckon with as he surrendered and signed his Transition of Presidential Power Executive Order before his infamous ‘Obama Out’ White House Dinner speech prior to his joint military escort out of the White House in the fall of 2016.
    Now it’s time for Obama’s ‘Partner in Treason,’ VP Biden to have his ‘Biden Out’ 47 year political and criminal exit as a result of America’s massive Red Wave Votes to re-elect President Trump–no more Joe and his Dirty-Dog and Pedo-Pony Show.

    Not only is Amanah Keenan working in parallel with President Trump to ‘Drain the Swamp’ and ‘Cage the Cabal;’ I can only imagine both of them orchestrating and formulating a revolutionary, organic Constitution of the united States ‘Art of the Deal.’ I and other Patriots have faith in President Trump to honor the Golden Dragon Family’s 3 Gold Coins valued at $800 Trillion each original offer to fund America’s humanitarian, industrial and infrastructure projects.

    Ringmaster Amanah Keenan intends to have a ‘Shock and Awe’ Justice Clown Act in re-filing his Plaintiff’s Trillion Dollar Lawsuit to finally indict and incarcerate the original Cabal Defendants, as well as round-up many more partners in crime through the international court and the court of public opinion to decide their deserved punishment.

    The Humanitarian and Planetary Circus Is Coming To Town,,,
    ‘Come One Come All’…to the Greatest Show on Earth and watch the Amanah Keenan Ringmaster renewing and restoring the world and its people with the Quintillion Global Collateral Accounts.

    Let’s take one Sunrise at a time together, Jeanne O’Dean

  2. Thanks so much Niel Keenan, I’ve been watching this carnival for a long time, Since 2010. The crooked DemonCrats. I live in USA, been thru some mighty tough times. President Trump is our only hope. The world will be destroyed if the Dems get in. Were so close to accomplishing this Election. I’m praying for us all to win the race. Thank you for all your words. Darlene

  3. Anna Rakel Ryan

    October 29, 2020 at 6:56 pm


  4. Hello Neil and Team K

    Thank you for your News update. Both you and President Donald Trump are doing great work. Success is around the corner. We will share widely your News.
    I have been aware of the corruption since the end of the 80’s. We have waited a
    very long time for this massive change to arrive for Humanity. We are in your Safe hands and that of POTUS. WWG1WGA God Bless.

  5. Thank you

  6. What a beautiful RAY of Hope for the rest of Humanity!
    Light and Love permitting our Gaia…
    Thank you all.

  7. Sefanaia Masivou Kaumaitotoya

    October 30, 2020 at 6:59 pm

    My dear friend, The Amanah Neil Keenan, The great Pitbull of Ireland.
    Although you and President Donald Trump are many thousands of miles away from me and my family but we can reach you in 1 second in our daily prayers to God our Heavenly Father the Creator of heaven and earth to continue His protection and blessing be upon you both in every actions you take to free Humanity. Come hell of high waters we are there at your sides in every beats of your heart. Our engine room of prayers are burning and rattling like hell in Fiji because we love you both and have Faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ will raise President Donald Trump and the Amanah Neil Keenan high in the sky for the whole world to see that VICTORY is yours.

    We Love you the Anointed Men of God Mr President Donald Trump and the Amanah Neil Keenan. God Bless.

  8. Jen illing heenan

    October 31, 2020 at 3:45 am

    I’m proud to have a japanese last german jew, Irish scottish, the truth unstopable comming we all have tha abiltiy to be the all seeing eye.. yes my ancestors are from barvaria as well..and yes I’m fro Oz australia..the name changes from bauer to rotschildts..every truth will set us free.. my ancestors.. bauer brauer god bless the white hats..yes.. I’m.from NZ decent as well so to of the world and all between.. god bless us all..finally the unstopable out there.. how my mother made it out of barvaria..OMG .. the whole.. truth.. JFK jrn Diana” I’ve seen the wikkileaks files Free Assange and I’m.proud to be luthianian old prussia” so Drumpft Droompft do us proud..I carny believe hed family names..are like.. Elesebertha maria katharina maryane josef heniz wolfgang johanes villiuem, all the drumpft names gothfried, Charlott louise ..marie Louise..oh I was going to name my if I had daughters Tiffany Madison.. – destruction of the corruption.. the dates 14 june.. my birth rite.. date.. it would be amazing..if the family bible.. he holds kober ?means happy ppl happy man..happy music.. hes great grandmother.. ? Seeing the 1995 emails the only 2 men in the world diana could trust.. DJT JFK jrn.. go you white hats..

  9. Godspeed, Neil. You have courage, integrity and compassion. Blessings from the U.S. 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  10. Cecile Schlebusch

    November 1, 2020 at 4:13 pm

    Blessings from South Africa! Eagerly awaiting the outcome, we support DJT and all the good that he stands for! Thanks also to you, Neil!

  11. brooks O'bryant

    November 2, 2020 at 3:16 pm

    bravo!! been following you since day 1 that i found you existed (about 15 yrs now)…we have chatted by message and I know who and what you are about! My wonderful irish fighter! You rock Mr!! It was a brilliant post and I look forward to the “i told you so party” when this is all over! here, here, bravo Mr Neil Keenan!

  12. Dear Amanah Neil
    Amazing re-cap of how we currently arrived at our current
    destination now. It’s been a long dark road..finally it looks like
    many are awakening to realize truth & follow the light…
    It’s evident how the highest form of light is helping to
    orchestrate this event to guide humanity away from all
    that is no longer necessary..And importantly to help heal
    & give real value and meaning back to lives built on trust.
    Time to let the false foundation crumble to dust
    We take the steps with Amanah & Group K daily
    & trust in the outcome of all that is mentioned.
    Ty for video update..happy haircut when you get the time!
    tc Green Night With Highest love n light

  13. Martina Cartwright

    December 30, 2020 at 9:52 pm

    Thank you for all here and yet to arrive. X

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