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Indonesia At Bat:
“Connect The Dots”

The Prelude

I believe you know me by now and realize that I like cracking jokes, despite the pressure. And to be frank, if I have a choice on how to handle things I would rather joke about the entire mess and deal with it without your having to face it, or even know it is being dealt with – and then finally reappear making light of the entire issue.

There is no need for everyone to feel the pressure if a few can make it go away.  I would rather be the one that faces that music. It is apparent that the music playing today is a familiar song to me and understand this game we have been playing for years now always would determine the outcome of our civilization.

“Take Me Out To The Ball Game”

First of all our opposition has had their side picked for a long time, while we are near formation of ours and about ready to let things fly, so the best I can think of saying is “give me that damn bat we are not losing today or any day”… I just have to be ready for the spitter, you see, they do not play fair…

Raymond Reddington is taking out the cabal in his world (in the television series “The Blacklist”) and now it is time for us to do the same in our world, the “real” world.

I have said for many years that Indonesia is at the epicenter of everything that needs to transpire.  It had to be.  It has been at the center since the 1950’s when the Western Alliance and Japan moved their stolen assets (mostly from China) throughout Asia to be used by them at a later date.

With the stolen assets being the real prize of the war which coincidentally was planned no later than 1921 by Emperor Hirohito and the Western Powers in London.  No sooner had the First World War ended and we had conspiracies beginning for a Second World War.

Soon after the Second World War and the theft and rape of many nations we had the Bretton Woods agreement which only gave the West, who created their own financial system, the opportunity to steal whatever it is and was they tucked away.

And they did tuck it away for a rainy day and that day is now, and the place is Indonesia.

Without the stolen assets placed in locations such as Indonesia the West is going to suffer a horrible defeat.  China is up on its heels, along with Russia, India and others including usual friends England and Germany  and to be frank “they are not going to put up with Western bullshit any longer”.

They have been stripping them down without firing a shot and magnificently so at that.  Then again the United States voted in a layman as President and he will be the one in the history books to take the blame for all that has happened and although unjust it is rightful seeing the mouthpiece of the West has no idea what he is doing (or does he?).

In the following preface you will see not only do the dots connect with what is happening now in Indonesia but how it all coincides with the Presidential election of Donald Trump; the only man that can and will be able to help us.

We no longer need Democrats or Republicans, both are of the same smelly ilk anyway (Soros/Rothschild) and although Mr. Trump is running as a Republican you can quickly reflect back a couple of months when he was ready to leave the party if it continued playing games.

He is not one of their boys simply because he is his own man paying his own way.  And on this worldwide stage and with the entire game at stake and Indonesia at bat you can clearly see a repetition of the Sukarno/Kennedy alliance emanating in the very near future between Trump and Widodo (the current President of Indonesia).

I have spent a lot of time in Indonesia and I see how they can be (not just they but all) joined at the hips, thereby making this world a better place as it was meant to be.

There are necessary steps that have to be taken and things that have to be done by the Indonesian people in order to bring about certain specific outcomes; but when this is all over with not only Indonesia and the East win this ballgame, but we all win.

Yet the Key to winning is the same as in any game and that is the Trump card and be sure the United States holds the one and only unique Trump card in the world.

The Preface

In his typical lighthearted fashion, on this occasion Neil begins by introducing us to his Snow Woman, Thasja; who is blessed with M&M’s for eyes and shells from Bali as buttons.

Neil notes that this post has been, unfortunately, a bit of a rushed job but there are a few serious matters that need to be tabled.

The mall attack in Jakarta had nothing to do with foreigners. This attack was another attempt to spread the cabal-engineered brand of the “Islamic State” and Islamic extremism further around the world. It was also a message from the cabal that they do not want the Global Collateral Accounts’ assets released.

But they have no choice in the matter. The truth is that this latest false flag event was carried out by an Indonesian national – who used to work for the “Islamic State” in Syria. This man had previously spent over two years in jail in Indonesia on terrorism charges.

Neil also reminds us about the insurrection in Indonesia that was financed by Rothschild bagman George Soros – that the Indonesian military had to put an end to.

He recalls Bill Clinton’s Arkansas Foundation funneling drug money into the country so that they could try to assassinate the Vice President of Indonesia – with a plan to plant a western cabal-run Vice President in his place there.

Neil reminds us that the Japanese military mobilized for the first time since WW2, in an attempt to invade and steal the Indonesian Gold; only to be derailed by Keenan who publicly exposed the planned attack.

Neil further exposes the plot regarding Colombian drug money being sent by the Clinton Arkansas Foundation directly to Indonesian globalists and politicians, in their attempt to create panic and chaos in Indonesia and to manufacture a cabal-controlled government.

Remember, the plan was to assassinate the Indonesian Vice President.

The Clinton Gang had flown in on their private jets, the Japanese Emperor’s sister had also flown in on her jet with her Indonesian husband, and money transfers had taken place through Bill Clinton’s Arkansas Foundation – directly to a political party.

Said funds were illegal, confiscated Colombian drug funds which somehow found their way from the US Drug Enforcement Agency coffers through the Arkansas Foundation into Indonesia with the main objective being to steal what does not belong to either the Clintons nor the Japanese Emperor’s sister. The assets belong to the depositors.

We advised long ago that this was the plan, and of course that the Japanese Military is on standby.  Should they not be able to purchase the gold, the West and their allies will attempt to take the assets one way or another.

Neil recalls the World Economic Forum meeting in Jakarta and their efforts to get their sticky mitts further into Indonesia. It is important to acknowledge that the World Economic Forum is another name for the Bilderberg network. These organizations are the same but different, in some respects.

In any event, we know for sure that the way that these thugs infiltrate countries is by way of heavy investment – investment with certain devious terms. And then soon enough, when a nation cannot repay the debt owed to said WEF, demand for payment will be made in terms of resources and assets, including political placements.

Neil reiterates that China and other countries have made it very clear that they no longer want any of these US dollar “Federal Reserve Notes”. They are dumping them and they are working towards taking down the US dollar as the global reserve currency, by requiring that payments for goods and services rendered be made in their own national currencies.

This further serves to weaken the grip of the cabal with regards to their already-sinking ship. The US corporation dollar could have been saved once upon a time but now it has to go; as it is too far gone.

Everybody is fed up with the puppet Obama and the machinations of his handlers.

These “people”; the likes of Barack Obama in the US, David Cameron in the UK, John Key in New Zealand, and whomever the current Prime Minister of the day happens to be in Australia – do only what their handlers instruct them to do.

Neil reflects upon the current Presidential race in the US and asserts his belief only one of the candidates that is going to be of any assistance to the people of America and the world that being Donald Trump.

While there are many people still trying to get their heads around the concept of a ‘President Trump’; he is the only candidate that refuses to deal with moneyed lobbyists and corporate funding. He is fully self-funded and will not let anybody attach strings to him, such that they would like to pull.

The rest of the candidates are hopeless “bipartisan system” cut-out phonies – and Hillary is going to wind up in jail.

Neil states that without a President Trump, it would be extremely difficult to get assets from the Global Collateral Accounts into the United States without said resources being swiped by the cabal.

Therefore; Donald Trump should not only be the officially elected President of the United States of America; but as for “We The People” of America, and “We The People” of the World – he should become known as the Trump card.

And as we understand the Trump card supersedes all others.

He will rid us of the vermin that reside within, and who occupy and control the system. And in essence, we talk about the Pied Piper often, but this is one individual who will clean up the mess that others created. He is a winner, but most of all he is Donald Trump, and that is what makes him unique.

Neil notes again the increasing number of properties being purchased in New Zealand, because the cabal now realize that the strongholds they had established in places such as Costa Rica are now not far away enough for them; from the mess that they intentionally created. And the cabal are keenly aware that this mess is soon to catch up with them.

It has emerged that many members of the cabal have planned to relocate to remote New Zealand locations and to exterminate the Maori population – they intend to take control of their remote tribal landholdings in order to establish strongholds there.

But the Maori are a warrior race; and there are many in NZ who are all too well aware of the game that is afoot.

Neil notes that the funding and projects that will come to New Zealand from the Global Collateral Accounts will come only by way of Richard, who is a member of Group K, and who was born in, and who lives in New Zealand.

In New Zealand, as in all places, the Global Collateral Account assets will be distributed by way of foundations that will be especially established in order that the cabal and their minions cannot gain access to any GCA assets.

Neil reflects upon the point that we could have had this whole thing done earlier, and that in the early days resources were not perhaps always used in the best possible ways – but this is to be expected when one is gaining an assessment of the lay of the land – and who’s who in the zoo, so to speak.

Additionally, contributing to the fact that we are not out of this bind yet are the actions of the numerous shills such as the Italian Daniel dal Bosco, who got in the way and created trouble on the behalf of the P2 Lodge / Vatican.

This is all covered in the recently published ‘History and Events Timeline’ section of our website. (There are now PDF download versions of this material available, and at the time of writing these are available in English and Russian. We also have further translations in the works for other recent posts).

Neil reminds us of the threat made by John Kerry when he visited Indonesia; that he wanted the gold – and when he was told that he could not have any gold – he remarked about the weather and earthquake technologies that the West (the Zionist Nazi faction of the Cabal) have access to.

Kerry indirectly threatened to ‘sink’ Indonesia (and any other country that attempts to stand in their way) and this threat is on the record… just so you know. One further note; Indonesia has already felt the wrath of the HAARP machines, as have Turkey and a number of South American nations.

The cabal will not be taking over Indonesia.

Neil notes that he is very clear on the steps that need to be taken from here. We are just about there, and we will win. There are no second thoughts, we will win.

Neil recalls that when John F. Kennedy returned home from his last meeting with President Sukarno in Indonesia relating to efforts to establish a new US financial system – that at that time, JFK already had two strikes against him.

The first being Kennedy’s return of West Papua from the Dutch, to the Indonesians; thereby alienating the oil and corporate magnates that had significant control over strategic locations, also noted for gold deposits.

Secondly, Kennedy overlooked the deception with regards to his very own Vice President Lyndon Johnson who was receiving all information pertaining to the proceedings in Indonesia and who was forwarding this information to his handlers; information relating to the dissolution of both the CIA and the Federal Reserve Banks.

This directly led to John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Both Presidents Kennedy and Sukarno were working on numerous projects to make their nations stronger and greater; but one such project in particular was the new American financial system; eliminating all privately owned Federal Reserve FIAT currency printing – and returning the power of issuance of the nation’s currency to the American government itself.

 “On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest.

With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business.

The text of Executive Order President Kennedy’s Executive Order (E.O.) 11110 modified the pre-existing Executive Order 10289 issued by U.S. President Harry S. Truman on September 17, 1951, and stated the following:

The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby designated and empowered to perform the following-described functions of the President without the approval, ratification, or other action of the President…

The order then lists tasks (a) through (h) which the Secretary may now do without instruction from the President. None of the powers assigned to the Treasury in E.O. 10289 relate to money or to monetary policy. Kennedy’s E.O. 11110 then instructs that: SECTION 1. Executive Order No. 10289 of September 9, 1951, as amended, is hereby further amended (a) By adding at the end of paragraph 1 thereof the following subparagraph:

The authority vested in the President by paragraph (b) of section 43 of the Act of May 12, 1933, as amended (31 U.S.C. 821(b)), to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury not then held for redemption of an outstanding silver certificates, to prescribe the denominations of such silver certificates, and to coin standard silver dollars and subsidiary silver currency for their redemption,’ and (b) By revoking subparagraphs (b) and (c) of paragraph 2 thereof. SECTION 2.

The amendments made by this Order shall not affect any act done, or any right accruing or accrued or any suit or proceeding had or commenced in any civil or criminal cause prior to the date of this Order but all such liabilities shall continue and may be enforced as if said amendments had not been made.

John F. Kennedy,

THE WHITE HOUSE, June 4, 1963.”

And in concluding this update, Neil touches on the point that he has a number of “Irons in the fire” and it is simply a matter of time until he gets things moving either now and / or once he is back in Indonesia. We are very close to our goal now and so Neil is choosing his words with great consideration.

Neil Keenan and Group K.


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Video Part Two


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  1. Best of luck to you Mr. Keenan, the world is in your hands. Its a small delicate thing, isnt it?
    A Mere Puppet

  2. Thanks for the message Team K. I see the clear endorsement for Mr. Trump but any particular reason Mr. Sanders isn’t viable? He doesn’t take any corporate monies and seemed to hold his own when calling out Mrs. Clinton on her bullshit.
    Stay safe!

    • And what do you think of Andrew D. Basiago ? In my opinion thisman is far more qualified then Mr. Trump. Mr. Basiago is an indigo child, holds 5 university titles, and has a clear intention to really work for the welfare of the people.

  3. I also trust -I feel it- Trump.
    They can’t buy him.
    They can’t control him.
    He has a big non-politically correct mouth!
    The more the “merdias” are trying to screw him. he is doing better and better day after day.
    Neil you talk about the Rep’s and the Dem’s. but in France they have the left (PS, parti socialiste) and “Les Republicains”), so they call then the LRPS which sounds like herpes, which they are! Ha ha ha! aND THEY ARE HAND IN HAND AGAINST THE PATRIOTS WHO ARE CALLED NAMES
    There is a new consciousciousness on earth just now, it is SWEEPING planet Earth.
    Those cabalshits CAN”T ESCAPE THAT.

  4. Sevren W. Roberge

    January 22, 2016 at 9:41 am

    Another home run to add to the board fellas. This put all of the current and recent events into the right perspective. A clear sign of winning this year. This is our year the year where everything is completed finalized and assured of the Cabal’s utter and humiliating defeat. Where they will no more be givin’ the sliver to stand on. No more reasons for them to continue. Where we can then find our true love and true peace. This is an amazing gift of real disclosure that everybody needs to be privy to. It is very honourable to have publicly outed all of this information all the while having to endure the attacks and still coming out Número Uno. Much still to get done but every day that goes by more and more people are becoming aware of the reality and climbing aboard to help push this thing into maximum overdrive. Thank you Neil and Team for your services to us all. Without it we couldn’t get to the future society we all are envisioning. As Gramy J always says May the Great Spirit Bless you your loved ones this planet and beyond. Take Care. Ciao.

  5. Lets wrap this up with a Home Run and then PARTAY … Partay. party like a new beginning of live deserves

    • I know that’s right! I stumbled upon Neil Keenan’s articles and videos and his story(still a lot to read), and I can’t believe all I am reading! This is amazing! Thank you Neil! I am sorry for all you have gone thru, but also very grateful for what you have done and continue to do to BRING OUR COUNTRY BACK! I will continue reading and looking forward to your updates and the BIG REVEAL!!!!
      God Bless you and please stay safe! Trust NOONE! (except.. maybe Sen. Trey Gowdy.) He has had a very tough time with HR Clinton’s investigation, but I feel he would be someone you could trust, as well as Donald J. Trump, the next POTUS! I like your comments about Mr. Trump! Makes me feel a little more at ease knowing Obama will be brought down and out!!! Well overdue for him to be removed! #EvilBeGone #NeverHillary

  6. How are you doing Mr Neil Keenan.
    I see that you have block me on FaceBook.
    And i do no how come you did that.
    that not nice.
    Your FaceBook IM pop up as i were putting out the news that i got on my
    email.And seen that i did so on your IM .Sorry about that.But you did pop up.
    I don’t see that good.Thin i see that you send me your news update.
    I am one of the key player on are freedom to help you many other.
    So please unblock me,But if you don’t ,that ok to.
    Eddie Gaddis

  7. JB Brown/Great Gramy J

    January 22, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    Fantastic & informative update! Again, I say thank U & Ur team 4 all U’ve done & are doing & will do 2 help humanity! May The Great Spirit Bless U & Ur loved ones & this planet & beyond. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J.

    • JB Brown/Great Gramy J

      January 22, 2016 at 1:22 pm

      P.S. I forgot 2 mention, I love the music that was playing in the background in part 2 of Ur video update Mr. Neil. Some of MY favorites! BIG hugs!

  8. It is a shame that the Red, White and Blue ‘War’ Flag is so prominently displayed in most all things relating or mentioned anent America…..can’t we ALL reiterate the Title IV Flag, (the Civil Flag), whenever ANY mention of America is made?? We need to re-educate the masses about this beautiful and extraordinary flag!! Blue stars on white background, with red and white vertical stripes! An awesome flag to see and remember its significance!! Google, “Title IV American Civil Flag”, and be in awe! peace and love, all! b

  9. And thanks, Neil and team, for ALL that y’all have done for humanity!! We ALL love y’all, more than you know! peace! b

  10. Neil, Please, please turn off the music so we can hear every word you are saying. If we want to hear music, we can turn on our own radio. Your message is way to important to cover it up with music.
    thank you

  11. Thank You Neil and team for your dedication to Humanity….I wanted to add something concerning Donald Trump….that he is in no way a stupid Man…..People must trust him and trust the fact that he knows what he is doing…..Mr.Trump has good and honest people helping him get to bottom of all the Corruption. If the people who are following Mr.Trump see him pull away from the Demorats and Republican party’s….let it be said…That Mr.Trump must break away from them…. and it is for very good reason…apparently this is the sneaky shit that has gone on between the two party’s….Please open the link below and read the article….then follow other links that will bring you much more informationI’ll leave you with one last, even more disturbing thought:

    The RNC and DNC made their Consent Decree 30 years ago, in 1982. The agreement in effect gives a carte blanche to the Democrat Party to commit vote fraud in every voting district across America that has, in the language of the Consent Decree, “a substantial proportion of racial or ethnic populations.” The term “substantial proportion” is not defined.

    The Democrat Party knew this 30 years ago, more than enough time to put a plan in place to identify and groom their “perfect candidate” — in the words of Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) in 2008, a “light-skinned” black Democrat who has “no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one.”…… Spread the word. Please send the URL of this post ( to:
    ◾EVERYONE on your email list.
    ◾Media people for whom you have email addresses.
    ◾Tea Party groups you know.
    ◾Post the link on your Facebook page.
    ◾Post the link as your comment on websites and blogs you visit.

    4. Write your state’s attorney general and ask him/her to investigate vote fraud in your state. Again Thank You Neil and Team… God Bless you all…with much needed prayer… to keep you all safe as you move forward to complete the journey for Humanity.

  12. Trump will need some very reliable and honest body guards. I will not be surprised if there is effort to take him out. (I am also hoping Palin will not be his running mate although she gets the audiences on fire!)

    All who read your update will be awake as to earthquakes and tsunami’s.
    Nothing surprises me with the Cabal nor Kerry.

    Watched every episode of The Blacklist. Loved it. We need a few men like him who has a gahoonies to start eliminating them. It is going to be a huge clean up.

    I can’t believe Hillary is still free……

    Would you be willing to run as Vice President??? LOL


  13. I hope to one day shake your hand <3

  14. Trump is certainly no saint and we don’t need one. What we need is shit disturbing trouble maker who will cut off the current political criminals from their rigged “games” and only Trump fits this bill. Obama has turned out to be a “useful idiot” who seems to be living on some fantasy land planet.

  15. Neil, if you believe Trump is the guy I suppose we will have to bet on him, I just hope that it holds true and that he will be informed about all of the crimes that has been committed through previous administrations including every single coverup that has an effect on the public’s health.
    I hope as well that he will be in contact with people who can bring forth all of the shelved technology that has been used for military purposes up to now. Here Im going to ask what other peoples opinion are on Andrew D. Basiago, I have only heard an interview with him and his wishes to run for office including what he discloses of having been involved with through cia projects around timetravel and jumproom technology etc. is this stuff for real in your opinion and could we benefit from having him in contact or not. from my understanding there is an actual society running separately from earth up there in space which is corporate run, can that be exposed? how much disclosure would there be with Trump as president? and can you make a team from different people who will be able to work together and overcome differences without taking any risks?

    If you can confirm any of the testimony put forth regarding secret projects and what kind of hidden technology that is being held which could change means of production it would be wonderful. I know you talked about healing technology and energy devices, I hope these will be possible to distribute on a scale that will negate the monopoly held by oil companies and banks.

    stay safe all!

    • Daniel, what office was/is AB going to run for? I have heard good things about him. Actually, I had thought he was dead!

      • President, Rose.

      • ooh, yes, I should have added that, president as Aeyrie said. that presents a problem as I don’t want votes to be split between 2 good candidates.
        it was announced on radio C2C a month ago ca.

        I really hope someone can match trump and Andrew up or at least find out if they are about the same thing all in all.

    • This stuff is for real and I would like to see him as a president. This man has a long list of qualifications and is certainly not a crackpot. He has a noted IQ of 168, which does not tell everything, but as an indigo child he has a natural inbuilt compassion for the people in general.

  16. So what is the purpose of the annoying music?

  17. Neil, how are we supposed to concentrate on you when Louis Armstrong is singing Hello Dolly???? We HAVE to sing with him! Congrats on your new snow baby with the big padded bum! We really have no choice in the election, Neil! I can’t believe you’re talking as if WE are actually electing people! The electronic voting machines are totally rigged. That’s been proven by several youtubes (one which that I know of was taken down). I do not believe that the president we currently have was actually elected a second time. Also, we KNOW that the voting has been rigged in other countries by our people. So do we really think it won’t be in THIS country, where it would be much easier for them to do? The question is can we stop the rigging? And how long before Donald Trump supporters are terrorists, the same as Ron Paul Supporters? The deck is stacked and most people don’t even realize it. But Neil, you are WAY to on top of everything not to see how much real choice we have here. Trump is leading the polls. Well so was Ron Paul last time, so then they just started leaving his name off the polls. Neil, I’m afraid this is going to be MUCH more uphill than just making sure people vote for Trump. (In the youtube I saw, the Supervisor of Elections voted yes on an answer to something, and when it was counted, they showed him that it actually was voted as a ”no”. He was stunned, as he didn’t think it could be done. It CAN! So can’t you see them putting a vote for Trump as actually going to (GAG) Hillbillary? I sure can! I feel totally helpless as a citizen of the US now. Our votes do not count, and our rights do not count. Our money is fast disappearing, and from what I’m hearing our pensions probably will be going with the dollar when it goes. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Neil, please keep up with what you’re doing, but don’t count on us being able to pull off a clean election! And as an aside, I’m waiting for February 16th with bated breath! That’s the day that the long awaited book on the Bush Nazi Crime Family comes out, and I hope it’s going to be all it’s cracked up to be! (Of course, Amazon MIGHT decide to ban the book, like they did Jim Fetzer’s book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. And his new book has been released now, ”And Nobody Died in Boston Either!” Neil, we are SO lucky to have people like you and Jim Fetzer getting in their business! I pray it will be enough! Godspeed to you and yours! Thanks for the wonderful videos (even though the 1st one made me about freeze to death!) LOVE YOU DEARLY!

  18. Neil, A couple of big clam shells on the front of your ‘snow-woman’ would have been more appropriate than padding the behind which couldn’t be seen, lol, but we get the message, Let’s get out of the deep freeze condition and start thawing out the world! What’s up front is not that important, it’s what’s behind it! Frozen is only a state of mind to those who can generate the inner heat. Keep it up Team K, we’re gonna get it out!

  19. Neil, I am very leary of your strong support, and Drake’s tacit support of Trump. I remember your comments concerning rubbing elbows with the bad guys.
    I understand when you said when you do business at the top of the global financial food chain , you cannot avoid touching cabal bad guys and institutions. I get that.
    However, to me, your support of Trump feels to me like a ‘lesser of 2 evils’ compromise, rather than a completely new paradigm shift of power to honorable men and women. And perhaps it is just that, a compromise to ensure a successful transition.
    I can suspect there are things I am not privy to that may make this necessary. But I surely don’t like it.
    I still hold to the idea of the ‘Plan’ being executed, an interim placeholder government put in place, and national elections held as soon thereafter as is possible, to replace those arrested. AND the candidates would be far more honorable, and of much greater integrity and substance, than Mr. Bankruptcy Trump.
    And that this would all happen WAY BEFORE the November 2016 presidential elections.
    Now, it would seem, from this post, that may not be the case. If that is in fact the case to ‘git ‘er done’, then so be it.
    But I surely don’t like it.
    By the way Neil, I never got any sandals for Xmas from you. Wassup wid dat?

  20. Jeanne Scoville

    January 22, 2016 at 8:45 pm

    It has been said more than once throughout history that “these are the times that try men’s (& women’s) souls”. Here’s where we are called to that which is the best in us. As We The People take back our sovereignty, we must also take full responsibility for our choices & their outcomes.

    Often we correctly see so much corruption in politics & governments that we lose heart & believe it will always be like this as part of the “human condition”. I respectfully disagree & sincerely believe, as Neil says, “THIS IS OUR TIME”!!!

    As a result, we must choose as a worldwide human community to truly make a difference by consciously changing the old, outworn, outdated, pathological, & criminal paradigms. In the US it matters who we elect as our next president, because whoever it is, this individual draws on our “United We Stand” or “Divided We Fall” consciousness or beliefs. When we choose wisely, as this present time calls to us, much will change & healing will begin in our beloved country.

    I also believe there are many wonderful people in our country who do care not only about themselves, but about what’s best for their friends & neighbors. As we look as our candidate choices for president, we realize there is no such thing as a “perfect” candidate. However, we are all too aware of the entrenched politicians who are part of the collective problems we face.

    Most of us hope & pray for the right person to be elected at this time of great change. It may be a “leap of Faith” to elect an “outsider” who is funding his own campaign & who is not beholden to lobbyists, heads of states, or sinister cabals. It is clear this man has his faults & contrary viewpoints, as do the other candidates, so we are not electing a “Saint” to lead our country. But choose we must…

  21. hi, nice hapy Snow man…god to now ,the Neil, its not forget the chlild inside …him…

  22. Dear Neil !

    I heartedly wish You ,that You can compleat in Indonesia ,what I failed to
    realise in the Philippines .I had the same goal there ,but I had to flea my Project
    to save my Live .
    Anyway I think it would be great to meet You personally in the few Days we are both in Switzerland to exchange some Experience and Datas between Indonesia
    and the Philippines !!!
    What is Your OPINION ?

    Hope to hear from You soon !
    All the Best and Gods Bless !


  23. Thanks Neil, for your great courage and integrity. After watching this newest post I see why Sarah Palin supports Donald Trump, and I guess I will as well. I have been learning about the Zionist banking cabal from many other sources. Their time is about up because there is no place to hide anymore in this information age which they helped to create. “the Lord will take the wise with their own devices” Anyone who feeds on the ridiculous tripe that Soros and associates are selling as news is a BLIND FOOL!! Down with Mystery Babylon…in our Gracious and Glorious God’s timing. I sincerely hope that time is now as you are predicting.

  24. I have been following you for several years now and I am hoping all this will lead up to some of the usuall suspects going to jail. Hillary would be a start. The background music is annoying as I just want to hear your voice and your words of hope. Thank you for all you do. I really hope the masses are awakening. I live in Canada and so many are duped and so many are traitors…it is pathetic. I believe in you and your people and will await your next message of hope.

  25. Neil,

    First, thank you for the good work (the hard work) you’ve put into this effort; may the Divine richly reward you…and protect you!

    While Donald Trump clearly has no problem speaking truth to the Powers That Were, and I would certainly prefer him over any of the other Republicans or Hillary, what causes you to reject Bernie Sanders as a plausible “For The People” candidate? Especially given his 2nd amendment support, lack of corporate funding, and disconnect from the Democratic Party machine?

    Best wishes,
    Stay safe,

    • Jeanne Scoville

      January 23, 2016 at 8:34 pm

      Perhaps it has to do with the definition of “insanity”…doing the same thing over & over, (i.e. Voting again & again for entrenched candidates who’ve participated in the corrupt political system far too long) & hoping for a different or better outcome. In order to not only clear out the current blatant corruption that currently continues to rot this pathological, distorted system, perhaps an entirely new approach is needed, a powerful catalyst or very courageous candidate who turns the “system” upside down & sideways…so that a new paradigm is created…that renews the spirit of our country & heals its brokenness…

      Such a candidate can’t do it alone. As John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”. So it will take each one of us to do some soul-searching to see where we may make a difference. As David Wilcock recently commented on the “lottery mentality” so pervasive today. Too many look for an instant solution to societal ills. However, We The People must contribute our gifts & talents…rather than get caught in the “blame game” & chronic divisiveness currently out of control…

      There needs to be a spiritual or conscious Renaissance today more than ever, not only in the US, but also throughout the world. It starts from within each of us & requires a new vision, a resurgence of creative minds. Group K is tapping into new approaches & is taking on immeasurable challenges, also “upsetting the “cabal” apple art”…We, too, can tap into our own creativity to also see things in a new way, & then, have the courage to create new & better methodologies, ways of co-creating effective solutions to the many problems & challenges we all face in this modern world…

      Love to all…

      • Jeanne Scoville

        January 23, 2016 at 8:40 pm

        …make that “upsetting the “cabal” apple cart”…Apparently, the Davos Forum is aware there is a “new force ” challenging its status quo…

        • Hello Jeanne, When I pass by here on my way around the world and read your posts you emanate a positive force that always grabs my heart. It is quite unique and special so back at you my dear positively from my heart.

          • Jeanne Scoville

            January 24, 2016 at 6:42 pm

            Thank you, PJ! I, too, feel your gracious Spirit…a blessing & a beautiful gift of sharing. I sense we will meet in the future to celebrate along with Neil & Group K. In the meantime, God bless & Godspeed…to New Beginnings!

  26. Mr. Keenan, what do you think of this:
    Has this happened already, or is it a forecast?

  27. neil,
    whats wrong with bernie? thanks

    • He’s a communist.

      • He’s a socialist, not a communist. They are often confused by the ignorant masses, but the two are quite different.

        • Thank you Mr Keenan and K Group

        • Thank you.

        • I meant to reply to your message weeks ago but didn’t get around to it.
          BTW, live oak and I are longtime friends, FWI Brandon in TX.
          Bernie Sanders is a HARDCORE COMMUNIST…..he took his bride to the Soviet Union for their honeymoon, hmmmm, doesn’t get much more communist than that and then look at what he wants to do…..he’s much more than a socialist, more of a commie than the entity in the WH today~~~~~but then the entity in the WH is a muslim jihadist!!!

        • You sound very arrogant there Brandon in TX with your ” confused by the ignorant masses” statement. You think you’re better than anyone else? You think you’re better than Neil and Team K? What have you done for humanity except look down your nose at everyone. I bet you’re a member of mensa. Good luck in your life Brandon from TX. You need it badly.


    January 25, 2016 at 10:05 am

    Special Health Blueprint Teaching January 26th, 2016

    We will be having a special Blueprint teaching from the Innovation team in Phillipines!

    New health systems will be presented and it is for humanity. Nowhere has such innovations be shown openly, for people to BUILD ON!

    Gather everyone and be ready for a SHOCK, next TUESDAY, January 26th!

    Listen start at 1.44 hour for the announcement Be there to bring the change

  29. Neil,

    This is a question about the big Freeport-McMoRan gold and copper mine in Papua New Guinea (Indonesia). FCX calls this the Grasberg Mine. It is near Puncak Jaya. Picture here:

    There are suggestions on the web that a US rogue faction may have a submarine base covertly located close to this mine, possibly with an underground tunnel-system connection. Is this true?

    If so, is the base still operational, or has it now been decommissioned?

    I understand that the Indonesian government wishes to take back ownership of the complex.

  30. Yay!!!!! Go Neil and team K! Get rid of the “vermin” and sewer rats in the district of criminals. I can’t wait til it’s over.

    Stay safe. You’re all in my prayers always,,,but you already knew that. Thank you so much for the update; it made my heart soar. We need good news. Btw I’ve been a Trump supporter from the very beginning. Cruz was born in Calgary which instantly makes him ineligible. Just because the foreign agent in our house got away with it illegally…well, it won’t happen ever again if I can help it. Get Pelosi, Reid and the Clintons and don’t forget Panetta!
    Neil, De Bosco is yours and so is Bill Gates, another right piece of work. Meanwhile I pray for your safety, and that is every one of you. God Bless!
    live oak xxx ooo

  31. I forgot to tell you that “Blacklist is the only thing we watch. We don’t have cable so we wait til some kind person attaches it to
    Spader is great with the soliloquies, he’s always 30 seconds ahead of the really bad guys, always knows who to call for help in the underworld, always knows what to do and always gets away…almost always.
    GREAT program. We’re living it.

  32. Here is a gold mine full of names of senators that need to be taken down. I got this from Make sure you click the “show more” part. Bad news for Ted Cruz. I hope the link works; I sent it to myself and it did work, so here ya go.
    US SENATORS Involved in MILAB Child Trafficking, list of how many they raped & killed.

    • If you can’t get the video, try it in your browser.

      • Sorry to be so unorganized. It does work in the browser.

        • So I’ve been doing a little work finding out about this man. He sounds like a fruitcake, but there’s a part of me that just knows that we aren’t/can’t be the only ones on this earth, in this galaxy. It would seem to me to be pretty conceited to think we are the only ones. Our ways are not God’s ways.
          I’d like to see the proof this man has on all these senators, otherwise I feel like I’m spreading vicious gossip and I never want something like that on my conscience.

          “We have their souls contained in military bases.” He thinks their souls are part whale. Sorry to have posted it, but here is the video of him that makes me concerned. You need unadulterated PROOF to say such things about people. Here is the link I’m talking about. My sincere apologies to everyone with love.

  33. Neil, reporting Ammon Bundy arrested. One of our Militia members killed they say. “Burns,Oregon just became Ground Zero”


    January 30, 2016 at 1:18 am

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    Judge Y(ou)r S(elf):

    The S(our)ce C(ode) as the Balance of Power, “The Synchronicity K(eye)
    Zero Point”

    Point Zero where the Division Ends “The point of View”

    Balance of Peace, “Being” De(liv)ered

    Listen to the second video and start at 2.15 hour until 3.00 hour Jacky from Switzerland. Experience the dept of the Soul within the Technology !
    Get a clear picture KFSSI Health Blueprint Teaching Jan 26th take the time so the k(now)l(edge) can land in a peaceful way within y(ou)r mind, body and soul
    98th Knowledge Seekers Workshop January 28th

  35. The results are in for Iowa caucus voting. The Cruz political camp are very Appy and have sent gobs of emotiCONS to the Microsoft team!


  36. MAKE THIS VIRAL! Secret Space Programs Disclosure Petition in Cobra’s blog.

  37. Tom Heneghan- Bill Gates-Hillary Clinton busted. And it’s time to test the metal-Harney County, Burns,Oregon asks u S Military for protection. The truth,the whole truth and nothing but the “Truth” will set us free. Test for “Constitutional Sheriffs” as well– Time to lead.

  38. Hi Neil and Team,

    I am wondering when you will be able to start implementing some humanitarian work and frankly get to saving this planet. I just see more and more destruction of the planet and it’s people everyday.

    I hope it’s soon. I don’t think we have much time left.


  39. You said that Donald Trump is your man, but recently it has come out that he accepted money from Goldman Sachs just like anybody else. He is bought for. Maybe the only exception is Bernie Sanders

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