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Hot Spot: Money, RV’s,
And The Gold Game

Judge Anna most recently defined the true meaning of money to be (1) your labor, (2) natural resources and (3) what your labor does to natural resources.

Everything else is fiat or fake. And as soon as governments allow banks or treasuries to print paper backed by your labor or natural resources they go crazy, printing more and more till the value of labor and natural resources reach higher and higher levels called “inflation” and the value of the paper diminishes to the point that it collapses and has to be revalued (RV’s and GCR’s).

This “inflation” is promoted by the financial institutions as a necessary evil that provides financial fuel to make economies “grow” by supplying extra “liquidity”.

The truth of the matter is that if you divide any economic growth rate (real or projected) into the number “70” (a logarithmic scaling) you will find out just how many years it will take for everything to DOUBLE in price.

That is not real growth.

It is also not real growth if central banks bail out the big banks as this just adds more money to both of these banksters who then use this play money to gamble on commodity and stock markets or make hedge bets using derivatives.

Very little of this bailout money actually ever gets to the real economy and labor and natural resources suffer in real value due to increased inflation.

Bank Notes

Michael Tellinger has been fighting the South African banking system for years. Clearly banking under corporate law is a fraudulent activity.

What Mr. Tellinger discovered was that the entire banking system operates on paper, more specifically on promissory notes (I.O.U’s).  So in order to pay off his legal debts he issued his OWN Promissory Notes under HIS TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Specifically he stated in HIS NOTE that he promised to pay a sum of money to whoever presented his note to him at a specific time, place and date and submitted this to his debtors.

NO ONE SHOWED UP TO COLLECT so the note lapsed… and he didn’t have to pay anymore.

Bank loans work in much the same way but the fraud comes in when the bank draws up YOUR LOAN AGREEMENT (promissory note/IOU) under their terms and conditions (not YOURS) and as soon as you sign this NOTE the bank cashes it with other financial institutions- and then gives you money that they didn’t have to begin with and makes you pay back the IOU with interest.

Now when this is done on a larger scale it is noted that the interest rate on YOUR IOU is higher than the inflationary rate that the central banks artificially create by printing more money.

This means that it will eventually be impossible for any economy to pay off the interest to the banksters because there never is enough to cover the loan and interest.  So economies collapse and revalue and re-set.

Such an economic model creates perpetual DEBT SLAVERY which the banksters and their controlled governments with their military and police enforce under admiralty law.

The Gold Game

Now let’s jump to the top of the financial pyramid to see how things work.

Firsts a bit about pyramids.  Notice how the “All Seeing Eye” is detached from the top of the pyramid on the back of a US $1 note.

Pyramids are actually frequency generators and the peak cap stone of a pyramid is where one can connect to ones “Third Eye” or pineal gland in order to receive enlightenment.

Cutting the top off of a pyramid breaks this frequency connection which is what the ‘elite’ wish to do, thus preventing the mass of humanity from accessing enlightened knowledge.

So if you want to be pyramid enlightened simply find one or make one with the point still attached and focus your attention there.  There is one in Alaska called the black pyramid which is very powerful and still intact.

The ‘elite’ at the top of the financial pyramid also wish to keep you in the dark and hide their names under the covers of trusts and secret societies not so much a matter of keeping people from knocking on their doors asking for donations, but more because of how the elite obtained their wealth in the first place – and how they continue to illegally screw mankind out of the value of their labor and natural resources.

At the top of the financial pyramid are the ancient sovereign families, the Vatican and their banksters of the west and the elders of the Dragon Families of the east.

These are the persons who say that they own the wealth of the world as they own the gold, the banks and the incorporated governments plus all the major multi-national corporations which are the underlying collateral of the world.

These ‘elites’ through their trusts and trustee representatives, such as the Committee of 300, Bilderbergers, etc., and anyone officially elected as M1, hold the keys as to who really owns what and who doesn’t.

But the waters get murky at this level as there is “no honor among thieves” as those at the top got there through conquest (theft), fraud, corruption and cheating of all kinds, so they engage in screwing each other whenever possible, or coming together to screw the rest of mankind in order to dominate their SLAVES (WORTHLESS EATERS).

The ‘elite’ have now reached a point where they are trying to squeeze blood from a stone and they will face a slave rebellion if they proceed much further.

Thus in order to preserve their slave control and their own lives they need to make some concessions that make the slaves think that they are getting something (but nothing) by revaluing global currencies and tossing some shillings to the masses to placate them.

Here; let’s do NESARA so we can kick the can further down the road.

Who benefits from a debt jubilee or a wealth distribution?

The masses say “Yippie!”

The sovereigns and elders are also jumping for joy because all that money goes back into their banks and surges their industries and profits from more consumption of natural resources and their slave labor.

Of course if you write off debt and give every man, women and child a million dollars you will see that a Ferrari will cost a lot more as inflation will skyrocket.  So will everything else.

But will it hurt the ‘elite’?  Not really.

Their ancient trusts have asset values in $’s with 50-60 zeros behind them.  And 7 billion people times $1.0 billion is a drop in the bucket for even one of these trusts, particularly since all the money will be deposited back in their banking system.

Here, have some more free money… it will be useless shortly… and the happy slaves will be coming back to the trough soon enough AGAIN.

And now since we are going to revalue and reset global currencies, let’s jack the price of gold and silver!  Hey, it’s only a product of “inflation” plus a bit extra so that the ‘elite’s’ metals stockpiles now will have a much higher value that more than offsets the revaluations and resets.

And they are only talking gold at $5,000 per ounce (only several hundred percent more that it is now).

Add more zeros on guys.

That’s’ the gold game where the ‘elite’ increase global liquidity and then jack the price of gold to cover their efforts.  Not only do they get their money back but they increase the value of their wealth many times based on their gold reserves.

They also jack up other precious metals, diamonds, artworks and other high-end luxury items in the process, further increasing their wealth.

It is a game.  It makes the sheeple temporarily happy but their enslavement continues.

Is There a Way Out?

YES.  Firstly, expose the con job being perpetrated by revaluations and currency resets, particularly when the process is NOT TRANSPARENT and will only cause an inflationary surge that will only really benefit the ‘elite’.

Secondly, restoring the De Jure Republic of the united States of America and calling a Continental Congress is a critical move to clarify the breaking of the enslavement of American State citizens.  And no it is not all just about America. America is pivotal but the rest of the world is sick and tired of everything being about America.

This will be a lesson to the world and a foundation for the formation of Republic Nations globally.

The ‘elites’ already recognize that there is a global awakening taking place and if they are to survive they will have to put the capstones back on top of the pyramids and use their wealth for the betterment of all mankind, and not mankind’s destruction or the destruction of Mother Earth.

The Asian Elders are in full agreement to this direction and have the trusts and foundations capable of easily funding such a global transition.

They, however, are facing a down-line problem of greed by trustees and government leaders wanting to use this wealth for themselves.  Same old problem, huh.  Crooks are crooks.

Transparency is the key to unlocking these greed blockages.

This starts with the proposed revaluations and global currency resets.  Who is responsible for setting the new rates?  What process was used or will be used?  Make it transparent so the public can make an informed decision.

The same goes for trade agreements.

How can a government approve a trade agreement that benefits only global multinational corporations and not local interests… without getting the approval of the public?

Transparency exposes TRUTH.

There is no place to hide, so my advice to the sovereigns and elders is simply “change” and do what is right and righteous for a change.

Enslavement is no longer an option.  If you sincerely “give” you will get much more in return… and live in peace.

Group K & King Farouk


To download a PDF version of this article in Russian click here.


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  1. Thank you for the full explanation Group K, and Anna. So how is it we go about making this all transparent? Is it up to the crooks to become transparent? Hard to believe that any of them would even consider truths and transparency. Meantime the Peoples in many nations are suffering tremendously. Most of those crooks actually believe that the world’s population should be under 500 million and wish for hundreds of millions to die to satisfy their beliefs. I guess I just do not see how you are able to convince crooks to be honest at this point. I am reading that the RV would only make the crooks wealthier and eventually make the poor more poorer.

    Seems to me IF the banks alone were honest then this could be accomplished, but wouldn’t that be a cold day in hell? The banks COULD freeze the crooks accounts while the Peoples of the world build cases to allow some sort of distribution once everything is evaluated. OR the crooks could turn over their accounts and their gold and ask for forgiveness to not be hung for treason. Again asking the crooks to become nice and honest with transparency seems impossible.

    Awaiting further directions, with belief and hope that there is a real solution.


    • You forget to thank King Farouk who actually put most of this together…..Thank You King Farouk for all you do..

    • Thanks for a lucid history lesson.I have watched this whole planet rise up against tyrany over the last several years.people know what’s up & want no part of it even if it means suffering.if this plan manifests it would be so awesome.when Britten broke from the EU I was in heaven, so happy.There is concern they will never give up, these elites whom are pushing for their own theme park are blindly stupid and many have doubts they will do the right thing.I know it in my Being we will win in the end, it just seems like its takeing forever.God Bless & Gods Speed.

  2. Who is King Farouk?

  3. I'm not a number

    June 26, 2016 at 10:45 am

    I pray that more people awake to the debt slavery we live in.
    The elite have always sought to divide us. If enough people stop participating, then we all win. There are websites such as that give info and example letters to write to banks that can help us write off this fake debt. Blessings to all. Much love to Neil and his team x

  4. Thank you so much for this clear explanation of the financial enslavement merry-go-round as I have never been one who understands the financial side of life, until now. Clearly, transparency and truth are forefront to developing a New Republic in the US and being frugal with what’s been given you is paramount as we move forward. My question is, “How do we expose this to the masses so they too can understand what is needed to CHANGE the way things are done in the financial world?”

  5. Words “Federal Reserve notes, Federal Reserve bank notes” were inserted before “coupons” because such notes have almost supplanted national bank currency.
    To supplant means to replace by “force or trickery” and this is from USC Title 18 section 8 – obligations of the United States in the notes section
    The 1927 Secretary of Treasury report says FRN’s are not legal tender

  6. Very much enjoyed this article. So much truth in it, something for everyone to think about. Our whole idea of money, of worth, of value needs to change. I wouldn’t change a word.

    I would like to know how progress toward this is going. I think it will take massive education to achieve this. Unfortunately I think we will see a reset first, and an anchoring of money to gold-silver-platinum before we can start to see people expanding their views away from ONLY the metals, to realise that so many other resources and YES LABOUR have value too and must be counted. But it is going to take a shakeup, since people postpone education, accept short-term solutions, like to ‘buy time’ and then not use it. It is going to take the collapse of the bankster-fiat system first, so that people are not able to depend on it any more, before many will use their innate creativity and survival skills to take steps and support something much better.

    In the various freedom internet communities, there is still too much fixation on gold and too much thinking tends to stop there. Maybe when a reset happens, and people realise that most of us DO NOT HAVE gold, but still have value, maybe this will be the wake-up call. Some there are talking about tradable supplies and skills, though, so that is a beginning. We need to understand that ‘supplies and skills’ are good for trade NOT ONLY in a crisis, but are the foundations for a real ‘free market’.

    Who is having the meeting in the picture posted? I loved the leaf-origami dragon. Being Canadian, I like to read a symbolic significance into the fact that it is a maple leaf. 🙂

    Wonderful writing, King Farouk! Thank you for all the education and thought food.

  7. Thank you. Beautiful message; beautifully written.

  8. This article does not cover every aspect of the scam . You will be required to sign some sort of agreement contract to receive your funds .I can imagine the majority of the populace hastily signing to receive their “free Money “. The fact is , nothing is free, and only fools and sluggards expect something for nothing .So you will be required to sign allegiance to the new world order . So when the inflation kicks in from the simple fact of the abundance of monies on the market ,and your “dollars ” become worthless , you will get around to understanding the basics of the agreement you signed , that you have sold your soul to Lucifer

    • You are so full of it …. Everyone I know that is involved in such a process already have business plans and is using the money for the greater good to help humanity and help clean up this planet. I don’t know where you get your info but you don’t understand the kind of people involved. They are caring loving compassionate truth seeking high values, high morals , smart intellegent professional people who want to help for the greater good . there are positive people still left in this world who
      totally understand unconditional love and are committed to the good

    • Jody, you really are full of it. And you may regret
      calling people sluggards ”who are just out for free
      money”. You are obviously not at all familiar with
      the real world, which includes a 25% unemployment
      rate, which includes some very well educated, highly
      skilled people, who just happen to be considered
      too old for hire.
      Secondly, signing some paper, perhaps an NDA,
      is NOT selling yourself out to satan. Since you
      obviously got a bit of that from the bible, then you
      show you did not study it because that is not at all
      the thing that sells a person out. It is something else
      but I will let you study and find out what that something

      • actually Jody may be on to something. you know the blackmagic dark ‘elites’ always have a trick up their sleeve. I would heed Jody’s advice and tread very carefully.

  9. can the eastern dragon families handle the western banksters and become heroes of earth?

    dragons have claws and fire i hear….

  10. Dr. Wayne R. Kotter

    June 26, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    These events are very refreshing. I’m a retired physician and am enlightened by the comments in this article. Hopium is a word being used in today’s lingo. Hope this all takes place in a timely manner. I applaud the Elders in China for their insight and desire for all of us to become involved in humanitarian charitable organizations for the benefit of those in need. What a wonderful World this would be for all of us to WORK towards Peace and not feeding the elite by waring all the time. I, for one, am in. It’s my desire to hop aboard this train and assist in anyway I can. May the Lord bless us all. Waiting for the GCR/RV so this Change can begin.
    Dr. Wayne Kotter

  11. Another story about the ELITES and their BANKS, STOCK MARKETS and how once again the UNITED STATES would suffer. This is getting very old same story just a different twist. For all of you whom think you can make a deal with the DEVIL are in a fantasy world that’s not from EARTH.
    Anything that as been or is with any means with Cabal is useless to all the world.
    Just like saying the check is in the mail and after years of it, you stop waiting for that check in the mail.
    It was a nice post but has not brought any new information on where people stand at this point in time and what anyone should do, except wait for the US to wake up and that brings us back to THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL.

    Like I have stated before

    I only state what is true I wouldn’t lie to you Neil and Group K
    as I certainly don’t lie to myself I live in reality.
    Lots of ropes on a beam with a noose for all of them Kazarians.

    Best regards Charles

    • amen to that Charles. tired of this merry-go-round and all these fabulous stories that never come to fruition. and that Yosef / Fulford team are way out in fantasy land… or they’re being paid extremely well to lead people astray by being part of the deception… I think both imho.

  12. Keenan Team | Two

    June 26, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    NOTE: Please remember to keep your comments brief and relative to the post. Thank you.

  13. The RV could possibly be done on the cheap provided
    * Place max limit on USD received.. Let’s say $1 M
    * Require proof of origin
    * Use clawed back USD Trs from the KM cabal to help
    Should cost somewhere between $1 – 1.5 Tr. Most, if not
    all ,should be financed by cabal confiscated funds… So
    no reason for inflation. Common people will buy cars
    Fix homes, set up small businesses… Sounds great to me!!!

  14. Thanks for revealing the bad game in macro-economics, it’s a part of the mirror. Witch shows the patterns of dependence of mankind. Becoming aware of the divine creative power of focus and to take responsibility for our own focus is the next step. We all have to put the capstone on our pyramid in place.
    Full Disclosure!

  15. Very informative. Thank you Group K

  16. Soooo great to see your post. Due to Neil’s health, I am concerned when we have to wait for news. I enjoyed the education.

  17. I have for some time observed the Truth about all that has value in our economies local, state, national, and international—- it all boils down to labor, natural resources, and the products we create from labor and natural resources. Once we all understand that and keep it clearly in view, it becomes obvious that using “a” commodity to “stand for” all other commodities is hokum, a form of idolatry no different from carving a little statue out of wood and making it “stand for” a god.

    I’ve also observed that to the bankers, it does not matter what symbolic standard of value we use—- gold, denatured brass, tulip bulbs, wampum beads, pieces of printed paper—- it is all the same to them, so long as they can control and manipulate the supply of whatever The Magic Standard Commodity is.

    People of the world, isn’t it time we all grew up and saw through this charade?

    Everyone on this planet has a share in the natural resources of their country and most of us also have the ability to work in some capacity, yielding labor and creativity. These are the actual things of value and, please note, these are the only things of value that exist. All the digits and pieces of paper “representing” actual value are by nature just lies, fictions and idols.

    Stop a moment and think about what the definition of a “United States Dollar” really is—- it is a unit measure of fine silver, like a cup of water, or a ton of lead. Does anyone seriously imagine that 500 quadrillion “dollars” of silver actually exist, anywhere on this planet? Hello?

    Labor, natural resources, and the products we make of both– are what we trade and all we CAN trade, and what we are actually in need of is not a “Standard Commodity” like gold coins or wampum beads and not a “Standard Credit” like a Federal Reserve Note, which are all arbitrary “financial products” that are manufactured and manipulated by banks in exactly the same way that Burt and Stanley make Widgets—-what we really need is a Universal Commodity and Labor Standard that everyone has access to and which everyone can trade with and against.

    Think of it in terms of money being a commodity like cotton or rice. If I am a rice producer, I can sell futures on the commodities exchange and lock in a price for all or part of my rice crop in advance. By doing this, I can guarantee a certain amount of return and so, self-insure my income. If the price of rice rises above my sell price, I lose the difference but it is only a “relative loss”. On the other hand, if the price of rice goes below my sell price, I am still guaranteed that I won’t lose my shirt. Most producers of commodities commit a certain portion of their production to futures contracts and gamble with the rest,

    Banks and nations can indulge in these kinds of games with the supply and value of different kinds of money because they literally own the various different “money products”—-yen, dollars, Euros, Federal Reserve Notes, etc., but we, the actual producers and owners of everything of value on this planet, cannot. Why? Because we don’t produce our own money.

    We let all these other entities–central banks and governments— produce the various forms of money and “currency” that we use and we remain at their mercy as a result. We put ourselves in the same exact same position as a corn producer investing in the rice commodity market—we can gamble, but we can’t insure against loss and we can exert no real influence, positive or negative, on the overall result of all the trading that goes on.

    It remains all smoke and mirrors disconnected from reality and disconnected from us, the actual owners and producers.

    How comfortable do you feel knowing that the “market value” of everything you have and everything you produce is arbitrary and out of your control? In the hands of bankers literally “playing a game” as Neil Keenan and Group K have described it?

    Then ask yourselves—-shouldn’t the living people of the world have their own money? Call it “World Market Dollars” and base it on the value of all labor, all natural resources, and all products.

    With the development of one honest currency based on the actual facts of life and a currency market in which everyone is a producer and thereby enabled to participate without fear of arbitrary valuations, we could finally have the basis for peace.

    Imagine it? No more games. No more arbitrary manipulation. No more motivation to destroy for profit. No more hoarding. Everyone in the whole world could finally come to the table and together give meaning and voice to what is truly valuable.

    How much is peace worth? How much is a healthy life worth? How much is abundant clean water worth?

    When we think about what is really of value, it’s not to be found in the marketplace, is it? It’s not even being considered, because the banks and the governments are divorced from reality, divorced from what matters, divorced from the source of all labor and the actual owners of all natural resources. They are just “playing a game” with your lives, your homes, the value of your labor, the priorities of your government, and the fate of your planet.

    Is everyone awake now? Good.

    Does it make sense to let this situation continue?

    No? Well, hallelujah, and show me where we can begin trading World Market Dollars on an index that tracks what we contribute that is of real, actual, value to Mankind and to our planet—–because at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

    • Beautifully said. I am reminded of the speech by John Galt in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, where he makes exactly the same point about “What is money”

    • Amen to that Judge Anna. thank you. how do we get people on the same page and come together. that’s the hardest part.

  18. Your all missing the point.It is the love of money
    that is the problem.Work from the heart,give from
    the heart and stay pure in your intentions. Always
    practice walking the Highest Moral ground .No
    enslavement can exist if this were our focus through
    out the World.

  19. Please not so fast on NESARA Kgroupe consider for a moment. there is much,much more in nesara than inflation which indeed would destroy every thing I understand you wisemen at K group are setting aright .please don`t say well it`s really none of our concern. MI and M2 hold all the keys. A dejure Republic for the united states will restore world peace. NESARA , CRAFTED without inflation.if those confiscated funds in the 1992 audit exist we could re- build america , clean up waterways restore oceans and needed fish. all this with-out inflation .

  20. The people who committed these crimes against humanity worship Lucifer. This plan they were executing is a long range plan perpetrated by multiple generations in their ranks. They are successful because their long range plans are executed by an organization that operates with continuity, determination, discipline, control, brutality, blackmail, greed and on and on. They believe in blood sacrifice to gain “their” being’s or god’s favor while pretending to worship a kind and loving father. We are foolish to think we could draw up an agreement they would not break. Countless children have been kidnapped, raped, and murdered. If they are forgiven in eternity, that should be God’s choice. The crimes against humanity they are guilty of are temporal. They should be arrested, tried, and sentenced accordingly in temporal courts of the countries their crimes were committed in. The history of their greatest crimes is not well known since they controlled the media and education. If the history pertaining to the crimes committed by the Khazarian Mafia is true, maybe the Russians should handle their 1st trial, if they make it through that, extradite them to the next country that wants to arrest them. Start with the puppet masters and work your way down to the politicians, CEOs, and other minions. Psychopaths have no conscience. You cannot legislate a conscience either. If it took hundreds of years, they would break any agreement you made with them. They are still punishing everyone they have ever had problems with. The Russians threatened them and it took 300 years before they got even and managed to kill 100 million Russians during the Bolshevik revolution and concealed the history of the slaughter. The Khazarians hate the religions based on the teachings of Abraham. They have created a modern day conflict between the Christians, Jews, and Muslims (Islam) hoping we will kill each other on an unprecedented scale. At least confine these evil criminals to the FEMA camps they built for us while the courts sort them out. Terrorists in the group should be sent to Guantanamo if captured in the U. S.

    • extremely well said Bruce. i’d love to see the pope, clintons, bushes, cheyneys, morgans, rothschilds, gates’ , etc, etc, the whole devil worshipping hollyweird clan all locked up w/ out shackles in a deep dungeon w/ only enough food to feed 1/10 of them and watch them kill each other. what a wonderful day that would be. isn’t that what they do to mankind? karma

  21. a proposal to create an eastern backed currency world wide accepted like bitcoin.
    get the asian markets to accept only real value coin in exchange for goods. this coin could be issued from the east and be minted in silver and gold coin while transfer happens in a closed and controlled system managed from the east. issuing centers for this coin being used to trade with can be opened in every country on earth and only receive commands from the east.

    this could create a cycle of real money being the chosen money to trade with not just internationally but inside other countries as well.
    when this is up and running, separate accounts can be used for people to store this real money instead of relying on the western controlled bankster system.

    thew projects set up by the east to support humanitarian efforts in any other given part of the world could pay wages with this new eastern coin and it would have purchasing power because the east would transform their markets to only accept real money.

    this way people can get actual wage and have full control over it since the coin issued is not reported to gov agencies nor is it going through western controlled accounts. no war taxes and no central banks messing up humanity after this.

  22. Susanne Stebbing

    June 27, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    What is going to happen next with regards to brexit? The cabal are livid and there is chaos with politicians and financial institutions alike. We voted against the NWO.

    • The want a redo on the vote/s. Petitions are flying fast in Britain. The ones wanting to stay enslaved are fighting tooth and nail to protect their enslavement. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    • BREXIT of the United Kingdom was a great day for Europe and has given courage to the people of other EU countries who have woken up to the ‘failed project’. It has been agreed in this forum that the cabal control the media. It is up to each one of us to use ‘alternative news’ articles and post in social media. Discernment is necessary but if each individual posts high cred articles the education process will begin. Like many I was told many lies at school and learned some Truth’s at University level, however I was constantly marked down as one still has to conform to the accepted ‘argument’ that the University wishes to teach.

      So we have a powerful Internet that we MUST use effectively. How many in this forum are posting quality words in social media? We have a massive mountain to climb to enable the masses to learn and to realize importantly NOT TO BE FEARFUL. This energy feeds those we are trying to get rid of. It is fear that is holding back many people from speaking their Truth.

      How many of you are posting Neil’s updates? This is a start. The article by Robert Steel is very good how many of you have posted this? What about John Perkins ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ all good stuff take the Youtube links and get posting…..we have to help the people to learn…through no fault of their own they have been kept dumbed-down.

      Thank you Neil and Team for all that you do.

  23. I would imagine all those in Britain claiming to want to STAY in the clutches of the bad ones are really good old George Soros buddies putting some publicity out to say stuff like that. They thought there was “no way” the citizens would want out…well from what Putin was saying they were treating the citizens like cattle less or more, without a say to anything and when they did say something they were pretty much ignored. I think the vote was kind of “slid in” under the radar of the “powers that (use to) be” and now they want to try to correct the damage that it will do to them. Let THEM suffer a little, we have for far, FAR too long.

  24. Abbey Blair Brown

    July 5, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    Great posting Neil. Educational and clear. Question. Do we minions get to make piles of useless dollars when the RV/GCR occurs?
    Would appreciate a reply

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