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Fighting The Next Plandemic

We have known that the Cabal are wanting to create another Plandemic to complete their global surveillance and control apparatus.

The next disease they plan to release upon the world is expected to be in the order of two hundred times worse than the last one.

The following Protocol was provided to Neil by a trusted source.

To deal with severe coughing which doesn’t shift:

Doxycycline 100mg 2 x daily
12-18mg ivermectin daily
50-100mg Zinc daily
6 drops of iodine (Lugol’s 15% concentration) daily
Vitamin C: 2,000 to 3,000mg daily
Vitamin D3 daily: 10,000iu daily
[Equals 250 mcg cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)]

Use above for 5-10 days until well.

Continue thereafter with all the above without doxycycline but take ivermectin twice a week ongoing. The rest you continue with daily.

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  1. Thank you for this remedy.
    It will be put to good use immediately.
    My landlady/roommate has a persistent cough that is very irritating.
    Having had two vaccines, she may be falling prey to symptoms of ill health based in the vaccines’ adverse reactions.
    I did not get the shot; and am relatively healthy at 74 years of age.
    I really appreciate what all you have done. Thank you!!!

    • Agreed, very thoughtful of Neil and team to provide a remedy to fight this cr*p. Will this attack be injections or global spraying I.e. chemtrails?

  2. Thank you. I expect the Australian Cabal branch will ban all of these remedies in due course, just as they banned Ivermectin before the COVID injections were forced onto unsuspecting Australians. Surely these Cabal crims can be thwarted from unleashing their next bioweapon upon humankind with enough public exposure. This murderous Age of Absurdism is a most bizarre time to be living through.

  3. Thank you
    Not surprised they will try again. Iv been using high doses of VD3 since 2011 I’m 76 all my arthritis is gone and 18 months ago I started using” CDS” dr Andreas Kalcers remedy. Chlorine dioxide “ the universal Antidote “. Also hydrogen peroxide and DMSO. Demethyl sulfoxyde I m not jabbed or never wore mask .. got the flu and VD3 cured it inThree days that was back in 12/2019 The medical dictators in Ireland has removed all ivermectin and every known effective remedy From the pharmacies See Telegram for the Universal antidote there is also a book(pdf) if anyone wants it I have the PDF you can find me on telegram as “@tangodancer74”. I also have two videos on how to prepare CDS.. much
    Live and light. Namaste John

  4. David Anthony

    May 30, 2023 at 6:44 pm

    Yeah… I Heard…..Thanks for the dosage and protocols
    David Out….Aloha

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