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Don’t Back Down



“Stand Tall, Stand Strong, and Don’t Back Down!


The year: 1921.

The location: London, England.

The players: Lloyd George (then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Georges Clemenceau (the former Prime Minister of France), Warren Harding (then President of the United States), and Japanese Emperor Hirohito.

And the sole purpose?  The conspiracy to create World War II.

No sooner had the Treaty of Versailles (1918) been signed, with the ink still wet – the above parties went into darkness to plan and indeed create what would later become known as WWII, with all necessary financial arrangements laid out from beginning to end.

Along the way to engineering World War II they accumulated many assets from overwhelmed nations and sent the acquisitions immediately to places they felt would keep these assets safe.

Bunkers were constructed underground and even underground under bodies of water. Once assets were loaded into place, they then would collapse the bunkers (or at least the entrances) and bury the workers who would never be able to speak one word of what was located there.

They buried the workers alive to protect these secret cache locations.

Treasures? Yes, even Jack Sparrow would have been proud of such a haul. How do I know about such things happening? Because I have seen the inside of bunker doors and the dried blood from those who were trapped within in their attempts to get out. Nearly every bunker has a story.


If you’ve followed us for the past two years or more, you will realize that we’ve delivered some heavy hits against the Cabal’s smuggling and stealing operations of the Monetary Assets in the South Korean bunkers. You can check out evidence of some of the the assets in the video below.

The holdings within the bunkers are comprised of nearly every currency on the planet (totalling in the Quintillions) –  not just Gold, US Dollars and Euros.



More than 1,000 bunkers exist in South Korea alone, and most have been under military / government control for many years.

As a matter of fact, when control of the South Korean government changes hands, so does the control of the South Korean bunkers; which then allows the Cabal and South Korean politicians to enjoy the exploitation of a huge slush fund.

One large bunker that is divided into six mini-bunkers is made available to the government and the Cabal in a rather transparent and arrogant transfer directly into the Central Bank of Korea.

This, of course, is not only illegal; it shows tremendous disrespect toward the Golden Dragon Family, who are the lawful owners of said deposits in the bunkers.

Very recently, the illegal movements described above were sped-up to the point where one million local brokers from various backgrounds, attempted to get their greedy hands on the Assets – and then market them out to foreign governments and rogue agencies.

If one ever thinks of pirates… look no further! Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack sparrow would be quite at home in this dramatic, though unfortunately real, scenario.

Watch the four videos in this article to witness for yourselves how happy the villains are dispersing their ill-gotten commissions after a successful deal (thievery) in the bunkers.

Observe their sardonic smiles and fast-forward to watch the same snarky smiles disappear when the perpetrators receive copies of this footage that was obtained by way of the satellite belonging to the Family that is hovering over South Korea.



Yes, there are many select videos that will come out and expose these criminals far and wide –  should they continue their crooked quest of stealing assets which do not belong to them! These are videos of each one of you inside of your offices as well as your homes.

You will be invaded and we will see how much you like it.

The highly sophisticated electronics we have access to will peek right into your bathrooms and record your nefarious conversations even while you are on the shitter!

In 1980 during a military coup, Chun Doo Hwan became the President of South Korea and he took over control of most of the South Korean bunkers. It did not matter to him or to any of his cronies as to who deposited or owned the Assets.

In 1988 he relinquished control of the government, but to this very day still manages most of the Assets.

Actually, the bank’s doors are now officially open for the Cabal to purchase Gold; thereby illicitly strengthening their global financial position.

Should the Gold and/or Assets still remain in the bunkers, then the Cabal is just waiting discreetly for the moment when the Elders and 21 Guardians are suddenly relieved of their duties by the President of South Korea in the very near future. And then they will strike.

Then the bunkers will be theirs until someone else is next appointed.

For over a month I have been monitoring their movements via the satellites, and I can see them moving the assets around. There are many going from bunker to bunker looking for particular assets the Cabal has requested, which they can move immediately to cash them in.

Understand, once again, that this corruption has been happening for a very long time from the ex-President to the more recent Presidents. As you know, all South Korean ex-presidents have been, and continue to be financed by the Cabal – who have brazenly continued stealing from the bunker Assets that are legally owned by the Depositors.

Heads are now keenly turned toward South Korea with the full realization that the current government officials will be retiring and, thus, expecting the Cabal to assist them in their retirement living.

President Park is a stark example. She blatantly used more than 2 BILLION KRW in attempting to stop her impending impeachment process, but she still ended up in prison. The funds she used were bunker funds, of course, which were plundered through the work of her henchmen.

The old-style politicians are like foxes and maintain a hold on these assets even after stepping down! They have cleverly used many nefarious strategies – to outright harm the public.

Their roots must be cut!

The scam that is currently operating is now being dealt with directly and forcefully by the Cabal (and all the nations that fall under their umbrella) – so the Assets will not be available for distribution in the open market.

Yet if one wishes to create an annoyance all they have to do is e-mail; 

Most people will never see the results of this, but some just might feel its sting.

They will be cashing in their notes in the following places: Closing locations currently are Miami, Zurich, Hong Kong and Special large family holders in Manila. Other locations are possible, depending on quantities.

This story does not end here but continues on with the Bretton Woods Agreement and the Establishment of the BIS, IMF, WB and others that allowed the Cabal to claim the collateral accounts as their own.  You see they hi-jacked the financial system not only once in 1945 but also in 1990.

Twice they have made promises and walked away from them stealing from the Eastern Depositors and calling everything their own.

This time there will not be any further agreements and the world will move on without such monsters.


Part Two: Coming in the Near Future. Right Now We Have to Stop What is Currently in Motion.

If you wish to know the full background to this story, we strongly recommend that you take the time to read our History & Events Timeline on this website.

Neil Keenan & Group K


Below the following videos you can see a list of the key achievements to date of Neil Keenan and Group K – in exposing and indeed stopping similar Asset rip-off schemes in recent years.

What you are seeing in these further two videos, are again, Assets stolen from South Korean bunkers – but these are the commissions being divided up among the criminal “brokers” who are stealing on the behalf of the Cabal.





Neil Keenan & Group K: Key Achievements to Date:

1. The Trillion Dollar Law Suit
October 2011

This could be the biggest, most explosive story in modern history. We have put the pieces together and now understand what is going on in the occult financial geopolitical scene, and how a 117+ nation alliance is working to free the Earth from financial tyranny.

The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny, Part I

The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny, Part II: History Lesson


2. Keenan Files Liens Against G7 Central Banks and the 12 Banks of the Federal Reserve System
May 2012

These new liens were filed within the Admiralty Law system, which is extremely complicated and mysterious.

These liens constitute legal arrest warrants for the Federal Reserve conspirators.

Arrest Warrants: Liens Filed Against G7 Central Banks


3. Keenan Shares Intelligence to Stop the Cabal Detonating Nuclear Warheads in Charleston, South Carolina
October 2013

Keenan reports intelligence that came to him first; Thank you Pentagon for coming to our aid. Four top Generals with the highest clearance in the United States stood up for us and lost their jobs and support for their families as a result.

These patriots stopped a plot to detonate nuclear warheads in Charleston, South Carolina; intended as a false flag attack and ordered through Barack Obama by his handlers.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Thank You Pentagon; For Coming To Our Aid


4. Keenan Issues a Formal “Cease and Desist” Notice to the United States Corporation and Key Offenders
February 2014

Keenan issues a formal “Cease and Desist” notice to the United States ‘Government’ Corporation and key offenders. They are now on record.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | States Are Getting Tough, Globalists Are Getting Even – Cease & Desist Demanded

Cease and Desist Demand Document (PDF)


5. Keenan Exposes the IRS as a Foreign Entity
February 2014

Keenan exposes the IRS as a foreign entity and the fact that there is no Federal US law requiring the people of the United States to pay taxes to the IRS.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | IRS Are Private, Lying, Globalist-Controlled Thugs – We Want Our Money Back!


6. Keenan Puts Forth His Proposal for the “No Fly Accords”
April 2014

Keenan puts forth his proposal for the “No-Fly Accords”, a declaration of international no-fly zones barring entry to the Cabal and their cronies. Getting the agreement signed by all countries who wish to bar access to Cabal criminals is still a work in progress.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Latest Updated No-Fly Accords

No-Fly Accords Document (PDF)


7. Keenan Prevents Quadrillion Dollar Deal Between the Sultan of Sulu, P2 Lodge and the Vatican
July 2014

Keenan prevents a quadrillion-dollar deal between the Sultan of Sulu, P2 Lodge and the Vatican.

The Vatican in collaboration with an entrusted Elder, The Sultan of Sulu, a guardian/holder of the Dragon Family Global Account assets, attempted to steal fifteen (15) Quadrillion dollars from different Asian Families and the Dragon Family. Their attempt was thwarted.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | The 15 Quadrillion Dollar Vatican-Sultan of Sulu Deal That Would Have Sunk The Planet


8. Neil Keenan Exposes the Joint Naval Exercises Taking Place Off the Coast of South Korea Which was a Sophisticated Cover for the Biggest Gold Heist in History
July 2014

Neil Keenan received an urgent call from a high-level contact based in South Korea and exposed the joint naval exercises taking place off the coast of South Korea which was nothing more than a sophisticated cover for the biggest gold heist in history.

In revealing the plot, we stopped the USS George Washington Aircraft carrier and the 250 thousand metric tons of gold from being delivered to it by the South Korean Prime Minister Park.



9. Keenan Exposes Plot for Japan to Invade Indonesia in an Attempt to Steal Gold from Indonesia – and Other Asian Nations
August 2014

The Japanese military mobilized for the first time since WW2, in an attempt to invade and steal the Indonesian Gold; only to be derailed by Keenan who publicly exposed the planned attack.

The Gold is becoming ever more paramount to the expanding plan of the Cabal but nevertheless lording over a few Asian states. U.S. ships blocked the gulf of Thailand to threaten the kingdom. At the request of the family of Thailand, the Dragon Family was called upon to speak with Thailand’s elder son who is in charge – immediate assistance was needed.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Hail Hail The Gang’s All Here



10. Keenan is Given Intelligence from “El” that “Wall Street” was in the Process of Moving out of New York to the City of Stamford Connecticut
August 2014

Maybe they’re privy to the news Neil discloses in this post about the Obama plan, or call it the Cabal Plan, to impose martial law on United States, which would shut down the banks, and people would not have access to their bank accounts, debit or credit cards to buy food.

Trying to take food or supplies would give the military or police the right to shoot. On top of that they intended to unleash on the American public a variety of deadly diseases to make the people weak and sick. We could not allow this to happen to our family, friends or our communities.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Sticks & Stones


11. Keenan Exposes the Planned World Economic Forum (WEF) Being Held in Jakarta
April 2015

With the Cabal / Global Elite losing and looking for a place to hang their hats, the WEF said would bring their international investments with them. Of course this would have meant that Indonesia would soon be subject to take-over, as has happened to every country that the WEF have ever invaded.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Asian Invasion Begins


12. Neil Keenan Elected M1 Monetary Controller of The Global Collateral Accounts
December 2015

“Late in the evening on November 25th, a meeting took place in an Asian country (not Indonesia) with: the Elders, who represent the largest depository of the Global Collateral Accounts (GCA) assets (worth Quadrillions); the Spiritual Advisor to the Elders; Jo, who served as the translator; and Neil Keenan. Security was very tight.

After briefing Neil about the assets that are waiting for him, and that the “safe” time for their release is at hand, he was further surprised to learn that a year ago the Elders had also drawn up “letters” for him to sign.

Upon his signature, Neil Keenan would be known as Number 1 (N1) – or, as the position is more commonly known, M1. It was by unanimous consent among all of the Elders that they elected Neil as N1.”

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | The Accounts Are Beckoning / Clear Sailing Ahead

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Nobody Does It Better – That’s Why


13. Philippine President “Bongbong” Marcos’ Attempts to Push Malaysian President Najib Razak into a $14 Trillion USD Cabal Re-Financing Deal
February 2016

Keenan was advised that a major globalist scam was about to take place that would inflict economic damage beyond belief on most of the world. If the NWO flunkies were allowed to dump $14 Trillion USD into the World Market, just how much value would the US Dollar have had?

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | They Are All Watching You: ‘Malaysia’


14. Keenan Exposes Cabal Plot to Replace the “Old” US Republic With a “New Republic” That Would Simply Have Been a New Label on the Same System
May 2016

For too many years we have been played with by what we called government when in fact it was nothing more than a Corporation. Well, it’s time for them to come forward and face the fact that they have finally been cornered and there is no out.

Yes we have heard about the New Republic but when you put together the pieces of the puzzle you realize that they are both one and the same – just flying a new flag with new colors or what have you.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Old Republic Versus New Republic: THE JIGS UP


15. Keenan Exposes an Attempted Cabal Re-Financing Plot Using Ban Ki-moon, Jeb Bush et al. President of China Xi Jinping and President Park of South Korea Alerted. Plot Averted
July 2016

“The purpose of Ban Ki moon’s being there was an attempt to keep the NWO or Globlist Agenda alive. President Xi Jinping sat amused by the offerings.”

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Attempts To Pull The Wool Over Chinese / Korean Eyes – Only To Find There’s No Wool

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | China Shoves, Keenan Pushes To Put An End To UN / NWO / Ban Ki-moon’s Foolishness


16. Keenan Exposes Financial Doomsday Plan to EMP North America to Cancel Elections and More
August 2016

The plan would see the blame laid upon “foreign terrorists” for an EMP (Electronic Magnetic Pulse) attack on the electricity grid of North America, brought about by detonating nuclear warheads in the atmosphere. The attack would cover a wide berth of land ranging from the East coast to the West coast of the US, and from the North to South coasts, also extending into Canada and even Central America.

Neil and M2 were told that everything was in place in the US to destroy the ‘Grid’ and set off a depopulation program that would eliminate 80% of the American population by way of starvation and civil unrest. Waiting to deliver emergency foods, the UN would decide who ate and who did not. This executive order had already been signed by the unlawful and utter fraud that is known as Barack Obama.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Internal Secrets: New Financial System To Save The World From The Globalist / Obama Doomsday Plan: A Real Ball Of Confusion


17. The United Nations Invites Neil Keenan to Discuss Financing, New Technologies & The Global Collateral Accounts
September 2016

Neil states that the only circumstances under which he would accept such an invitation, would be because the UN had accepted his demands for the majority of seats on the particular UN committee; thereby establishing Neil’s credence that the Golden Rule applies: “He who has the gold makes the rules”.

Another prerequisite would be that the numerous aggressive corporations imposing themselves as governments stand down, as Neil and Group K finances the deployment of new technologies from the Global Collateral Accounts worldwide; thereby alleviating the burdens of poverty stricken people everywhere.

Neil also states that the first couple of Accounts opened will go immediately into backing new technologies, towards the immediate halting of chemtrail spraying, geoengineering and the dissemination of any other environmental poisons including weaponized food, vaccines and GMO’s etc.

Funding will also be directed towards the eradication of homelessness, and into the provisioning of proper healthcare, clean drinking water, safe food and the taking care of military veterans.Finally, Neil would demand UN worldwide immunity in relation to all matters pertaining to himself and anyone representing his team.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | The United Nations Invites Neil Keenan To Discuss Financing, New Technologies & The Global Collateral Accounts


Related Background Material

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | The Connection Between 9/11, JFK And The Global Collateral Accounts

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | The Fed Fraud: The European- Controlled Creature That’s Bled Us for 100 Years

NEIL KEENAN: Full History & Events Timeline


Neil states: “We are a real bothersome group of “No-see-em’s” which just continually get in the way – but please understand we can get in the way, and we can expose, but we cannot go much further; not without possessing the arrest powers that are required; along with heavy security. 

With the above key items,  sure we can clean it up and make their lives hell – frankly to get this done the way it is supposed to be done – we need him to help us do it. We need his wisdom and guidance and who is he? Listen here and you will find out.”



To download a PDF version of this article in French click here.


Copyright © 2017, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. Mr Neil, thank you again for your dedication .
    We also understood the complex situation in Korea.
    Now all bunkers around the world are disappearing.
    So we need a strong organization to protect it.
    The dragon family must keep this in mind and make a decision for the peace of the planet.

    Take care Mr Neil.

  2. Take no bull from them Neil……kick ’em hard in their pants

  3. Well Neil that is and remain one big JOB.

    Well Done Neil

  4. I had no idea how much you have helped humanity Neil and Group K. Forever indebted to all of you. No words to express our thankfulness and appreciation. We stand with you and behind all your efforts to rid of the dark. Safety and much Love and protection sent your way.

  5. Agreed. Just Wow. Head spinning information,. Makes sense considering the vast 100 years of contrived wars, tensions, and sovereign relationships.
    One lingering question possibly answered. here. Why all the naval war exercises in S. Korea every month or so. For the past 40 years. Never made sense but couldn’t figure out why. Now crystal clear. Cover for tending to business?
    So big.
    Must be great/ truthful videos as they have been disabled with black screen.

    • It is only getting better. The US most likely without the Presidents knowledge but with Rothschild and Soros inteference (Obama as well) are building a base, The US military base in Yongsan, Seoul, moved to Pyeongtaek-City(Port).
      Easy to figure things out when you have so much information at hand.

      There is Jeju Island in the southernmost part of Korea.

      They are building a Naval Base there as well—-Bunker assets already being moved. Time to put a hold on things.

  6. I take that back. The videos do work, after
    I posted.

  7. Please be safe,vigilant and kick this evils ass! I/We so very much appreciate and stand in awe of what you do and are able to accomplish.

  8. Thank you Neil.
    I can only imagine how hard this has been on you, but God knows you and as Moses, you were chosen.
    I read your updates but, this outlines it all.
    This is easier for me to follow.
    Hugs and protections. Love ya.

  9. Super Fantastic Job!!!
    Angel’s have been keeping you safe.
    Thank you so much!
    SuperMan Keenan!!!

  10. The centuries -old battle between good and evil continues, we are all here at this point in time for a reason; sincerest gratitude to Neil Keenan and the Team and all warriors for truth and integrity everywhere for their Herculean efforts for the greater good.

    We are in the mother-of-all battles for our lives and our future, the Cabal and the shadow government represent the enemy, not who or whatever the mainstream media scripted propaganda regurgitates to bamboozle us. We have been lied to our whole lives about pretty much everything.

    Our so-called “government” has committed fraud, personage, identity theft, intimidation, etc. against each of us from the day we were born. According to the Admiralty Law these treasonous liars pretend is the “law of the land,” fraud vitiates everything it touches.

    Patriotism isn’t obedience to the “official” narrative or mindlessly waving a flag; patriots defend the integrity of the People and Land that flag represents from “government” interference of our inalienable rights bestowed upon us by the Creator. Now is the time, and we are the ones we have been waiting for.

  11. Wow is right! I am eternally grateful for everything you have done and will do. I’m praying God will keep you and Group K safe so you may continue to thwart all the evil doers. May God bless you and your team abundantly! I know you “won’t back down!” Be safe and kick all their asses!

  12. Indonesian ISP’s are blocking those videos in Korea.

    Only after I stepped in a VPN was I able to access them.

  13. Neil…is Soros already death ????

  14. Excelente Neil y equipo. Muy buen trabajo. Bendiciones

  15. Dear Mr. Keenan,

    On behalf of myself and all of Humanity – With the deepest Gratitude and Appreciation to you and your team for what you have accomplished.

    May the Angels watch over you and God keep you safe always…. Blessings in Light and Love.
    ps I am a Rhode Island native! A Healer and Teacher, very excited for the coming times.

  16. Hi Neil! Thanks for the awesome update and hello Group K. Just wanted to say im praying for the cabal to surrender at some levels while the big fish continue to go into hiding. They can’t hide long these cowards. See that’s why they must bring the boss to the surface..we sure can’t fold nor quit, Jesus promised He will be with us…so I fear not ANYMORE. After all even the 144,000 elect will only be born after the suffrage of the persecution and villinization .only to be caught up and return with super powers hehehe.. the Victor owns the Vindication. So we wouldn’t be here if it wasnt for Group K being divinEly guided to help pierce the darkness … on the sidelines still doing what i can with whatever resources I have, but I patiently and impatiently wait to fullfill more goals and dreams that sound surreal to most friends I’ve told but im holding on and never gonna give up,, fresh breath is coming soon.

  17. Keep the dark forces from stealing all the cookies from the cookie jar. Great job Neil and company. Thank you for all of your work. It’s good to know that we are in good hands! Cheers to you …

  18. Way to Go Niel. Expose those Ratts….

  19. I sure hope to live long enough to see this end. It is time.

    Keep up the good work Neil. Stay safe.

  20. This is a response from Neil to someone who had not done their homework (in reading the History & Events Timeline and our earlier articles) as to why there are modern day currencies in some of the bunkers as well as more historical assets:

    “What don’t you understand Michael – or do you want me to educate you? Sorry I have no time for this you read the History & Events Timeline on our website and you might find what you are looking for.

    First and foremost money is being printed all the time and placed in the bunkers. Monthly in fact. They still have to pay their bills and they do so with the printers they already have out there including three in Asia.

    On a monthly basis containers continue to come into the ports and then moved from the distributor to the bunkers.

    The bunkers regarding the collapse were bunkers watched over by the Japanese.

    Again – read the History & Events Timeline, I do not have time to continue going back in time to teach you.

    And yes they have 2011 notes seeing many of the old notes lose some of their value but are still redeemed government to government.

    What is wrong with you Michael? There are notes in the bunkers you have never seen or heard of before.

    These notes have nothing to do with you and are government to government notes. You will never see them.

    As a matter of fact the new US Dollars are already in the bunkers as well.

    And oh yeah just in case YOU FORGET, not all bunkers have collapsed doorways this is why they have Guardians at most of them and no you do not see them they are hidden from public view and no I am not going to tell you how to find them.

    ALSO – many of the assets have been counterfeited by the West who do not wish to pay their debts and if you attempt to do anything with those assets you end up most likely in jail.”

  21. I also have researched this info, and there are some holes in their claims
    that we are plugging right now in the courts
    They are in for a BIG liability claim on their underwriters –
    1n 1973, 44 federal judges shut down the federal courts and sued Congress in equity for breach of contract – I have both pleadings and in the dicta
    they “spill their guts” about the “wrongdoing” however they received the “exchange” rate for their claim – it is what we all have a claim on –
    If you are interested in the info, let me know

  22. Neil,
    So great to hear things are progressing along. I am in Beaumont Texas where we are facing the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Destruction everywhere. Please keep us in your prayers as rescues continue and rivers begin to crest. We love you and Group K and know that better days are ahead.

  23. A couple of links I’d like to share with the community if that’s ok. If not, please remove.

    A ‘retired’ CIA agent, Kevin Shipp, had this to say about the Shadow Government and the Deep State. He says they are really two different entities but tied together. According to him the Constitution has been out the window basically since 1947/48 when Truman signed the National Security Act creating the CIA and then supposedly later regretted it. I know some folks probably think it was earlier ;-). He names the corporation players and says that about $260 annually comes out of every family’s taxes to pay Lockheed Martin who is the chief information processor for the CIA, NSA and the FBI. Among many other staggering details, to me at least.

    For those that have Netflix, Dr. Steve Greer’s film ‘Unacknowledged’ is now available to stream. He confronts the naysayers head on, “There is overwhelming evidence” and gives the real reasons why UFO’s have been covered up. One of which is what Neil has been helping to bring out and the other is bit more scary, but knowledge is power!

  24. Dear Neil and Group K,
    Thank you so much for posting this. I have followed you right from the beginning and you are the bravest people I know. Don’t let Obama or Clinton get away with everything they’ve done. There are many others as well; I know. God Bless and be safe always. Come home soon Neil.
    live oak

  25. Fantastic job !!,congratulations to you all. Don’t give up we are behind you .Bless you all!!We need people like you here in Canada!

  26. Neil,
    I remembered your post with Tom Petty when I learned of his passing.
    What were your thoughts? Don’t Back Down.

  27. Neil, I just want to say thank you and your team for all you have done and continue to do. This is my first time to read any of your reports , however it ties into so much i have been discovering in my searching and trying to understand. I have tried to show my family and freinds but they all think im insane and completely gullible to believe the conspiracy theories lol. I will be keeping you and your team in my prayers for your safety these people are beyond evil and they worship demons which makes them dangerous. I have been very worried myself about a EMP attack but i feel a little better after hearing your report. I also follow Q which some people try to call a Psyop but he has brought so many patriots together for good and there have been many Q proofs to convince us that he is( or they) are working to bring down the cabal and rid our world of these evil people. Thank you i truly believe that my children and grandbabies will have a much better world. I pray that ill get to see it happen in my lifetime. Much love and prayers from Tennessee

  28. Rodolfo Haguring

    May 30, 2020 at 6:14 pm

    Do we have Financial Debt Assumption & Protection Services here in ASIA?

  29. Robert Elliott

    July 9, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    hi neil is there any truth to the QE vouchers that are being advertised for sale on freeman legal services to pay of your debt the vouchers cost £72 each and you can have up to 5 vouchers per person to clear your debts

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