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Crayfish And His
3 Trillion Dollars

Crayfish (David Crayford) is a bottom dweller but he does dig up a can of worms once in a while and this $3T is a nice example.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t dug deep enough into an old story to find out the real purpose and use of this new issue of $100 Federal Reserve Notes.

One clue that he did mention was the fact that China has a warehouse that is chocker block full of such notes printed in China.

Taiwan has crates full too.

The Philippines have crates of un-cut sheets.

And Neil has bunkers full in Indonesia of all kinds of rotting paper.

Yes, the foundation of the described transaction is fraudulent. Period.

UBS cannot use Collateral Account gold or assets as collateral backing such issuances of currency regardless of who or where the currency is printed.

But where did this money go?  Crayfish has no clue.  As a leading member of the IOTC he should know!

Well, not really since Neil Keenan has already exposed the OTC / IOTC as a phony wannabe with absolutely no support of the Elders / Real Depositors of 85% of the gold in the Collateral Accounts. Crayfish babbles on rather eloquently but it is mainly empty bubbles coming up from the bottom of the pond.

So where does this kind of money come from and go to?  The US Treasury together with the FED print dollars in a number of countries, sometimes to facilitate regional trade (Germany, China, Japan, Philippines and elsewhere.)

Other times they are printed as payoffs for Balance of Payments Deficits.

And then there are those used to finance local wars, political appointees, regime change or as a method to steal more gold or resources in exchange for paper.

Additionally there is the trick of declaring any OLD NOTES before a certain date to be no longer valid. This either forces an exchange for new notes – and if such is not done within a certain period the old notes are toilet paper only.

AND don’t forget the use of FAKE $100 bills to pay off Ukrainian mercenaries or ISIL idiots that cannot tell the difference.  Iran actually makes some very nice copies too.

Unfortunately most $100 notes are recognized by their serial numbers that all banks and money lenders are acutely aware of and do not want to lose out by accepting funny money.

Similarly, a few years back some of the European countries were not accepting US $100 notes printed in the US!  This was / is because US dollars printed in the US are inflated more than international dollars used in trade, creating an imbalance in values.

In some countries you could only make an exchange at a government postal office.  So much for the All Mighty Dollar.

So back to Crayfish… digging dirt without following the muddy trail just stirs up the water so no one can see.

Blaming it on the AMERICANS as a catch-all phrase is also stupid as we all know that this type of act was clearly initiated by a small group of crooks inside the US Government, Treasury and the FED – especially since as part of the International Office of Treasury Control (IOTC), he should have been informed of such an act as soon as it was authorized… right?

As well as knowing all the who, what , when, where, why, and how.   He has no clue – other than that the AMERICANS DID IT!

Shame on your stupidity.  Know that Neil and gang eat Crayfish with relish and hot sauce!


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  1. There can never be an end to this money madness until mankind stands up as a collective and demands that there is no value above us and no owner of our planet except us.

    Earth is the birthright and home of the Earth human family. We must throw off the shakels of those who believe they have a supervisor power above and beyond the will of the people.

    The truth is that even the excepted value in gold and jewelry belongs to the people and greedy men fight for control of it only to maintain control or change management.

    It is that small so called elite that claim the people are incapable of governing themselves and use any means to assure they never have a chance to prove otherwise.

    Looking at the track record of the so called elite they have done an absolutly terrible job. They are driven by a selfish greed so dangerous their actions have brought our world to the brink of total destruction of the planet and all life.

    How long will this intelligent unique species of humans continue down this insane path? This illusion that money mineral and oil has a value above life liberty and united harmony. Even the insects understand that.

    We must do something different now at this cross road, we must have a different result. Mankind is awakening and a lot of evil doers will be caught with their dirty hands on our cookies.

  2. 1. Correct, David Crayford and his ITC/OITC are 100% B.S., at best a psyop purposefully instituted to try to maintain an ongoing ambiguity as to the truthful identification and ownership of assets, just as Hudes does. Why the $3T revelation now, wherein the documents he shows appeared long ago on the web elsewhere? Perhaps a few were cut out of receiving their fair share of the counterfeit USD$ and this is their way of revenge?

    2. I have in my possession other type documents of a similar nature, this time mentioning the FED within, though such are for a far smaller amount of $USD, also with a foreign jurisdiction wherein the multiple signatories therein are still very much alive and wherein an associate of mine personally knows many of them. I expect to be soon receiving a full file of such documents soon, all via special access encrypted email w/attachments.

    This associate is also personally checking out Crayford’s exact story … to the point, we hope, not to put a few allegedly involved persons at risk of their lives.

    3. For those who missed the original Crayford story, such can be found here:


    Other most recent followups can be found here:



    3. To Neil and the K Team … It’s a tough road you are on, wherein it appears relatively simple for the powers that be to shut down you access to all forms of payment ability, i.e., demand deposits, credit and debit cards, money, SWIFT and Telex wires. And if trying to use cash such instigates all sorts of Gestapo informer financial reporting and investigations of alleged money laundering and often regardless of USD or ED size particularly if one is an already marked man or entity on “The List”

    Saying that, it may take an influential sovereign or two in your corner to put the effective pressure on.

    • Furthermore, being that there are 32,150.74656 ozt in one metric tonne of LBMA fineness [min. 995.0] gold bullion, such represents 112,527,612.96 ozt if were 3,500 metric tonnes. If the bullion was hypothecated at $3 trillion as per the Crayford article, such would correspond to $26,660.12 @ozt, an historical and current value of which gold has never traded.

  3. Excellent! I saw that intel and thought, hmmm, this is different, something real for a change, but then he followed up with that transparent blame-the-people BS and we were back to the same old Crayfish. But I was certainly wondering about that one little fact he gave. Thank you for clearing it up so quickly and giving us the context to understand it! Your boys & girls are on the ball.

  4. Hi Neil I was hoping to hear about your signing of the M1 papers this time! I also would like to know a little more about the situation with General Dunford and Obama!
    Thank you sir!


    If you wanted to know on how Obama is sleezing his way into making more crap to stir things up, here’s a few. Obama speaking at Canadian Parlement House last week,now Canada sending troops on Russian border and now this on RT.
    I’ve always said be careful of the quiet ones, You said once Cabal is very well also in Canada and we never had trouble cause we did as they said, but the words might be better used as Canadian Government does to make sure the Cabal stays alive. Lets not forget on how these Canadian politicians walk hand in hand with the Vatican the US, Israel,Saudis and many offshore accounts. The quiet one.

    You have the Trudeau era starting all over again with his son now.

    Best regards Charles

    • it’s quite sickening, all these games these ass-kissing puppets play to serve their masters. little do they know that good always wins in the end… beam me up Lord! i’m done with this place!

      • You are looking to the Lord to beam you up while I am simply waiting for Scottie and even he does not appear…

        • Lol i know .. how frustrating! My money is still on the second coming of Christ… not to be mistaken by the “blue beam project” of deception.

          • Mine too ! ! Goin’ in 1 Thess. 4
            and coming back in Zech. 14 …..after the ”big clean up”.
            A few are goin’ and the majority gonna get caught in
            the clean up. Just sayin’ lol

    • To different people just like bush and bush Jr.

  6. Keep eating Niel and THANKS !

  7. sounds like neil is assuming the position of m1.

    i hope this will spell the end of the fed system and the eu in short order.

    however, before the end of the eu, could we have a discussion on the economic impact of information provided by juncker recently regarding “leaders of other planets” being worried about the direction of the eu.
    what i mean is, if aliens and alien technology enters the picture of our global economy, how will currency continue? will it at all be needed or justified?

    i hope to hear about neil’s mission status in detail soon.

  8. Keenan Team | Two

    July 5, 2016 at 4:37 pm

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  9. Cameron Jensen

    July 7, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    Quite Possibly the Most Important Announcement You Ever Receive

    Here are the links to the two pages of the one document

    They are pdf files that should be compatible with Apple.


    • Very interesting. But need some further explanation
      in layman’s language. Wish Ana would write an article
      with the details.

  10. All you have to do is look at Wikipedia and you can see this whole story of the iotc is just a pack of lies

    What does anyone get out of this story….

    Il tell you where the bonds came from…

    From another factory just like where these came from

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