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Cease And Desist Order:
Peter Wagoner

This Cease-and-Desist Order is made this third day of April 2021 and is issued by the Indonesian AMANAH Neil Francis Keenan

Citizen of the Republic of Ireland.

Residing in Yogyakarta Indonesia.

To Peter Brower Wagoner.


A company registered in Hong Kong. 

Citizen of the United States as a legally liable man.

This Cease-and-Desist Order is issued in response to Peter Brower Wagoner’s illegal and

fraudulent claim to be Indonesia’s “Amanah.” Indonesian Amanah is an internationally recognized financial position and authority currently held through unanimous election by Indonesian Elders and by the passage of a series of spiritual rituals, by ONLY myself, Neil Francis Keenan.

It has been brought to my attention that Mr. Wagoner has been claiming to be Indonesia’s

Amanah in attempts to secure financial gains from false financial transactions and scams on an international basis.

Mr. Wagoner’s other fraudulent titles he presents to International Humanitarian Projects and Development officials via numerous means of communication and portfolio documents, as well as asserting his association with the International Association Organization (IGO) Ignita Veritas United (IVU) and the Order of the Temple of Solomon are documented as follows:

His Highness (H.H.) Prince Peter Wagoner. His Royal Highness represents the United Kingdoms of Banten Nusantara of the Ancient Archipelago Islands of Indonesia. ‘Secretary of Royal Alliances’ and as Monetary Two (M2) of the Sovereign Royal Portfolio, while His Royal Highness, King Bungsu Mudakir, is described as Monetary One (M1) of the Sovereign Royal Portfolio. Mr. Wagoner’s ongoing contact with international humanitarian and development officials is exclusively dedicated to establishing cooperation with Ignita Veritas United (IVU) and with a managerial platform and system for the future humanitarian application of developmental funds.

Order of the Temple of Solomon Grand Chancellor, His Highness (H.H.) Prince of Nusantara. He was established as Prince of Nusantara (2013) by H.R.H. Crown Prince Bungsu Mudakir (from Indonesian Queen Kanjeng Umi Ratu Roro Kidul of Dakka Atlantea, and as son of President Soekarno by consort Machasi), confirmed by three blessing ceremonies with King Dato Abu Wahab and Queen Dewi Kwan Im of the Kingdom of Bantan Nusantara (ancient Archipelago Islands) of West Java (from ca. 14, 000 B.C.) representing the Five Sacred Royal Houses of Southeast Asia (Medang Kamolan, Padjadjaran Poerwa, Mataram Binoeangeun, Dakka Atlantea, and Poerwa Tjasita).

This is a clear and present international fraud that defames both the Indonesian Government and the duly elected and real AMANAH Neil Francis Keenan. I will thus be filing appropriate legal notices and seek to have Mr. Wagoner false claims reported to the proper Indonesian authorities and Immigration officials to place him on Persona Non Grata and No Fly Lists.

I will also be filing official complaints with international financial regulatory authorities and various intelligence agencies and Interpol concerning this fraudulent activity as a precursor to international legal actions for false impersonation, defamation and other illegal activities as may arise from further investigations. I have been officially informed that these agencies and authorities already have thick files on Mr. Wagoner and his financial scamming activities.

Mr. Wagoner, you are well aware of who I am as our relationship goes back to 2012. I exposed your persona deception and your nefarious financial operations at that time. Your recent Amanah and other deceitful identities clearly establishes your long-term attempt and intent to interfere with and defraud me, as well as fabricate false claims. This evidence can and will be used against you in International Courts of Law to your detriment should you not Cease-and-Desist immediately.

You’ve finally earned an official title. You will now be recognized as Horses Ass Two (HA 2).

This Cease-and-Desist Order is fair warning.

AMANAH Neil Francis Keenan

Copyright © 2021, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. Neil, the depth and scope of this a**hole’s (no, I don’t mince words) chutzpah is beyond belief and deserves everything you can throw at him, beginning with that most apt official title (although horses may object to being associated with such scum). Go get ’em.

  2. Neil, Your steadfastness in all of this is amazing. Your efforts are (more than you know) appreciated and when all is said and done, I’d still like to have a chance to meet you and catch a ball game.

    Thank you again for never giving up.

  3. Hmmm… he looks like the Aussie PM bother… lol

  4. Go get ’em, Neil.

  5. Tick tock……………..

  6. Now with horses ass number one (Philip) passed its time to ass wipe the rest

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