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Asian Insiders #1 & #2 Speak Out

Preface: The End / Beginning is Near

The end seems to be coming quickly after so many years of battles won in the ditches, on paper and in jungles. It is finally on its way so it appears.

The latest by the Asian Insiders 1&2 in a collaborative effort, makes it perfectly clear they are ready for Neil Keenan and Group K’s return to action.

This should be the final curtain call before a new beginning with opened Global Accounts.

The preparations by the insiders, lawyers etc. have been extensive and time consuming but have brought this to a point where Neil and team can slide relatively easily into the seat and position of M1  (should he decide to take it – with the required changes made within the documentation).

Yes, Neil expects to have M2 continually making wise suggestions being that M2 just might be one of the worlds’ great minds.  And as Neil says “if we can get M2 to stop jumping off roof tops we can stop worrying and start working.”

From what was sent (below) Neil has nothing to worry about, everything is being prepared for him throughout Asia and he is considering every little move as a major move.

Now all we need is to keep him healthy and acquire the financing and he is off for what appears to be the final step before the real journey begins.

Group K received the following at approximately 12am on Friday 17 June (NZT):


Asian Insiders #1 & #2 Speak Out

Neil, our group of elders has been patiently (and admittedly eagerly) awaiting your return. We are fully aware of any and all physical ailments that have been accosting you and have expedited specialist spiritual healing powers to you. Should  you still feel weak, do please realize that it is the power of the aforementioned spiritual elements which are permeating throughout your body as this is being written.

You have done a masterful job in representing the Family and should sign the M1 papers as soon as practicable upon your arrival. This is a call from the Prince, through the Elders, to you. Your postponement should not be much longer.

It certainly is becoming apparent to us that the momentum of support from around the world continues to build for you; while the detractors are akin to the gnats that snap and snivel in the United States; they are annoying.

In order to address such vexatious efforts we have solicited two major Indonesian law firms to represent you (should you choose to take up the offer) upon your return for the signing of the awaiting documentation.

Previously, you have mentioned that you already have the best of all Indonesian lawyers and we have spoken to those who know Mr. Stanley Hoop who have advised us that he is best for you, potentially with our support.  We understand now who Mr. Hoop is and do agree that he is one person who should assist you while utilizing our political and judicial involvement.

As a proactive move we have also prepared expedient transit stations throughout Indonesia, should you choose to work with those we have begun to coordinate efforts with. The banks and transit stations are suitably positioned in relation to each other, as they are also in relation to the assets themselves.

We appreciate that you may choose to pivot in another direction via associates in Singapore, Borneo, Hong Kong or Malaysia. However we do not see how what we are doing could put you at any disadvantage, considering that groundwork is being prepared for you by dedicated professionals who wish to facilitate your endeavors in any way they can.

As for Anonymous, they did you a service and a disservice; concurrently. You were applauded which is what everyone is pleased to hear, but they also over-did it in some respects. We have knowledge that ‘they’ investigated some 22-25 computers and found all kinds of goodies therein.  Indeed that matter has concluded now so “love it or leave it” as the Europeans say.

Collectively, we encourage your continued relationship with M2.  It seems that you are much more relaxed having such a capable professional working at close quarters, who is able to access that which is required with a snap of the fingers. We believe M2 will become an integral part of your team and the Shaman concurs on this point. You almost seem to settle to a degree with this person working beside you.

As for the Group K team which extends to here in Indonesia, you have chosen well. While it is invariably tricky to ascertain exactly what is being done, this is beneficial to those tasks at hand. In doing such an admirable job of selecting those with whom you work, it is apparent that they fit the requisite mold perfectly. Young perhaps, not quite adorned but ready for adornment. Remember one thing, our Indonesians will tell your Westerners stories trying to confuse them, until they really get to know them.

We suggest you allow Anonymous to turn the discovered documents detailing conspiracies, deceit, slander and fraud – amongst other things, over to the authorities. Let those who would prevent you from finishing your quest sit in a lockup while you proceed with your work toward the necessary outcomes.  If Anonymous do not do as they claim, we can file actions for you in Western Europe or Indonesia against the perpetrating parties. There are many ways to take action.

The finish line beckons you, Neil Keenan and Group K (and indeed to all who have supported your efforts along the way); what an outstanding job. What a long, tedious endeavor and it is little wonder why no one has ever attempted it before, at least not like the Keenan Group.

Soon you will be blazing your own pathways and while others attempt to maneuver you in the direction of their choosing, no matter where it might be: remember you will be always, absolutely in the drivers seat. Continue to discern wisely and remember to include your M2 for proper advice and counsel.

Awaiting your arrival,

Asian Insider 1 and 2 in an effort of collaboration.


To download a PDF version of this article in Japanese click here.


To download a PDF version of this article in Russian click here.



  1. Neil is finally about to throw that damned ring into Mt. Doom.


    Neil has asked that you keep any comments relevant to the post in question.

    Please do not post comments on random topics – nor comments that are overly long.

    The facebook group “It’s A Keenan Thing” is the venue

    for off topic posts.

    Thank you.

  3. Good news i am very happy for you Neil

  4. Excellent news Sherlock!!!

    Way to go!!! The Lone Ranger continues to ride. Now you are picking up the experts along the way who will help you succeed.

    Prayers to you, my dear friend and your esteemed colleagues.

  5. brooks o'bryant

    June 16, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    Goose bumps to me upon reading this….. and good wishes to Neil and your team! Finally can see the finish line and we are all behind you in whatever way we can be! You are one great soul Mr. Neil Keenan!!!

  6. Dear Neil & Team-
    Would you please help me to understand.
    Is the “New” Republic the one that is being brought forward? Is it the Original De Jure republic that will bring complete freedom? Is NESARA part of it? Will we have Peace?
    Please- I hope you will respond.
    All of Light, Love & Blessings to you and Team K.
    Go Team Go!

  7. Sending you Love and Healing Energy Neil Thanks for all the work you have done a and the ones to be completed soon . May God bless you and help you every step of the way Go get them!

  8. No more weasel room for the perpetrators and righteousness shall reign as it does in your own heart and mind Neil – so let it be

  9. Nancy Spencer

    June 16, 2016 at 2:36 pm

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU Neil Keenan!! My wish … is that WHEN this is all said and done, and when the dust has settled… I get an opportunity to shake your hand or give you a bear hug!! No words can express the gratitude I am feeling toward you and your team for what you have/are accomplishing for humanity and this beautiful planet. God speed be with you and all that are with you. Needless to say you are one tough Irishman! Take care.

  10. I’m new to all of this and trying to catch up. It sounds like this has been quite the long endeavor and hopefully coming to an end soon. Thank you to Neil and Group K and all others involved. I send blessings for a full recovery to Neil and a swift and peaceful resolution to all of this. Admin: I hope this post is okay/on topic enough. If not please remove.


    June 16, 2016 at 4:50 pm


  12. Thanks Neil and all of you for your great job

  13. WOW! No other words except again THANK YOU Group K and Neil!
    Blessings for you all through the next steps. (Please send us a pic with handcuffs on Jeb, smiles.)


  14. Antonio Carlos M. Gonçalves

    June 16, 2016 at 6:24 pm

    I wish to let you know that we here in Brazil also are following this long and thorny journey. We all wish you a happy end in favour to all humanity. Thank you very much for all you and the K Team are doing to our freedom. Be well, be safe, stay in Peace. God bless you all. ACMG

  15. Spiritual healing powers blessed
    Almost there Neil…It seems so close, sometimes far away.

  16. Bravo Mr. Keenan, I applaud you and support you to the very end. It is about time humanity experiences the long-awaited ascension.

    Love and Light.

  17. Carmine Conti

    June 16, 2016 at 9:52 pm

    Thank You Neil,Keenan Team, GroupK
    with Love Carmine

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Neil and Team K. Outstanding! You guys are the best! God bless.

  19. Brenda Teagarden

    June 16, 2016 at 11:51 pm

    More power to you Neil and team. May God and his holy angels keep you safe, healthy and protected 24/7. I send healing of the highest vibration to you.

    Bless your heart,
    Brenda T

  20. The long brick road is coming to an end and a well deserved vacation you’ll all have. Neil and Group K you will be written in history to Infinity and beyond!! LOL
    Just don’t forget that all us die hard,addicted,over consumed fans of yours which I mean us are all gonna need some really good counselling when these post come to an end on this site.. LOL
    In heart and soul I tip my hat to you Neil and Group K

    Best regards Charles

  21. Mr. Keenan, I am so happy your still in this fight. Do us who follow and the World a wonderful favor, but accepting the M-1 responsibility. Just think of it, your the only man in the world who can do this, your knowledge of the process & ” Irish Street Sense” has uniquely prepared you for this position. You can and will accomplish for Billions of People, and who will be forever grateful for your efforts. Some may never know it was you, but God & those of us who have followed will tell the world of who you are and what you have done for mankind. God bless you and family, stay safe, and we will see you and celebrate at the “Finish Line”==BillyBobG

  22. I send you, Neil and your wonderful Team K my best wishes. I have deep gratitude for what you all are doing. I hope your ear heals fast and completely heals. I am glad you are having renewed energy. Godspeed. Diane

  23. SO grateful! I think of you and the K-team all the time, and I always ask “from above”protection for you all. It is moving really fast, those days, and the bad guys are in disarray. Going in hiding. Thank you my friends. I am looking forward to a far better world, even though I have a full stomach, a full fridge, and a roof over my head, but I cannot help thinking of those who do not enjoy those luxuries”which are the basic rights of all human beings.

  24. if you are hit by frequency/energy attacks remember to have crystals to help with shielding yourself.
    there are some who use orgonite to good effect, but there are many different to choose.

    im happy to hear that your asian friends have prepared two major law firms to fight for you, this should hopefully expedite cases so that the system will be unable to push the time limits as they have done in the past.
    make the Rotchilds pay for every single crime and don’t trust them ever! have them under 100% surveillance and guard them if you need to them to do something as part of a deal.
    if they order their minions to cease and desist while leaving for a cell in full public view I guess i can go along with not brutally getting revenge after things have improved. but I would not let them loose. and they would have to answer to source after all this as well and then they are likely to be recycled for something else than intelligent life I think along with the worst crooks supporting their system on earth.

  25. I forgot, anonymous is a loose group of people, some of them are probably good but i bet they have been infiltrated or are being used by people who are gov agents as well.

    just only have things on your pc they search that you can afford to have out in the open.

    i hope your lawsuit will go through soon since the eu deserves to be nullified.

  26. KeenanTeamTwo

    June 17, 2016 at 5:31 pm


    Neil has asked that you keep any comments relevant to the post in question.

    Please do not post comments on random topics – nor comments that are overly long.

    The facebook group “It’s A Keenan Thing” is the venue

    for off topic posts.

    Thank you.

  27. Thank you Neil and Group K, I pray and send healing to you for a complete and perfect healing. I have been following you a long time all I can say is God Speed and God Bless you and your team may you complete this to end the criminals and cabal to free everyone on this planet. Thank you I love you and team K.

  28. JB Brown/Gramy J

    June 17, 2016 at 10:45 pm

    Great news. Thanks Neil & Group K.

  29. Honestly guys I am about as excited as can recall right now!! I fully expect this state to be a mere sliver of the excitement that we’ll be experiencing when the whole planet gets to know what is happening!!!
    I think I may die from laughing on that day!!!

    Thank you for all your work I am in awe of your fabulous endeavours!

  30. What a wonderful post! A toast to you, Asian Insiders 1 & 2, and everyone on this beautiful Team K! Every time I visit this blog, I am so encouraged. I spent a few days away, and came back to be treated by all these new posts, including the video from the Iron Irishman himself! Neil, you are looking and sounding wonderful, very vibrant and focused.

    I am so happy that you and your team are aware of the Bushes and the cabal and that they are NOT to be trusted. For some reason this seems not to be such public knowledge around the world? I do not understand why anyone anywhere would trust them at this point, not to know that the name ‘Bush’ is always associated with theft and crime. Thank you for your awareness, your savvy, and your growing co-operation with other groups (e.g., Anna von Reitz and her people). How many can say that even Anonymous is on their side? How many could survive such an examination of their files? I call all of this as further evidence of your growing strength, and integrity from beginning to end.

    Word of your work is spreading now, and this is as it should be. The more eyes and hearts with you, the better. For those of us who are sending prayers and love your way, it is like watching a garden that was planted long ago, sent up its shoots and leaves, and now we are seeing some flowers beginning to bloom. Thank you so much for your love for humanity, and your generosity and heart to keep posting us all this information on what is going on! Your work is a ray of sunshine in dark times. Salut to all my Asian brothers and sisters, from Canada!

  31. Neil and the Team:

    This is wonderful news and a well-deserved victory! May your good health continue. The finish line beckons!

  32. Response From ANONYMOUS Regarding Neil Keenan

  33. Hello. Neal and group many prayers for all you may the lord help and heal you with peace , love and energy to keep doing what you do best . Thank you

  34. NEIL…. ARE YOU OK ?????

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