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Asian Insider: Congratulations
It’s Finally Happening

The following message was sent to us for publication by the person known as Asian Insider #1:

“Two years ago I was appointed by The Dragon Family to overlook the actions being taken by Neil Keenan. Finally, the die is cast!

How we came to this point is in some respects utterly confusing, – no one could have foreseen the way in which specific events would play out except for perhaps Neil himself.

As some of you are aware, “It’s  A Keenan Thing“. You might get that, you might not;

How has this man metamorphasised the entire Off-ledger Global Collateral Accounts into a humanitarian piggy bank?

How did he come to the conclusion that such assets may be used by a select and trusted group of people to prevent the entire world from falling under the irretrievable control of the “Globalist Cabal” – and to remedy an entire financial system?

This is a bold move, although from my vantage point and with the particulars that I am privy to, the above summary is fairly close to, if not directly on the mark. Certainly, there is much detail pertaining to this that has not yet been made public. This has been a prudent position to take, to say the very least.

What I am able to say is that this mandate was actually only ever originally intended to encompass the Global Collateral Accounts, and thereby the distribution of humanitarian funding packages. This in itself in terms of an undertaking is bigger than anything in financial terms than this world has ever seen.

Oddly enough, in his ever curious and idiosyncratic way Mr. Keenan has devised a method by which to tie a plethora of concerns (including “the gold”) into a monolithic framework that just might be able to govern all worldwide financial concerns in a fair and equitable manner moving forward. Finally!

This eventuality is due in part to a snowball effect whereby other asset holders and administrators have approached Neil.  Now that the word has spread, an ever growing number of key people have the clarity to see what Neil is putting together.

Of course, this all began with the Collateral Accounts and “the gold.” Indeed ‘the buck’ does stop with the gold!

So now the ‘buck’ is with Neil Keenan and his accumulated team of commensurate specialists.

In his peculiar fashion, Neil quipped, “We have put up with the Globalists while still in the womb; however, we are not there any longer, and now it is our turn to kick them to the curb as they’ve attempted to kick us”.

In part, what makes Neil such a perplexing character is how his mind can function on multiple tasks simultaneously which seems to be highly advantageous, if not a fundamental requirement in addressing the challenges at hand.

Many operators are a trick or two away from extinction and so it would follow that we never hear from them again.

Neil has one too many tricks up his proverbial sleeve, so one can never predict just what he might do next. He is, as he says, ’12 steps ahead of the ‘Oligarchs’ and if not, then he brings in Matthew and Michael to toss them out.’

I happen to agree that Neil Keenan and his Group K have been doing a phenomenal job while encountering all-comers in terms of distractions and diversions, and tacking all along the way to get to where they are now.

I have observed Neil in action with many of the Elders over the span of a few years now, and it has become as clear to them as it has to me that he fully intends to bring this effort to its rightful conclusion.

Within them I could feel a sense of relief. I think many of them had given up hope that this situation could ever be resolved, until this tenacious person came upon the scene. Some of the more astute among them had however sensed long ago that a solution would present itself one day.

While it is easy for armchair critics to bang on about this that and the other thing – one should not forget that Neil has financed nearly every facet of this mammoth effort with his own money –  millions of dollars! And this is completely aside from that which has been stolen, frozen and diverted. Yes I am looking at you, Vanguard Group in New York.

The whole family knows who you are! We threw you out of HSBC in Hong Kong.  And we will throw you out of HSBC Stateside too. The Bush family be damned!

The litany of attempts to get in Neils way have been well documented and that whole matter has become quite a bore. But this is what happens when one draws near to such a phenomenal  objective.

Most who would venture simply could not have overcome such encumbrances, but now with a little help from somewhere else, our planet might be looking at shaping into something much more positive indeed.

Neil is steadfast in his belief that there are many who can step forward to lend a hand one way or another, and we will see them emerge in due course. Perhaps these days will shortly be upon us.

Congratulations to you once again Mr. Neil Keenan and Group K – and I for one cannot wait to see you here in Jakarta. Your impact continues to grow. Thank you for your determined drive towards success, with never a call for applause.

I would very much like to join you on your journey with Group K and M2 during your push to reshape our planet for the better.

You have demonstrated that with sincere desire, a preeminent multi-tasking mind, and a small team of dedicated professionals, that the most remarkable feats may be achieved. Respectfully though, you have yet to reach the finish line so there is no room to be lax.

With the observation point that I have I am able to say with conviction that you and Group K are the talk of the financial world.

We are watching with great interest to see if the West has the wherewithal to awaken to the understanding that “the assets” are owned by the East, and that the East is prepared to allow you to utilize their assets for humanitarian purposes.

Other new and positive leaders in the West must now rise and do something more than continually asking you to do more. It is time for the would-be recipients to contribute as well. Otherwise, I have been instructed to advise you that you will be elected to an advisory post, albeit second to none.

Such a position would not be mandated to assist the West. And so, therefore, it is time for the West to stand up and help by taking a pro-active role in completing the task at hand.

Times have never been more serious and trivial pursuits must end or be dismissed outright.

Neil is not to be distracted, he must direct his attention to only that which must be done.  Neil you must pay attention.

You and Group K dare to dance with greatness, so take it by the horns and do not let it go, it is yours to lose.

God speed

Asian Insider” (#1)


  1. Thank you Neil Keenan & Team K, I appreciate all your hard work and it’s very dangerous at times, but you are the man born to bring freedom and abundance to this planet and save 90% of the population . I pray this is over soon and the cabal is finished and the criminals in jail or not on earth anymore. I pray for your protection and the Team K.

    Love & light Laurie K

    • I can’t get close to imagine how much work you did Neil, please accept my thank you and love.

    • Neil and Team K. Thank you . It is time for the people to be healed around the world. I see people and as I look at their eyes . I can see that there is nothing inside of the soul of the person. Which gives life to one. This has to be given back to all in order to have life.

  2. I wish you to publish this email, but only if you will attribute it anonymously. This is a central problem many of us foresee and we would like your guidance on. A central problem we have witnessed continually when aid has been sent to a country in dire straights is that the government of that country intercedes and takes the aid for itself. Unfortunately with worldwide fiat currencies the governments of the world have all some degree of corruption. We citizens cannot judge how far this has spread in each country, however we have strong indicators that show the level of corruption very high. There is guidance posted on the web that relief will be managed for the suffering masses by putting money in the hands of the people rather than through governments or banks. The people are encouraged to conduct humanitarian efforts, and a higher sovereign rate of exchange of currencies is listed for those with humanitarian efforts, particularly for some set of currencies called “first basket” currencies. For such an exchange the people are being encouraged to set up a meeting via an 800 number, which is to take three hours. After these meetings they are to sign non-disclosure agreements. But the important question here is, what in the world is to prevent the government or the bank from asserting that whatever currency is brought forward is counterfeit, or worse yet, to assert that the presentation of the counterfeit currency is an illegal or terrorist act, and to not only confiscate the currency but also to imprison the individual.
    I see this problem as one that is “the elephant in the room”, that will strongly discourage anyone from wishing to act as an agent for distribution of humanitarian aid. It would seem that, if the desire is actually there to use this venue as a means of opening The Door To A Better World, this problem must be overtly addressed.
    There are online communities of individuals who are strongly aware of a stated intent to dispense humanitarian aid throughout the world and have purchased foreign currencies awaiting the reset.
    If in fact the idea that this is a means of dispensing humanitarian aid is not true, it would be a good idea for you to explain that, as you are a well-respected source. If it is true, would you please ask and find out what measures will ensure the security of individuals…(I feel bad completing this sentence)…from the acts of their own governments.

  3. So close now! Wow, what a ride this has been! Neil and Group K, God speed to the finish line. We are all behind you in thought word, deed and spirit!

  4. brooks o'bryant

    August 4, 2016 at 4:02 pm

    This is music
    to my ears and love and light to team K and Neil…stay strong and stay well! WE the people are behind you all the way!

  5. This comment is not in keeping with the all-encompassing and all-supportive attitude that Neil himself has continuously displayed, nor is it useful to all of the global citizens who have been systematically deprived and vilified by the globalists: “Otherwise, I have been instructed to advise you that you will be elected to an advisory post, albeit second to none. Such a position would not be mandated to assist the West. And so, therefore, it is time for the West to stand up and help by taking a pro-active role in completing the task at hand.”

  6. Hello Neil , I’m in the West. What do we need to be doing to prepare? Also have many friends and family in Africa. Would love to set down at the conference table when discussing whats best for the people.

    Sometimes to best help a culture it is wise to talk to the real people that need the help and make sure the greedy don’t stand in the way.

    So many humanitiran programs end like Haiti with very little actually helping those that so desperately need the help.

    So just thought you should know you have a volunteer here with a heart for the people that also lives among them, struggles with them, dreams with them and cries with them too. At your service.

    • Haiti needs to give up their voodooism religion
      and those rituals. They have beckoned the Dark
      Side to come live among them. That stuff is pure
      devil worship, seriously.

      • I’m sorry but that’s just about as ignorant as it gets. You can’t bash on something you don’t know about. The same people Neil and his group are fighting against are the same people that want you to believe that garbage. Namaste

        • Sometimes the truth hurts. Grown ups learn
          to set aside personal preferences and kinship
          so that truth can be seen. Voodoo does deal
          with evil spirits whether one likes it or not.
          Thou protesteth too much and reveals much.
          Our world is on the brink and there is no
          time for harboring or pampering individual
          special interests and personal feelings so
          just grow up. We have big fish to fry here.
          (and I do mean Fry)

    • If you go back and recall how both bush and bill clinton
      rushed down to Haiti to ”help” then connect the dots
      and figure out just who really got their hands on all
      that money designated for Haiti humanitarian efforts.
      Then put that together with Neil recently telling us
      how little brother Jebbie tried his little stunt over
      in Asia just last month and got his tail tucked under
      and came back empty handed. I’m sitting in the
      bleachers still laughing about that one ! Me thinks
      he should take up painting like big bro George and
      leave professional robbery to people like bonnie
      and clyde et al.

  7. May all them little outburst of your laughter be heard loud and clear now!!! The saying as always been ( HE WHO LAUGHS FIRST WILL ALWAYS BE THE LAST TO BE HEARD) Oh and I’m sure all them idiots whom laughed out at you over the years will son been crying at your feet!

    Like #1 said don’t let go of your hold on what you know is right and true!!
    You Neil and Group K are loved beyond anything you will ever understanding!!!!

    Best regards Charles

  8. Yep it is a Niel thing and YES I do get It !!! Thank You Neil and Group K. GO Bless each and every one of you !!

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  10. What a wonderful day today is. Feels great to be alive.

    To mess with Neil the bad people will get burned!!!

    Much love to Neil and Team K.

  11. Neil,

    God Bless and keep you under Angels Wings. You are great, brave and tough.

    With so much appreciation and love,


  12. I love you all so much! Thank you Neil and Team K for all you’ve done . It’s really kept my spirits up just knowing that you’re there. I can only imagine all the hell you’ve been through…and we’re almost “home”. I hope and pray that someday soon I’ll be able to meet all of you…my incredibly brave little family. I hope you are getting the funds you need. Every little bit helps, and I know people are hurting trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. They are always in my prayers too.
    I keep you close in prayer always. Many thanks for all these updates. I am so grateful for that. Maybe we WILL see justice in our lifetimes after all. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out. God Bless and STAY SAFE.
    love forever,
    live oak xxx


  14. Well done my friend and good luck may God be with you all +

  15. Aloha, dear Neil & K Team! A heart felt Mahalo for working so very hard in great danger and never giving up on the Human race toward Freedom! It would be a Dream come True!!! Bless you and Much Love!

  16. Thank you for everything that you do. It is a huge burden you have taken on on behalf of mankind. There is no thank you large enough. There are many of us in the West that would do anything we could to help you in this venture, we just don’t know how or what to do. I can’t wait for our new beginning. An Earth with peace and justice for all… sounds impossible but highly desired. Stay in the love and the light and you will be protected I have no doubt. Again, thank you from the depths of my soul.

  17. A BIG Thank You to all the TEAM, on behalf of me, my family, & the unknowing individuals, God Bless.

  18. May god bless you with lots of Irish Blessings,,,to come,

  19. Hi Neil & group K, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Such diligence, your commitment is astounding! Your impact immense, the outcome will be wonderful, please keep going to the bittersweet end, our hearts are with you.

    We’re in Australasia, on the bridge between the East and the West. We’ve been standing for spiritual education centres where the youth can develop their skills in the art of living, learning what it is to be a Freeman. Here on the East Coast we have many fertile regions, ready for the technology of today to blossom. Please Free Our Earth . . .
    My family, and our brothers & sisters are over a million strong, we stand tall and resilient ready to be of service for humanities greater good.
    This Moment Is Forever Ours, Now . . . Now . . . Now . . .
    In loving kindness,

  20. The news just gets better every day. Well this is going to be interesting when the illusion of scarcity from a monetary, medical and technological stance is blown out of the water. I personally can’t wait to see the current so called judiciary run for the hills when asked to explain what presumptions they were working under when they considered we were all lost at sea. Mind you, their presumption is so stupid I’d bet you’ll never get a straight answer.
    Anyway as the saying goes “You cop the most flack when you’re over the target” and I agree with the latest post, so just take care guys and all the best from NZ. Neil this is going to be a good story for ya grand kids! PS can I have the movie rights? Ha ha

  21. Many blessings to you and yours Neil. Have been following quietly for a while now. In prayers.

    • Thank you for the unending effort you devoted sir Neil Kennan. You are God-send. Our most Heavenly Father is always protecting you because through you His plans for the goodness and betterment of humanity will be totally accomplished. Someday what a wonderful world it has to be. Can’t imagine the happiness.

  22. Great news. Exciting times. I can ‘t wait till it is all over and we have a planetary celebration. 🙂
    I have a good life, compared to many people who have no food, no shelter, no safety, no freedom, yet I have compassion, and I’ve always sensed something is very, very wrong. For instance, I always wondered Why is it that bad is stronger than good? I meant Ḧow come that 10 people can poison and ruin the life of a few millions of people. I always sensed it was not normal, and I couldn’t figure it out. I just didn’t know that evil people were in the driving seat.
    Now I am wondering why the almighty let this ever happen to his beloved children, I am not too happy about this…
    Bless the Keenan team, as always. You and all the white knights, are in my mind, all the time, and I project safety to you. I see you safe and protected at all times.
    Thank you for what you do for the whole of us!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Dear Asian Insider (Group K): First off, thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful updates, your support of Neil Keenan’s good work, and your heart for the world. Thank you for your beautiful writing! My heart always smiles when I see an ‘Asian Insider’ update because I know that my face will be smiling too when I read it. To hear that Neil is so close, makes my heart rejoice.

    I do have one question to you: you say that more leaders are needed in the West. Neil Keenan is that. Donald Trump is that. Judge Anna is that. Nigel Farage is that. Jill Stein is that. Marine le Pen is that. Beppo Grillo is that. There are many ‘republic’ groups springing up around the US, and separatist groups throughout Europe, UK, and in such North American areas as Texas and Quebec.

    There are also many bloggers (Zero Hedge, Burning Platform, Alt-Market, etc., and all sorts of republic and prepper and bullion and constitutional groups), and a myriad of small militia and prepper societies all through the West, all doing what they can to make things happen. Many have attempted to file lawsuits (a very few have won those, after years & plenty of money spent). There are quite a few ex-IRS whistleblowers (some have been jailed), many holistic doctors (many have been killed), and a growing public outcry against the violence of law enforcement. People are dropping the MSM in droves, and everywhere they hate the big banks.

    So what is meant by more leaders? I’m sure it wouldn’t mean ‘leaders as acknowledged by the cabal’ or leaders that are working successfully within their systems. The cabal is evil, and no good person is going to last long working within their system (except perhaps Trump, a multi-BILLIONAIRE, and you can see what he is going through). There are so many leaders now and people with integrity that the cabal has to rig EVERYTHING here (media, polls, elections, stock market, banking, gov reports) just to make it look like people still support them. Have you seen the crowds at Trump’s rallies, Bernie’s rallies, and even Stein’s growing support, and the ‘crowds’ at Clinton’s? She has to pay them just to show up! So it seems to me that we already have many, MANY such leaders. Perhaps many more than in Asia, in fact. (I actually do not hear of any successful Asian leaders from within the population, but maybe I just don’t hear of them in the West.) So what is meant by ‘more’? Surely the White Dragons would not demand the impossible.

    Neil, for all his heroic actions and awe-inspiring heart, is (was) a millionaire. Trump is a multi-billionaire. And you know how difficult it is for them even with those exceptional resources.

    What the slaves in the West do NOT have, is money. Hardly surprising after so many decades of fiat, looting, identity fraud, murder & genocide, and fascist police-state governance. Yet it seems so many calls to action (not you, Asian Insider, but from so many of our groups) come to calls for money, from nations of slaves who own nothing, not even the land they live on, and who are jailed, murdered, and robbed by the cabal on a daily basis.

    Could you, Asian Insider, or someone in Group K or the White Dragons, be more specific as to what they are expecting from us when they ask for more? I cast in my mind and come up with a) money (which so many of us do not have), b) outright rebellion / takeover (which some have tried in the West and been jailed or killed), c) violence such as murdering cabal members (which I’m sure no-one would recommend even if it would be successful). The only one so far who has been specific is Judge Anna, who outlines very simple steps to reclaiming sovereignty. Is this what is meant? Outside of waking up ourselves, doing our best to wake others up, reclaiming sovereignty inasmuch as we can, and forming groups within blogs and small local politics, what else is there that we could do?

    I ask these questions with all respect, and without intending any cloud on this beautiful update full of sunshine! I’m very sorry for such a long question to you but I wanted it to be clear what I am asking. Thank you again, so much, for your latest fantastic news! You are truly a messenger of hope.

  24. NEAL, this is all fantastic, and now you have the support of the highest level on your side. I know you know what to do with this type of support, and if there is anything I can do to help, please feel free to contact me on my private Email as above, and I would be happy to leave and work with you or do an assignment for you. God Bless you and your team==BillyBobG

  25. I know most are waiting for the Humanitarian Funds, but I just can;t wait for the day your court papers finally see the light of day, so I can watch all of them wrinkle up in their chairs as they are sentenced!!! that will be the glory day!!!!

    Best regards Charles

  26. Please K-Team, this may be important, re the EMP attack, . This is from Jim Stone’ s site, and the guy has got a nose for things.

  27. New Leaders in The West? Ha! Not likely; economic and social mobility is foreclosed- Access of any kind is blocked- black mailing of current Leaders/ Elected individuals ensures the Status quo.

    Though people are waking up- the Cabal is pushing faster- prior article indicates EMP destruction/ Martial Law- blocking is required by Intel Cowboys/ Cowgirls or Martial Law by Oath Keepers to The Constitution for the United States of America….If so- Saddle Up and Ride Fast.

    Alchemy is needed- a change up.

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