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As Promised
Now I Am Delivering:
The Healing Computer

While pondering things recently I realized most everything is coming into place. There remained my promise to you, my friends, to further enquire about the healing box and to help everyone who requested my assistance. I did not want to let you down.

Despite the possibility of pain in my ear being triggered, I decided to fly to meet with my friends who have developed more advanced healing technologies than the one I referred to in a post recently. Amazingly, I received more than 500 emails about the small box that I held in my hand during a video in a recent post. My friends told me that small box is now passe (old), and the new technologies are 50-100 times better!

Their diligent research and professional expertise regarding healing frequencies were astonishing for me to experience first-hand when it was applied to my own chronic ailments.

It has been known for some time that when certain frequencies in the body are low, the chance of disease increases. Scientific evidence has shown that there is a frequency for every disease.

In the past, professionals in the Russian and Chinese governments said my friends were 50 years ahead of their time… which is also the reason you’ve never seen their products on the market. Had they been allowed to market them without the strong resistance of special interest groups, it would have radically changed the current medical system as we know it today.

After first receiving a thorough diagnostic scan of my body, I had 3 healing sessions on the healing computer. Thankfully, my ears cleared up, my foot wound healed, my shoulder is fixed, and I simply felt better all around! The computer read-out also gave me the necessary information on how to address any ‘remnants’ moving forward. A video was also made showing how the testing devices were placed on me and you can see this below.

I was amazed to learn that AIDS may be cured in 6 days. Diabetes, heart problems, cancers,  arthritis, rheumatism, spinal disorders relating to decompressions, cleaning of arteries and thinning blood have also responded well to the treatments. In treating the diseased cells, it appears that healthy cells are not harmed.

There is currently a clinic in Switzerland where people can go to be tested as well as to receive treatments. Another clinic is opening in Germany. Further information will be given regarding how to make contact for appointments, costs per treatment, etc.

My friends are not brokers or middlemen. They are committed to helping people heal in new, more safe and efficient ways… without excessive surgery or drugs with toxic side-effects.

Plans are being made to create more machines/systems for purchase by those of you who may wish to use them for your own families & friends. We will keep you updated and informed when they are available for purchase and shipping. I promised I would help you, and soon we will have access to the new healing computer system.

After all, that was why I flew to see them first hand, as it makes perfect sense to bring such far-reaching technology to the very people who asked for my help.

Please realize one thing: You are ALL important to Group K! You have been with us for a long time, and we’ve tried very hard to not let each other down. We’ll keep at it until we get the job done that we set out to do. I do understand that we are at the end game, and I will work harder than ever!

More than anything, this is about connections and friends. I have a lot of them, so expect things to be finished in the very near future.

In the meantime, I will be able to open doors to what you will basically need to stay healthy during this period of waiting. I am so happy I could do this for you as well as for myself, as things turned out.

I’m also glad that I took the chance to fly and get the necessary information for those of you who also need healing. My flight home went smoothly without any of the pain in my ears that I felt during the trip going there, a delightful experience after months of suffering from the complications of ear infections. As a result, I am now looking forward to future flights.

As for my friends in Europe who have made such wonderful inventions, all I can say is thank you! I’m happy that you are my friends, and that we share the same desire to help people. That is why we are close and want to get these devices to the people who need them.

Now let me get on and finish what I started with the GCA.

All the best to everyone!

Neil Keenan


(I realize one of the questions you will have relating to the following video is “can we see what is on the computer screen”. We have this version of the video for you to see now and an updated version will follow as soon as we have it, that will show what can be seen on the computer screen as the machine is in operation. At least you can see Neil turning from Keenan into Keenanstein.)



Neil says Dr. Thasss said he only needs a real good remedy,  one kind of medicine and he has found it  in this song.  Thanks Thasss for your infinite wisdom and I am sure you hold the cure.



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  1. Great progress!
    I hope I can get also one
    healing machine.
    Best regards

  2. Mr. Keenan, my mother of 84 years was just diagnosed with lung cancer and given 2-6 months to live. would this machine save her? Please if there is any way can you help her? Thank you for all you do. God Bless, and stay safe.

    • The technology should be able to help, but you would need to be able to make a trip to a clinic in Europe.

    • MMS is dangerous now. It turns to chlorine in the body. The chemtrails have plastics in them. When plastic particles meet with chlorine it hardens it. That makes the pathogens harder to be removed from the body. The alt news is dangerous as everyone just follows everyone else like puppets, but have no idea about what they are recommending or saying. I see this all the time, and find all groups to be dangerous as people just follow others over the bridge. And i know this info b/c i worked with a leading scientist who has been studying chemtrails and is a whistleblower and i have seen how chlorine hardens this chemtrail crap as i have scars on my arms from trying to remove morgellons skin problems with chlorine compounds like TCA, and it hardened the chemtrail stuff and made it so much worse. So please use another type of oxygen instead, like dry stabilized oxygen with no chlorine. And i had a lung issue myself and did salt therapy, they have salt clinics all over the country. And i used lung herbs.

    • I will do my best to contact them. They are supposed to be leaving for two weeks early week so am not sure I can arrange things so quickly…Will do my best .

    • If you do not get a response and need help for your mom…… take her to the Bio- Medical ‘Hoxsey’ Clinic in Tijuana Baja California…. I have been there. Look up their website…. and get the info you need… also take a look at the u-tube video: Cancer the forbidden cure… Blessings

  3. Neil, pls can u give contact details for the clinics ??

    Peace Bro

    • Yes, Neil, can we please get the contact info for the clinic in Europe. Myself and a friend both dealing with breast cancer and only using alternatives. Thank you so much for all that you do.

  4. Incredible technilogy if indeed it works. It appears to. Can you give us details about this clinic, or how to purchase this box, and help others. Its clear that if this was made available to other people, we can really do some tremendous good in the world! Great to see a new healing machine. BK

  5. Bruno Mathiasen

    August 20, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    Dear Mr Keenan. THX for all you do for all og US. I read this article and find this machine interesting. I live in Europa and have diabetes and would like to get in co tackt with them. What is the name og the clinic.

  6. I need this urgently,Neil can you update me on details the nearest clinic in Europe,I live in Ireland regards Helen,,

  7. I am thrilled that your ear infection cleared up and tbat your other ailments have improved. As for Europe, i still need a passport. I am sure the healing machines will be out of reach financially for môst of us including me.

    Stsy safe Sherlock!!!

  8. As with the other comments posted, I would also like to learn more about the healing computer, as well as contact one of the clinics. Please also let me know how I can contact you privately regarding some of the work you are doing.

  9. Are the machines available for purchase in the United States? It would be great to get one here to minimize the amount of travel for those who are sick. I would be interested if available. Thanks again, Neil. One more way to bring healing and light to the world.

  10. I am very interested in purchasing this machine where do I get one

  11. Please let me know where these clinics are. My sister was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and is not doing well. We can make arrangements for her to travel immediately.

    With great Respect and gratitude.


  12. Beautiful! Think how many people who are suffering terribly this can help. All I can say is I hope it comes quickly.. Watching big pharma fall on its face will be “sweet”

  13. Great to see the “miracle” of frequency/energy medicine. It will be a milestone in modern medicine when these healing devices are not only in most clinics around the world, but also in private homes once they are mass-produced and the costs are adjusted accordingly. It is understandable that there are hurdles ahead in some countries re “government regulations” & remaining opposition by “special” interest groups.

    Thanks to Neil & his most admirable friends in Europe for their compassion & courage in moving the products into the light of day for us to do our part in spreading the word. As the public demands loud & clear that these treatments be made available, progress will surely follow on many fronts.

    Fortunately, the clinics in Europe are already available for those who need immediate care & healing. Dr. Norm Sheley, a neurosurgeon who years ago established the American Holistic Medical Association as well as a non-surgical pain clinic on his ranch in Missouri (for those unfortunate ones who had multiple surgeries for pain & received no relief) said that the medicine of the 21st Century will be “energy medicine” . That reality is here, thanks to Neil’s friends as well as other researchers who have spent a great deal of their lives dedicated to making this “Miracle of Healing” possible! They deserve our support in getting their systems out to the world!

    The song also says it all: Love is a great healer as well! The world needs a strong dose of it right now! Love to ALL…

    • Is Dr. Sheley using this machine in the US ? In February 2016 I developed CRPS. Excruciating, constant, burning type pain is a 47 on McGills 1-10 pain index scale. It exasperated the fibromyalgia, arthritis and herpes simplex 2 that calls my body home. Shingles also reared a very ugly head. I hope for relief. I went the conventional way at first, which helped somewhat. I would like my life back and have hope in this machine. Thank you.

  14. The vibration info was explained to me by a man who was one of six in the world that knew true homeopathy – sadly he passed on – however, what he knew and used healed many
    This machine is a blessing and thank you for exposing it for healing many when it can be made available
    Your tenacity and convictions are clearly evident by your own actions and firsthand knowledge and investigations
    No words can say how blessed you are and appreciated greatly

  15. The Keenanator!!

  16. Thanks so much Neil for sharing this wonderful information! Will this device heal mental imbalances such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, Bi-polar and other disorders?

    • Marilyn J. Davis

      October 16, 2016 at 8:47 pm

      Hi Neil,

      Thank God I discovered Gary Larrabee’s website on youtube.
      I am so thankful to discover you and your Godly work also.
      Neil, I have a request of you. I have a 22year old daughter who is Down syndrome.
      She has had open heart surgery. She has not had a life. I want so much to get her healed. She has some mental retardation also. She has a patch in her heart too. Do you think the healing machine would work for her?

  17. Neil,

    Keep up the good works. You are a true blessing to mankind.
    I have been in medical healing research for 30 years and look forward
    To getting a machine to start a healing clinc. Off shore of course.
    Hope to meet you someday.


  18. On the right track for sure! Yahooooooooo WTG Neil! Am glad you were able to use it first hand to see the results. Thank you for the update and information.
    Blessings for your next steps, always.


  19. NEIL: I have an important point to bring out: I have a friend
    who has a Pacemaker installed, and there are some precautions
    for those who have this implanted. For example, he bought a
    new digital weight scale to keep track of his body weight, and it
    specifically says in the instructions, that IF one has a pacemaker
    they should not stand on it in their bare feet. Must wear shoes
    or slippers.
    SO since we saw you hooked up and this machine is by frequencies
    can you please find out for him if this machine can be used if one
    has a Pacemaker?? He has very bad pain in his legs and hips and
    has great difficulty in walking any distance at all. That is the thing
    he wants to be healed of.
    Thank you ahead of time for the answer.

  20. Thank you Neil if you have contact info for clinic my best friend is on chemo for 3 cancers in her body and her memory failing I know her husband a vietnam vet would fly her to the clinic and do anything to save this beautiful lady. You could message me on the cell messenger thank you so much you give the world hope be safe love & Light Laurie I hope somehow we could get enough of these machines here so they could not take them like they did to Royal Rife.

  21. Great news Neil. xoxoxo to you and your team

  22. It would truly be a blessing to many. I myself don’t even like prescriptions….hopefully this technology will be forthcoming in the near future and possibly not TOO expensive. 😉

    I am happy to hear that is working well for you. Stay healthy.

  23. Thanks Neil . Is good to see you as regular Neil To Super Neil. Lol. It’s good to see these devices really exist. All I see is these pharmaceutical commercials pushing their harmful drugs on us with all these negative side effects. No thanks. Not for me. I can’t wait when these Machines are available here in the US. Please let us know and maybe show us about more new Technology out there like the Free Energy boxes and the replicator machine. Now that would be real cool to see it in action. Thanks to You and Group K for all that your doing for Humanity. Best Regards. Jerry

    • Jerry, yes the Free Energy box would be wonderful not
      only for our homes, but would also be great for heating
      some private animal shelters especially in the north.
      And those Replicators, like they used in Star Trek?
      They are real and they do exist and have been kept hidden
      from us for many years. (I am really tired of cooking, lol)
      Bring ’em ON!

  24. I’m happy to hear that you are well again and perhaps stronger than ever in mind and health. We can’t always work from our higher self. Unfortunately or fortunately I am working from organic foods for my healing here on the island. My mind is determined to heal myself from cancer. I feel great and positive. Best wishes to you always. I pray for world peace.

  25. Excellent, I’m very happy for you and that we can have you healthy. Can you make some comments about Corey Goode ( @spherebeingalliance ), he spoke of the existence of this technology and many more that have existing but away from society. Thanks. Greetings to K and K2 teams.

  26. Rife… on steroïds! :-)))

  27. We’re all happy to see Neil is so much better ! 🙂
    This technology will soon become mainstream and with mass production, it will be cheap!
    For those who can’t make the trip to Switzerland, I suggest that first you start visiting Dr Hulda Clark’s web site here
    You can start the protocol, and for her little frequency device, the zapper, it is easy to make with a breadboard, as per her 1st design described in her book The cure for all cancers page 495 etc. The few-cents hand zapper will work fine but you will not be able to reach a 30 Khz frequency…
    I know her protocole works fine, and this is why the mafia went after her big time!
    For colloidal silver, easy also to make a generator with 3x 9V batteries connected in series. Make sure you get FINE silver electrodes, 99.9% pure silver.
    Read the info on her site, too much to say.

  28. fyi, to all, I posted a last Comment on the previous Article
    last nite. I think everyone will get insight from it.

  29. Ok Neil, remember back when – there was a handheld device that would bring down the chemplanes?? 🙂 Yesterday and last night, they were spraying the “black” chemtrails along the Pacific West coast- over southern Oregon and Northern California- they are using also wind current to bring it in off the coast, and also shooting the canisters full of crap. You know after they announced “bounties” on these pilots head it slowed for quite sometime. The sky was such a beautiful sky blue again-anyway- I would really like to have one of those too!!! 🙂 (handheld box)

  30. Amazing invention
    Maybe somebody can use this tip: The Bob Beck Protocol (easy/cheap)
    Get more info on YouTube

  31. wow! i will be sharing this to a few people 😀
    i can hardly wait until everyone one earth has a healing device of their own to never again be dependent on the SYSTEM.

    i saw the computer had the ASUS logo, how did your friends convince that company to cooperate?
    i use ASUS myself for many things and i do think they have good products. they may be on the good team now?

  32. JB Brown/Great Gramy J

    August 20, 2016 at 11:42 pm

    Awesome! Glad U feel better! Great BIG hugs! 🙂

  33. This is very exciting and I want to know more. Are the machines affordable? I would really like to get one.
    So glad you’re feeling well Neil! GREAT news! You made me laugh….”Keenanstein”. You always make me laugh. I love your humor.
    This could help so many. I’m in the medical field and I have known for a long time that Big Pharma is a racket, chemo usually doesn’t work and is the thing that kills a person, not so much the disease itself that they are suffering from and it gives people false hope. Of course the doctor will talk it up and he/she tells you you’ll be good as new. I don’t like or trust doctors as a rule. I just don’t, and I don’t even have a doctor and neither does my husband.
    Please Neil, when you are able, give us more info about the machines and how to get one and what we’d be expected to pay. (My husband is extremely skeptical; I have an open mind about a lot of things like this….my aunts taught me to always keep an open mind.) Am looking forward to the next post and more good news.
    God Bless Neil and Team K! I love you all so much.
    live oak xxx

  34. hello Neil –

    I have followed you for a while. glad your well. I am from the US but live in bogota, colombia. My company imports medical equipment and supplies here. I would be interested in assisting with helping the Colombian people here with this medical device.

    Let me know how? And keep up the hard work. I feel as though we are almost there thanks to your efforts and others!


  35. NEIL, this is fantastic information for many around the world. I would appreciate if you could keep us informed of where and how to get it, cause as for myself, I could use it NOW….. That type of machine hopefully will get here to Canada or USA, so we can eliminate the Pharma Industry and get along in Life with the likes of these people. Thanks so much for this Neil, it is gratifying to know you would take the first hit of this, and hopefully it will solve your problems. God Bless you and the team.==BillyBobG

  36. I hope people on limited incomes can afford this device.

    • Easy, one guy/girl with that device in each neighbourhood, (s)he can make the unit available to many people free of charge. The unit covers a big circle, so a group of people can be treated all at once, you do not have to know what’s wrong with them, who cares! Cure comes before diagnostic. Not mentioning overdiagnostic, whereby they find one cancer cell in your prostate and they chem you! We all have cancer cells. They find one cancer cell, Ploof! You have cancer! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
      You can’t charge if it costs you nothing, can you? If you are normal, I mean.
      In fact that ¨” charging”factor was the very death spell of Nicholas Tesla, when some banker (Morgan) asked him ¨¨ F ree energy, can you put a counter on that? ¨”and Tesla said ¨ No ¨.
      They killed him.
      I think Sherf was involved in Tesla’s murder. heck and other links also.
      I have been involved among other things, with, say, colloidal silver for many many years, by the way. I have always offered it for free to conscious people (others don’t recognise the benefits). At this stage I can count on the fingers of my hands the number of people who took advantage of my free-cost-nothing-generous-offer! It pisses me off! But this is the way people used to be, they are conditionned to not seeing important, life saving, information. They can’t separate the weeds and the good seeds.
      And this is precisely why I am so excited about this thread, and I see people aware of various protocoles Beck, Clark, Rife, frequency healing, that if you talk about these to people, they think you are a loony, when in fact it can SAVE THEIR F LIFE!!! Sorry for my french!
      I have been very frustrated over that! Believe me! I had, basically, to learn how to shut my trap, and in my case, it is not an easy task at all, because I have a big mouth!
      So I did send a colloidal silver generator and a Zapper to a friend in Europe, she is a naturopath, and she was happy to discover that!
      And I did that because we had, on a forum, to endure fierce attacks by little pharmafia soldiers -they were barking out of sheer ignorance, attacking homeopathy, acupuncture. Those guys laugh at the ancestral Chinese acupuncture (tracing isotopes proves the meridian network) ! They laugh at vibrational medicine such as homeopathy! You tell them “Vibration ¨ they look at you like they just got out of a cave !!! Grouik! Honk honk!
      So imagine, this healing machine, the jeers and taunts of the 8 oćlock news addicts who know no further than their front fence?
      Those people who attack frequency healing and other protocols, the day they have a cancer, they will gladly be chemio-ed into oblivion, it is sad. But I won’t care, because they have persecuted, all along, the people who have been opened to other therapies.
      I know the story, I’ve been there!
      God bless you all! I love you!

      • Mi – Oh I’m ever so familiar with your experience with
        nay sayers and all their weird looks at you, lol. I too
        have looked after myself with alternatives. And when
        I’ve told people about various simple solutions, they
        would often get that scared look and say ”well, I will
        have to ask my doctor first”. (sheesh, he is probably
        the reason they have the new problem in the first place !)
        I once saw a man sitting next to me in the doctors office
        when I went for my annual test, and he had a grocery
        bag half full of perscriptions, yet was only in his 50’s
        and looking like a zombie.
        I leaned over, pointed to the bag, and told his caretaker ”THOSE
        are his problem!”.
        I just told my neighbor about Milk Thistle for healing her liver
        but just take one for a few days, then get up to two per day,
        but NOT to take it for more than 30 days, MT is the only thing
        I’ve know of that heals scerosis of the liver, and cleanses the
        liver. Otherwise, we all need to cleanse the liver about once
        a year since it is a filter.
        Mi: Do you know what really cures Adrenal Exhaustion?
        I’m asking.
        P.S. Yes , just think that rascal Jeb Sharf tried to get into
        the oval office, as if we need more of that !
        And, yes, we could do without the ”french” lol.

        • Hi SF,
          Sometimes, I get mad at the nay sayers ! Give them potentially life saving infos, their butt is on the line, and they couldn’t care less. Yes I know that look of theirs! Funny I am interested in all that at all, because apart from the cold, never had any problem so far! But I don’t eat processed foods. I do practically everything myself!
          Yes I heard that one Ï’ll ask my doctor 1st! Ha ha ha! Pill popping syndrome! I knew a guy with carpal tunnel, the doctor wanted to give him Prozac! The guy was fuming!
          Adrenal exhaustion is very common, people do not realise. I’ĺl see what I can find and let you know if I find anything… By the way, do you drink or eat lots of licorice ?
          Yes, Sherf on board, that’s all we need !

          • ŚF, check that And there is lots of infos on Natural News (Great site).
            I was asking re licorice because I know a guy whose wife’ s favorite drink was Antésite, and got addison’s disease because of excess licorice consumption. Coma for some days, but recovered. If I find something else I’ll let you know…
            Could be because: ¨ Natural licorice contains glycyrrhizic acid, or GZA, which is known to have dangerous side effects when consumed on a regular to frequent basis. In the United States, however; a majority of food items flavored by or containing licorice do not contain GZA, eliminating the associated health risks. ¨” So I suppose Antésite contains GZA, they claim their product is made from natural licorice… I’ll stick to my wine! :-)))

  37. Neil…I have followed you for a very long time but this is the first time I have spoken. There are no words to thank someone who has so unselfishly devoted all he is and given all he has for humanity. You and your team are owed a tremendous debt of gratitude for pushing forth this shift. Now ….recognizing the tremendous need for this healing element of our liberation is kind, insightful and fills me with hope. I have considered myself a healer in the old ways but the old ways are struggling in this purposefully toxic world. This appears to be a much needed next step. If there is anyway I can help to spread this and heal I would be most grateful to serve. As almost everwhere..the need is great where I am..many around me are in dire need … I cannot wait for more posts on this subject. Please contact me if I can be of help.

  38. this has nothing at all to do with Rife…..Period!!!!!

  39. Listen. The patent holders of such machines are in the hands of those I know and has nothing to do with Rife. I had a friend use Rife and it did not help him 5 years ago but he did fly to see my friends and came away in great shape…Back then the boxes were involved that you saw in our last video and just because you see a box does not mean you have a real one. Many attempted to duplicate it and they produced garbage. You must make sure you are dealing with the right people.

  40. will this healing machine also be able to detect and remove radiation sources and diseases caused from it?

  41. Hi Neil!
    Thank you very much for this wonderful technology. Please let me know
    if the Healing computer is designed for the followings:

    – Eye problems like myopia
    – Hair loss , hair regrowth, grey hair restoration
    – skin problems vitiligo, hyperpigmentation, dark spots ….
    I’d like to purchase the machine as soon as possible
    for the use of my whole family.
    I’m living in Paris France.

  42. Wow, wow and wow. I am very interesting in this tecnology. My mother has multiples health situation s that produce her a lot of pain. She has pain all the time. And, here, in Puerto Rico, I have more that ten friends, 30 to 50 age, with some kind of cancer. I like to help them. Neil K thants for the informatio.

    Please keep us informed.

  43. Hello Neil,
    I just read about the healing machine and your trip,
    I have type 2 Diabetis and neuropathy in my feet. Will I be able to be cured by this machine?
    I am living on social sec. So budget is limited.
    Please let me know how this machine will be made available to all .


  44. Neil,

    We have started a non-profit for severa; humanitarian projects. We are awaiting some funding and are looking for more in the future as we have many ideas to implement. Not only communities, organic food growing, top of the line healing devices, homeless food projects, single women’s assistance and elderly assistance are our goals but we do look for being able to have a group alternative healing center with the best tech we can find. We would love to implement these devices into our program with teaching qualified personnel to use them. Would you please keel us informed as to purchase of several of these computers so we may begin helping all individuals to heal. Thank you, J

  45. Great!
    Where is my nearest clinic zip code 16350 USA
    How can I buy One

  46. Keenan Team | Two

    August 21, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    REGARDING THE HEALING MACHINE: Please be patient. Neil’s next post will give more details about this. He is working as quickly as he can to bring you more information. Remember, he is also working on many other important projects.

  47. The Russian astronauts have been using similar technology for 18 years when in space measuring the body’s frequency and energy and shows up microbes and toxins plus all aspects and beginnings of problems in the body. The non-invasive scanning machine is not allowed in the usa. Here in the EU more people are becoming aware of it. A friend of mine came to Spain to die having had 3.5years of treatment in the UK for cancer. The scan discovered no cancer in the body but a microbe lodged next to a gland inside a cocoon that the body had built to contain it. A blood test would have revealed this – it was not done — why ? We know why of course.

    However, I have been watching the Keshe teachings for the past three weeks again and his healing products can be made at home FREE by anyone. The knowledge is on Youtube in his Teaching workshops. He is now teaching how to make water, food and guess what ‘gold’. We are tired of having to pay for things……His teams around the world are now working on space flight. Mr Keshe gave a Presentation in Washington DC last Sunday to suggest that the Americans need to get REAL now and realise – NO MORE WAR – The Russians, Chinese amongst others have signed the Plasma Technology in Exchange for World Peace. The USA military ships and planes are of no value now. They can be switched off at any time.

  48. brilliant work Neil…by the way I can get this technology compliantly marketed and distributed either wholesale or retail – lets bring in the new paradigm sir…



  50. I like to bye a system for my clinique in Sweden when its available.

  51. Couldn’t listen to the video -sound problem on computer, fixed now-, so I have just seen it, amazing! I guess it works by bioresonance. It’s likely to analyse your etheric field also, since many diseases start there.
    No wonder there is a huge queue at the clinics!
    Most grateful to those amazing researchers! Bless you guys! You made my day!
    Keshe has also, apparently, developed a healing technology based on plasma that worked well on his poisoning, but I don know much about it.
    I am wondering though, is it a program that you buy and install on your computer or you buy the whole package ? Computers are cheap, nowadays, though!.
    I look forward to learning more about this!

  52. Thanks, Neil, for introducing this medical technology. I have seen something similar from Russia. Have they had success with Dialysis patients? and heart conditions.
    When and where will this be available. Looking forward to all these wonderful developments so long suppressed.


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    Please do not post comments on random topics – nor comments that are overly long.

    The facebook group “It’s A Keenan Thing” is the venue for conversations and off topic posts.

    Thank you.

  54. Lost my post in Cyberspace!
    Wotif say, I connect someone I really like, like Klington, I do the wrong manip´ and I switch the computer in reverse gear ? Lol!

  55. Good job Team.
    We (the people) appreciate your “business”.

  56. This is great. Looking for forward to hear back from Neil more about the healing machine.


  57. Dear Mr. Keenan and K Group;
    A couple of videos back you created one in referencing time for celebration.
    Perhaps you see it as time for celebrating BUT the person on the street has NOT
    been able to see that yet ! ! ! !
    Of course, when that happens we will be happy to celebrate with you.
    We are still looking for evidence the cabal is, in fact, being brought under control.
    Still waiting for sheer evidence.
    Thanks for ALL you and Group K are doing.
    Wayne Hurst

    • Please make sure you read in detail all of the posts – not just the videos – from the one you reference until present.

      This is an extremely complicated process that deals with constantly changing variables. Perhaps instead of just sitting around waiting, people should be asking what they can do themselves to assist in this effort? Even if it is simply helping to spread awareness of the problems we face.

      Time is short and there is no room left for fence-sitting when there are actions that can be taken.

      All of humanity has to take responsibility for doing whatever each of us can, whatever the scale and scope of an individual might be.

      We are never going to get through this if people who are awake and aware continue to sit and wait for the efforts of others to carry them across some preceived finish line.

      • As a small general engineering contractor in San Francisco I watch for ways to reach out and help. Sometimes I find one and I just put it out there and move on. It took me a long time to recognize that what I saw was not what was really going on. I was blinded by the crap we call news and information and it took me awhile to admit to myself how little truth I knew, how wrong I was and to come to terms with that. I learned where to find forgiveness. I forgive myself. Going on 60 and the first 55 years I thought I knew something about how things work. Light started to shine through the cracks i the ‘story’ and waking up I found out how little I knew of the real deal. I don’t expect to figure it out but I have learned one important question. “How Do I Know?” And I’ll tell you I don’t know much but it’s better than ‘knowing’ things that are flat out wrong. Knowledge based on “authority” is a miss. After all what is hearsay good for. Trust in a source is rare and valuable, priceless I’d say, like peace of mind, can’t be bought for any price.
        Neil, my intuition says you are the real deal. And part of waking up is listening when that little inner voice talks. Intuition is put down around here.
        When a thing is put aside so completely I take a closer look.
        Anyway I am here, able and available. Knowing little about the world but able to see the false one a bit I am in the bleachers waiting for a foul ball because I don’t know how to get on the field to play. I will learn. I will myself to learn. Impatiently. I laugh at my self but never give up. I’ll leave the light on.

  58. I would like know is it available to the public and how do one purchase on?
    how easy is it too operate?

  59. Keenan Team | Two

    August 22, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    REMINDER: Please make sure comments are brief and relative to the post. If you would like to discuss other off-topic subjects and have conversations with specific people, please go to Neil’s Facebook page: Multiple comments between individuals on one post (especially off-topic) make it difficult for a new person to scan each post. Thank you.

  60. carmelo scuteri

    August 22, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    hi im carmelo from australia,one ? are we able to buy this machine if so how much are they. many regards.

  61. I thought I send you a note? Neal if you get information on how much it cost and if we can buy it for our business would you pls send me any information you have thank you sally

  62. I too am very interested in the computer healing system. I suffer from lung disease COPD, asthma etc and diabetes and heart disease and inflammation. Have been sick for 11 years now and feel I don’t have much time left if I don’t find a cure and get off the poisons the doctors give me. To have a system scan your body then pump healing frequencies into it to heal the cells would be a miracle. God I

    • Meanwhile, while you wait for the computer healing,
      L-Cysteine is a great aid for lung congestion (copd)
      and L-Carnateine (sp) is great food for the heart.
      Both are simply amino acids. I take both of these
      myself and love them. Always follow directions on
      the bottles. Capsules are always the best.
      Magnesium is also necessary for the heart, as well
      as just one potassium per day.

  63. I suffer from lung and heart disease. A healing system that pumps healing frequencies into your body to cure disease would be a miracle for me. Question is can I get one in time?

  64. Neil,

    You mentioned the computer will heal autoimmune diseases, does that inculude lupus? If so, how much does the machine cost? How can I purchase one immediately?

    Thank you for caring and sharing.

  65. Keenan Team | Two

    August 24, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    REGARDING THE HEALING MACHINE: Please be patient. Neil’s next post about the healing machine will give more details. He is working as quickly as he can to bring you more information. Remember, he is also working on many other important projects.

  66. Susanne Stebbing

    August 24, 2016 at 8:57 pm

    My sister has cataracts and sinusitus when foods turn to mucus although they are mostly alkaline? Can we get one of those machines in the UK? She does have a Keshe Pen and pad to help with pain and lack of energy

  67. Good day! What a marvelous machine. It looks like a regular laptop with some USB probes on it. You sure have opened a big can of worms. Who doesn’t want to be healed? And I’m pretty sure big Pharma won’t allow this in the US, which is sad. It does seem that you wouldn’t have to own one, just get to use it when necessary. I look forward to hearing more about this. May God bless you Neil and Team K for the fine work that you do. I will be monitoring your site closely. Thank you, thank you……

  68. Great to see the Healing Machine!

    How about dental applications?

    What can be done for tooth infections, re-growing teeth,
    closing cavities etc?

    Is the technology at that point?

  69. Mr. Keenan
    Thank you for bring this to our attention. I would desperately like to know more on having one for personal use. This in incredibly intriguing. I will subscribe and be waiting for more information and directions.

  70. Neil
    Thank You and your team so much for all you have done thus far for Humanity .I know you miss your real home poeple have no idea what you have been through you and your team.One day soon you will have what you need done and the program of dummies will be no more and shipped off planet.In the mean time you look great in the video one one day we will sit down with a cold one in our hand and some Indian Butter chicken to eat made by my wife.God speed Neil you are a great light worker for us all

  71. I find this interesting. Almost looks like Biofeedback machine. I would like to purchase one machine who I have to contact? Thanks

  72. I have COPD from radiation after breast cancer, and 2 rotary cuff tares, and 2 knees that need fixing, plus a cyst on my liver, several degenerated disks on back and neck so I sure want one of these, please post price and where we can get it. thanks, and good work to you all,

  73. Hey Neil i’ve been listening to you, Cobra, B.Fulford, C.Goode, and Dr. Greer. I live in Kamloops BC and want to help out my fellow beings. This is lifechanging tech, How can i get involved?, Is their a Canadian clinic in the process of opening? if not can we start the process. I dont have much but my desire to help one another and make this world a much better place for everyone. I wish nothing more then to bring us as a global species to a golden age of peace.

  74. Neil K., I heard the Dr. say you need to rid your body of acid …That is kinda hard to do with diet….There is an Ion Water Mach. called Kangen, made in Japan. It produces Alkaline Water & rids the body of acids, raising the alkalinity of the body. I’m also interested in the Healing Mach.

  75. Clifford Goodman

    October 8, 2016 at 11:13 am

    Dear Neil, Men like you are very few and far between, and you deserve all the help anyone can give you .
    I am afraid I am a little long in the tooth at 83 to be able to offer very much, but any thing I have you are welcome to.
    Regarding about your healing machine, I am eager to know whether these machines are made for individual people or can several people use the same machine, and does the same machine heal more than one complaint.
    May the good lord give you all the help you need, and be with you always, Clifford Goodman.

  76. Dear Neil Keeana I have watched several of your videos you have done about the healing machines and I have several health conditions that I really need help with I will never get better with traditional methods I would be forever grateful ,thank you for your time

  77. Neil, are the machines avsilable in the US yet, and if yes, how much to purchase one? Thank you so much!!

  78. OTO = Ordo Templis Orientis
    Satanic organization that in some way sometime merged with various Freemason Lodges and offered degrees much higher than 33º.

  79. Dear Neil,
    As others, I have been following you and you team for some time.
    I am so glad that you have finally taken the time to start healing yourself. You’ve been and continue to be so busy.
    I have been praying for you and thanking the heavens for your being here.
    Love, Light and Hugs

  80. Klaas van der Vlag

    January 5, 2017 at 4:09 am

    Dear Neil,

    I am very interested in the “Healing Computer”. I have a complete Spooky2 rife system. Scanning with this system takes minimum 1 hour. The new healing computer is a lot faster. Looking forward to read what system this computer is based on and its accuracy.

    Love & Light Klaas

  81. Any news on the Ann Arbor clinic in Michigan? Phone number?

    • Keenan Team | Two

      March 3, 2017 at 5:16 pm

      As indicated in Neil’s post today, this is the contact information for appointments in North America:

      If you are wanting healing computer treatments in North America you must direct all enquiries to This is a free, encrypted email service and you will need to set up an email account at Proton Mail in order to communicate with the treatment coordinators.

  82. Louis Grenier

    May 1, 2017 at 9:19 pm

    Hi Neil, I wanted to know if any clinics in Canada has purchased the healing computer and if so, can you provide any names?? Thank you for all you do.

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