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An Open Letter
To Donald J. Trump


Attention: Donald J. Trump and Trump Family Advisors

Introducing Robert David Steele

Lets WIN 2016

Last night I had the opportunity to speak with Robert Steele.  Mr. Steele if you do not know, is one of the foremost political analysts in the United States.

He also carries many other titles but a jack of all trades would not be one of them – seeing he is an expert at everything he does.  He is what I would call ‘polished’ – and I believe it is necessary to bring forth his offer to our soon-to-be-President Donald J. Trump – in which he exposes weaknesses and strengths and carves a path to the Trump Presidency without doubt.

We can count on hearing from Mr. Steele periodically given that he will be participating with Group K in their quest to get the Global Accounts open and get the resources therein out to the places in need.

Mr. Steele will be a wonderful addition to the group and he brings with him credentials that we lacked.  So when you call filling in a weak spot, well, Group K has hit a home run.

And if I forgot to tell you, Mr. Steele also made a run at the Presidency in 2012 as a Reform Party Candidate.  If Mr. Steele can be placed in the right situations – he is one of the Worlds’ Treasures and he is a doer not a talker.  We love it!

If you wish to learn more about this dazzling person please look him up on Google.  There is just so much to learn.

Now, I would like to thank my friend Mr. Sterling Seagrave for his help in bringing Mr. Steele over to Group K.  As most know Sterling is the author of the Gold Warriors and was one of the very first to expose the matter of the gold and the US Military in the Philippines.

Thank you my friend and I would love for you to contribute again and again with respect to anything we do.

All the best.

Neil Keenan and Group K


[The following is the open letter from Robert David Steele]


Mr. Trump,

You announced your presidential bid on June 16, 2015. Since then I have made multiple respectful attempts to connect with you directly, with Roger Stone, Cory Lewandowski and with your campaign staff. I wrote and published CounterCoup: How Trump Can Win, on 14 August 2015 in CounterPunch.

I was unsuccessful in the months that followed. Worried about you, last week I turned to a retired hedge fund manager, now a philanthropist, and asked him who he talked to when he did his standard high dollar donation. Here’s what he told me:

Robert, it would surprise you how many people are attempting to reach Donald Trump right now.  There is no campaign as we know it, no structure, no national coordination, no desire to connect with state/local GOP leadership – chaos is reigning supreme.  The only people I know that were able to reach him (past tense) are the REDACTED folks, and that was through REDACTED. 

Now I understand from Neil that, with the dynamism of the entrepreneur, you prefer to carry most of the load yourself, are very uncomfortable bringing in new direct reports, and may be confident you easily can beat Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, who will be aided by massive electoral fraud – one reason I want an Electoral Reform Act in time to assure your legitimate win cannot be stolen.

[I expect Hillary Clinton to be indicted before the convention and to watch Election Day from a courtroom if not from Martha Stewart’s former cellblock in West Virginia.]

More is at stake here than restoring democracy and putting Main Street back in the saddle in the USA. This election is about the future of the Earth, the restoration of humanitarian focus, and the elimination of the criminal powers over economies now exercised by a financial cabal we all know by name but that only you can “settle.”

A global game plan, not just a national game plan is needed – a series of Truth & Reconciliation meetings will be needed in and out of the USA to demonstrate that you alone can reconcile the restored economic powers based on tangible assets, and the retiring financial fraudsters who must be assured a “soft landing” on their way out the door.

I regret the time that I, Russ Verney, Cynthia McKinney, and many others have not been able to spend working toward your landslide victory for lack of our ability to connect with you directly. If you embrace these ideas, you are the one man on the planet that could execute them within 30-90 days. I hope that you do.

Let’s start with the playing field. We not only want you to win in a landslide, we need to create a Congress that you can work, an effective Congress that is truly representative.

We do this with a combination of an Electoral Reform Act that wipes out Hillary Clinton’s superdelegate advantage while opening the door to viable Congressional candidates from across the political spectrum; and a series of national conversations that will bring all eligible voters back into the democracy that you will restore and lead.

I had to run for President myself to learn that we have eight accredited national parties; the six blocked from ballot access are the Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Natural Law, Reform, and Socialist. For the first time since 1896 when 79.3% of eligible voters voted, we need for you to achieve a 75% or greater turn-out by eligible voters regardless of party affiliation.

However dynamic your leadership might be, we cannot make America great again without assuring the inclusion of ALL eligible voters – 85% to 90% is achievable if you execute this plan.

You have demonstrated, in a way unlike anyone else in the history of the Republic, the capacity to bring people back to the process. I believe the action plan I present below will allow you to exceed all expectations in relation to the 70% who are marginalized today—Barack Obama was re-elected by 26% of the eligible voters.

There are seven specific actions you can do to re-engage the recalcitrant conservatives, woo the small parties (two of which are ultra conservative) and energize everyone else to win by a landslide while restoring integrity to Congress so it can execute its Article 1 responsibilities.

01 Virtual Constitutional Convention with Governor Greg Abbott and Mark Levin in Texas. Focus on state rights, build the national consensus for cutting the federal budget in half. Fund eight citizens from each State, a total of 400 for a live week, selected through a four week online process that engages hundreds of thousands more – shoot for C-SPAN coverage of the week and a national television audience of 100 million when the proposed Constitutional changes are announced in prime time.

02 Unemployment Workshop in NYC. Shaming all the banks and corporations, announcing a commitment to full employment and zero inflation – the real unemployment rate is 23% — bring together John Williams of and other serious economists, include the Congressional Research Analyst documenting a 40% non-participation rate of adults in the US economy.

03 Electoral Reform Summit in California with Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, Jesse Ventura, Cynthia McKinney, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and many others, perhaps repeated in Ohio.  Ask Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg to co-sponsor this event. It changes everything – if Senator Rand Paul will introduce it in the Senate and Speaker Paul Ryan (who finally endorsed you yesterday) will introduce it in the House, in one stroke you will have eclipsed all others in terms of an authentic commitment to making America great again by putting the citizens – all of them – back into democracy.

Senator Bernie Sanders and his staff ( have refused EIGHT TIMES to introduce this Act, an Act whose 12th point would bury Hillary Clinton. Time to call him out while working with Senator Rand Paul and Speaker Paul Ryan to get at least 10 Libertarians and 10 Independents elected into the new Congress – a few Constitutions and Greens would demonstrate full spectrum democracy is back in town.

04 Black Mobilization leveraging Cynthia McKinney as well as the robust men and women of color who already support you.  You can watch Cynthia McKinney and me on Alex Jones where among other points we note that because of the Clintons and their Prison Act, there are more African American people in jail today than there were slaves at the beginning of the War of Secession (wrongfully called the Civil War).

Combine with my Latino reconciliation program and your winning over the dispossessed youth that support Bernie Sanders and this makes it “Game Over.” Your support among African American men in particular is deeper than any of the political media reporters are willing to admit, and the same is true among Latino men that understand “machismo” and tough talk.

We can discuss women whose dreams have been dashed – your instincts are about the demographics are on target but you need a vastly better team and a more intense outreach program across the board, something you cannot do alone.

05 Take and raise $1B in 90 days (50 million times $20 each). We should have been doing this since September 2015. With a good team we can make up for lost time.

06 At BigBatUSA, engage the public in forming multiple notional Cabinets each responsible for offering up a Balanced Budget – I fully expect that you already have a full Cabinet in mind but this national engagement will change how all citizens see you and the business-like give and take that can be achieved across 200 million eligible voters welcomed online.

Only you can do something this big in scope but you need to grow your team and trust those of us who seek to explode your appeal with substantive online discussion and town hall meetings such as no one has ever seen before – a rolling series of Chautauqua buses, one for each of the “Nine Nations” of North America less Quebec.

We can and should devise a complete national security and national prosperity strategy prior to  Election Day, covering all ten high-level threats to humanity, across all twelve core policy domains. No else is capable of doing this and doing it with full transparency. You cannot let the Democrats get away from the facts – facts such as

a) The military budget is consuming 60% of the disposable federal budget in FY2015

b) Documented fraud waste and abuse in the military runs from 45% in weapons acquisition to 75% in Afghanistan

c) The infantry, 4% of the force that takes 80% of the casualites and gets 1% of the military budget – everything else is pork that does not work as advertised – stuff that is too big, too expensive, and not effective.

d) We need a 450 ship Navy, a long-haul Air Force, and an air mobile Army at the same time that we need a better balance among defense, diplomacy, and development – we can do both while cutting the bloated military budget in half and moving those savings toward everything that has been neglected by the financialization of the economy.

Main Street, not Wall Street, must be restored as the heart and soul of who we are and how we govern ourselves.

07 Commit to ending all income taxes, to full employment, and to an end to inflation. The Automated Payment Transaction Tax (APT) as devised by Dr. Edgar Feige of the University of Wisconsin, ends the burden of income taxes on all citizens and small businesses and corporations, while exploding the revenue pie to include all banking transactions – a tiny fractional tax adds up to no more deficit or debt.

Add to that your adoption of the Ronald Reagan Joint Defense-Labor plan devised by Deputy Secretary of Labor Del Spurlock and your commitment to ending financial manipulation of the economy and the inflation tax on Main Street and we are looking at Inauguration Day.

Sincerely yours,

Robert David Steele

Son of New York, Resident of Virginia


Additional References:

Steele, Robert. Democracy Riots! We are all black now – deal with it!, Amazon Kindle, March 22, 2016, 24 pages, 99 cents.

Steele, Robert. REVOLUTION!: How Donald Trump Can Win and Govern by Championing Electoral Reform, a Coalition Cabinet, a Balanced Budget, and a Constitutional Convention in 2018, Amazon Kindle, March 16, 2016, 111 pages, 99 cents.

Steele, Robert (2015). Open Power: Electoral Reform Act of 2015, Open Source Activist Tool-Kit, Amazon Kindle, February 24, 2015. 216 pp. $2.99.

Steele, Robert (2008). Election 2008: Lipstick on the Pig, Amazon Kindle, April 20, 2015. 158 pp. 3.99.


Copyright © 2016, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. Now there’s a freedom fighter you want on your side…

  2. Thank you so much again and again for what you are doing and
    all the folks that are coming together to make us great again.
    The force of Light is surrounding you.

  3. I agree with every point. Let me be first in line to help The Donald.
    I’d add a foreign policy statement encompassing the Americas, Africa, ME, Asia and BRICS. No need to confront Her Majesty or the Poop as they are being exposed by others. And any help to the EEEEYooooHooo needs to target specific help where needed.

  4. Husband Of Prosecutor Investigating Bill Clinton For child Sex Charges Gunned Down

    • It may be true Charles, but Sorcha Fal is good at spin and half truths. He’s been doing that for a long time now….just sayin’.

  5. Wow, Mr.Steele is the real deal.I am a believer now.Things just aren’t what they seem to be such as Bernie .Go Team…

  6. good progress to bring different politically motivated people together.

    exposure of neils work through media outlets and politicians would change the discussion from fringe social issues and how many bombs must be dropped on the next weak country etc.

    just remember to have contingency plans if the election is not enough for some reason.

      • remembering to have my name with a little d from now on 😀 and I declare myself to not be bound by the habit of writing a slave name anylonger! the ROMAN REPTILIAN EMPIRE can burn.

        anyway, yes, a lot of truth from craig, he is trying his best to improve the condition and awareness of the population.

        I just listened to this interview – – John Pilger

        the media organization tyt offered a million dollars for charity if trump and bernie agreed to a debate, why didn’t trump do it to get free air time?
        I hope if this idea of having different political parties discussing and people from all sides involved that someone will be able to tell trump that fracking is going to remove clean drinking water and it causes earth quakes, that way with renewed energy plan based on hidden technology we can get to a solution.

        this is still the best candidate I have seen, include him in the debates please?
        andrew d basiago

  7. A Word to the Wise

    June 3, 2016 at 3:32 pm

    I have been an admirer of Mr. Steele for some time & have the greatest respect for him as well as for his wise intelligence. His presence in Group K is a tremendous boost to to their mission as well as to We The People & all that we hope to see rectified on behalf of humanity.

    Welcome aboard, Mr. Steele!!! Your presence is a blessing to us all…Thank you for your strong courage & high integrity in all that you do for We The People…

    • Yep, Donald Trump holds his friends close.
      And he hold his enemies closer.
      All great leaders and winners know and use this.

      Yet The Donald takes it further.
      He wraps his big winning happy arm around the
      scraggly chicken necks of his enemies….

      And he S Q U E E Z E S.


      Will certainly be great when America and
      Earth, with his help, are once again winning.

  8. Truth be said and be well said.. Yes it is great that a reset is at hand and lets all be honest. It’s all become about saving America first, some of us are very awake and have been for a long time. Sad fact of it all is that this Cabal is let be to do what ever they please and execute,murder,torture and insight fear mongering every day that passes by. Monies being spent to endlessly try to play around them like a game of hide and seek as become rediculeous. Cutting the head of a snake is done when you decide to pick up the knife and just do it.
    All that is said to this point is about doing this peacefully. Is peace watching hundreds of thousands of humans being killed, millions starvings and homeless.
    I think we have gotten of the path of what was written about what the elders meant when they said we need to bring peace to the world. What a few more months of genocide all over the world until Trump gets elected? or talk about Anna and the letters she wrote to the Dick head Pope francise, have you actually seen the Pope with her legal document speak in public or contact her that it will cease… No we haven’t because they frankly don’t give a damn and they all laugh at it. You wanna talk about putting them in a padded room!!!! Are you serious they should all be taken care of with a peace of LEAD no ifs and buts. But we’ll keep listening on how a few more months will make a difference when one is elected.
    See Neil I believe 100% in you and Group K
    Monies should be spent propely by hire a well armed task force to HUNT these MAGGATS down like THEY HAVE done for hundreds of years only they murdered millions upon millions of innocent. Just no one with resources will make a step in the right direction to do the right thing ABOLISH THEM ALL FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!
    JFK was shot in public by the Cabal and we all were sad and in shock. but live went on. So do you actually think people could not go on with life if these anal viruses started to disapear? Lets be real and speak the truth out loud. Money could be spent in a manner that could bring this world to peace and until everyone involved in a big or minute way with corruption is abolished there is TWO word to describe the outcome of world peace (WISHFULL THINKING).
    I don’t lie to myself and I certainly will not lie to you.

  9. Laurie kalish

    June 3, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    Thank You , Neil Keenan And Group K and everyone else helping to make America Great Again and Peace To All. Love , Light And Protection To you all.
    May this all go quickly and smoothly God Bless Us All

  10. Wow! I mentioned this point in a comment on Donald’s FB page. I hope he reads it. I’m delighted that Mr. Steele has joined the K Group! Mr. Steele, your plan is extraordinary!!! Thanks for all your support of two of my favorite gentlemen, Donald Trump and Neil Keenan!!

  11. Tremendous! Bravissimo!

  12. Great Gramy J

    June 3, 2016 at 9:49 pm


  13. I too admire & respect Mr. Steele, he is one of the Champions of our Country, and his thought process as listed above is exceptional. I would assume that was his plan when he ran for the Office. However I do believe for certain that Mr. Trump is the one man who can carry out either this whole plan, or certainly add some of the key points to his own agenda. I strongly Believe Hillary will be visiting the Cell of Martha Stewart shortly, the Trump would walk all over the alternatives to the Democratic party. I am for the first time in about 40 years, excited as all getout for the The Donald Trump team. When they come to CA. / AZ. it will be my intention to assist in any way I can be used to put him as our next President. Good luck to all and thank you Neil Keenan for your accuracy in picking good people for your team. God Bless, now lets make all this happen==BillyBobG

  14. WOW! Well thought-out! And I love the idea of bringing citizen voters intimately into the process. I sent the Trump website this link & suggested they give it a read—told them that as a voter, I can’t wait to get started! When does Mr. Steele & his folks start?! Who knows–implementing these ideas may even end the Anti-Trump protests and bring us together…would love to see George Soros waste lotsa money!

    Plus, I have to say to Neil–thank you–you are a patriot! You are in my prayers every day for the work you have done and sacrifices you have made in this struggle for the Dragon Families. I pray for them too. If & when their desire to bring extensive humanitarian projects to the world ever comes to pass, I want to find a way to help the children who were traumatically abused by this sick evil Cabal. I understand their suffering & fear, & want to help provide comfort & healing. Count me in on both issues!

  15. Question from a non-American. I understand all the points except #1, the constitutional convention one. Doesn’t this mean amending the constitution, and if so, for what? Is there something wrong with the original one? (Was it 1871, or 1869 — can’t remember what the date was, but I understand there is more than one version out there.) Or is it that the original constitution was the first step toward federalisation, and this would unwind that? Anyone able to educate on this?

    • The first and only Constitution of the U.S. was ratified in 1788. Since that time, Congress has voted to amend it 27 times. The Convention Mr. Steele is suggesting would be one called by the States and its purpose would be to propose amendments to radically lessen the power of the federal government.

      This is a condensed version of a plan being proposed by many who are exasperated with the power grabs the federal government has been engaged in and the Supreme Court has been upholding.

      Hope this helps.

  16. As Gramy J sez, I am looking for the reality promised, so I can help make things better for those in need.
    Mr.Steele would be my recommendation as well. This man knows just about everything, and would be briefed on the rest.
    In terms of ‘economy’, America needs a real reformation. This would be similar to the French people’s objection; Money for war but not for the people?
    The ‘cabal’ keeps doing nasty things to the American people, and too few object… where are the demonstrations? Objections? By the way, this knows no color or race…
    Holding those who do these things personally responsible? It will take force of arms to accomplish such a grand goal…arrests, etc.
    History stipulates that no ‘revolution’ has ever succeeded without a countries military…
    The work is great, the laborers few.
    Who is ready to face this true problem?
    How many are willing to take seriously, “Give me liberty, or give me death”?
    Will you pledge your fortune and life to freedom?
    Git ready…it is comin ta knock on your door…soon.

  17. Anyone hear anything else on these low lives Cohen crime family?
    The week is up and still no comments on what’s going on!

  18. PollyWollyDoodle

    June 5, 2016 at 12:11 am

    Awesome! Now get everyone started tweeting and emailing this letter (post formats to do so); choose the communication method used by the person whose attention you seek.

  19. Neil & Group K — I am delighted to see the great strides you are making, and the inclusion here of Mr. Steele’s work! Also wonderful to see Drake chiming in with the reminder that the US military will certainly use its muscle when the time comes. This is all very strategic. But I must mention this: the US has a very large, resource-rich neighbour next door, with great access to the Arctic, which is currently ‘owned’ by the English Crown (really the City of London I think), holding a small population that has never been free and has little to no concept of what freedom is, with a current administration that is second-generation globalist.

    Contrary to the assertions of many US-based freedom fighters, the ‘constitutional’ structure in Canada makes it nearly impossible to protect property & resources from the hands of the cabal. When these changes are made in the US, that would give the cabal a good base to maintain operations and possibly even to create mischief — Ukraine next to Russia would be a comparison, and even that is not accurate, since Ukraine has been ‘Russian’ for much of its history.

    While strategy is being laid, I hope someone is doing some thinking about this neighbour (since I have seen pretty much NO discussion of it anywhere, except on the Council for Foreign Relations site, and a little discussion here and there in regard to the extensive buying by Chinese interests, which may or may not work out well for China).

    Even if the details this sort of discussion cannot be published, it would be reassuring to know that someone on the resistance side is even considering the possibilities here. Assuming that Canada will simply follow the US resistance is a complete non-starter, I am sorry to say, and this assumption seems to underlie what little discussion there is, including from the well respected Judge Anna. (I have great regard for this Judge but I haven’t seen any indication yet that she is well informed on Canadian history & law, although perhaps she is.) It is much more likely that both the Canadian government and its people will support the cabal as fully as they can.

    I suggest that if people have not begun thinking strategically about this, now would be a good time to start, since I am quite certain the cabal has. It is not the population I am referring to here as a problem, so much as the access, the resources, and the Canadian legal arrangements concerning the cabal’s assets. Again, the risk I see is the same risk as Ukraine poses to Russia, only on a larger scale. No, I do not think Canada’s economy or population is anything like Ukraine’s, BUT I think the cabal’s strategic thinking, of maintaining its own base right up against the border, is probably similar, and that will no doubt cause many problems down the line.

    • Many many people in Canada know about this Cabal, If anone thinks that it’s population as not been dumd down in living in a fantasy world. One thing we all know if you have lived is that the quiet ones in the crowd is usually the most dangereous. Canada is actually Canada Corperation same as the US.


      skycat — check this link for GREAT news about blowing
      the bad guys infesting Canada right out of existence and
      right into their own personal eternal HELL.

      Includes MASSSIVE evidence accumulation on the
      demented rats of Earth all the way up to the *top*.

      • ds, have not yet checked your link as I just saw this comment, but thank you, I will look into it! Believe me, nothing would make me happier than to see a clear lawful path to reclaiming not just our persons, but also our property and resources from the cabal in Canada.

        So far all my research has arrived at the same dead end: that the country of Canada was federalised in 1867, by declaration of the monarch (not by any popular support, which was considered completely unnecessary at the time and still is), and the Crown essentially laid claim to everything — so the country was established as essentially a resource farm for the Crown. I’ve seen nothing so far that changes this, but plenty to reinforce it, including what passes as the ‘constitution’. (Canada does not actually have a constitutional document, but rather a mishmash of several statutorial documents that change now and then, some overriding and displacing others, that collectively make up what Canadians refer to as ‘the constitution’ — again, there is no document as such that exists.)

        The ‘constitutional’ documents repeatedly and explicitly privilege statutes over rights, stating repeatedly that statutes trump rights, that rights exist only insofar as they do not interfere with statutes. Further, while there are ‘rights’ (subordinate to statutes) that cover protection of person, there are NONE that cover protection of property, which is always considered to be owned by the Crown. This is still true even when a landowner goes thru the process (beginning with a ‘petition’) of claiming a Crown Land Patent, which STILL gives resources rights among other rights on that land to the Crown. And that’s if the Crown even grants you the Land Patent in the first place.

        Essentially, you have to go way back to the Magna Carta and Bill of Rights even to begin a claim that a resident here owns their land, and since those are foreign documents that define rights which are specifically overridden by this country’s domestic laws, your claim is (legally) tenuous at best. You are essentially hoping that lawmakers will agree that the entire legal history of this country is wrongheaded (which it is), and that the entire legal structure here should be ignored or changed (it should be changed, but who is in a position to do that when the head of this country is still the Crown?). This is what I mean when I say that the population has never had a culture of freedom, right from its inception.

        I am not saying that anyone should ‘give up’ on Canada, and I will certainly read your link with great interest. But I am saying that until I see anyone address the actual legal structure and history of this country, beginning with its history and current status as a resource farm for the Crown, I have a very difficult time understanding how any ordinary inhabitant or even group of inhabitants are going to claim any of their property, short of ditching the Crown entirely which would mean (I think) renouncing their government. This would be a herculean task, certainly not something you could do simply by reclaiming your person by means of undoing the birth certificate and NAME trick. You still have the problem, after you have reclaimed your person, of all resources and assets here legally belonging to the Crown, since the country was founded and to this day proudly proclaims itself this way. So you might be free — to starve and have nowhere to live, considered a trespasser on Crown land.

        I hope I am wrong about these things, but wherever I look so far I find the same result. I would LOVE to be proved wrong.

        You Americans have a Declaration of Independence and a Constitution. These are legal documents, and I hope you understand what a wonderful advantage that is, since they give you a lawful basis for your claims. You should feel proud and grateful for them. Canadians need these same documents, but it takes not only courage, but a lot of knowledge and plenty of personal security and a certain degree of public support before they can be written here. This is why I warn Team K, to be careful of a possible ‘hostile neighbour’ situation. People should not assume that Canadians are in the same position as Americans — there was never a revolution or any victory of independence here, and the population here since its founding has never ever lived in a culture of freedom.

        Even as it is, Canadians have VERY LITTLE say over what their government does, and in fact most are disenfranchised ever from holding a high position within it (due to the ‘second-language’ barrier). Without co-operation and support from outside the country, I am not sure that it is possible to liberate it from the Crown. I hate to be so pessimistic and again I would LOVE to be proved wrong.

        Again, many thanks for your link. I am looking forward to reading it! Maybe there will be some answers there for some of my questions.

      • ds, just had a boo at your link. This Kevin Annett sounds promising. I will read up on his work and see if there is a way to get in touch with him. Perhaps it would be worthwhile for Team K or Judge Anna to follow his work too, and if he seems to be on the right track, I will certainly forward Judge Anna’s contact details to him as well. Hope springs eternal! 🙂 Herculean task, as I said — maybe we have a homegrown Hercules to lead it. If he is the real deal, I am sure there are plenty of ordinary Canadians like me who would love to give him support.

  20. Cameron Jensen

    June 5, 2016 at 10:52 pm

    Hi Neal and K team
    I felt that you would understand and enjoy Judge Anna’s latest posting. My Best Cameron

    Sunday, June 5, 2016
    “US Citizenship” —- Why Won’t You Believe That You Have Made a Wrong Assumption?

    by Anna Von Reitz

    I recently explained why the NLA Common Law Grand Juries don’t work and can’t work as the Fourth Branch of Government they claim to be—- and it is simply that the people operating these juries aren’t classed as Americans. They are still operating as “US citizens”. They can’t operate an American Common Law Grand Jury for the same reason that Englishmen can’t operate an American Common Law Grand Jury.

    I gave everyone the actual Naturalization Act that addresses this issue: Seventh Congress, Session 1, Chapter 28, Sections 1- 4, passed April 14, 1802. This is so straight forward, so cut-and-dried that a grade school kid can grasp what it says and what it means with no problem.

    And yet, I still get people who want to argue with the facts.

    Okay, here’s another crystal clear, in-your-face, can’t avoid what it says or what it means example from long after the Civil War: 1893 case,

    CITY OF MINNEAPOLIS v. REUM. (Circuit Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit

    *Only one way to become US citizen, make voluntary application, have oath accepted by competent authority and have this put in public records. *And Not Otherwise.*

    Americans call all the states together “the United States” the same way we mistakenly call a “Federal Reserve Note” a “dollar” but in both cases our sloppy language has led to widespread sloppy thinking.

    A “Federal Reserve Note” isn’t even the same as a “Silver Certificate” — much less is it a unit measure of fine silver.

    In the same way, though we speak of “the United States” and merely mean the whole country, all the states together, the fact of the matter is that each one of our states is a separate nation unto itself. We derive our nationality from our states. We are Georgians and Vermonters and Oregonians for a reason.

    The “United States” is a separate and foreign nation with respect to us, that has two forms of citizenship. If you are born in the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico or one of the other Insular States or Territories, you can, at your option, claim to be a United States Citizen. If you are operating as a federal corporation franchise, a federal civilian or military employee, a welfare recipient, political asylum seeker, or happen to be African American, you are stuck with being classed as a “citizen of the United States” under the provisions of the 14th Amendment.

    Neither of these classes of citizens— Big “C” or Little “c”— are what Americans mean when they call themselves “United States Citizens”. United States Citizens live under a constitutional democracy, not a republic. They are guaranteed “equal civil rights”, not their Natural and Unalienable Rights. They have to pay federal taxes on every cent they earn, because they are—- guess what?—-Federal United States Citizens, whereas the vast majority of American State Nationals and their business enterprises are naturally exempt.

    I could go on, but the point is that most of the people reading this are not United States citizens of any kind. Most of you are American State Nationals who have misidentified yourselves through ignorance and now cling to your chains in a foreign and distinctly disadvantageous political status.

    Please stop trying to argue with the facts, just because you have mistakenly thought of yourself as a “United States Citizen” since grade school. Wrap your head and your tongue around the fact that you are a South Carolinian, a Wisconsinite, or a Montanan, instead.

    These are the six categories of “United States Citizens”—and if you don’t see your situation described here, you can rest assured that you are not a “United States Citizen” nor a “citizen of the United States”, either.

    1. People born in one of the Federal Insular States (like Guam or Puerto Rico) or in the District of Columbia;
    2. People working for the federal civil government or active duty or reserve military personnel;
    3. Political asylum seekers;
    4. Welfare seekers;
    5. People choosing to operate as federal corporation franchisees;
    6. African Americans who were never granted actual state national status after the Civil War.

    The first step home is realizing that you aren’t a “US citizen” and probably never have been, don’t live in a “democracy” and aren’t bound by the laws of Puerto Rico.
    See this article and over 200 others on Anna’s website
    To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.

  21. Been sitting in a very uncomfortable chair at the hospital for the last 5 nights beside my Mom, brain going non stop on how to stoop these Cabal maggots.

    Food for thought if it as not crossed anyones mind.
    A Birth Certificate as we all know is a Bond taken out on the person that was born and to have us registered to be traded on the stock market like cattle.
    Well a Bond can be sold by the owner which is the person that was born.
    Why not ask every Birth Certificate holder to rightfully sell their Bond to a Bank set up under the Humanitirian Funds? You’ld kill 2 birds with one stone.
    Can’t spell right at this moment but just a thought.

    • Very sorry to see this about your mum, Charles. I hope she will be OK. It is distressing when your dear parents are in danger. Best wishes and hopes to you.

  22. I am grateful for the hard work of Mr. Keenan and Group K. I took Mr. Keenan’s endorsement of Trump seriously and began advocating Trump to my associates.

    Then I discovered that Trump has a long history of supporting Israel, above and beyond, and his current rhetoric seems absent of any criticism of Zionism. I’m sure Mr. Keenan has his reasons for endorsing Trump, but another Zionist US president is the last thing we need. I’m sure that Mr. Steele would advise Trump well in this matter, but what if Trump doesn’t accept qualified advisors or wise advice?

    I’ve heard some here imply that Trump is playing politics by “keeping his enemies closer”. But how do we know this? Evidence, please?! that Trump understands that Zionism is one of the heads of the NWO cabal which must be opposed.

    Thank you.


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