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An Adventure Never
To Be Forgotten

Well it seems as though we are never going to get enough of what happens in the jungles of Indonesia.

This time, with Thomas who spent one month with Neil, Charles and Jo… What they all learned is one very important thing: “The monkeys are not going away. They are here to stay…”

In the following conversation between Thomas and Neil you will find many of the cracks in what we have already heard are filled in with their chat. It takes us back to Indonesia and often into the jungles where the Jinn are waiting and most definitely ready to protect Neil. 

A joke eh? You should be there to witness how many are there to help him. Hundreds? Nope! Maybe thousands! And you do not come out alive without them. 

The jungle would and could devour you before you blink. Therefore, what you will hear here between Thomas and Neil is quite heavy and now is the perfect time to genuflect. 

So let’s get it out to you people before it seems to fade away. Get yourselves ready to hear many things that no one else has heard to date. Please put your seatbelt on and stay calm.

Here come the monkeys! Or Cobras! Or Pythons! Samatra Tigers (White) and so much more. 

Sit back and listen and enjoy the ride. We are your tour guides.

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  1. Enjoyed the conversation and in places it was very amusing. Liked the monkey story.
    Thank you.

  2. Neil,
    I loved the recounting of the rag man yelling, “rags… rags.” I guess this meant he went from rags to ill-gotten riches, and now it is time for him to go back to rags again!

    God bless you, Neil. I pray for you almost daily.

  3. LOVED IT.. from Start to Finish!
    This was a superb (even with the glitches) audio recording of your journey with Thomas and so many others! I truly get it especially with the orbs, dark entities and spiritual assistance.
    Neil, your journey has definitely not been easy but I feel in my heart💖you truly are a BLESSED man❣️

  4. Neil and Tomas – a wonderful visit with you and re-visit of your grand adventure. Thank you for this update, and for everything you are doing for Humanity and Mother Earth.

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