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It’s Show Time

It’s Show Time, Folks!

(A video update by Neil Keenan)


Since arriving here in Jakarta nearly two weeks ago – both the pace and developments have been relentless. The past two weeks seem more like two months, as the scope and magnitude of what we do here appears to expand, not by the day – but by the minute!

The cabal are desperate as they accelerate their efforts in line with their agenda to seize the global collateral accounts.

Almost immediately following our recent “Three Strikes and You’re Out!” video update, Neil Keenan received an urgent call from a high level contact based in South Korea.

We the people face an imminent danger which must be curtailed!

Joint naval exercises currently taking place off the coast of South Korea are a sophisticated cover for the biggest gold heist in history! In this urgent video message an unusually sombre Neil Keenan provides details of the plan, the perpetrators behind it and the vital imperative to expose and curtail it.

Now more than ever we must remain focused and vigilant in our mission to defeat the power elite, to thwart their last-gasp efforts to replenish their war-chest; cull the majority of human kind – and enslave the rest!

This is not a “don’t miss” update; it’s a must see message for the world!

As the cabal are accelerating their efforts to seize the global accounts, so must we then accelerate and intensify our efforts to protect and free them.

As promised here is the name of the THIRD ELDER holding the depositors assets under the guise of the GLOBAL ACCOUNTS:


He is to manage the people’s treasure at the UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND GENEVA

Identification Code        56400933.  A.045

Country Code Djakarta       342009771

Indonesia                        45005

Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan

Transaction Code             340080979.  C.D.

It is possible and most likely that many of the original names to be mentioned are individuals who have since passed away and the assets are now in the hands of their family members.

Therefore, the family members are demanded now to Cease and Desist their attempts to market the assets of the Global Accounts and/or the Soekarno Accounts.

Part one:

Part two:

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  1. this is GOLD as UPDATE… thank you

  2. So many of the freedom underground believe in you and your team. Right now there are many collective and individual skirmishes against the Dark Forces controlling the people. It is no accident that you and your team are in the position to help free the planet. Thank you for you selfless and relentless work. We love you all.

  3. might be of interest to you guys…

    Bank of England officials led by Mark Carney, the Bank of England governor, are attempting to bridge sharp differences among leading G20 countries as they prepare a landmark set of proposals aimed at tackling the problem of “too big to fail” banks according to the Financial Times today. …

    • this should go with it…..

      FATCA was implemented worldwide at the beginning of this month, but the impact (and costs) are only now just beginning to filter through to the financial services community.

      Part of the US Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act (HIRE), FATCA aims to ensure Americans, wherever they are and whatever investments they have, are paying the correct level of US tax.

      The UK Government estimates it will cost UK financial institutions up to £1.6bn to implement FATCA in this country, with ongoing costs of up to £90m per year. But, as far as wealth managers are concerned, this is more than just about spending money. …

      • Hello, Pat. As much as you seem to be on board of getting rid the financial tyranny by the cabal, your promulgating those UK government’s announcement and US HIRE Act gives an impression, at least to me, that you’re supporting our arch nemesis.

        First, the Federal Reserve (along with its underling IRS) is an unconstitutional organization, taxing the livelihood of more than 90% of the American population. Why would any American, no matter where they live, still pay income tax (especially to an illegal institution like IRS and the Fed)?

        Second, why would any government still try to come up with proposals “aimed at tackling the problem of ‘too big to fail’ banks”? Shouldn’t those banks, no matter how big they are, just simply be bankrupted by law?

  4. Neil,
    Time for us to say thank you. Tell HM Edward Silva that a lessor (US CORP[dead thing]) cannot create any thing greater than its self such as a sovereign. Tell him to read the treaty of Paris he will see who won the American revolution. Not us.
    What he seeks cannot be found in the UNITED STATES CORP. incorporated in 1871 . He is King he should not seek any ones permission. In the case he feels a need to have someones permission he must then seek the right to self determination through the United Nation for he and his people and their posterity, as our forefathers did in the declaration of independence. He can give the US all the declarations of independence he wants its the wrong dog. In seeking the right to self determination here in the US the decision was granted by the prime-minister of England. Hawaii was annexed by Nationals under the East India company this is immortalized in the US flag/armorial bering and in the Hawaii State Flag. Both flags are East India conquest/war flags and are forbidden to fly over ocean port of entry. Customs fly the peace flag and all unarmed Coastguard boats fly the peace flag. All armed coast guard boats fly the US war flag. All flags send a clear signal you just have to know how to read them.
    Neil be safe be healthy and once again thanks for your diligence but most of all for your integrity .

    • Thank you, Ken. I have passed your message to the King. I’m sure he will be very grateful for your message, and your Kōkua (assistance).

      As a side note, we have set up a new blog for the Kingdom of Hawai’i.
      Those who wish to help the King and the Kingdom, may go here:

      (and Neil and team, I leave it to you whether you care to pass this on via the comment section here, otherwise, just tell me to go jump in the ocean!).
      Aloha, Kauilapele (aka, Kau’ila, Kp)

      • Keenan Team (2)

        July 23, 2014 at 1:11 am

        Thank you very much, Kauilapele for the site info. Very much appreciated. And hey, we need all the good guys we can gather so don’t jump in the ocean unless it’s for the pure fun of it.

      • Nah you have been close to me for a long while and your heart is always in the right place. I spoke to the King about this last night after having sent it and he is fine with it. As stated you never do anything wrong and the Ocean does not need you we need you here.


  5. Bless you, Neil. Thanks so much.

  6. Thanks so much Neil. I love that Irish part that just keeps going, won’t stop and its not just talking!! Thank heavens otherwise where would we be!! 🙂 Sending you much love and please know you are appreciated for all you do by so many and on so many levels. 

  7. Hey Neil, Thanks for the update and keeping us informed. I assure you everyone that has awaken in the world is behind you guys and the Family 100%!

    To the Keenan Team:
    I have two emails subscribed and still do not receive notification direct from you. I have to depend on Drake’s update posts to learn about new information. Can you please check on this?

    Take care all and God Speed

    • Our guy who handles this is down and will not be back for a little while. Until then we are doing our best to get things out to everyone.

  8. Neil,

    I think it is unwise to attempt to cast the Yakuza in a good light given their involvement with Tepco procuring slave labor for Fukushima and how these workers are dealt with afterwards one they are irradiated.

  9. Phyylis Brandt

    July 22, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    We LOVE you Neil Keenan from the bottom of our hearts. We need more God Bless angels like you to help save this world. Please, get rid of these parasites, as soon as, you can. God speed.

  10. WOW.. This gold amounts to $10T USD at current price…US GDP is $16T USD,
    EU GDP is $17T USD….and this is only South Korea gold !!!!

  11. Why down on Cobra?

  12. Thanks Neil and team! Although I dedicate most my spare time on Jean’s site I am still here following your hard work with many others. I think what you are doing is vital to the total disconnect of the cabal from the world system. It is imperative that what they have stole be returned and that they steal no more!

    Soap Opera??? Oh these must be the sheeple still watching the media for their everyday entertainment! Well I hope they understand there wont be any TV in the FEMA camps where were all heading (the ones that survive) if we lose this battle. Those of us that know you by past and present hard work trust you Neil and cherish having you on our side working hard for us!

    I pray Lords blessings and Light of strength for Neil and his team…..mike

  13. Dear Neil,

    We are supporting what you and And your team are doing to free humanity. Don’t ever think of letting go of the situation because we won’t let you until all the rats are rounded in jail. Then we celebrate! We are so close to victory that all of us need to have every moment of undivided attention
    to show our support to the guys fighting at the front line for us all.


  14. A great, big thank you from the bottom of my heart. Neil, you and your incredible team have inspired so many of us to take action in our communities, helping the cause in any way we can. The people are coming together, we are reconnecting and learning to care for one another again. We will continue shining our lights for you, knowing you will come home one day to celebrate with us. Just look for our lights. Blessings!

    • Keenan Team (2)

      July 23, 2014 at 1:14 am

      We thank you for your comment, JimmyB. We do see ALL the lights and are ever grateful for them!

  15. Aloha Neil! there must be trillions of beings in this Universe that are eternally grateful and very supportive of what you are doing!!! There is a massive positive energy for the prison break of humanity! In fact it is a absolutely essential that we win this war….As a member of this Universe I send a Universal Mahalo for you and all your supporters who fight with you, every minute of everyday for this Victory! Lets have a big party in celebration very soon! Love and appreciation from my heart to yours!

  16. THANK YOU Neil!!!!!!
    At your service… How can I help

  17. Wow 240,000 MT, that’ll take a large container ship w/ capacity of 18,270 TEU to carry all that.. no way they can sneak it out.

  18. Let’s calculate … it would take 17,143 twenty foot shipping containers to hold 240,000 metric tonnes of gold bullion and if stacked to the brim wherein the world’s largest container vessels, being the Maersk Triple E class line, hold up to 18,270 containers per ship. No way can any Navy ship hold such weighted volume, unless makes many multiple voyages and/or utilizing many, many ships. Anyway, such a bullion amount is NOT located within S. Korea, trust me. 😉

  19. 1 ton of gold is 373mmx373mmx373mm
    1mx1mx1m of gold is 19.3 ton
    In engineering 1 metric ton is 1000kg

  20. Neil, thank you for this news.

    For the completeness of the record, with regard to the President of South Korea, Park Geun-hye’s, partner, who you featured, it would be useful to have the spelling of his full name.

    This gentleman, it seems, holds no official authority, or position, or diplomatic status withing the South Korean administration, yet he is engaged, you say, in an attempt to disburse a tranche of the Asian Dragon Family’s gold presently held in trust in South Korea. The value of this gold is in the region of $10 Trillion at current prices.

    One of the many purposes of that gold, it is said, is to help finance the imminent reunification of the Korean peninsula and, in particular, the development and updating of the infrastructure in the North, with Chinese and Russian assistance.

    In the first week of July 2014, the President of China, Xi Jinping, accompanied by more than 200 Chinese business leaders, paid an official visit to Seoul. During that time, Xi spoke to Park Geun-hye about the Dragon Family gold in South Korea, and its provenance, purpose and safeguarding. The salient points within those talks were recorded on both sides.

  21. Too many websites and youtube channels are hijacked by people spruiking their agendas……….,against the mainstream media they pale to insignificance.We need a neutral site that allows the world a stage if you will,or a center for the expression of ideas and information.For instance;we had the announcement of new techs for unlimited renewable energy.The world did not hear it because it was ridiculed as cold fusion by main stream scientist and media.In effect it did not happen.The same can be said here,that if if we don’t center the conversation,this info about the robbery that is to take place wont be heard.Therefore it did not happen.

  22. I commented to someone a few weeks back after Tony Abbot,fresh from His US visit(in particular;stopping in NY to speak to rupert murdoch)was photographed in pearl harbour on his way back to australia……..something was cooking

  23. that’s relative to the fact australia leads the resolution and has aust federal police now controlling the crime scene as they did in Bali

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