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The Cabal Is In Check!
Checkmate Coming!

Video Highlights:

  • Chemtrails 2.0: they are now radioactive! Sons of bitches. Dr. Group counters, developing a compound that will protect us.
  • The Bio-Mat and VibesUP are doing wonders for Neil and he shares their medical marvels.
  • A marvel machine cures your unique health problems and any disease within six to eight weeks; and another machine will rejuvenate the body’s organs to their condition of 20 years ago.
  • A new worldwide server, Webinski, is now becoming available to circumvent NSA’s (Nazi Surveillance Agency’s) illegal, constitution-shredding spy tentacles into every imaginable aspect of our private lives.
  • IRS: We want our money back! Illegal IMF-controlled bastards! We’re coming after you.
  • Indonesian President Sukarno and President Kennedy were working together to dismantle the Federal Reserve. Sukarno sent Kennedy 1,700 metric tons of gold for his use in creating a new gold-backed US dollar. This was the primary reason the Cabal conspired to assassinate Kennedy. Shortly thereafter, a coup d’état removed Sukarno from political power, and he ended his days under house arrest.
  • The Dragon Family is financing a bank of the BRICS alliance. The Family will assist in financing a new government in the United States.
  • Keith Scott is up to his usual criminal con games. (A warning to all who would be deceived by Scott – do your due diligence so you don’t become ensnared by this Jabba the Hut.)
  • The Cabal is heating up conflict between the Japanese and China. Advice: Join forces to defeat the real enemy – the Cabal.
  • Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapons have been made available for our disposal. Can they be used to take down chemtrail planes? We certainly have the right of  self-defense.
  • Nelu should be released from jail in February.

For more than three years Neil Keenan has been steadfast in his efforts to explode into the midst of the Globalists. While he has captured what they need to continue their global fraud, which is stripping them bare financially, he also has focused the antiseptic sunshine of the power of truth on their genocidal agenda.

While he has held his cards close to his vest, at the same time he also has given us enough information to understand and support him in his efforts.

In this video Neil takes it to the next level as he exposes the Cabal’s Radioactive Chemtrails, 2.0. He gives us hope with his announcement of a medical compound that destroys the potency of their attempts to wipe out 85% of humanity.

Recently, Neil sat down with one of the top principals of the Bilderbergers, who claimed a change of heart and wanted to join the Keenan Team in defeating the Cabal’s genocidal plans. Neil said. “No” — because few from the Team could ever trust this Bilderberg pillar. Helping with information is acceptable, and Neil will accept all the Cabal turncoats that are willing to prove themselves in this way.

He expects more members to abandon the sinking, stinking Cabal ship.

What Neil unequivocally understands is that there is no more clutter in his way: The Cabal is utterly exposed to him. While he loves bumping heads with Cabal principals, rather than with their weasel cronies whom they have thrown out in front as interference, Neil now sees them all running for cover.

This sums up how the Cabal must be feeling about now:

Maybe it’s their 20th or 21st nervous breakdown; Neil is loosing count. What’s clear, though, is their legs are getting weak; they are showing all the symptoms of ‘losing it’ again .

Neil, as the Cabal’s worst nightmare, is making his moves – it’s Showtime, and they are twelve steps behind him. He is taking their system down, step by step, piece by piece. Neil knows that ‘our’ time has arrived, and all of his efforts are now bearing fruit.

What can they try next? Hunt Neil down — again?

If they do, he will release the Black Book, and many of the top-tier Cabalists will be exposed — and they deeply fear exposure. Neil not only controls the Black Book and has had the Book’s codes translated, but he also has opened the private-banking black screens — and he knows exactly who has done what.

But wait, there is much more: the unraveling of the entire Cabal structure. The ICIJ and several other groups are doing a terrific job working to undo the global elite. Their continuing efforts to expose the offshore banking network will lay bare many other top Cabal players. And it’s only just begun.

Let’s go to the very top of the pyramid now, which Neil reveals is not Rockefeller, Bush, or Rothschild. Instead, it is a group of nine men who have pushed the above-mentioned three to the front, thereby maintaining their anonymity, while running the entire puppet show from afar. To date, many may have heard only whispers of their names in the wind. These nine are at the apex of the Cabal pyramid. Little do they know that others have tracked them down, and their days of walking the streets as ordinary people will soon be over.

Watch the video. It is filled with information on Neil’s efforts to achieve Peace in Our Time — for the first time in God knows how long!

In concluding a discussion of this Preface with Neil, we asked him how in the future can we maintain peace. In his own special one-of-a-kind way, he advised us:



P.S. Those lamp posts are getting closer, George, wouldn’t you say? What you gonna’ do?



  1. I am very happy to find you work site. I will help!



  2. I love it ! I live in an area where there are many of the Cabal. How can I help ?

  3. Dénes Boldizsár

    February 25, 2014 at 2:51 pm

    We are winning the ”game”!Cheers !

  4. WHO are the nine men ????

  5. The ones behind the 9 men,who are they?? follow the bread crumbs.

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