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UN Secretary General
Ban Ki-moon Attempts To Pull
The Wool Over Chinese /
Korean Eyes – Only To Find
There’s No Wool

A secret meeting was taking place within the walls of this famous restaurant in a section placed together with high level security just for them.

Within sat some of the more prominent politicians and Globalists on the planet. One had it all and the other used to have.

The shoes have changed feet now and you could see the feeble old man known as Secretary General of the UN, squirming in his chair hoping to con the President of the great nation of China after previously having visited South Korean President Park.

The purpose of Ban Ki moon’s being there was an attempt to keep the NWO or Globlist Agenda alive. President Xi Jinping sat amused by the offerings.

After all, for nearly 75 years China and Asia have had to take a back seat to this totally corrupt organization entitled the United Nations.

For nearly 75 years the Rape of Nanking still smells fresh not only in the room but throughout Asia.

“Please forgive us for we have sinned” were the words that never escaped Ban Ki moon’s mouth. He never attempted those words! But perhaps those were the words China was waiting to hear. Or maybe this was just another planned rape by the West.

President Xi Jinping did all he could to sit still and not strangle him for his insolence.

The Dragon Family was not second in line on this as they fought for the front row. The nerve of this Moonie [ See: Moon Moving In On United Nations? ] dressed up as something special (yet just a killer preparing to decide who will eat and who will not eat in the United States in the near future, as the UN plan to be issuing out Monsanto food).

Yes, right little man you look like God? Not! You look like a desperate wannabee from long ago, while your own people will bring you down after all the wrong you have done them.

You had the power in your small pockets to assist but stood fast and in defiance of those that raised you. Yes it can be easily seen how you hid within the mountains during WW2. Your size makes hiding a strength; under beds, carpets, in holes in walls etc.

The four thousand dollar suit worn by Ban Ki moon did not dress up the man in this case.  His trembling was noticeable and the Chinese / Dragon Family found it very amusing that this 120 pound man soaking wet dared to come into their parlor but happy he did ”come into my parlor said the spider to the fly!” 

Ban Ki moon could barely move his legs. Were they still there?

He looked old and tired. One could see him twitching uncomfortably wondering if he would be able to pull the wool over the Chinese eyes?

Whereas the Chinese sat there smiling saying to themselves “what do you want this time you old thief?”

The fact that Neil Keenan was screaming for the Chinese / Dragon Family not so long ago to set up their own financial system and banks (AIIB) had really paid off.

They listened and now they needed not a thing from the West. Yes the shoes had changed and the Western Representative / Globalist representative was like sending someone a gift they did not want.

While in South Korea, Ban Ki moon did not fool anyone either. Sure, the Secretary General from this notorious organization (nothing more than a corporation) flew in and they were ready for his bullshit one more time (it has happened many times in the past) – remember he was a Moonie – another corrupt so-called religious organization.

After spending time in South Korea he did reveal his goal to President Park – this being that he was preparing his quest to run for the Presidency of South Korea.

Why President Park ‘had to go’ had to do with her not delivering the Gold to Jeb Bush and the US Treasury (again Neil Keenan and team had stopped it).

She could not and did not relent after many times being requested to do so. She stood strong as a Korean should supporting her people.

She wanted Korea’s national and international debt paid and more than anything she wished for and wanted the reunification of Korea. As they all do.

She has united and joined forces with many known and unknown for this very reason unbeknownst to the Western World (Globalists).

Now they want to replace her.  Stand your ground President Park the Globalists will crumble around you and Korea will remain standing.

You see, the Globalists cannot control the world unless they conquer Asia; and they figured that Ban Ki moon, with their nefarious assistance, would take South Korea simply enough.  Or is it?

But they need money to get him into position.

Heaven forbid they ever use any of the multitudinous funds they have stolen from the planet to assist their further attempts at hijacking it.  These weasels will be served up to the people on a cold platter in the very near future and you can hear them crying out for mercy.

Yes mercy it is. Fema Camps and Montsanto food for you and your families. We also wish to rid the world of your bloodlines (as ridiculous as they may be) as you do ours.

They had, in the recent past attempted, to steal the Korean bunkers’ gold bullion contents by using Jeb Bush in the background and Scott Nelson of the US Treasury to purchase them.

They were mostly after the Gaddafi assets (the former Libyan President), Mei Hua assets and attempted to do an end around when no one was looking, but unfortunately for them we played the same game (only better) for many years and stopped them in their tracks – even though they went through their agent Katsumi Kamiya of the Immuganda Trading Limited Corporation in Hong Kong.

GOTCHA! And a few days later we heard they would be coming in another way.

Jeb Bush had been refused.

You must remember when you connect the dots that these operators are all one and the same; all parts of a giant Corporation that takes care of its constituent parts with bail-ins and bail-outs with all the stealth and theft they can swing at the same time.

All the while you are paying taxes that are unlawful and not mandated by any government as there are only three sovereign nations on the planet.

You are paying taxes to a corporation.

Yet you take care of foreign Corporations, Banks, Royal Families, International Organizations and every other aspect of business that they (the Globalists) can dream up while they find further ways to steal from you.

Ban Ki moon has been part of this ongoing saga since the beginning: The theft of the Federal Reserve Notes that were stolen from Neil by Daniel Dal Bosco.

While researching this and other matters Neil’s best friend and associate Joseph Bendana made certified copies of  the lawsuit and submitted a copy to Ban Ki moon at the UN Building in New York City in hope of furthering things. Joseph followed his submission with a phone call to Ban Ki moon at the UN Building in New York.

Of course Joe did not get through to him, but what no one expected including his brother in law – was a return call from Ban Ki moon; one that lasted 45 minutes  that was filled with explosive details and information.

Joe contacted Neil Keenan and said “Holy shit! Wait until you hear what I was told. I will see you in two days, cannot talk over the phone.”

What Joe did not realize was that Ban Ki moon was being recorded and two days later Joseph Bendana was found dead in his home, right after clearing a bill of health to travel.

We are still waiting for the truth to come out on this matter and we are certain that it will.  It is still being ruled as a Homicide and we will ensure just results in the end. Count on it Joe!

Connecting the dots also leads us to the would-be hideaways of the Bush and Moon families – and believe it or not they are next-door neighbors in Paraguay which just happens to be within the drug triangle with the Mariscal Estigarribia US Air Force Base as their support and protectorate.

To add further fodder to this the Bush family actually bought the Hitler Estate (where Hitler lived until his death).

This is where they intended to hide from you once they no longer had any place to run.

And now they are attempting to steal from the Global Accounts again; at a time many consider close to their soon-to-be demise (Neil doesn’t believe this).

Yes, maybe this is their last attempt at stealing from Asia. Maybe not! People like these never quit.  Greed is everything.

So let’s get back to Ban Ki moon in China.

The Chinese have many smart and clever people and they do not talk much. They believe in the old saying “you cannot even catch a fish if he keeps his mouth closed”, so they smile  letting  you spill your beans and Ban Ki moon has only two ways to go.

He needs the money or the bunkers so he can keep the UN and many Nations alive otherwise the Chinese could lose their interest.

Firstly, Neil doesn’t believe the Chinese would worry about this and secondly, Ban Ki moon might just state that he needs money to make a run at the Presidency of South Korea – which again Neil does not believe the Chinese will care for nor promote.

You see the Chinese / Dragon Family have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening and they know of the Globalists desperation, while also realizing that the Globalists in fact own nothing, and are giving them phony notes and papers – whether it be dollars or property deeds.

The Chinese realize they need to get to dealing with those who can make a difference and the Globalists / Zionists are no longer in the running and have little value themselves at this point.

The walls are crumbling around them.

Thirdly, the Chinese / Dragon Family are aware of the many attempts to steal the Collateral Assets, which Neil Keenan and Group K have stopped. They are very appreciative and realize that Ban Ki moon’s visit is little more than an attempt to fill his coffers once again before fleeing to Paraguay.

There are rumors out there that Neil Keenan is making a big move and if so; that would eliminate the need for Oligarchic / Globalist disorder any longer.

The Chinese know what Neil is planning and most likely Ban Ki moon himself also heard and in an attempt to save his fake UN Organization, flew in (in desperation) to assure his future safety while attempting to shut Neil Keenan down.

This is not, and will not happen.

Right now we believe Ban Ki moon is on the blocks, crapping himself, with Obama in the next booth passing notes between one another under the partitions.

Ban Ki moon could be returning home empty handed. If so, look for things to accelerate before these vermin begin to flee, leaving many others behind to take the fall. Get your fishing nets out boys we are all going fishing and their mouths do not stop flapping.

One final disgusting note:  What happens should Ban Ki moon become President of South Korea?

Well another chip falls into place for the Globalization of the planet should it still be alive.

You see then Ban Ki moon would rape the Korean Peninsula of any and all bunkers and assets which would buttress the Globalists once again.

Additionally, some very disturbed people most likely named Obama or Clinton would then take over the UN and I do not even want to go there. That’s sick.


And Asia, protect yourselves from the Hyenas. You are not alone.

By the way Ban Ki, don’t forget your shoes.

Group K


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  1. I'm not a number

    July 9, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    Thank you for the update. I’m in the uk and we have our taxes taken from our pay automatically by PAYE (pay as you earn)
    How can I legally stop paying tax to the UK government corporation?
    Many thanks for any assistance
    I pray for the health, wealth and well being of Neil and his team.
    Thank you for all you are doing x

    • You have to inform your employer you are going to look after your own tax affairs and the tax people too, I believe!

    • You might be interested to get in touch with a group in Holland, called “claim your name” (“claim je naam” in Dutch) One of its members is living almost a decade now, without paying taxes. He’s dived so deep into the law and human rights, that he’s now able to meet the taxman on his doorstep and respond to him unwavering and so well informed, that the taxman has “no foot to stand on” as we say in Holland.
      To this day he manages to escape paying taxes. This choice requires perseverence and growing immune against slander and threats by governmental organisations. I think it’s safe to also live off grid with your own well, etc. etc.

  2. Caesar Lion Cachet

    July 9, 2016 at 12:53 pm

    Holy shit !
    It is great to be alive again…

    • Ha, oh yes!! Isn’t it interesting? Isn’t it fun? I’m feeling confident and stronger each day, now that the corrupt global “powergrid” is crumbling. A clean slate is the best thing we can use right now.

  3. Well I was born not long after WII. And have always had an obsession with research and study of geo political and especially military history. My father served as a Naval Aviator on Guadalcanal, and learned a lot about what happened in the pacific and an uncle who served with the Flying Tigers.
    I know the rape of Nanking.
    I have long since felt because China and India and Tibet have a long history in what MERKABA is in developing your higher spiritual self,that for the life of me could not imagine that the Chinese with so much of their spiritual history and practice wrapped up in love and service to others, would sit idly back and let the Black Pope and the Jesuit Order with Rothschild continue to allow these pschopathic sociopaths destroy the life on this planet and try to turn the human population into nothing more than plug and play on demand Borgs and then killoff the rest they cannot control, all for what?
    The day that all these monsters responsible for 400 years of genocide and ecocide they have wrought out on the human population of this earth and hold every last one of them to hold up to the world for account, as anything less than that will be nothing more than an engineered back door deal to pacify the masses that change is happening.
    I will certainly know when change is real, when I see Baron Rothschild and the Black Pope being put on trial along with all their Jesuit assassins who run the west are purged from planet earth for all their genocide and billions of people who have suffered immeasurable suffering.

    • brooks o'bryant

      July 9, 2016 at 4:15 pm

      well said!

    • IMO all this effort I see going on, to try to attain some
      higher spirituality and other such description s being
      bandied around the Net, are just a big distraction and
      quite futile.
      Instead, the focus should be on reality, what is right
      in front of us all, and get in High Gear with some
      real Action. It is getting real tiresome just talking about
      it for so many years, WHILE things just go downhill.
      Urgency should rule the day and NOW.
      (P.S. Such a Plan for ridding this earth of all that is
      evil, is also in the making, but not by Man.)

      • Unfortunately, as I perceive it, we can’t use a solution that is designed in the same mindset where the conflict arises. An eye for an eye… and all that, it’s a typical male/soldier style, the law of the desert. Tell me, what’s the use of running off to war, for a man, protecting his wife and children? War = killing.

        We need to outgrow that stance, unless we all want to end up in fear, holding us in perpetual fighting mode, never reaching peace. The so called spiritual approach on internet, with many unrealistic new agey aspects in it, true, to address the present global war, are in essence a wake up call for humanity to choose a different attitude, a transformation of intent.
        That’s what I see as the foundation that will lead us to a practical approach. One that can and will withstand the tooth of time, allowing humanity to live in peace.

        The real war isn’t out there, it’s within me. I have a choice and so have you.
        Use your free will, take this comment at heart or ignore it.

      • SF you do not see anything seeing you are not on the ground…You are far away…

  4. Thank you again Neil.

    My spirit is with you all the way to the end, even if I can’t be in the flesh.

  5. Thanks Group K, We’re with you, Love and Light, God Bless

  6. As usual, thank you for the informative and interesting sharing ! May God bless you and keep you!

  7. Awesome post. Thanks Neil and Team K. All the best. And God bless.

  8. Heart thanks, love and light for your tenacity and strength for liberation of Earth, for our ancestors, for all here now, and for all to come.

  9. Thankyou for the update….oh to be a fly on the wall!
    I live in hope that the psychopathic NWO are stopped in their tracks….their game plan has been to take everything basically and destroy what’s left so humanity is reduced to begging and slavery……you couldn’t make it up…..I read such differing opinions it’s difficult to get at the truth …. if their plan is to break up the European Union into smaller units so effectly using divide and conquer again creating situations whereby smaller countries would be hard pressed to manage whatever they contrive in their little game plans….we’re all like puppets being controlled by their evil little schemes…..Being enslaved to debt is a hard pill to swallow…being robbed at every turn I so want that to change……I’m pinning all my hopes on Neil Keenan and Group K to bring the whole wrotten lousy lot of them down….

  10. When truth is written and it makes sense you can hear the outcome. Excellent post and thank you Neil and Group K for truths once again. Blessings and love for you all.


  11. God Bless Neil Keenan and Group K Team Hopefully soon we will never hear the words NWO and Monsanto It will be gone forever and the planet will be a golden age with peace and true freedom for all.Thank you Neil And everyone God Bless All

  12. Neil “Hats Off!” to you honorable men. This is a great post! And you know what I feel about “the dark ones” the chance at world peace will come- without them. This old world has a lot of “healing” to do.

  13. Thanks Neil, good information again. Health, Strenght
    and Blessings to you and your team.

  14. Moving along! I am happy to hear the globalists are shaking in their boots. I have been following these posts for some time Neil and I am impressed and inspired by your courage and audacity in filling us in post after post. Your tireless efforts will be fully appreciated and recognized by humanity once all of this madness is over. I know there are so many amazing souls guiding you and great friends by your side always. Thank you again sir and may the rest of your days be filled with joy. Bless you and your awesome team.


  15. Great news!
    Oh the tricks! Oh the sweat! Pretty rejoicing! Thank you Neil and Team!
    All pockets of the resistance are joining forces nowadays, while not too long ago, they were not much aware of each other’s existence. So we now have synergy, and there is not a single day, or single hour, where nothing noticeably important is occurring in favour of our freedom.
    We are close, very close.
    I focus on all those freedom warriors and visualise them safe at all times during my waking hours.
    I am blessed that I was somehow guided to all those resistance sites!
    God bless the resistance! I can’t wait to be free!

  16. karen luberger

    July 10, 2016 at 6:54 pm

    Thank you Neil Keenan and Group K. from the bottom of my heart. We have needed your help for a long long time. The good people of this world are behind you 100%. I wish you blessings and protection. I am also grateful to the Dragon Family. Please don’t let the NWO keep their hold on our beautiful planet and its loving beings. THANK YOU ALL.

  17. nancy whitehead

    July 10, 2016 at 8:04 pm

    Dear Neil & Keenan Team,

    Again many thanks for this suburb article on Ban Ki Moon. Today is the 10th and along with this great article i can not wait to see the results of what the WDS has put out to the “Rats” as Judge Anna would refer them as. Unfortunately their are many of them out there wandering around like the Bush, Rockefeller. Rothschild, and Clinton Crime families along with other major feeders. I also pray the ones issuing the veiled threats at our Pentagon will remain true to their promises and go after this evil bloodline that is inhuman and has ruled and stolen for so very long.from both our planet, Solar System and humanity.

    Thanks be to almighty God for sending some humanity like Ben Fulford. yourself and group K along with COBRA and our Alliance to help to swipe the solar system clean of them once and for all. Keep up your Irish Neil and keep giving out as good as you erase them from the planet once and for all so they can be eliminated for good or tossed into the Great Galactic Sun.where these inherently evil bloodline can be burned clean for eternity along with the help of the Galactic Confederation. The Alliance and all our planetary brothers and sisters who have been cleaning up our quadrant of our Milky Way Galaxy for quite some time. Now as we near the main EVENT we will begin to see the “fruits of all your labors.” over many years with Earth being the last planet to be rid of them for good. Without decent , honorable men and women such as yourself this could not have happened and just to add hear they are losing big time in Anarchitca in the Secret Space Program battles being fought there as they keep trying to escape the planet which is not going to happen as we all know. Thanks to the Chinese Elders and the BRICs we will begin the Golden Age of Enlightenment for the planet and humanity. I also wish to include all of you and Ben Fulford and the trials you have all put yourself through for so long to bring this about.Now tomorrow lets all wait and see what Ban Ki Moon does along with all the rest of the planetary criminals as the bounty placed over their heads starts to fall on top of them….and let us let the punishment fit the crime.

    May the Almighty Bless and Keep you all safe from harm..

    • Galactic Federation? Can you provide some proof
      of their existence please? Pictures would be even

      • A Word to the Wise

        July 13, 2016 at 3:14 am

        There are many ways of “knowing”. Spend some time with indigenous elders in their sacred ceremonies, & you may be privileged & blessed to be opened to the mysteries & the magic of Creation…

        Neil has had his own experiences with the Elders in Indonesia, as have many of us who love him & support his mission.

        Can you photograph unconditional love, the soul, or other galaxies that are yet unseen?

        There are many wonders all around us…if we are open to them in a respectful way…

        Blessings to all…

      • Of course I can just take one look at Karen Hudes and you know she is from another planet….hahhahahah….

  18. It will be a day of total celebration and a long awaited one.

    Stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong.

  19. Thanks for the great work !
    Look forward to the Movie, based on the best true script ever made

  20. Good Day to all , Who in the world would give Moonie money & a country? I was told when Obama was elected. ,by a Pagon m.c.member that Obama isn’t what he seems & he knew his v.p.and smiled saying these are bad people, then telling of a sure race war. Where it seems now to be occuring.planning this for decades it seems .God Bless Team K & God Bless & Gods Speed.

  21. Superlative post! I am so happy to sit down and finally read it. All I can say is THANK YOU Neil and Team K. You are the only ones I trust. I love all of you so much. Can’t wait til it’s over.
    There is no way the cabal can be allowed to continue or even exist imho. After what they’ve done to the world? They expect to romp off to Paraguay and live it up???? I don’t think so.
    I have just one question; why is Gen. Dunford letting bath house barry get away with all that’s going on here in the states right now? Seems to me he needs to step up and interfere for the good of the world, especially if he’s the so called one really in charge. I’ve been calling him (to myself) general dumbfounded. I guess he doesn’t realize the pile of sh*t he got involved in. Please enlighten me and all of us if you know what he’s been doing, because I don’t see anything for the good (except for Neil and Team K) in the works here in the West…the USA. Every week there are a few horrible things going on and it will continue ad nauseum until what’s his name is dealt with. …perp walked AT THE VERY LEAST OUT of OUR HOUSE. Neil, I’m so sorry you lost your best friend, Joe. God bless All of You.
    I keep you close in prayer. It’s the best I have to give.
    live oak xxx

    • I have same question-to you Neil…apparently Ben Fullford is not telling whole true regard events happened after 04/30/2016-BHO/DUNFORD). Neil we all appreciate if you can say anything regard this matter. Thanks.

  22. Neal,

    I just read a recent report from Ben Fulford he said the White Dragon Family is planning on cutting a deal with the Rothschilds and the new global financial system will be controlled via the White Dragon Family, China and the Rothschild Family. Please tell us this is false because if this is true then the whole system is just going to be more of the same and we the people will be kept in slaved to the bankers. Let’s face it the Rothschilds are the head of the Kazarian Mafia. Ben Fulford seems to be an agent of the Rothschild, Queen and Vatican Jesuits. Would you clarify you understanding if Fulford is just an asset of the Kazarian Mafia? He sure seems to be on their side most of the time. He often seems to have the history and the relationships wrong , is he just trying to corrupt the information that is given to the public. Why does he get so much airtime? He often seems to spread false info. If you would please confirm that you are not cutting as deal with the Rothschild? Will all these scumbags be brought to justice? Clarification would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work. God bless and keep you and your and the whole K team safe. Liz

    • This is false. Ben is letting off hot air again. He relies on his subscribers for his income. Therefore, when he has no news he makes it up.

      He is terribly selfish, irresponsible and reckless and you would be well advised to take anything he says with a grain of salt.

    • I agree with you Liz, and others have also noticed that Fulford is full of it… he sold out with all his fairy tales to keep us pacified and deceived into thinking the perps will be brought to justice. If not on this earth, then for eternity they will pay for their outrageous crimes. Maranatha.

      • They will get their comeuppance. It’s unavoidable.

      • There are moment I sensed Ben’s article is written by an AI.
        The numbering game from the comments is another AI thingy….
        Read it with discernment.

        Thank you Neil for fighting, and the K Group.

        The rape of Humanity will soon end.


  23. It is FOOLFORD and if I don’t see proof of one ton rgold and a get oot of jail free card first I won’t become another ISIS assassin. Who gave him the right to ask people to commit criminal acts for money?

  24. Mr. Keenan and group K
    I been reading about all the work, that as a team have been doing, unnoticed by the largest percentage of the American people, who are still in a state of coma or have been getting FALSE INFORMATION OR WHAT I WOULD CALL SELECTIVE TRUTHS.
    It appears to me that their main objective is mostly to PROPAGATE/INDOCTRINATE the readers on the NEW AGE RELIGION and OUT OF THIS WORLD ENTITIES ” ET’s mixed with angelic quotes to all that at this moment may be awake to what has been going on planet earth but more specifically what is going on in American politics, they have convinced many people that there are accounts that will be open to provide the RESTORATION NOT ONLY IN AMERICA BUT AROUND THE WORLD, according to them there are at least 5 very large accounts that will be used to help humanity to live a more dignified way of life. one of those accounts is supposed to be the Vatican account, social security etc. CAN YOU TELL US IF ANY OF THAT IS TRUE OR ARE THEY ALSO DECIVING US ALL ?
    May our Lord Jesus Christ may continue to guide you, protect you and provide you with good health Mr. Kennan and all your team that you have chosen to be close to you on all this GREAT MISSION that you have accepted

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