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Time To Correct Many Wrongs

The following was sent to Neil and Group K from a person in Singapore who is in a position to be able to clarify certain actualities. Once again, and with somewhat of a yawn, Benjamin Fulford has been exposed as a hack and a wreck:

“Benjamin Fulford is hanging himself again. In his last “article” he merely paraphrased a piece from the Statesman published on the 23 of October 2019 without even investigating the actual background sources in terms of what has been taking place in Indonesia. 

He was never there and his Indonesian CIA sources are watered-down sources. Instead of copying other people’s work, why did he not try connecting the dots? Benjamin has it all wrong again. This is just plain stupidity but he is consistent in this fashion.

What has really taken place is the strategic placement of key Indonesian players, principally Prabowo Subianto, into Ministerial positions. 

Prabowo, as leader of the Opposition Party, was obviously responsible for the post-election insurrections and the loss of life, so to diffuse a tense situation, President Jokowi “brings his enemy closer” and appoints him to a ministerial position that he is qualified for.  That is a smart move towards peace and stability in Indonesia and thus diffuses a tense situation.

Benjamin goes on to insult Indonesia’s long-standing and patriotic Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani, who has guided the economy beautifully and kept finances stable even through changes in Indonesian political governments.  Sri Mulyani is a national asset and to insinuate she is Cabal is a severe misrepresentation of facts and history.

A view of the wider picture reveals the Cabal and their Banksters’ global efforts to steal gold and other fungible assets through whatever means are at their disposal, particularly through bribery, extortion and death threats to key individuals and their families. 

This is happening everywhere, especially in South Korea and Indonesia where bunkered wealth of the Dragon Families is their main target. 

Once again, Benjamin has shown his ignorance by throwing the Rothchilds into the mix when they have very little to do with Indonesia at this point. 

He clearly knows how NOT to make friends with powerful people. It is little wonder that nobody of importance talks to him anymore. 

Indonesian royalty, top politicians and their families (are especially and) currently within Cabal crosshairs. 

Truth be told, Neil Keenan has been in Indonesia the past few months directly preventing the Cabal from stealing gold in Indonesia. 

Notice that I stated “gold in Indonesia” and not “Indonesian gold”. 

Mr. Keenan has repeatedly exposed and thwarted Cabal attempts to ascertain hold of what is, and never will be theirs, as they are not the Original Depositors or bloodline inheritors.

Neil Keenan was elected last year as the Amanah (the Principal Global Trustee) and is now in charge of Global Collateral Accounts Assets including the bunkered wealth stored in Indonesia, and other Asian countries by various Asian Families as their TRUSTEE (but not by any of Benjamins fake White Dragons).

The only other person to hold this internationally recognized position was the former Indonesian President Soekarno. Many have tried to pass the required ritual initiation. Some died. Some went blind. Some went deaf.  Mr. Keenan successfully passed all the highly spiritual tests and now holds the powerful scepters that transfer the power of the OFFICE to him and an energy scepter needed to open bunkers.

These Asian Families (Dragons) are the original Depositors of these assets and the AMANAH is their sole Trustee with absolute legal authority over the management and safekeeping of these assets. 

From now on any use of these assets comes under the sole responsibility, authority and legal jurisdiction of the AMANAH.  That includes the legal thwarting of past and present attempts to use, mirror, hypothecate and/or illegally transfer these registered assets. And believe me, those that were recently trying to sell Family assets in Indonesia were immediately EXPOSED. 

Some should really run and hide. However, the Asian Families have eyes and ears everywhere.  And they tell Neil Keenan what they are seeing and they protect him. Politicians, banksters and businessmen in Asia and the West BEWARE as you have been warned. 

Benjamin, that goes for you too. 

Cease being a Cabal stooge and purveying FAKE NEWS.  You might be better off concocting cook books but your sauces stink as bad as your plagiarized sources.  Perhaps you should tootle off and  write a novel as your relentless BS is pure fiction. And to think that some people still pay to read your waffle. But that’s how it works for you – with your “blog” being your source of income, you will make anything up in order to seem like you have something of relevance to offer – when you do not.

CBS, ABC, MSNBC, The Washington Post and The New York Times like fiction writers as that is all you seem to be good at – FAKE NEWS. Perhaps you may be invited to Washington D.C. as a “hearsay witness” .  This is unlikely in reality, as no one other than a fool would believe you anymore. 

Be warned: If you continue to insult key figures, you will definitely need to be cautious for bumps in the night. 

It is your own fault. Stupid.”

– An Insider from Singapore


  1. Hopefully, and soon (please Lord), all of these FAKE NEWS people will be gone.
    God bless Neil and the K-Group!

  2. Excellent disclosure of the nefarious Benjamin Fulford and his self-proclaimed incorporated White Dragon Society. Amanah Keenan was in Indonesia during this Coup d’ etat, which threatened Indonesia officials and attempted to thwart the release of the Dragon Depositors Accounts.

    President Joko Widodo’s strategic decision to appoint General Prabowo to end the Cabal Coup is similar to President Trump’s 5D chess moves. Pentagon trained General Prabowo, who helped to remove President Suharto, is now Indonesia’s Defence Minister. ‘Prabowo has worked for the USA’s Defense Intelligence Agency’. ‘Prabowo has been described as being a friend of ISIS’.

    – On 10 October 2019, General Wiranto, Indonesia’s security minister, was stabbed by an ‘ISIS radical’
    – On 23 October 2019, General Prabowo, Wiranto’s rival, was named as Indonesia’s Defence Minister.

  3. Thanks for pulling back the curtain on Fulford/Oz.
    I eagerly await helping you all in the humanitarian projects.
    Neil, as you know, you have my full support. Anything you need from me, just ask.
    Keep on, Keepin on…


    November 18, 2019 at 9:16 am

    Bonjour 🙂,
    Merci beaucoup de tout ce courage dont vous faîtes preuve chaque jour. Merci infiniment pour tout ce travail de labeur. Dommage pour Fulford, je l’aimais bien. Pourvu qu’il ne finisse pas abattu dans la rue 🤨.
    Force et courage.
    Namasté 😇

  5. Forgive me for asking, but does all this have anything to do with Swissindo? I was “in” it for a while, and it seemed pretty humanitarian…. Is that guy Sino part of the big picture? Thank you!

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