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Those Were The Days

Seems just like yesterday I was playing basketball, baseball and football. I wasn’t worrying about a thing other than who would win the game, always trying to acquire the winning strategies to take us over the hump.

Those Were The Days!

It seemed like those days would never end; yet as quickly as they began, they ended. As my teammates and I wondered what we would do next, our entire lives flashed before us. During those many games of competition, we learned to work together as a team to win, and heaven knows, none of us liked losing.

Despite temporarily falling down, we always got up, brushed off our pants, and moved forward without knowing where it would lead us.

Fortunately, we all survived. Many took the easiest road to earn an income, buy a house and raise a family. Others took that road less travelled, sometimes unsuccessfully. I decided “working for the man” was boring, so I went about chasing my own demons and shadows while still young.

Sure, things were confusing and challenging, but I always managed to get up and get back into the race. And, as the music says, “What a long, strange trip it’s been”!

Those Were The Days!

Now in the Autumn of my life I find myself in the biggest battle yet! This is not just my battle, but the World’s Battle! I now find myself reflecting on my teachings and what I’ve learned, and I do not mean school.

I mean dear friends along the way, many who still exist, who took me by the hand, poured me a few martinis at the local bar and proceeded to curse me up and down till certain things were drilled in my head.

There was a basketball coach and his wife who took me in when I moved far away from my home to play for the university team. And, of course, there were many businessmen who at that time saw something in me that I never saw in myself. Ironically, I now see in others the very same qualities then seen in me.

Consequently, I want to give them the opportunities to achieve their greatness, as those businessmen once did for me. I cannot wait to extend my hand to them and smile while watching them grow as individuals into their greatness.

Those Will Be The Days!

I’m sitting here writing a Preface, and you’ve heard it all before. Now you need action!

Action is exactly what I’m now putting my heart and soul into at this very moment so that we will get over the hump, get the letters signed, and procure the trunks after which even more must be done.

Group K will continue to vigorously fight to get those Accounts open for everyone, especially for the Indonesians who have loyally held onto them for more than 80 years. They rightfully deserve a break, a reward for all they’ve done.

No one, and I mean no one, ever came to them with one cent in hand to thank them for safely “keeping” them for over such a long period of time. Most turned their heads and walked away even while knowing karma can be such a bitch and bite them. The elders waited very patiently for the right time that they wisely knew was coming.

Now after 80 years, the time is moving fast upon us all, and what we’ve always known what it would be:


All in all, my road along the way has successfully led to my dealing with Presidents of foreign nations, Kings and Queens, even the Vatican and Pope John Paul II before he was murdered by the Black Pope or Jesuits, along with numerous ministries throughout the world, and world business leaders.

Our Pope

The belief that this was such a long, hard road to climb is true, but it is even harder to stay on top once you get there.

Their Pope

Finally, and most importantly, I want everyone to know that I never could have done this myself alone. My team, Group K, second to none, has been fantastic and has shown so much character and resiliency. They are not just amazing associates, but they are incredible people. Therefore, let the world know they are incomparable and remain steadfast in freeing everyone from their bonds.

Some have come and gone, but they all have left a lasting impression. Thank God such wonderful people have come into my life! I must always include Group K as I go forward, for without them, I would be out of luck with so much still to do.

These are the Days!

Neil Keenan and the Keenan Team



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 Cream – Those Were The Days


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  1. Paulette Hansen

    January 7, 2016 at 2:03 pm

    Thanks for Irish song in the background:
    I saw three ships come sailing in
    On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day
    I saw three ships come sailing in
    On Christmas Day in the morning

  2. This Is The Year For Peace, Thanks Neil & Group K!

  3. What can i say to you and your team Neil simply it is beautiful work.

  4. Most animated Christmas card I ever received, Thanks Neil
    You guys Will Get There..

  5. Cream – Good song. As always, much love to you and Team K. I continue to send you all my unconditional support. We will get there!

  6. Madlyn Creekmore

    January 7, 2016 at 3:40 pm

    A simple thank you, Neil and Group K.

  7. David C. Reynolds

    January 7, 2016 at 3:52 pm

    Thank you for the message Team K. I am in a position now of leaving a small business to pursue a larger dream of a Masters in City Planning and that involves potentially working for the local county as an Auditor instead of working for a very large global bank as a compliance officer. I do not know if my skill sets could be of use to you but I just know that I have resonated with this site and this Team’s mission ever since David Wilcock’s site pointed me in this direction years ago. The Cabal can not sustain these games for much longer and if there is anything I can do to help in the future with the humanitarian projects please feel free to let me know.



  8. Heya Neil!
    Happy New Year brotha!! Soo glad you brought up the Trump card! LOL…I knew I am correct to support you and him, I know it in my gut. Funny thing is a bout 15 years ago or so, Trump had biz classes or courses and I was one of the people fortunate enough take part of them. When I say that man is straight up and is not one of “the elite” even though hes filthy rich believe me hes not. In these classes he taught us how to get over on them! I learned more about loop holes and tactics used in biz, important actually useful things that the best schools would never teach..I was lucky enough to listen to this man teach us for 4 days, 4 days he didnt have to give out of his busy schedule yet he did. Hes a NY’er like you & me, hes straight up like you & me, he grew up only a couple towns away from me and the man walks the talk, hes no BS’er, hes a NY’er! I only hope so many people can see what we do in him. So many that it will be impossible for the battards to corrupt the votes. He is kicking arse in the polls and he doesn’t give a damn who he P’s off LOL..Gotta respect that and I sure do!
    Wishing you good health and a happy new year brotha!!


  9. what was it the Trump said Neil said is right? My ears are very poor. Thanks for your response in advance

  10. Thanks Group K, for it is wonderful souls of your likeness, that show God’s love shines. I hope your Holy Days were 2nd to none. A lot of gratitude from NW Penna. Love and Light, God Bless.

  11. Marleen McDaniel

    January 7, 2016 at 5:32 pm

    Thank you Neil and Group K!

    What an amazing story about life on planet earth! Better than any movie. I am so excited to be alive and aware enough to participate fully. Can’t wait for full disclosure.

    May you be blessed and that all peoples of the earth are quickly healed from the harm and injustice that has been imposed for so very long.

    Love to all, marleen

  12. It is so good to see the tranquility , serenity and good humor in your face, dearest Neil Keenan. This is a great christmas gift, to see you are getting better and taking care of your pshysical well being. Thanks to all the people around you and all those helping you and the K Team. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.

  13. Carol Schofield

    January 7, 2016 at 9:34 pm

    Just wanted to Thank all of You for what you are doing in God’s
    plan for our world. Happy New year and know that you are making good ripples.
    God bless each of you and Thank you for letting me have a small window into the gift of healing for all of us.
    You remain in our prayers.

  14. Is this video made in the future? The time stamp says Dec 2016.

  15. Happy New Year Neil and Team K. You guys are the best! God bless.

  16. Neil Keenan Group. Happy New Year.
    I hope this short poem will inspire you every day, until you defeat all your future challenges.

    “Stanley Gettis repeated a poem almost every morning for twenty years. He found that repeating it helped him generate enthusiasm for the day”.

    You are the man who used to boast
    That you’d achieve the uttermost,

    Some day.
    You merely wished a show,
    To demonstrate how much you know
    And prove the distance you can go….

    Another year we’ve just passed through.
    What new ideas came to you?
    How many big things did you do?

    Time…left twelve fresh months in your care
    How many of them did you share
    With opportunity and dare
    Again where you so often missed?

    We do not find you on the list of Makers Good.
    Explain the fact!

    Ah no, ’twas not the chance you lacked!
    As usual — you failed to act!

    To the future successes of the NK Team in 2016

    • Jeanne Scoville

      January 9, 2016 at 6:20 am

      WS, Thank you for this poem, a wonderful reminder to never give up when faced with what often appears to be insurmountable odds. The challenges that Neil & Team K face on a daily basis are beyond description, almost surreal when one considers the world-changing tasks they have taken on.

      This is why it is also crucial for those who are awakening to the truths that were kept from humanity…to stand strong together! Our numbers are growing daily, & despite the ongoing disruptions on the world political stage, we can & will make a difference along with Team K!!!

      There are many definitions of power, some false at best. True power comes from the soul, deep within oneself. As I witness the combined forces of such courageous intention by Team K, I have the deepest respect & appreciation for all they have done up to this ultimate turning point where the next steps will force through the outcome we’re all praying for & envisioning…

      Love to all…

  17. Neil you’re so funny hahahah can’t keep myself from smiling. Beautiful post and music I hope you guys had some time to enjoy the holidays. I agree I think it should be done Indonesia should be well focused on into the Jewel of southeast Asia. I am still ready to work to the bone also hahaha Ay and be careful with that tequila Neil and get some rest. hahahaha Thank You Team and Thank You Neil. Take care. Ciao

  18. Thank you Mr Neil Keenan and K Group

    And yes IT’S OUR TIME!!!
    To renueve our hope in the human kind, after all God have mercy of us. Giving us another opportunity to restart our world . I truly believe that those 80 years was not in vane, Now is Time also be part of the humanitarian help maybe, the common people like me, not with monetary sources but with can give our time and good aptitude to collaborate in any way. I’m already offer my time as a Volunteer.
    Since that you update also is a resumen of the past, the present and the future days !!!

    Well done, justice extis, God Exits!!!


  19. Thank you Neil and K team have the best year ever with the rest of your followers. Bless you all and keep safe.

  20. Happy New Year! Thank God your fighting the fight. Wish you and yours all the best in 2016. Love and Peace.

  21. JB Brown/Great Gramy J

    January 8, 2016 at 3:07 pm

    Thanks 2 U & Ur team………. Happy New Year……… Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J & Mr. T @ Fort Hood, Texas………..

  22. Neil, this particular message sounds like a Farewell. In my way of thinking, you have only just begun. I know that this has been a long,exhausting run but you are now just about there. I admire you more than I can say.

    Call on me and I will be on the next flight to wherever you are. I would imagine that there are a 1000 of us who feel the same.

    This is not your end, Neil; this is your beginning.

    Call on me and call on the other thousand or more of us who will choose to be of service in this Opening you’ve created for all of mankind.

    Please let us be of service to you and the rest of us,

    Jo Ana

  23. Adrian Harrison

    January 9, 2016 at 6:37 am

    Happy new Year, to all. Here is a Gift for 2016, for Light Brothers
    ****** Healing *******

    Watch video first… (Grounding)

    EMF 7.83hz

    Page 64 – Tablets of Thoth
    List ye, O man, whilst I give the secret so that
    ye, too, shalt taste not of change.
    One hour each day shalt thou lie
    with thine head pointed to the
    place of the ***positive pole (north)***.
    One hour each day shalt thy head be
    pointed to the place of the *** negative pole (south) ****.
    Whilst thy head is placed to the northward,
    hold thou thy consciousness from the chest to the head.
    And when thy head is placed southward,
    hold thou thy thought from chest to the feet.
    Hold thou in balance once in each seven,
    and thy balance will retain the whole of its strength.
    Aye, if thou be old, thy body will freshen
    and thy strength will become as a youth’s.
    This is the secret known to the Masters
    by which they **** hold off the fingers of Death *****.
    Neglect not to follow the path I have shown,
    for when thou hast passed beyond years
    to a hundred to neglect
    it will mean the coming of Death.

    Page 41 – Tablets of Thoth
    Search ye the mysteries of Earth’s heart. Learn of the LAW that exists,
    holding the stars in their balance
    by the force of the primordial mist.
    Seek ye the flame of the *** EARTH’S LIFE**** (7.83hz). Bathe in the glare of its flame.

  24. Thanks………. also for the col(our)ful christmas tree

    Re member the place to Be, re connected

    The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment.

    Great “Peace of Work” by Mark Passio
    Did you al ready accepted Drake’s invitation “To Be” the well regulated militia, or are you still member of the waiting club ?

  25. Hey dear buddy Neil – what a great New Year’s message! Thinking of you, and wishing you, your family, and all of Group K the best. Proud to have worked with you – and looking forward to the realization of the “Impossible Dream” ….it’s in the Irish blood to make the impossible a reality!

    All the best,

    Michael Henry Dunn

    • Jeanne Scoville

      January 10, 2016 at 5:30 am

      Michael, So good to see your uplifting comment here! “When (our) Irish eyes are smiling” will be another clue to manifesting the “Impossible Dream”!!!

      Wishing you the very best also…You are missed by many of us…

  26. Neil, I just got this as Yahoo had put you in my Spam this time! Typical of them! I really missed you not having a video last time. ALWAYS glad to see a video of you Neil. You are so fun and so positive and you always make me feel better! Thanks for who you are and for what you do, and ALWAYS remember there are just so many of us who love you dearly! And thanks for the info on the chi machine; I had wondered if those worked or not, but wasn’t going to pay for one just to find out! Good info! Neil, you and the Team take care. Love and Godspeed to you (and keep the videos coming when you can)!

  27. ratified missing 13 amendment. please pass around as ppl need a wake up. thank u k team. and supporters

  28. Hello Dear Neil:

    I would like to ask you to do something in the near future. When all the dust has settled and the stench of the Cabal and its leaders has mostly dissipated, will you please write a book of your life’s story.

    I think the world in the future MUST know as much detail about your work as possible,
    1) with and under the control of the Cabal, and who and how they were, and
    2) your story, in detail, of how you separated yourself and managed to got to this point, with all it’s, no doubt, amazing details.

    Please promise me you will do this.

    Also, please, please tell the “Family”, NO MORE PATIENCE with these unrelenting Snakes at the top of the Cabal heap of excrements. It is time to exterminate these humanoids at the very top, literally and now, and not allow any more killing and pillaging of the human race.

    I have you and the Elders of the Family in my prayers for health, safety and success.

    With much love and respect to you and the Family.


  29. Jeanne Scoville

    January 13, 2016 at 7:46 am

    About Fearlessness…Very recently I listened to David Wilcock discussing the “spiritual discipline of fearlessness”, that it is “the final stage of initiation that very few people ever make it to…as people on earth are extremely plagued by fear & anxiety”.

    This is a most crucial time right now for humans to overcome, to the best of their ability, fear-based programming so that we unite in this tremendous battle at hand that Neil describes as the World’s Battle. This is indeed the clarion call for Fearlessness!

  30. Having listened to your video Neil & Team K and
    also that of Cosmic Voice it would appear that a
    grand change is on its way. IT couldn’t come fast
    enough. Well Done and God Speed for the future.

  31. Just heard about the attacks in Jakarta. Everybody on team K alright?

  32. Stay safe K Team! That is my wish of the day!

  33. Susanne Stebbing

    January 14, 2016 at 10:15 pm

    I heard about the Isil attacks on the BBC this morning in Indonesia. However, I am glad to hear you and your team are OK

  34. I want to thank Neil for pointing out Anna von Reitz. A true Common Law Superior judge that exists on the land. So it is a birthright of an American to have common law on the land. Every American alive today has NEVER had that right. As she puts it we have martial common law. Deception on a grand scale and we all have to educate others that our law of the land has been usurped by corporations. Now we have to establish these common law courts in every county. It is my hope that K team is successful in their endeavor because it may open a door to make our task easier. I have already done some touchstones on the locals here and the ignorance is rampant. Not to mention my city is in a geopolitical location that is going to make it tougher for me but I am up to the challenge. It is my offspring that I fight for and we all should fight even harder to pass down a legacy of true law. The Muslims birthright of Sharia law could beat us to the punch. Do not let this happen. The foundation of America is still there to rebuild the true Democratic Republic. The law cases won recently identifies jurisdiction for the DC criminals has always been the ten square miles of the District of Columbia. Thanks BLM for opening our eyes.

    Think about this one thought. If you resided on the land in the county where Judge Anna has established a common law court then you could demand that venue.

    I extend my gratitude to the Team K for hanging in there so long. Victory is yours K team congratulations from my heart gentlemen!

    • PJ-Judge Anna put out an outline yesterday giving the people the steps to take to establish your county’s common law court. It is now up to us. Let’s Get-R-Done!!! Go Harney county, Burns,Oregon

  35. Must read Drake’s post-OMG! Execution time now.

  36. Excerpt from Anna found at link

    ” The efforts of the British Monarch to wash her hands were foiled on November 6, 2015, by our conclusion of a treaty with the American Native Nations which are both recognized Indigenous Nations and as separate competent Federal Entities. The actual Constitution still stands as a result.


  37. I know I’m late to the party, but nevertheless I thank you Neil and Team K for all you’ve done and I continue to pray for your safety and well being for all of you and all your friends and loved ones. Thank you from the secret place in my heart and thank you with all my heart for what you’ve done and continue to do. I believe we’re almost finished; I pray that we are. I want my country back without bloodshed if at all possible. Things are getting very tense, and I hope to see justice in my lifetime.
    I wish I had kept up with my french and learned other languages as well, but I chose to be an RN instead of a professional translator. I understand the email I received very well; there is a lot of nuance in each language and a lot can be missed with translator programs.
    If any of you ever get sick and need some help or free advice, I’m always right here. I am not licensed to diagnose, but in my experience as a nurse for the last 28 years I have found that the nurses work harder than the doctors and they know a whole lot more and have a more caring bedside manner than the doctors who can’t wait to get ready for the next golf game. I will be fair and say that all doctors are not like that….thank goodness!!!! One of my cousins is a general surgeon with special training in trauma surgery and he won’t even drink coffee when he’s on call.
    I really would love to help in any way I can so if something comes up, please remember me. You’re always in my prayers;it’s the best I can give.
    live oak xxx

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