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This Is Just The First Round
Mr. Big Stuff

Since our birth we all have been fed, one way or another; the notion that the Cabal / Globalist way of seeing this was the only way.

To this very day everything we do involves the Globalists. It is time for us to wake up and start thinking and working for ourselves; no longer unknowingly under their umbrella.

They can feel we are making the changes and they are moving quickly, fast-forwarding their Agenda 21 to the point where they could ruin their script.

If so they will have nowhere to hide.

They are coming out of hiding and by doing so have exposed themselves.  They are attempting to show us how bold and determined they are to put us back in our so-called places.

Will this work?  No!!!

In the next couple of months we are going to see many things we never thought would happen – actually take place. If we are smart we will sit back and enjoy the show and if necessary take action.

We must keep an eye on one another during this time, helping one another out.  There are many things we must do but one thing you all must know is that we should come together.

The understanding amongst the family is that we will (get the help to) build ourselves into nations that are stronger than ever.

We will survive – and oh yeah I forgot to tell you that we will win whatever battle comes to us.

This is why they are desperate and making a big push to put us back into our servile places.  The game is over and they have nothing left to offer us.



Video Part One


Video Part Two


Video Part Three




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  1. Great update. Thanks Neil and Team K.

  2. Great to see you Neil! and yes I hope and pray Drake will take the lead. Love his display of Honor. Mostly his cut the crap attitude. We so need this. One thing I can’t understand, the ones who have delivered so much evil to this ole world are still upright-walking,breathing. Such as rothschilds,rockefellers,soros,gates,bush and co-all it would take is to start removing these germs to straighten alot of things out. Shame on anyone protecting them. I honestly don’t think “God” expects us to put up with these types. I am embarrassed at the way we have been mass manipulated. What a plan they had. Time for them to go. Time to drop all political and religious labels and “Get-R-Done.” Oh yeah-“Trump-It!!” 🙂

  3. I like Niel, he’s all heart, and u can see it with every word he speaks, his lips shape into a heart… you..your the best…would love to meet you…thank you for everything you do…A chrome a la ta!
    We are on our way…

  4. The last time our great nation had an internal disagreement, we fought each other.
    Before my name was Bailey, it was Dixon, and yes reference that Mason Dixon line.
    With all the ‘changes’ over those years, I don’t know any who would refuse their own Honor.
    The idea of ‘dissin’, that act of disrespecting another’s existence, has changed too.
    Bring your Rebel Battle Flag, your Yankee Flag, your Black Panther Flag, and together we will fly The People’s flag, ‘Don’t Tread On Me’…
    Come together, join or die, and show your Honor by standing for FREEDOM!
    That The People no longer need to live in the fear of maybe dying in the streets over nothing at all.
    Protesters, Dissidents, Objectionists, Freedomizers, Constitutionalists, it is time We The People take back our country, that ALL can be Free again.

  5. what do you think of Ryan Paul? he is for the constitution and has tried to get us back to be a great nation?

  6. to each his own. but i have to ask: how many chinese lives were abused/lost in order for the dragon family to first get their gold before the west even came into play? i see more and more that the world needs to completely move away from any monetary system; and this is not going to be done until the negative annunaki behind the system are completely gone.

    • tg, Good question here is another. Americans panned for gold and mined for gold and had that gold confiscated (read stolen) in the 30s so do they get their gold back too? This is playing out or at least appears to be a coup by the Chinese who then will throw bones to the people of the world calling it humanitarian packages. Sounds too much like the Dragon family wants too much control and having had to live my entire life under a debt slave system of Keynesian crap and note that the guy that invented the fiat money system was a pedophile it goes without saying. The last thing I want is the Chinese creating another debt slave system using fancy words like humanitarian funds. Drake supports the National Economic And Security Reformation Act and I agree with Drake on that. We The People need a reformation back to our roots of a Democratic Republic. We The People need to support our positive military in joining together to bring NESARA to full fruition. The reformation of 1871 needs repealed because it created a corporate charter with the pope at the very top. So the answer you ask Neil was there a coup at the Vatican? Yes but that occurred in 1871. Which implies the jesuits have controlled the Vatican since that time and probably since before that. Constructive criticism is a tool used by good leaders just saying!

  7. As usual Neil you resonate true to myself.these days now the bashing/disinfo war is deep.I stay centered in myself & try connecting the will all play out like a blockbuster 5 star motion picture and will be a wild rollercoaster ride.were all in the university earth, let it ride.

  8. It’s GREAT to hear from you Neil! You made my day. …my whole week. Thanks so much one and all. I keep you close in prayer. Stay safe and God Bless.
    live oak xxx

    • I also want to say many thanks and God Bless to dear Drake (since I can’t comment on your website) for all that you’ve done for us and for keeping me informed via your emails. You’ve always been in my prayers as well. Stay safe. We love you.
      live oak xxx

  9. Great to hear from you and to know how you are all doing and how it is all going. Much love to you and a Huge Amount of Gratitude for all you are doing.

  10. Things get more interesting by the day.
    Enjoyed listening to you and the lads
    on Cosmic Voice last week. Great show.
    And yes the gold or whatever does belong
    to its Chinese owners. Am gonna sit back
    and enjoy the the movie. I have great
    respect for you and Drake and Thomas and
    your teams. To be part of what you are all
    doing must be mind blowing.
    Thank you so much.


    August 11, 2015 at 11:57 pm


  12. Jeanne Scoville

    August 12, 2015 at 12:06 am

    Thanks, Neil, for your timely clarifications! More than ever, a healthy skepticism about religion, finance & politics will serve us well now & in the future as we witness potential public dramas driven by distortions & deceptions. Self-reliance & sharing with friends, family & community will be our best “insurance”. Many of us question the false, misleading agendas posing as financially “rescuing” the people. We also refuse to buy into fear-driven propaganda that serves the cabal. Of course, discernment is required regarding personal safety & well-being. Our prayers continue to be with you in whatever endeavors you wisely choose to participate…God bless, too!

  13. AWESOME! Speak Your Truth! .. peace ..

  14. Prayers and Condolences to Jonnie Vann her family and friends. If there is no God then the VATICAN should be obsolete. They would have us doing things backwards that is how they work, but we need to keep pushing forward to freedom. Bettering ourselves, our neighbors, and our communities. I do like the fact that though my own view of facts and research that I can agree with you 100% Neil. It is time for people to unplug stop flipping on the television, eating heinz ketchup and mustard on mechanically separated pork, and brushing with fluoride. Stand up get off the couch educate ourselves and start contacting militias, people who are helping along the freedom process. Spread the word. We are in the midst of a true and spectacular revolution. My regards to you Neil and the K Team keep yourselves safe and in great spirits. Pure hearts are of the utmost brilliance. Take Care haha I know you will.

  15. Rhowena Ladulce

    August 12, 2015 at 6:28 am

    .. To My Favorite Leprechaun of them all … Neil Keenan … for all the perils and [fucktards ]you have dealt with … you never swayed from your noble goal … to reach that pot of gold .. to save our [a$$$] …. my GrandMa used to say every night … he, whose heart is gold know the secret path … only you can see what we cannot see… feel what we cannot touch … listen to what we cannot hear … the luck is in you … take care … old one …

  16. JB Brown/Gramy J

    August 12, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J & T @ Fort Hood, Texas. ~~~~~~~~

  17. Thanks for update it’s a great help by bringing US together, to stay on track.
    The greatest moment in human history
    The Conscious New Technology that Frees Humanity knowledge seekers workshop nr 72 Keshe Foundation (skip minute 6 because audio problems)

  18. “Oh one of these nights at about 12o’clock this whole earth’s gonna reel and rock. Thangs they’ll tremble and cry for pain for the Lord’s gonna come in his heaven airplane.”

    Joan Osborne “What If God Was One of Us.”

    I love the angel on the skateboard.

    • Dear Mr. Neil Keenan (and Group K):
      I by chance, or Providence, stumbled upon one of your update vids on YT while researching the Khazarian’s corrupting influence upon the US Constitution in its genesis and implimentation for a video documentary expose’. We have been exposing the root of rot via sermons/Bible lessons, etc. for sometime now, and have gained the odious honor of being one of the many names of terror and hate listed by the Khazarian owned Southern Poverty Law Center. Anyways, hats off to your efforts and we wish you all God’s SPEED and PROTECTIONS. Also, we here at Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps., would like very much to bless and encourage you in this spiritual battle by sending you a sample of our publishings in this great revolution of truth- battle. If you would, please provide us (attention to: Gen. James M. Green at an address to mail to. Thank you, and God bless you and your team.
      Sincerely , your servants in Jesus,
      Stephanos Revolution

    • Jeanne Scoville

      August 13, 2015 at 10:39 pm

      live oak, Thanks for sharing this wonderful, inspiring song! It is one of my favorites & I do believe “God IS One of Us” within & without & all around us…That is why I so very much believe & trust We The People will win this battle of Light vs dark…

      Love to you & to our Team K “Family”…

  19. Awesome post !! …Talking about the East…. What is your take on speculation that
    China was nuked ( small tactical device) a couple of days ago by the Khazarian
    mafia cabal for “getting out of line”.??

    • maybe not nuked but surely played with as were many others during a span of a couple of days. The river in Colorado as well. Deliberate!!!! Have to hang all involved and forget where we are but what they do. That will catch their attention.

  20. Hello, Neil.
    I listened to all 3 videos and you mentioned people NOT getting millions of dollars from the Chinese . Are you talking about the Dinar?

    • Neil, were you being serious when you talked about the Pope saying that there is no God nor Jesus at his speech? Or were you being funny? If you were being funny, it IS funny! But if you were SERIOUS, then I would say that is extremely serious business for the Pope! ALL will be after him! The people who BELIEVE what he says will want to kill him for all the lies we’ve been told all these years and all the money that has been stolen from so many people. And for the people who do NOT believe what he says, they will want to kill him for his extreme lying and blasphemy! It boggles the mind to think of what would happen were that ever to happen! Hopefully you were just having a little bit of fun! But if not . . .

      • Rose-study at /red shield- hang on to your hAt-there is no end to the deceit. I see there are two of us on here!!(tina)

      • Hi Rose,
        I know you didn’t ask my opinion, but I think Neil was deadly serious. He’s not the type to mess with people’s heads in any way shape or form. I’ve heard allegations against “Pope” Francis that he was involved in child abuse sex crimes and child sacrifice in Argentina from some websites, mainly Kevin Annett at
        Annett is now under protection for exposing these sick bastards. The pope’s real name is Jorge Bergoglio. Sorry to open up a can of worms. Soros is involved as well. Go to Kevin’s site and see for yourself. See what they did to him.
        Neil always tells the truth.
        live oak

        • Rose,
          Scroll down to the August 8th article. They posted a new one since I typed my comment. Everything is right there.

          live oak

      • Remember he is a jesuit pope not the Roman Occult Pope which is what we had during our lifetime. In other words an Illuminati…..Yes the church was hijacked in 1057. Much more to come. The jesuit pope although I said many things about him he is trying to save mankind as we know it and get rid of the Illuminati. If so we live if not Agenda 21 moves forward until most of us are dead. I pick the Jesuits seeing they will allow us to live and they created the financial system and will keep it running whereas the illuminati are trying to destroy it right now.

        • Thanks Neil. I knew he was a jesuit but I had no idea he was trying to save mankind, Take good care…we all love you so much.
          live oak

        • Jeanne Scoville

          August 20, 2015 at 6:51 pm

          I would be very interested in what Michael Henry Dunn, who is committed to international justice, has to say about Pope Francis & the Jesuits…So much on the Internet lacks credibility, as you well know, Neil, having suffered your own personal attacks on your reputation.

        • Thank you, Neil for clarifying the difference between the Jesuit pope and the previous “illuminati” popes. For some time now, Ben Fulford has been saying Pope Francis is aiding humanity. I don’t know how he’ll make restitution for his pedophilia but then it’s my understanding all the popes (and many others in the “elite”) have engaged in satanic child ritual pedophilia for some time. When all is done, we can offer forgiveness, which is not the same as amnesty.

      • it is serious…..He wants everyone to jump under his religious umbrella but how can there be a religion when they slaughtered nearly all religions for sake of christianity….It is sick I know and he might change his rhetoric but not by much. He needs to be imprisoned for the damage he has done.

  21. Was Neil being serious about the Pope and spaceships?? Am I missing something here? If Neil was being serious, can someone please share the article Neil is referring to?

    It is interesting an interesting topic, considering numerous old religious paintings have spaceship looking vehicles in them.. I read an interesting prophecy about the Pope years ago, published by Billy Meier in 1987, according to him, all hell breaks loose and the next world war begins, and its marked by when there is no longer a Pope in Rome. Interesting enough, the same source also published photographic evidence of supposedly human ET spaceships, and according to Billy Meier, we’re all descendants of ancient travelers.. Also according to this same prophecy, the current Pope is the last, eventually to be known as Petrus Romanus. Here’s a link;

    • Hey Michael! I know there has been talk all over the place about possible invasions by aliens, and fake invasions by holographic ships and aliens. they haven’t said ”when” but of course it is always ”soon!” That would not surprise me in the least!

      I will check out the info on the Pope; thanks ya’ll for sharing! I knew about him and the name and the being Jesuit and the sexual scandal stuff. I really admired this guy (Francis) at first, the way he did not stand on ceremony and went out to meet the people on his own terms, and not the terms of what was ”expected” of him. He had me fooled! It just seems like if he says that God and Jesus aren’t real and are all made up, then the fallout from that will be enough to send the earth into TOTAL turmoil! And I don’t think Francis will come out the winner if THAT happens!

      ya’ll thanks again for your comments. I know Neil said he’ll probably be out of pocket for a while. I so LOVE Neil’s videos! Godspeed, Neil and team! Much love out to all of you!

  22. Hello Rose,

    So Neil is likely referring psyop internet activity. Okay, gotcha.. Thank you.

    I have identified a couple contributors. Karen Hudes and Benjamin Fulford. Karen Hudes Represents a bank account TVM-LSM-666, which would indicate, by numerical sequence, Kabbalah/Kabal/Cabal/Illuminati Rothschild Rockefeller origin. Benjamin Fulford on the other hand, runs a subscription site (unsubscribed) with constant psyop intel.

    I agree with Neil, the Pope is under Kabbalah/Kabal/Cabal/Illuminati Rothschild Rockefeller Jesuit control. They wear yamaka’s, and yet very few figure this out. With all due respect to everyones religious perspective, having escaped my own religious upbringing, the Catholic/Christian church was invented by the Pharisee’s, the Jews and the Crypto Jew’s, who were THE very would be assassins of Jmmanuel, “jesus” (see Matthew1:23, and note the Latin language sound for j was i). Paul the apostle, who was really named Saul, was the son of a Jewish Pharisee, and they were directly responsible for Jmmanuel’s attempted crucifixion, then all of a sudden after Jmmanuel takes off on the silk road to India, having survived the crucifixion attempt, Saul/Paul becomes the new teacher of a new jesuit protected religion and changes Jmmanuel’s name to jesus.. Comparing the Talmud of Jmmanuel and the bible, the Talmud makes way more sense, and Saul/Paul changed all of Jmmanuel’s teachings of truth, knowledge, logic, wisdom and love to; faith, and demonized knowledge. How convenient..The original Talmud of Jmmanuel was re-discovered in the 1960’s, and Mossad, a Jewish CIA like agency, eventually killed an entire village to get their hands on it.

    The bigger picture really has me fascinated and its interesting how for thousands of years, religion has been the total tool of control over humanity, and its all run by the Kabbalah/Kabal/Cabal/Illuminati. It’s ironic how religion requires faith, and in the absence of knowledge, we use emotion as our decision making process, and its ironic how emotion can easily lead us into vindictive violence, acts of war against opposing religions.. Whom the Kabbalah/Kabal/Cabal/Illuminati Rothschilds Rockefeller Bankers have profited so much from. It’s ironic how in each country the USA has invaded with war, we then install central banking systems of control. The banking system is just one big giant pyramid scheme – a system of economical enslavement/economical indebtedness.. It’s ironic how the pyramid is the symbol of Kabbalah/Kabal/Cabal/Illuminati. It’s ironic how the star of David, the symbol of the Jewish people, is just two pyramids. It’s ironic how this symbol has six sides, six angles and six points,, 666. After that much irony, I would suggest it isn’t irony at all, it is sophisticated master plan..

    relavent links;

    “Karen Hudes”

    “Benjamin Fulford”

    “Catholic church under Jewish Control” (short) (full)

    “The Talmud of Jmmanuel”

    “666” reference found in paragraph (40.)!

  23. Thank you for your time Michael

  24. Jeanne Scoville

    August 27, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    I highly recommend The Alliance Journal (AJ) @ It is a blog edited by Senior Editor Michael Henry Dunn, PhD. ” which recognizes that through intentional confusion, disinformation & trolling, there seems to be decreasing room for factual truth in the so-called ‘Truth Movement’…The AJ recognizes that the ‘Alternative Media’ is increasingly losing its character of being ‘alternative’ as its proponents allow themselves to be infiltrated, co-opted, & misdirected by disinformation…Its focus is to empower the Alliance of Free Peoples…& serves as a digest, news source, & debate forum, offering authentic voices a central place for genuine truth & freedom resources, & for meaningful strategic exchanges”.

    In “Featured Links” (on the right-hand column is “A Key Post for Reference” entitled “Exposing Eric Jon Phelps & William Dean Garner: Propaganda Disinformation Agents”. Apparently, “a blame-shifting tactic by the overtly anti-Christian, secular Zionist criminal network of banking oligarchs shift blame…by superficially replacing the word “Zionist” with the word “Jesuits”.

    These banking oligarchs “wage ‘information wars’ of deceptive propaganda campaigns of disinformation, both to cover up violations of international law, & to deflect blame away from the actual people committing the violations”…

    Discernment, more than ever, is required now by We The People. How the cabal prefers to further “divide & conquer” with their agendas of deception & hatemongering…


    Yes You, who’s name only you kNows. yes that is You, no body else, only you decide if you put rulers above rule

    Only then when we move our own fysical body with our own feet to the right direction to move all the local snakes out of ruler positions business.
    Show by their own written judge ments what deadly snakes they are

    Deliver them one option choose right or wrong
    To Be or not to Be, Be Free or to Be in Prison

    The Rule of Law is All Ways at Y(ou)r Side.The Golden Rule is The Rule of Law
    The Law is one single instruction not an construction the intruction not to kill not to steal. The black magicians cashflow of suffering all started by the interpretation of the Law

    Hands, feets, heart,soul and minds needed to move the right future of freedom in to the (k)now
    Order FolLowers
    Choose Right above wrong the law as instruction one is cristal clear
    75th Knowledge Seekers Workshop August 20 2015 Keshe Foundation
    Only Blind Ignorance is wasting of time
    This 5 hour video uses less than one second of your time under the animal kingdom we liv in:
    The Word: It is not the contruction that makes sense but the instruction
    It is not about how you write it but what it tells you, the only right construction is the right Instruction
    Know more:

  26. Folks,please see posting today at titled “Nazi?” spread across the world. Everything I have tried to piece together over the years all layed out in one article.

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