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The Wait Is Over:
Healing Computer Video Part II

Neil Keenan has been in Germany being treated for numerous medical problems for the past few days and has finally been cured of the issuess initiated by the demented “establishment”. He now has something for you to view.

How long have you been waiting for the second video of the new healing computer technology?! Well we have it now and Neil hopes you can understand it better than he!

Neil says he only knows one thing about this computer and that is today, in Germany, it has printed out that his body at this time has been cured of various problems, mostly brought on by poisons dished out by the “establishment” in one way or another.

Neil says it feels great to be without pain or sickness and although not out of the woods yet (he  goes in for another test tomorrow) he knows it is finally over with.

All the best, and thanks to you all for sticking with us during such hard times.

We did our best to compensate for not finishing up in a timely fashion with the Accounts by bringing the new medical technologies to you. We have been collecting questions about this technology that people have sent to us and we will address them in due course as time allows.

God bless you all and now let’s go and get these Global Collateral Accounts sorted out as soon as possible.

Neil Keenan & Group K


Video  [View in full screen mode to see the detail]



To see the earlier post with the first video on the healing computer see:

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | As Promised Now I Am Delivering: The Healing Computer



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  1. Dear Neil, Thank you for bringin this computer to video. I have never had faith in my doctors and this new development does give me hope for getting proper diagnosis . please let us know when this is available in the US.

  2. Mr. Keenan. We are happy to see you with a great light and a magnificent face, thanks for this video, we have all gathered here and now to see this post, thanks for your help and comments from the previous post, we will be in contact with you and your wonderful team, regards

  3. What is the best way to get availability, pricing, as well as an ETA for delivery on these healing machines Neil? Is there a limited qty available now?

    I am so glad you have gotten the needed healing!!

    Blessings for continued health, and success with the global accounts.


  4. Hello Neil and team,

    I am one of many, many individuals who eagerly await your posts and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the brave work you are taking on! On behalf of everyone on the planet let me express my gratitude and know that, were everyone aware of your work, they would follow suit. I share this with so many people who await the technology you are sharing also. Be assured you are receiving prayers and light energy from many who pray for your quick success in all your endeavors. We know there are many moving parts and you may not share everything wish us. Wishing you success in your own endeavors and those on behalf of us all! Thank you, a grateful reader.

  5. Great to see you up and about!

  6. Dear Mr. Keenan,
    This is awesome, You know the Lord has put you on this earth for a reason. you are also an inspiration for all of us. Your compassion for humanity really comes across.
    This good news is a refreshing and inspiring. It is time to celebrate. Mr Keenan’s nurturing excitement about healing allowed me to overcome the mental and emotional constipation that held me back and I keep hope alive now. I will live fuller, healthier and happier life.
    You are a loving, highly engaging, and a kindlier and gentler human being.
    Thank you for the service you are rendering to humanity.

  7. Wow! That’answers a question I had in my mind whether it would also address the energy fields around the physical body, and yes, it does!
    I am so glad Neil is now fine!
    In the meantime, poisoners Inc holed up in the Antarctica, and crapping their pants!
    Everything is falling into place real fast, these days. Exciting times!
    Thank you to Neil and all the team! Bless you all!

  8. Thank you, Great Job team, God Bless

  9. Neil so happy you are looking great. Thank you for all you and Team K are doing to free humanity and bringing healing computers here. Next step hopefully free energy and global accounts. Love & light Laurie K ❤️🙏🏻🍀🇺🇸

    • And 3D printing to grace every human with a nice house! Check the Economist front page with the tarot cards! I often thought, after reading an article about Chinese 3 D printing entire buildings that it is, those days, utterly dumb to have a builder assembling pieces of wood, hammering things around, to make a costly house which will fall apart in a few decades!
      We have a great future!


    Please do not post requests for information in the comments section.

    Please send any enquiries to:

    Thank you.


    Please do not post requests for information in the comments section.

    Please send any enquiries to:

    Thank you.


    Please do not post requests for information in the comments section.

    Please send any enquiries to:

    Thank you.

  13. Neil, what excellent news, to hear about your clean bill of health!! I am so happy for you. Thank you for the video update too. I can’t wait to get one of these healing machines and into others hands as well, so humanity can be freed from all these diseases and ailments once and for all!! God be with you.

  14. So good 2 hear Ur feeling better Neil. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J. Many thanks 2 all who have done & or are doing anything 2 help humanity in anyway.

  15. Thank you Niel and the Group you give as hope


  16. Great to see you are in good health. Finally, a technologies is being put into good use and not as a weapon by the establishment.

  17. NEIL, my thanks for the Video on the Machine. Can’t wait to get there and have them find out if I am still alive or not. Things look good for the future, but you cannot let up till the job is done. Your doing a fantastic job and it is a pleasure to watch how you work. God Bless you & Family=BillyBobG

  18. I don’t have any documents to travel. As soon as I get this sorted out, I’ll be going over there to get this. I never traveled internationally before in my life so–this is going to be an adventure for sure.

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