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The “Healing Computer”
Visits Indonesia:
Hyatt Hotel Yogyakarta

During my last trip to Indonesia I have to say things worked out very well with the “healing computer.”

The young ladies from Australia made the journey to take delivery of their machine from Neil, while Neesham (by the way) was simply amazing in his presentations of this technology to the Hyatt hotel staff.

UPDATE: The HEALING COMPUTER Questions and Answers

Since the recent Healing Computer training sessions that we had in Jogyakarta, several people have asked me to help clarify some of the questions that keep coming in concerning the technology and operations of the Healing Computer.

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His understanding of this machine is second to none and as well should be; he has cured cancer patients and believe it or not, even our dear friend Richard who had Allergies for his entire life. Yup, gone.

On the other hand Thomas, (Farouk) also with a great understanding of how such a machine works – despite having doubts – ended up much much better than when he started. I only wish he could have spent more time having treatments. It was nice to see him feeling better and giving us all a hand. He is a quality character.

Neil ‘on the machine’ in Europe

As for the Hyatt staff they were amazed as were many others. The girls Vicky & Sue spent much time getting to know the machine rather personally I must say. They left no stone un-turned and I understand they are doing a fantastic job with treating people in Australia. Great news.

We are returning to Indonesia soon in an attempt to get our main business done. Saving lives or making people feel better is a great business in itself but we can make many more people feel better once our main business kicks in.

Hopefully this is the time for everything to begin. For now I leave you with the testimonials of Neesham and Thomas, and hope to someday hear you all speaking for yourselves, about how great the “healing computer” is – from your own experience.


Testimonial: Thomas Kramer

This is my true experience with the Healing Computer that happened in September 2019.

In early September Neil, his Security Adviser and I arrived in Bali, Indonesia for some planned negotiations with senior officials. Upon arrival things started to go strange as our Security Advisor began acting very much out of character.

It took us a few days to realize that he was being very seriously spiritually attacked. Since I have had years of experience in these matters, I intervened energetically to protect him and subsequently get him on a plane back home. He is now back to normal, but this left me physically drained and energy levels very weak. Simply, I was wasted and needed serious recuperation.

Fortunately Neil had brought along a new Healing Computer for a client in Australia to take delivery of and receive training from Neesham Rughoonandan of Auckland, New Zealand who arrived a few days later with his own Healing Computer.

Neesham immediately got to work on both of us. Neil’s scans were near perfect. Mine showed that I was in a mess. My chakras were weak. My aura was fractured all over. And my whole body was in negative response. I had really drained my batteries down helping our friend.

So Neesham juiced me up with the first treatment. The scan following the frequency treatment did show some immediate improvement in my aura and chakras, but the big switch that turned-on was the flip from negative physical indicators to positive charging of all my organs throughout my body!

Of course, I had a few more sessions in Bali with marked improvements each time, but by the time we went to Jogyakarta to deliver the new Healing Computer and act as a test subject in training sessions, all my chakras were being charged, my aura was smoothing out and all my internal organs were being energized and fully functioning again.

I have been in this frequency healing field since the mid 80’s when Tens units, ELF generators and binaural sound devices were in their infancy and frequency generators were mapping out physical responses.

I still have a collection of various types of stimulation devices and have been actively involved in following and promoting these technologies since that time.

Neil’s Healing Computer is by far the most advanced frequency scanning and healing device that is now commercially available. It is simple to use, non-physically harmful and immediately effective.

I know that my own body had an immediate and positive response to this type of treatment. It was like switching on the Energyser Bunny! And a 15-20 minute healing session is all it took to turn my healing mode full-on! It WORKS!

And the beauty of this treatment is that it is a full body scan and treatment. The computer algorithm interprets frequency variations throughout your body and then creates a healing program to automatically stimulate areas that need healing.

Your body naturally heals itself, but the Healing Computer turns on the specific healing switches needed to restore personal health.

My re-energizing took several sessions but it was obvious that natural healing was taking place as a result of the first treatment. By the time I became a training subject, I was clearly on the road to good health again and quite frankly, pleasantly surprised and pleased with the results. I knew this technology works, but now it is firsthand proof and a real time experience to me.

Try it yourself….. you’ll SEE!

Obviously MUCH BETTER. Fat Tummy and a plate of sweet buns. All because of Neesham’s magic keystrokes!

Here are some of the screen shots of the Healing Computer readouts. Red indicates your natural healing switches are turned ON and active. Green is neutral and normal. Blue indicates need for charging.

It should also be noted that scans indicate “Hyper-“ or “Hypo-“ functioning at varying levels as indicators only as scans can vary at various times of the day and what food you may have consumed prior to a scan (particularly NO caffeine) and other factors like wearing synthetic fiber clothes versus natural cotton.

This machine is super-sensitive in scanning the entire body and millions of frequencies, even those of pathogens living in your body (which it destroys!) and then creates diagnostic BEFORE and AFTER scans and visual graphs detailing actual physical conditions throughout the body.

These scans are saved and stored in the computer for future referencing and can be sent to patients as PDF files. Below are examples of these readouts over a 2-day period of my personal treatments. Even more detailed diagnostics are included in the full reports not shown here.

These graphs show the effects of treatments after 2-days noting how my healing switches are turned “ON”. Each session begins with a scan, then a 15-20 minute healing, followed by another scan. You can easily see the positive changes BEFORE and AFTER in each session and between sessions.

My ‘before and after’ chakra scans showed definite energizing and balancing.

And my spine scans showed definite healing after only 2-days.

The full body bar charts of key body functions all showed marked improvements.

And my depleted aura showed signs of filling out after 2 sessions. Later scans after a week showed my aura almost completely re-energized as my natural healing responses were kick-started by the specific healing frequencies that were put into my body by the Healing Computer.

It can be seen that healing is almost immediate following frequency treatments, but more healing takes place over time as your body reacts to the healing frequencies. The before and after scans clearly show marked improvements.

In my case the scans also picked up that I was constipated at the time, a situation that was thankfully relieved after a few sessions. My back pains were also diminished and I was able to walk more upright as a result. Other minor issues were also addressed and I am really much healthier than I was before.

These were genuine healthy responses that surprised this 73 year old man and made me healthier very quickly. Thanks Neil, Walter, Neesham, Vicky and Sue. May your good works continue to heal many more.

Thomas Kramer

Testimonial: Neesham Rughoonandan

The miracle technology… The future of healing?

Hello folks; a happy new year to you all. We have come a long way over the last decade and the gates of technology have opened up new possibilities unimaginable not so long ago for the benefit of humanity.

The technology which excites me the most is in the field of healing as we are on the threshold of eradicating many of the dreaded diseases which have claimed so many lives so far. I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer and I watched her as the virus ravaged her body.

In the end she weighed a mere 30 or so kilos and died of starvation as she could not take in food. It is therefore understandable that I have a personal interest in healing. Needless to say, I would not like to see my mother’s condition happen to anybody.

When the healing technology became available in 2016 through Group K, I made an immediate decision to acquire the technology. Since then, I have helped many people and in the process I have become an advanced user of the technology.

In September last year, Group K invited me to Indonesia to demonstrate and present the healing technology (aka healing computer). Coincidently we became friendly with the upper management team of the hotel in which we were staying.

The General Manager told me that he was into meditating and living a very healthy lifestyle. When I told him that I had a technology that could verify it; he was disbelieving. I challenged him to try out the ‘miracle’ machine.

He reluctantly agreed and when I ran the diagnostics on him and showed him the charts of his aura and chakras; he stumbled in shock and was momentarily speechless. The machine confirmed that he had an almost perfect aura and all his chakras were fully opened. Not only that, his organs were functioning at peak performance.

The next day, he came looking for me at breakfast telling me that he needed me to check out a few of his fellow colleagues who had health issues. I made an appointment to run them all through the diagnostics to check out their health conditions.

All of them had different health issues and the diagnosis picked up each person’s problems. It was unknown to me at the time that everyone was aware of each other’s health problems. When I finished scanning one, the others would clammer to see the reports and I could see the amazement and disbelief on their faces.

The General Manager told me afterwards that he brought them along to see the technology and to confirm that his reading were indeed not a random event. One of the team members was suffering from haemorrhoids and it clearly picked it up. Everyone was staggered and trying to get their heads around how that technology could be so accurate.

I put them on machine for two days and they were amazed by the results. As it was towards the end of my stay, they shouted Group K a free barbeque buffet and offered me a fully paid expense to come back to the Hyatt to treat more of the staff.

The technology is amazing and I had the opportunity to work with the new generation machine which was brought along for a healing team in Sydney. The upgrades and updates are pretty phenomenal.

I firmly believe that the machine will be an essential diagnostic and healing tool in all medical practices in time to come. Reading the results posted by other users as well; we all say the same thing; ‘this is the real thing’.

I know for sure that Group K is working fervently to make the technology accessible to all for free when the Global accounts are opened. Those that are fortunate enough to acquire the technology; ‘congratulations’ and good grace to you for helping humanity.

Love and light,


September 2019


Further Testimonials

The Generation II BRT ‘Healing Computer’ is the most advanced frequency (millions of frequencies) bio-feedback / bio-resonance system in the world, there is no other system which even comes close to the power of this technology.

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(Treatments are currently available in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.)

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  1. What a wonderful world this can be, if everything is worked out!

    At this point, I can not even imagine a life without bouts of severe pain. Plus, the limited productivity from these pains that can crush a person’s spirit, and then financial situation; or is it the other way around as it crushes a person’s finances and then the spirit? Who knows? Well anyway, observing that fantastic “State of Spine” graphic, has filled me with inspiration as I longingly await for the day that my “State of Spine” vertebrae graphics are colored all-red ( I am assuming that red is the best color). Joyfully looking ahead, I envision my 5 kids who help me now (occasionally grudgingly), will not believe it, when Daddy starts running circles around them again!

    Better days are definitely coming, if the truly GOOD PEOPLE like Neil and the K-Group defeat the corrupt Cabal and their oppressive ways!

    Still praying for you Guys, and God bless you!
    Thomas Beaver

  2. Treatments are available in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

  3. As a holistic RN for over 50 years with a focus on wellness & preventive medicine, I was privileged to have a treatment on the healing computer when Neil visited Houston, TX few years ago. Although I didn’t have any health issues at that time, my experience on the computer fine-tuned my energy field, & I’ve continued to be healthy for the most part as well as a “believer” in the tremendous services this machine offers as a treatment for illness as well as a preventative for maintaining wellness in a conflicted world of stress.

    Thanks, Neil, for bringing this technology to our awareness. I wish you well in your continuous, courageous endeavors to make a huge difference for humanity! Godspeed!

  4. Please give me the contact information in the United States for this device.

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