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The ‘Healing Computer’
Strikes Again

The following is another testimonial from a person (Vince) detailing their experience with the Bio-Resonance Feedback Therapy technology that Neil refers to as the ‘Healing Computer.’

There are many people who have recovered from very serious (and not so serious) illnesses because they either bought one of these machines or went to someone who offers treatments using their own BRT machine.

There are many more people who have found relief and recovery than have come forward with testimonials of the successes that they have experienced, however here is one more for you to enjoy reading:

“Three years ago I was present and actually a participant in the first visit of Mr. Neil Keenan and the Healing Computer to Ireland.

Like most I doubted much would come out of it despite the fact that Neil had whispered in my ear that it might save some of my privates from falling off. Yeah he scared me a bit but not enough to get on. If this could happen then the computer would save me. Right?

On this Occasion we had a very important person fly in from London. In matter of fact he is one of England’s wealthiest people. On the other hand sickness does not care about wealth and he had a terrible case of Diabetes and was diagnosed with only a few more weeks to live.

Before his arrival everyone was talking about his problem and how the Dialysis was not helping him as much as he thought and that this might be his last resort seeing one of his kidneys had “turned off”.

He on the other hand was sure that the BRT was going to help him seeing he used to have a different BRT machine nearly 9 years ago which kept his body in check.

In this case the English police knocked down his door and took it from him but not before his knowing the value of such a computer. Now he was returning to Ireland to get on one of the few promising machines (according to him) on the planet.

Lo and Behold…

After 8 minutes of treatment he looked up and said something happened. He could feel his blood racing through his body.

He looked at Neil who was a novice at this time relating to the computer and said the machine is working on his body right now.

Neil did not seem to understand what he was talking about.

Soon after the 8 minute mark he asked them to turn off the machine he did not need it any longer at this time.

His Kidneys according to the diagnostics – were now both working in rhythm.

In just 8 minutes.

2 Years Later

He returned to Ireland with both Kidneys turned off and with little time left to remain on this planet. He brought his dialysis machines with him and looked frail and really ill. Neil welcomed him back but could see he was really in trouble.

They got up bright and early and began with the machine. Approximately 10 people were looking for treatment but we will stick discussing this one seeing it was of such an emergency.

Once again the cables were hooked up and the computer began. Initial diagnostics started immediately showing his body a complete mess with both kidneys off. It was a wonder he was alive.

Again the computer started kicking in focusing on the kidneys along with other relevant issues he had. We had trouble keeping his foot on the plantain.

It seemed to bounce everywhere so those in the know came and wrapped his feet up and arranged it so both feet would be held down on the plates. It was a scary show watching him trying to hang on while others kept his legs and feet down.

After about 18 minutes he looked up at us while shaking his head. Neil asked him how he felt and he said it was working, he could feel it. The second set of diagnostics began and his kidneys showed lots of improvement but still not better.

He thought he might have to spend a week in Ireland and ran off to bed but not before telling us the machine was working within him at that very minute.

6 AM

The following morning came quickly for some and he was waiting downstairs in the lobby for everyone to arrive. He felt good and could not wait to return to the machine.

Rather than wait we hooked him up immediately rather than wait for everyone. Some might arrive at 10 and here we were together at 6. So we decided to get this one in place so we knew what was going on.

Again the diagnostics began and this time it showed nearly complete recovery. At this time Neil leaned over and said to me that he had not taken his walking sticks downstairs with him. I looked and noticed as well.

18 Minutes Later

After a complete session the diagnostics were looked at again and whereas the first set of diagnostics showed everything nearly working the machine now showed everything working perfectly. He said he knew it. He felt it during the night doing its job.

For 72 hours millions of frequencies run through your body and correct the problems and this is what it did here. He looked much better and was walking well. After receiving his results he turned off his machines and put them away.

Packed his bags and said goodbye and thank you to everyone. Knowing the BRT helped him and allowed him to make his own decision to leave Ireland now after just one full day of treatments.


Once again he returned to England and saw his doctors and again they could not believe he had recovered.


Others were worked on as well and everyone that participated had received some benefits from the machine. This is the good thing about it. The frequencies search out the problems throughout your body and goes to work on them.

I write this now after seeing the Indonesian clinics results and want everyone to know we did this before Indonesia and decided to keep things quiet but after seeing what happened there most of us are okay with telling this one story.

One other story is comical with Neil telling his friend he was going to lose his balls and nearly scaring him to death. Turned out he did have a testes problem but soon enough after the second session this was cured.

He could have sex again although Neil told him to treat them well otherwise they could explode in his pants! I would think knowing him he put them in security after hearing this.

He has since had two more children thanks to the machine diagnosing what the clinic could not.


We pray Neil gets the bunkers open and finally able to open up clinics throughout the world.

We surely all need it.”

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  1. Hello Neil.
    How would we be able to get one of these computers?
    I am part of a Reiki group , and although we perform many healings there are a lot of things we are unable to do. Already a volunteer,
    Regards Laurence.

  2. Fantastic! Looking forward for having this technology available to the public and around the world, we need this!

    Thanks Neil and Team K

  3. Very cool! Love these testimonials! Someday the US will be rid of the hypocrisy of the AMA and Pharma soas to be able to have them readily available to all who seek healing! I know I could certainly benefit! Thank You for sharing!!

  4. Dear Amanah Neil thank you again for more testimony. The last update truly resonated. And understand my day-to-day work doing this manually with the help of planet earth & Crystal freqz. It appears I am a bridge to the future guided by great spirit who supports your dedicated work. All in due time my friend in front line & Group K love & light 🌟


  6. Does this machine help autism?

  7. I am requesting to whom do I contact to purchase the Healing Computer ?

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