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The Asian Insider Returns

“I would like to take the opportunity to proffer my eager observations with respect to the preceding two-plus years regarding the ongoing contributions that have been received here in the Eastern hemisphere at the behest of Neil Keenan and the Keenan Group.

I understand Mr. Keenan has befallen ongoing health challenges (mostly due to repeated attacks on his person), but in spite of this, the endeavors of this extraordinary man and his prodigious team bring support to Asia that is truly inspiring.

(It should be noted that Mr. Keenan’s ongoing health issues are due to the repeated attacks upon him. It is clear now that he has survived, for the most part, due to the miraculous benefits of the machine that he calls the Healing Computer; which is demonstrably adept in diagnosing and facilitating the effective treatment of a vast array of ailments, as I see many around the world are increasingly reporting).

For some time this outstanding group brought us daily anticipation and excitement. Many of those that were following developments kept their electronic devices and social media pages at close quarters for updates as to what the Keenan Group was about to undertake next. To be sure, Neil Keenan was then and remains now a folk hero to many of us here.

At times he has been a one man riot squad, taking care of whatever threats potentially undermine or threaten Asia. His commitment to the people of Asia has never ceased and continues in an unwavering manner to this day.

It would be too time-consuming to list the many things Neil Keenan and his “Group K” have already done to assist Asia. So this message is going to be a brief one; as the latest news traveling on the grapevine relays that Neil is preparing to return here shortly to complete what only he could have started.

On many occasions, Mr. Keenan’s left hand and right hand appear to be both engaged – albeit in entirely different activities; such that nobody has a chance to keep abreast of his activities, let alone surmise what is going to eventuate from them. His sagacity has been proven in many ways. One day in the future his story will be told in a deserving fashion.

For now, suffice it to say that if given the financial resources equivalent to that of a small nation, Neil Keenan would oversee the planet in ways that improve the lives of all of humanity while facilitating the foundations of a promising future –  with the release and proliferation of new technologies that until recently have been maliciously suppressed by the greedy, so-called ‘elite.’

Rumor has it that the Elders throughout Asia are waiting for Mr. Keenan’s reappearance. I personally know there are four or five individuals who are longing to be able to count down the days.

Mr. Keenan continues to develop alliances with many new names and faces over here in Asia, people who are willing to open their vaults and show him what we have that may be implemented for prosperity and to assist not just Indonesia but the globe in its entirety.

Over the years Mr. Keenan has learnt a great deal in building his many previous successful business ventures, and he is now going to apply this knowledge to numerous pioneering efforts. Neil Keenan is absolutely a trail-blazer who “thinks outside of the square” in effectuating what would be unthinkable accomplishments to lesser minds.

For too many years smaller minds in the Western world believed they could continue to steal Assets from the Global Accounts with impunity. The so-called ‘elite’ whom regarded those outside their circles as “little men” are destined to discover that the high esteem in which they held themselves – was nothing but a frivolous delusion.

The machinations and thievery practiced up until now by the tyrants of the Western world, dear friends, are about to be quashed in a multitude of ways. I will not list these methods for reasons of confidentiality, but I can wholeheartedly assure you that justice will be done.

From my perspective in knowing Mr. Keenan as I do, he requires those of us in Asia to support and assist him in whichever ways that we may be able to.

As the result of upcoming actions that are to be taken, we are going to be looking at a phenomenally productive boom for not only our people here but all of the peoples of the world. Whilst speaking with Neil Keenan one evening recently, he shared some insight in terms of the surprises held in store for us, upon his forthcoming return to Asia.

I believe Mr. Keenan is eager to move despite his recent health issues (visited upon him by those who continue with attempts to thwart his mission), along with the tragic kidnapping of his dear friend three months ago; who was closer to him than anyone.

Mr. Keenan continues to persist in seeking her recovery, and he hopes to have this realized in the short term. Neil now has excellent professional assistance by way of specialists whose expertise in tracking allows him to move on to the pressing business at hand in Asia.

And so you would do well to ready yourselves for Neil Keenan and the Keenan Group – Chapter Two; and beyond.

Please make haste, Mr. Keenan, we all need the fruits that will be borne of your efforts; and far more than the vast majority are aware.

Group K, physically carry him if that is what is required. In actuality he is vastly more than just one person; he is the answer.


The Asian Insider”


  1. Dear Asian Insider,

    Thank you for this update. Praying only the best for Neil…. a man of great courage and humanity. May he have protection, safety and health… and also the same for his friend, family, and Group K. Thank you to dear Asian friends for your support of him. Blessings and good wishes for you all.

  2. I would like to wish the very best for Neil, and God speed with regards to finding his dear friend. I have met a number of world shakers in my day, and I have to admit that I always put Neil up there with that rare breed of “Mavericks”. Mavericks are important in our lives as they represent what is possible, if your willing to tie a rocket to your ass, lite the fuse, and chance that it might take you to the end of the rainbow. I have always sensed a “real” man for the people in Neil, and I wish him well on his journey, his down to earth presence is always visible in his videos, and I believe he will receive his just rewards for all of his kind acts here in this lifetime….I wish you well Mr. Keenan!

  3. God speed & God bless you Mr Keenan

  4. Dear Neil,
    I wish you the best it is good to hear from you after so long. I have no idea what you have been through you are a very brave warrior of the Spirit and for humanity and poor mother Father Earth (maybe she’s a He!) I must admit I got bogged down in some doubts about you and your work but the slow progress I see now as most probably due to all the attacks and shennanigans of the dark side. In my own small way as a poet and writer etc. I have tried to fight for the Light my whole life too even if quite small ways compared to you but I too have been attacked and almost taken recently I was told the Dark Side gave me a life threatening disease and hped to knock out my immune system but through healing with my TEACHER Ron Amitron and docs here in UK I still live on and power of my own inner Christ – This world is a war zone and maybe we are all attacked constantly the Prince of this world! Aliens demons entities of all kinds; the Powers and Principalities of Saint Paul and yet some, like you, fight on against incredible odds like on the fields of Armageddon as this place often is – and in the heavens too; there are wars in heaven reflected on earth. Bless you Sir and thank you again for your good work. Sometimes I doubt this world can ever be better; maybe we are too far gone that is a possibility the old earth is passing away and the New Earth shall come and new heaven and the New Creation I believe that but till then we have to fight for our souls and what’s left of the earth and the good in humanity,
    Get Well Neil and strong

  5. Thank You, May God Bless your every move.

  6. neil you are doing god’s work. as his assistant, i’m sure you are aware of the lord’s appearance which will be very soon. may god bless your trails and tribulations.

  7. May God watch over You and May the Angels protect You from any further harm. Love them sparklin eyes!

  8. OH, the new “rocket man” LOL
    I too consider Neil’s premise and conclusions are just and worthy of support
    as we move forward for the return of lawful processes.
    Thank you again Neil

  9. Good to hear the good news of your intended return.
    Any way I can help, just let me know.
    Thanks old man.

  10. thank you so much you for this abdate,,,

  11. Thank you ‘Asian Insider’ for this important update. Blessings and protection for you, Neil, his friend and all of Group K.

  12. Everly E Spurrier Jr

    February 25, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    God Bless you Neil Keenan and your undying fortitude for helping mankind.
    Love & Light to you !!

  13. God Speed, Blessings and Much Love to you Neil, your best friend, Group K,
    the Asian Insider who too brings us much hope, and to all who surround this group to bring the restoration and abundance to all for the good of humanity. We are closer than ever. I feel it. I know it. Thank YOU!

  14. Neil,
    God is with you and your efforts to restore wellness to the planet and His people. Nothing can stop these efforts. A few are trying to thwart you but cannot succeed.
    Our prayers are surrounding you with victory! God speed.

  15. Thanks to the Asian Insider we are once again alerted to the ongoing courageous efforts of Neil Keenan and Group K. While many well-meaning people are impatient to see results, most of us are well aware that such considerable progress made by Neil is not always available to the public for reasons of security and confidentiality as well as right-timing.
    Often our short attention span for “breaking news” runs counter to the real world of business acuity and successful negotiations which can be painstakingly slow, especially when cultural differences must be respected and taken into account…
    Adding health challenges perpetuated by periodic attacks from the Cabal’s lackeys, how many of us would have persevered?
    We are indeed blessed to have Neil Keenan “Be the Answer” as he quietly perseveres against great odds…akin to David vs Goliath…
    Thank you Neil and Group K…We The People are so blessed to have you fighting above and beyond what many never attempt to do…Our prayers continue for your safety, health and well-being…God bless you always…

  16. A grand journey it has been.

  17. This is taking a giant leap forward to accomplish your mission. The fruits of your labor will bring radical changes in the lives of human beings around the globe.
    You are a fighter not a quitter.
    Thank you Mr. Keenan. I commend you for your outstanding dedication.

  18. Good luck to you, your team, and especially to your kidnapped friend. I’m sure there is a story there.

  19. One more comment. Wow – I was reading all the loving and supportive comments.
    I want to ask you Neil, when you return home, can we have a gathering as we are all of like-mind, know the Truth of our history, etc? Besides, YOU need to be celebrated and honored, really you do.
    No hotel as you had enough of those but on someone’s ranch or mountain home or something like that would be so incredible!

    • I second the love & appreciation directed at Neil (and team) in these comments & your request Marilyn for a gathering of us all!

  20. I Faith have complete faith in him, and his actions with the Asian community. I am completely aware of his actions and the people he is involved with. I wish the best of Success to him and the Keenan Group, thanks my friend, it has been a pleasure to follow you with the knowledge I have of all this….BillyBobG

  21. He’s the keystone
    The top rock as they say
    Best wishes of love
    Time to slay snake

  22. Firstly, i hope Mr Neil are blessed and healthy unlike ever before, carbon 60 is benefiticial. Secondly, i hope you are in the right place at the right time now i presume :] dear friends, its time. May the angels with Michael come forth and rescue the bride. She will be taken to the wilderness. Over a billion people i pray!. Neil has been a servent in 1 of the vast workings of God’s Hand and now its time for HIM to show up by His Holy Spirit. …im sure everything is on time. Flee to wilderness “on the wings of eagles”.

  23. Peace and love to all at Keenangroup.,keep up yourgood work folks

  24. I happy to see things are moving along as planned . I’m sure we could help with extra kitty litter suppy for the USED to be big boys meetings or do you need more catnip ? lol
    Be well and safe Neil , and Team K
    I hope to talk soon, you know where to find me.

  25. Greetings, friends of Neil Keenan! Michael Henry Dunn here to allay any concerns over Benjamin Fulford’s recent report that the indestructible Mr. Keenan was killed by Cabal operatives and “replaced” with an impostor. Fulford cites “CIA sources” – well, I used to sit with Neil in his hotel suite in Jakarta on Sunday evenings back in 2013, and it was fairly often that Fulford would call Neil for scoops on news items he could put into his Monday newsletter. Maybe Ben’s getting a little desperate for material. Bottom line: I talked to Neil on the phone this morning, and I can tell you without question he is the real Neil! We reminisced about St. Patrick’s Day 2013 shenanigans in Jakarta when our old friend Inchul Kim danced on the runway with the pretty Irish girl. And Neil also filled me on his latest work to free the Global Collateral Accounts, and to promote the healing technology. So not to worry, folks – there’s only one Neil Keenan and he’s still with us! And here’s how you know I’m the real Michael Henry Dunn: I alone know who was the “artist” who spattered the wall of Keenan’s hotel suite with, oh, let’s call it “pungent paint” after Neil took Dr. Group’s cleansing antidote for poison! Yikes – I still have bad dreams about walking in that day!

    • Thank you Michael. I’m so relieved to know that Neil is with us. I consider him a very dear friend. I really love the man and all of you at Group K. God bless!
      live oak xoxo

    • Thank you, Michael, for your verification that our beloved Neil is the
      REAL (McCoy) KEENAN”!!! He is truly “one of a kind” and could never be “duplicated”…especially the soul of this courageous, honorable man.

      Sadly, Ben Fulford lost his moral compass with his blatant lies in his latest attempt to discredit Neil. Tragically, it appears that Ben is willing to sell his soul to make a buck.

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