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Shannon’s Song: A Video
Testimony To The Capabilities
Of The ‘Healing Computer’

As I have said many times this is a long hard road to the finish line. It’s not for the feeble minded and not for the weak. Many fall along the way and aging seems to come quicker than we desire.

We are slapped with slanderous name-calling by those that do not even know us, and then again even by some that do.

Only we know what is real and what is not – and after enduring so much pain from loved ones, friends and foes alike – something like this happens and you know what? Everything goes away.

It all becomes better and one realizes that this is what it is all about. It is about saving mankind from itself. No matter how many beatings we get, it is about the ones we do not get.

The ‘healing computer’ technology is remarkable – and here is the first video from a patient who attests to the capabilities of this technology. Everything negative does go away and a warmth comes over you. For the duration of the treatments, that is.

Enjoy this testimony from Shannon in New Zealand. It is amazing and over the top!

Thank you Shannon from the top and bottom of our hearts.

Neil Keenan & Group K.

Shannon’s Testimony:



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  1. My Tribe the Ho-chunk Nation, Wisconsin might be interested in purchasing a machine. I dont remember how to get in touch tho. I put in their web site. TY I will post your info to my family and see where it goes.

  2. What a heartfelt testimony from a beautiful spirit, Shannon! This is what inspires Neil and Group K to go above and beyond their commitment to humanity and to persevere…no matter what…to the Finish Line!!!

    There will always be naysayers and detractors caught in their own internal distortions and hateful projections onto others, but the majority of us know full well what the REAL battle is: Saving lives and giving hope to people where before there was none or very little, and freeing humanity to reclaim their sovereignty from the darkest and most evil Cabal to ever manifest here on Earth.

    Step by step…TOGETHER…we WILL stop this horrific nemesis intent upon our demise, and we WILL restore our health and the health of this planet with the help of the healing machines, water purification and free energy technologies!!!

    Godspeed, Neil and Group K as well as those “believers” who’ve been there in supportive ways throughout this uphill battle… As Neil says, “THE BEST IS YET TO COME”!!!!!!!!! God bless one and all…

  3. Bruce Hamm aka Hammer

    June 13, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    Thanks for the info video.. Can you tell us what cancer you have been healed from.. Also how many treatments were necessary in that 30 day period.. thanks so much for the encouragement..I am healing to Idaho next week for my first sitting.. Getting pretty excited to see the results from my prostate cancer.. heers all> Hammer

  4. I was amazed with your quick response from Richard from New Zealand. He offered me the elixir. I am fighting cancer. I am taking cannabis oil instead of chemo. I realize that I have lived many years and prefer to live for a few more years. I really don’t have much faith in “humanity”. Everyone seems to have their own mind and our own mind is what we trust without complete knowledge.
    Yes, it is peaceful here and I am ready for death. This environment makes a good cemetery for the next life for Kyoko. That is why I am so connected to the soil and the universe.
    Thank you for your support. I look forward to reading your emails. I pray each day for world peace for once and all.

  5. Most would agree that it’s hard to get a doctor to even look at the information offered on the machine. Been there, done that (twice). However I understand the way to get them to sit up and pay attention is to push their thinking aside and do your own thing and then their heads will start to turn. With most things, Group K’s approach is well seasoned in this respect. Do your own thing as big phama not going to do it for you.
    Good on you kiwi Shannon , well done and good luck.

  6. I would like to get in touch with Shannon as I also live in New Zealand. Can you help Neil?

  7. Awesome! I am soooo glad for you! Thank you for the testimony! 🙂

  8. Ok, it’s time to hear from our beloved Neil. I am finding myself going onto your page everyday now because it’s been one whole month since you updated us. Can you please come and let us know what is going on in your/our world that only you know about? Also, are we ever going to see the currency revalue? All the best, you’re loved.

  9. I’m with Hollyberry, I’m curious as to where you are with your process. I used to come to your site every day but my visits have dropped off this past year. Is it that you need to keep things close to the chest until the plan is sprung? I recall the video you made when you opened up the box to show some silver. What ever happened with that?
    Thank you and best regards,

    • If you read the updates then you will understand where things are at. Between assassination attempts and other nefarious actions to thwart efforts, delays have occurred but we continue nonetheless.

      And yes, there are some things that are not shared publicly for good reasons until such time as it is safe to do so.

  10. Hi Neil this is Armen writing this message. My father didn’t make it as you heard and thank you for the condolences. Thank you for all that you and Group K are able to share and I look forward to stepping into the life that God had destined for me in helping others. On the journey I found a doctor who is #1 in cancer clinic, truly a genius in the field. I have humanitarian projects planned and will incorporate the Harmonizer into the treatment also. I hope the wait is over soon for us little guys and God’s timing is here, I can only hope. Thank you kindly Neil

  11. Hello Neil Keenan & K Group.
    Would you say is safe to purchase the machine in Europe in general and UK in particular.?
    In Love and in Service to Prime Creator.

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