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Round And Around And Around
We Go, Where The World’s
Headed, Nobody Knows?

Ball Of Confusion (That’s What The World Is Today)

It seems like it has been going on forever, and as it relates to us, that is a certainty.   But now, we finally have our heads out of the water and clearly realize who has been hurting us and our families for who knows how long.

And believe me when I tell you that a sick feeling arises in the pit of your stomach when you see such a twisted, sick distorted group of people who for some reason have earned the name “ELITISTS”.

Take a good look at who we have designated as Elitists, and then take a second to think about the HAARP weather attacks, the GMO food contamination, the toxins that you are breathing from the constant spraying of the Chem-trails, the Fiat money system that has enslaved us all into an unpayable debt and last, all of the millions of dead people as a result of many, many wars.

Then you will see how we have allowed this to happen, as did our ancestors.  It is not new and it has been passed down from generation to generation.  Does this make you mad, angry – if not, you haven’t connected the dots.  But due to the new Gutenberg Press, the internet, these horrible people have been exposed and more and more people are finding out what they are up to.

To the point that they are now trying to save themselves.

We have a Pope who actually is not a Pope.  He is not Catholic and has no right to bless us. He is even going to tell us there is only one God and that it is not ours nor theirs either.  He is going to tell us the NWO or GLOBALIST is our God.  Now remember he is not our Pope and he is not their Pope.  He is not anyones Pope.

So do not pay attention to either him or the sky shows (the Blue Beam Project – please Google) that will be coming to your skies soon.  For those of you who do not understand what the Blue Beam Project is, you will be scared beyond belief.  But for the educated, you will understand what is happening.  Please try and educate your friends.

I apologize for taking so long to get back to you, but I am not in control of everything and have to depend upon others to get things ready on their side.  We are close to where we need to be, but still need a bit more time.  Remember that we are fighting with sticks and they are fighting with weapons.  We need to be careful or all our efforts will have been made in vain.  They are still formidable foes, as they have the financing to hire the Mercenaries needed to destroy us.  Little by little, step by step – we will reach our destination.  We have said this from the start.

I must congratulate all of you for helping us in getting it this far.  It has been a horrible ride and the awakening has been a real bitch.  The question now is where do we go from here?  Do we allow them to continue forward and retake everything we have taken from them (which rightfully belongs to us)?  I scream “No”, we need to recognize who our politicians really are and put pressure on them to do the job that they were elected to do.

We need to neutralize their votes, seeing they no longer represent WE THE PEOPLE and have clearly demonstrated, both Democrats and Republicans alike, want a Fascist State.  One in which they have world-wide control.

It is up to us, the people, to take care of this matter.  Once it is taken care of our lives will get better quickly.  Our New Government, not a corporate government, will be for We the People and we will get along nicely with the rest of the world, as it should be.

Then finally we can all lay our heads in rest, and peace will permeate our thoughts.  This is the DREAM that should control our thoughts and our entire being, knowing that if we do our jobs, victory will be ours. Group K and myself wish you all the best and pray that we lose little and gain everything.

Our FREEDOM  and our SOVEREIGNTY is at stake – ours to RIGHTFULLY CLAIM!

So all Roads do not lead to Rome!  Some lead to We the People.

Neil Keenan



Neil Keenan Playing Hide And Seek With The Merc’s



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  1. JB Brown/Gramy J

    June 22, 2015 at 3:21 am

    May The Great Spirit bless U & our loved ones & this planet & beyond. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J & T @ Fort Hood, Texas.

  2. JB Brown/Gramy J

    June 22, 2015 at 3:22 am

    Sorry. I’m tired. Long day. I meant bless U & Ur loved ones etc.

  3. Yes I know about the Pope. I try to tell people but sometimes…… I have been giving information to the Florida Militia to prepare them – and I will say they are vehemtly (?) against the UN being in the United States. They cannot stand these people.

    I know about Blue Beam also and am spreading that word widely as possible. So many people don’t understand. They don’t want their life be disrupted. Sad.

    I want people to come together to go to Washington, D.C. but no takers.

    I want that big sea shell on your desk!!!! haha

    • I will find you a seashell soon enough..hahhahhahah. Let’s finish what has to be done and then I will happily find you a seashell….Many people do not want to wake up but they will when they do not understand what is jumping down from the sky in this great 3 or 4 D performance to scare us.

    • Raven recall the bikers going to DC? Recall the truckers that went to DC? Did it have results? No it did not. Peaceful revolution in my opinion has been exhausted. It is time to adjudicate the criminals running a corporation under the guise of a legitimate government and that goes for all governments worldwide. The Constitution of 1871 needs shredded. The Constitution created after the civil war was NOTHING but a corporate charter. Think of it as a pyramid scheme with the Pope at the very top. I heard that 50% of all insurance monies goes to the Vatican and I declare that as hearsay as I have not verified it.

      Politics can be summed as “Poli” means many and “tics” means bloodsuckers. Many bloodsuckers in D.C. subservient to the corporations and never the people. As for the project blue beam I recall seeing that trick over Russia being tested. Their thought process must be with Jesus comes in the clouds. Not sure but that is my hypothesis and it will work well for many people just like 911 did. Another Hegelian dialect designed to provide the problem and have the masses react and the solution is readily available. Do not be fooled! Stay positive and inform the ignorant of the truth when the opportunity arises. Pure evil is making a big move and pure good will defeat it!

      Just a note that in Texas the storms did my area some good. It filled the watershed to the brim and as I watched the rain clouds move around Tx I noticed them going over much needed watersheds. It looked like the good guys had control of these rain clouds. It is so easy to recognize the evil but very difficult to recognize the good.

      The founding fathers of the original Constitution for the united States of America 1787-1791 were EXPERTS about tyranny and how it expands. They warned that if the people ever allowed the creation of money through inflation and deflation that the corporations that would grow up around the people would leave their children homeless on the continent founded by their fathers. That has gone full circle and has occurred. They also warned that giving up liberty for a little security you will be deserving of neither and will end up with neither. THAT WILL NEVER OCCUR because Americans will eventually get the lead out of their………. scroll for answer!


  4. I like your shirt – you could hide easily in the jungles wearing that.

    You may not know yet that ‘O’ just passed a law of ‘owning’ all rural lands.

    Stay safe.

  5. Donald Breaux

    June 22, 2015 at 3:46 am

    Thank you Neil and company,Drake and company for all your hardest work and Neil when they apply the project blue beam I can assure you I will look up and Laugh at the top of my lungs right at all the holograms! Hopefully we can inform all peoples of the world to all laugh at the same time so loud that it scares the holograms!

  6. Pashko Sashko

    June 22, 2015 at 4:01 am

    Give ’em hell.

  7. I had a feeling Neil had a post.I just been following national liberty allignance progress, we are making more headway.they all know we’re coming for them , they all have a one time offer of forgiveness and when that sinks in they’re not choosing the sleezleets.they want freedom too,as in judges,laywers,alphabets,etc. Every person connected to this deceitfull corporate nightmare been served quo warrentos as to they’re under an unlawful authority, some had to go along go get along some not, the evil ones.treason is punishable by death or whatever the jury decides.

  8. It is time for them to taste their own medicine. For so long they have been influencing our minds, drugging us and tip toeing their NWO trying to enslave our very souls. All these supposed elitists deserve no less. Time is almost over or them to implement their agenda but the people are subconsciously ready to overcome. The UN, Jesuits and NWO types are scared. Though they should be, We are coming for them. Happy Fathers day Fellas 🙂 I wish you guys very well and stay safe.

  9. Rhowen Ladulce

    June 22, 2015 at 5:01 am

    Mr K and Team …. everyday .. we used a little of our positive energies for me and my family .. but … we send you and your team the rest of our positive energies … May you and your team be surrounded by protective light and be seen only by those who deserves to see and be invisible to those who wish to bring harm to you and your team..

  10. Finally glad to hear from you. I was concerned about your well being.
    I am relieved to know you are OK. I hope you and your team are safe and send you best wishes and Good Luck.

  11. Neil,

    Is an alternative view permitted? It’s got nothing to do with basketball or the Indonesian jungle cultures.

    Project Blue Beam was very real once. It is dead in the ionosphere now.

    Blue Beam was up-page on the live playbook until about 2009 or 2010. The plan was Friday 21st December 2012, or something.

    Bits of the satellites were turned round. The electronics were scrambled. There will now be no fake messiah in the sky. Poor Billy Graham. He lost his retainer.

    Word on the block is that some friendly little green men were involved.

    Perhaps we will have an opportunity to say thank you to our Pleiadian colleagues, on the White House lawn, at the cabal’s final farewell party.

    I hope so. They’re just like us, except for the stickyout ears.

    • Tell that to the Family who knows all about the ET’s etc and of course Project Blue Beam. It still exists…..

      • Neil Maybe we can educate the people regarding “hologram” technologies to alleviate some fears and reduce the Cabal’s affect with them . Demonstrations beforehand….. as in the link below. I have shared this video, there are other similar videos out there. A concerted effort of sharing them with other “good people” may assist our cause? in
        thanks for all you and the team are doing!

    • Alcuin thanks for the alternative view I heard this as well but was told it still exists and will be what the Jesuit non Pope will use to set things up for the thrill in the sky.

  12. Carolyn Henry

    June 22, 2015 at 7:32 am

    Yes, as you said, we need to take care of this matter, rightfully claim our freedom and our sovereignty. Don’t allow them to continue.

    I agree! However, I’m running out of ideas on actions to take.

    I’ve tried meditation/visualization for what I want to happen and mentally asking ETs for help. I’ve sent letters to the president, VP, congressmen in Ohio, and the Pentagon. I’ve tried to focus on being loving and helpful to others, “liked” and shared articles on Facebook, attempted to talk to people close to me about these various “conspiracy theories” (sorry, not sure what else to call it, at the moment). I’ve even meditated on forgiveness and visualized light coming to earth. I have attempted to educate myself on the secret governments, histories of the world, projects, hoping that my “energy of awareness” can bring about change.

    Nothing I do seems to have much of an effect at all on the bigger picture of oppression.

    The world goes on just the same, suggesting that people like Neil Keenan, David Wilcock, Corey/Goodetxsg, etc, are just living in fantasy lands, and anyone who believes them is delusional and/or mentally disabled somehow (sometimes I think my boyfriend thinks this of me, when I start talking about black ops projects).

    I have tried to “opt out” of the system, but it seems like we HAVE to play their game, in order to survive in the modern world. Or else end up living on the streets, begging for money as a “job.”

    But I think you, Neil, understand some of this, because of your first sentence: it seems like it has been going on forever.

    I think many of us are feeling frustrated and not really sure what actions to take. We desperately want Full Disclosure, The Event, and whatever, to happen. There is a vague sense that “something” must be done, but I think many of us feel lost as to what that translates to, in practical terms.

    • I can sugest being a part of ,national liberty alliance. We have served all politicians,agency’s, judges,congressman,senators,etc.with quo warrentos to ceace and dicest they’re part of a deceitfull , corporate ,statute vs true common law .

      • leonard-frank:harview

        June 22, 2015 at 2:21 pm

        Beware of the trespassing on the public side regarding the NLA. Going after the foreign government agent occupiers will result in persecution. There must be a lawful govt. platform in place to operate from with an enforcement arm or sedition could be the result. Go to for initiating proper, lawful action in the several states along with supporting the action of the Union States Assembly.

  13. Thanks !!!! in support addition of your great work.
    Mehran Keshe clear Soul action message to: All religious gang leaders with the Pope at the top: soon you will be nothing more then relics of the past
    Know(L)edge in action re(pre)sented by Mark Passio: most powerful teaching ever made a great help by cleaning the house from the millions of local and universal NWO apparatchiks.
    Watch See: Act part 2/3:

  14. Neil, we are so glad to see and hear from you! Thank God you are a feisty bastard (and I mean that as a sincere term of endearment). I like the jungle~golf attire, too. (Did you find your ball?) I think perhaps you need a machete, though. Wear it with a big grin and a wary, crazed look in your eyes. Just in case…

    We make light of things that are darker than humans can even comprehend, but please know WE THE PEOPLE are with you in spirit, and we send you many Blessings for Protection and Victory! May God, Archangel Michael and the many Legions of Light be with you! Thank you for all your efforts, and all you sacrifice for humanity.

    Meanwhile, we’ll do our best to spread the word and to visualize and meditate our highest, co-creative vision into manifestation.

    Love and Light,

    (p.s.) Happy Solstice! Summer is here! It came into New England with a Tropical downpour, and late day sun. Any day now we’ll be dreaming about last winter, and that 9 feet of snow we got, when it gets too hot! (natural cycles, my ass!) 😀

  15. Hey Neil,
    Glad your OK. I try to think that “no news is good news” but in this world today… who knows! I’m happy now.

    Those nasty critters live off of fear!
    Everyone – don’t buy into it for a second! Sing love songs instead.

    We got the white hats and the guys upstairs helping.
    Keep on keeping on!

    We already won but the bad guys still don’t get it – I would LOVE to see their faces when the sh*t hits the fan and it’s all over!
    Take care Neil and all of Team K!
    God bless, John

  16. Thank you Neil. ABC, Always Be Careful. I felt the dope pope was working up to this. Shaking my head lol Xoxo

  17. Were is the black book? Also hire yourself an army,good start to clean house. ill put a circle around you and yours.paul
    Yah whey bless you.


    June 22, 2015 at 2:35 pm


  19. much blessings! NEIL KEENAN & K TEAM.


    I’m so glad to hear You are OK beloved NEIL 🙂

    I send ARCHANGE MICHAEL to PROTECT YOU! everyday! 😀

    I’m organizing another Conference with a Fashion show for SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2015. Maybe by then things would be ok for you to come to US and join our conference & meet some of Florida’s most beautiful ladies catwalking the runway in different outfits as well as the red carpet of CRAVE a TRUE STORY a Film that is Healing Drug addictions & deep Traumas. Please share info, watch movie or send us some Love at:

    In Love & in Light!

    I am your bro! ~ Ashtar Rich Sheran @ your service!
    Let me know when is a good time for an interview for our popular Radio show since 2011.

    Listen to last radio show ANYTIME at:

    or LIVE on Saturdays:
    @ 8PM Los Angeles, 10PM Chicago/CST. 11PM NY/FL/Colombia at:

    • I used to live in Miami and Fort Lauderdale so it sure would be nice to get back home to the Grove and so on…All the best and thanks for being there.

  20. Just as I was reading this info, a negative influence started into my left ear to distract me (check out Jay Essex info) & I demanded that it leave me alone; within 5 seconds it left. Everyone do the same – DEMAND that ALL negative service-to-self beings be taken NOW from this planet. We now have complete power to bring this about. Everyone…turn off your TV’s, get off your asses & take action locally if nothing else. Remember who you are. Own your power!
    Neil & Team, you have MILLIONS (& an ever increasing number) of positive soul-endowed humans on this planet who are fighting alongside you and your team Neil in various ways. Please don’t forget this!
    Those of us awake & aware will continue to unfold the truth. Onward & upward!

  21. JB Brown/Gramy J

    June 22, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    Neil: IT’s pronounced Fort Waaachooooka, Arizona. Never could spell it even when I lived in Arizona! Had 2 sound it out 2 say it right. LOL 🙂

    • Gramy I cannot pronounce names like that so easily ….Just stayed in a hotel over here in Indonesia and I just called it the Waa Waa hotel….easy enough for me

  22. What a relief to hear from you in your own words; TY so much Neil Keenan. We appreciatte all that the Keenan Team does and their updates of course, but it is a different feeling to watch you in a video. // Thank you for all your warnings about what “they” are doing, so we can be prepared and explain others what’s going on. // Alex Jones is posting “Emergency videos” yelling… “there’s an invasion from China and Russia coming on, and the Elite are living the country ! “… They sure are trying to scare the people. It is good to know the militias are ready for whatever is coming. What a coincidence that at the same time, The Blue Beam Project is going to “assist” the scenario of “world coming to an end”.

    About the place near the borderyou mention, it is 15 miles north of the border from Mexico. ; It is Fort Huachuca (pronounces “Huachuka”), near the city of Sierra Vista, Arizona.
    Keep safe, (take care of that cough).

    Blessings to you, your family and all the people who work with you, the Keenan Team. We are very greateful for the Service you are doing to Humanity.


    • I loved that picture below the video… it made me laugh…you are so funny even in dangerous situations.
      hahaha 😀

      Love your sense of humor.


  23. Something concerns me here. Keenan and Fulford are suppose to be friends.
    And for awhile have been on the same page.
    But, Keenan has been saying the Pope and Vatican are evil and part of the elite while Fulford is telling everyone that the Pope and Vatican are with the Alliance. Which is it?
    My intuition tells me to listen to Keenan on this since he is part of the Alliance and Fulford is only a journalist. Keenan needs to speak with Fulford and get these facts streight with him. Keenan also says the Pope will announce that there is only one God and so on for a one world religion and NWO, but Fulford says the Pope is going to announce a jubilee of all debt private and public. Which is it?
    Why are both of you saying the opposite? What going on?!
    It is confirmed that the elite are running but according to Fulford there is nowhere to hide!
    Just a concerned ex- Marine ready to protect OUR freedom and planet.

    • Unfortunately Mr Fulford has a penchant for creative writing on slow news days.

    • I was baptized in the Catholic church . When I open my eyes to the reality of our Human History, I learned about the corruption within the Vatican and their involvment with the Illuminati via the Jesuits.
      I’m not a practitioner of the catholic church or any other for that matter now. I don’t trust Pope Francis, not for a second. And I don’t care about his position one way or the other, but he is a Jesuit and that’s bad news. I have been following B. Fulford reports, and I haven’t really pay attention on what he says about the Vatican. It is a fact though, that there are “factions” fighting each other in Rome and maybe there’s a possibilfity that if the Alliance wins there, they could “convince” Pope Francis to make an announcement to the world. // But I don’t really care about it and no body needs to worry about this, is my opinion. The truth is that the Vatican is BAD NEWS… just as it is the WHITE HOUSE.// This is my personal view of things in this matter.

    • I believe you have to pick and choose, follow your heart and use your brain and intuition.
      It is likely that no-one out there will be 100% right.
      I know how you feel.
      But me, I trust Neil first. You know why ? Because I sense he is more spiritually connected, that’s why. I can sense it even in the way he laughs, in the way he jokes.
      If you are looking at a wholesome harmonious picture, re-assuring tableau, well, in those days it will not happen. Furthermore, if you are picturing a certain outcome, you put blocks to possible better scenarios.
      And just as well, because the last thing we need, right now, is an armchair mind.
      If you hang onto someone’s opinion, you block yourself.

    • not so difficult to figure out Ken

  24. Well worth waiting for. Great update.
    Found out about Landa. Good to see
    Neil in such good fighting form.

  25. Mr. Keenan, I just have the greatest feeling in the world that you, your team, and the rest of humanity are about to SPIT THUNDER AND CRAP LIGHTNING ON THESE BASTARDS~~~~!!!!! GO TEAM GO~~~!!!!
    Best Regards, Michael/The Long Island Man~~~~!!!!!!!

  26. I found out about landa on a comment
    on Ascension with Earth. Someone
    from Cosmic Voice stated they (landa)
    were not what they pretended to be.

  27. Hello and Happy Fathers Day and all of God’s Blessings.
    Been a while. Glad all are well.
    Was hoping to ask some questions if I may.
    – What ever happened to the Black Ledger Book that was being offered?
    – Any input on the Ambassador & Dave Schmidt?
    – ZAP and Landa Global/Humanus?
    – Tracy Davison & Sino (M1)?
    Guess they’re a few questions. Lol
    Just thought you’d be able to shed some light. : )
    Thanks for all you do.
    God speed.

  28. Ooops. Forgot one.
    Sachs Stone and the ITNJ?

  29. My dear friend Neil,
    It is so good to hear from you and to know that things are moving along. I get such a kick out of you;your laughter and good cheer are so reassuring. It has been so good for all of us to hear from you and the Team. Stay safe. God bless all of you and all those you love and stay safe.
    I am so excited and happy that things are picking up and falling into place….. we are reaching the much needed end. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got on Barry or whatever the hell his name really is. There is a whole new series of fly photos; that says it all for me. He is a psychopath AND a narcissist and a whole bunch of other things besides being very dangerous. May this all end very soon. We love you all so much. Please be careful, all of you and take care of that cough Neil. Some one else here said that too. I keep all of you in my prayers but you know that already.
    Much Love and Blessings to All,
    live oak xxxxxxxxxxx oooooooooo
    I’m so happy! What a relief.

  30. So we’ve been betrayed again by Roberts;he upheld obamacare once again..a traitor once again, real life Benedict Arnold. I wonder how much he was paid off this time.

    • I say round up bathhouse barry and ALL of the supreme court. I can barely contain my anger. Larry Klayman is a brilliant lawyer; I say act on this immediately! Where are the militias? We need to get moving now!

      And I believe Roberts was paid off to look the other way. I don’t believe he is being blackmailed. I will never forget how he’s been a part of destroying this beautiful country that I love with all my heart. I will never forget it and he can’t take back what he’s done.

        • round them all up liveoak, ALL of them. Drake needs some overalls. I believe his idea of small expert teams is fantastic. These heathen germs know who they are and what they have done. Time to take responsibility, and each of them held accountable. Every single diplomatic avenue has been exhausted. I guarantee if they start dropping things will change. Neil and Drake and co. are the “Cream of the Crop” I believe they need people to speak up. To all my friends here “great job” to all that read and don’t say anything-“speak up” A synchronized moment in time would be perfect-for all of these crooks. Talk about a party all over the world. Get-R-Done!! Please don’t mention second chances for them, it makes me really ill. Hope someone finds these mobile harp stations and the psychopaths behind them and destroys them. Chem planes_ Neil remember a long time ago, those little hand held devices that would bring these down, (could you tell us where to get them?) needed to vent some liveoak!!! Drake and Neil people are more ready than you think 🙂 Years back I wrote a letter to my congressman (which I now know they are all illegal) told him civil disobedience is when people take to the streets (not our style) I says “Revolution” is when we the people come after you the government. Did not get a response on this one. hmmmm

          • Thank you tina. It’s way past time to round up all the sewer rats…and I’m being kind. I just can’t wait anymore. I’ve called the pentagon several times, emails, letters, you name it…for the past 7 years…calls to the Nevada governor when the Bundy debacle was going on. Who cares if he’s uneducated??? He’s a good man; he’s our brother; he’s a fine rancher and an excellent steward of the land. All I could see was another Ruby Ridge/Waco incident and then the fbi and the rest get away with it like they did under Janet Reno. It was very clear that whorehouse Harry owned Nevada. By the way, they had a fund raiser for him at the bunny ranch, and now his drunk alcoholic brother beat the hell out of him and blinded his right eye….such a lovely family. I’ve had it. I will not stand for this. I’ve called the supreme court several times, hit a few nerves and was threatened by the supreme court police for asking too many questions. That was when they kept taking Orly’s cases off the dockets. They didn’t like it one bit. Too bad! I could write a book, I really could. Now we’ve got pols trying to run for president that are not eligible. I’ve been in touch with Ted Cruz. He must think I’m some big donor because he wanted to fly me to the district of criminals this week with his campaign money and have a “talk”. He’s a shill. Jindal isn’t eligible either and the pissant Rubio isn’t as well. Jeb Bush was a horrible governor and a complete a@@h*le. We need to start now, I’m at wit’s end.
            Bless you tina.
            live oak xxx

            • I just want to add that Jindal has been a good governor for the People of Louisiana, but his parents emigrated to the US from India when his mother was 7 months pregnant. It takes 7 to 10 years to become a naturalized citizen.
              Ted Cruz has been a fine statesman on balance but he was born in Calgary, Alberta CANADA out on the prairies and you have to be born on American soil…also his father was not a naturalized US citizen which makes him ineligible to be president PERIOD. Just because bathhouse barry or whatever his name is got in OUR HOUSE doesn’t mean others can do it too. We are (were) a nation of laws and we need to stand up and get it together.

              • The guy that kept taking Orly’s cases off the dockets was named “Danny.” He needs to be rounded up as well. What a tool!

                • live oak- I believe I remember you from way back @ American grand jury website-least I think that might have been you

                  • Yes tina, that was me at Bob Campbell’s original American Jury website. He would often post my letters to Boehner. I made some good friends there.

              • With all due respect…..Ted Cruz is a neocon card carrying member of the Bush family crime organization… also an Israel firster….Just watch….


                • I don’t trust any of them FrankA, especially the smooth talkers like Cruz. None of them deserve our trust imho.

                • FrankA,
                  I was thinking about this today, The only person I like and have respect for in the entire Congress is Louie Gohmert. He was an army captain and had a real life before he became a lawyer and he was completely fearless standing up to Janet Napolitano. I wish he would run. I’d vote for him…at least so far I would. Who in their right mind would want the job?
                  live oak

                • Modern day politics can be summed up as meaning poli=many and tics =blood suckers. Total payout to 60 US senators for the vote of TPP which is a global corporate coup was 200 million dollars with House Speaker being the largest taker at 5.4 million. America sold for 200 million bucks by the blood suckers! We’re not gonna take it! No we’re not gonna take it! We’re not gonna take it ANYMORE!

                  Peace be with us ALL!

  31. Jeanne Scoville

    June 27, 2015 at 3:20 pm

    Yes!!! The time is NOW! We The People must take back our power, step up to the plate & call the shots for JUSTICE be served in no uncertain terms! The high levels of ongoing criminal acts that were perpetrated against our republic as well as our citizens must cease & be accounted for, & many so-called “leaders” deserve long prison sentences as well as do reparations for the darkest evils done to humanity at large. Our justified anger must now be channeled into ACTION at the appropriate time in a united way rather than “hit or miss” planning. We want our beloved country back & restored to one of integrity, respect, & honor. Our people deserve political leaders who are servants of the public good rather than traitors who long ago gave up their ethics & genuine concern for us.

    Neil & Team, Thanks again & again for ALL you do on our behalf! We genuinely love & honor you & know you are guided spiritually as well as intelligently to do your best in however this profound effort all plays out.

    I love the photo of Neil “searching” for mercs & their ilk! They will have their “comeuppance”, too, in due time…

    After all is said & done, may the good times roll! God bless “our” America & our many friends worldwide…Freedom is on its way!!! Love to all…

  32. Drakes radio show with John Daresh was excellent! Folks spread it along with National Liberty Alliance everywhere!! Love ya all!! Get your Counties straightened out. As far as I care plunk these germs on the top so we don’t waste our time. How did they EVER get the words “elite and royal” for a bunch of inbreds?? Drop them where they stand- they should expect it.

  33. Everyone please check post at now-make viral.

  34. just heard about the military plane crash in Jakarta. Is everybody on that K team alright?

  35. I just want to say Happy 4th of July to all my American friends out there. (We will get her back;there is no doubt.) Here is a beautiful song. It’s Antje Dovecot singing “It’s a Long Way.” I think of this as a love song to America.

  36. Jeanne Scoville

    July 5, 2015 at 5:30 pm

    As I’m driving cross-country on this holiday week-end through our beloved USA, I’ve renewed my faith & hope in the friendliness & hospitality of We The People. Even in this troubled world we have much to be thankful for despite the urgency to solve a myriad of problems facing our country as well as that of the world at large.

    My focus remains on the goodness of most people who genuinely care about others. Unfortunately, the MSM & Internet/alternative sites too often stress our difference, social maladies, & psychopathic politics. When we decide to collectively bring solutions to the problems most of us are quite well aware of, only then will we move to intelligent ACTION. I have little respect for naysayers, critics & chronic complainers. It is said that what you focus on, you become…That in itself is “food for thought”!

    I choose to focus on the incredible gifts we’ve been given by the Creator that are ever present to choose from & to use in loving service to others. My military family members are valiant in serving our country with the ideals of freedom & protecting the common good. Each of us does have choice to serve our communities in whatever ways we prefer to contribute.

    Neil & Team K are doing their part above & beyond the call of service to others. May they continue to be guided, appreciated, & stay safe…And may our “community” on this website continue to inspire, respect & appreciate one another…Blessings to all…

    • Jeanne Scoville

      July 6, 2015 at 1:08 am

      Great to see the U.S. Women’s soccer team win the World Cup today!!! HOORAY USA!!!

    • Jeanne Scoville

      July 6, 2015 at 1:51 am

      President John F. Kennedy said it best: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”. This is what is now needed to turn our country around & back to We The People. We need activist problem solvers who inspire us to make changes that transform us as well the world community. The “chronic critics” I refer to above are those who see only the negatives as opposed to “positive critics” who clearly state the problems & then offer solutions or inspire us to make a difference…Hope & Faith for our future depends on us “United We Stand”…

      • You must mean me Jeanne, I concur with tina, I don’t believe these murderers and thieves and pedophiles deserve a second chance. It makes me feel ill too.

        • Jeanne Scoville

          July 7, 2015 at 12:42 am

          live oak, My comments were not directed to you or anyone specifically. My point is it is time for creating positive solutions…Neil has stated he cannot do it alone. ..

          • Jeanne Scoville

            July 7, 2015 at 12:50 am

            Please note my prior comments on June comments that JUSTICE MUST BE DONE re ALL perpetrators…

            • I understand Jeanne. Thank you.

              • Jeanne Scoville

                July 8, 2015 at 1:19 am

                live oak, I very much appreciate your sincere spirit, & what all of us share here in supporting Neil & Team K’s efforts. My background as an RN in wholistic, preventive medicine is behind many of my comments here. My hope-filled vision of our moving together beyond the vile & evil constraints of the cabal is framed in wishing healing & well-being for We The People…Being caught in unmitigated anger & negativity greatly contributes to “stress diseases” such as cancer, heart attacks, ulcers, arthritis, as well as depression & despair. These in turn create a weakened immune system. My comments, however imperfect, are to uplift & encourage us to seek higher ground for better health & a positive outcome for all. As PJ says, “Peace be with us ALL! Also, Neil’s humor in the face of peril is exemplary in fighting the darkness…

  37. Really good read@ scanned “Public Notice” Republic of Texas congressional meeting Sat July 11th- for everyone!

  38. So much to be done. There has to be a special place in hell for people like this. Just for the record these animals cannot be rehabilitated. WARNING…this is very upsetting but it’s important that it is exposed and stopped and it needs to go viral Both articles do.

    There is also this about chemtrails, a very in depth article that needs to be read by every single person in the whole world.

    Thank you Neil and Team K for posting my comments.
    live oak

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