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Riders On The Storm

Greetings. You may (or may not) know me. My name is Kevin, and I am trying to write a preface regarding the video of Neil Keenan which is directly below this.

Trying to encapsulate all that has gone on in this collective time of the past 13-14 years regarding Neil is like asking you to smell the number 9.

He is fighting hard every day to keep the cabal and Khazarians at a distance from successfully enacting their detailed and far reaching plans to eliminate in excess of 90 percent of the world’s population.

Heads of various elements of these very real and nefarious entities call Neil to try and bribe him to quit fighting.

The answer is always the same… why quit when we are winning?

We are at the point in this struggle to save humanity where it is now ‘war’.

In the video below, it will appear visually and sound like he is tired. Be assured that even though the fight is all consuming, the energy exists in Neil and his small group of people to go harder when the going gets toughest.

This is the nature of real leadership. We few know the consequences of our actions as well as the consequences of failure.

The Khazarians and Cabal, are global. They control what you eat, where you live, what you breathe, what you are allowed to say and do.

This latest global effort to socially re-engineer is the acceleration of their end game plans. Masks, vaccines, isolation, protocols etcetera established far in advance to make you fear something that is relatively harmless.

Well, Neil has many plans ready to be deployed in our fight to destroy them root and stem.

It is indeed a war, and we will seek them out to hold them accountable. No one will escape this. Neil has been taking them on for 13+ years, and is the only one that has seen, touched, heard and comprehended what is going on.

There are many urban legends and obfuscations circulating the Internet regarding Neil, many wonderous stories circulating and many self-aggrandizing ‘experts’ with ‘sources’ and ‘connections’ in high places with organizations that spin scenarios to make themselves become important, and personally profit from these stories.

So please allow me to tell you directly, from being with Neil every day for a while now, what is going on.

That is not what we do here. We go out, seek information, ingest what needs to be learned and factor that information into preparation of strategic and tactical plans. The real people we talk to are true experts and real world leaders from around the planet. These people don’t call the gossips or the pariahs profiting from the storytelling.

The world leaders and real experts call Neil – at any hour that strikes their fancy and needs. That’s how it works when you have earned the respect of these world leaders – based upon 13+ years of fighting and winning.

The last two things I would like to address before the video below is that we will be fighting on behalf of the world from a location that has entrusted and validated the purity of Neil’s soul.

We all have a soul contract, and Neil and his small band of warriors are fulfilling theirs, signed by each of us before we were born. The seat of that fight will be in a location that was long ago preordained.

Neil, for no known reason remembers having written an extensive paper in Grade 6 about Indonesia. His fights that lead to the filing of his Trillion Dollar Law Suit, again led him to Indonesia.

The trials to test the purity of his soul and the integrity needed to become Amanah happened in Indonesia. The Agreement signed by 29 Elders is hanging on the wall beside me as I type this, was signed in Indonesia.

Indonesia already started the fight in refusing to give former US Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry the gold he demanded in a visit to Jakarta.

(NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | We’re Mad As Hell And We’re Not Gonna Take It Any More!) and has been the site of endless earthquakes and weather machine manipulations since.

This country stands strong. So the seat for the fight to save and free the world will start in and emanate out from Indonesia.

Not the USA nor any other terminally infected country.

We are at the end. Neil will be taking the fight to the enemy very soon, and with the Blessings of those that support our efforts in this and every dimension – we will fulfill our soul contracts and save humanity.

This is THE truth, not a truth, not a rumor nor a story. Please enjoy Neil’s message and thank you for reading this preface.

Very Respectfully,


Copyright © 2021, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. Love to Neil and his team.
    Keep up with the Commendable work.

  2. Anthony Murray

    July 13, 2021 at 4:23 pm

    I read this post with great anticipation. I watched the video. In the last video in April, Neil said “we’re gonna win”. In the video accompanying this article he says “we’re probably gonna win”. Not so positive I felt and it has sent me into despair. I live in Ireland where 40% of my fellow countrymen and women have had the experimental poison injected. Most of my family have had it injected, too. The sadness I feel is overwhelming and constant. The Fascist government here is, from 23rd of July, “allowing” vaccinated people to socialise again after the most severe lockdown in the world. They are showing their fascism now in glorious technicolour. The “leader” of the country Micheal Martin yesterday said “we must protect the vaccinated from the un-vaccinated”, thus vilifying people like me in Irish society (what’s left of it!). I fear it is too late for our nation. Dear God, Neil, act soon. May you be blessed and watched over by the good Lord.

  3. Don’t let these evil PARASITES concern you too much Neil and team, you are all part of this Spiritual Battle to rid this planet of demonic evil and we are winning, in fact the battle is already WON.
    I won’t try to convince those who are not aware of the arrests taking place worldwide and other critical issues that confirm these facts, but we will all be much wiser when the media ‘presstitutes’, (a term coined by Gerald Celente), are obsolete and we finally get to hear the full Truth broadcast globally,
    Stay true to God our Creator and comfort each other during these dark days, for they are only temporary and will lead to an incredible future for all of Humanity.
    God Bless and Protect you at all times Neil Keenan, your long journey and determination to fight these parasites on earth will soon be rewarded in ways, you could never imagine,
    Stay extra safe and cautious Neil, we’re nearly there.

    In sincere and deep gratitude for all you have done and accomplished for others.

  4. Keep the awesomeness going mr Neil Keenan
    Smile more and have a awesome day 😎

  5. Dear Amanah Neil So good to hear from & the team!
    Ty Kevin for the great preface to video.
    Fully understand your position at present & need for more
    action & less talk. (hence time taken me to read & hear this)
    Those of the Light & are awaken all playing their important roles
    through what appear tough times know the war has been won.
    But must continue to walk the footsteps daily holding the
    high vibration of Victory for all souls. We thank you for the crucial
    work you do helping to liberate humanity & the beautiful World
    we live on & look forward to the after party. Say no more except
    we’ll see you they’re! Take care of each other Highest Love & Light
    to Neil & Group K

  6. The Collected Letters Into Freedom – CONFERENCE PRESENTATION

    (Almost 7 years now; sent to “the whole world” !
    Hundreds of thousands of mails & letters to all the socalled Movers & Shakers; from the Knights of Malta to Joe Rogan, from Putin to thousands of Int. Embassies, from Neil Keenan to Earl Shrewsbury, from NASA to Caltech, from Anna von Reitz to the frickin Q-message-board, from entire german, austrian and british parliaments to thousands upon thousands of media and alt. media; from John Perkins to Dennis McKenna, from Damian (and his brothers) Marley to Kanye West and Dirk Nowitzki, from thousands of Int. Universities (physics,astronomy,plasma physics,etc.) to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev; from Nicholas Nassim Taleb to the Austrian President-office; from my neighbour on the street via hundreds of social and academic and scintific forums and communities up into the highest “circles of power in this world” ……….
    Did it do any good and brought any change for the betterment of mankind and earth ?

    Hm, well, that remains to be seen !!!
    If you want me to be honest with you, my dear mankind :
    I am EXHAUSTED – I’m feeling so tired and exhausted now – so exhausted ……… 🙏
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  7. The world is getting heated and not just from the Sun. My prayers for safety and absolute success to *Neil (*Amanah) and Team, and to all White Hates, Military (Good guys), as well as the Dragon Families, etc.
    You have all fought so hard for humanity and the Freedoms of many around the world. Thank you from deep within my heart!
    God Wins because he chose people like you guys to fight the fight! God Bless🙏
    -Jewel –

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