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Peter Santilli Interviews
Neil Keenan And Group K
Colleagues; Chris Brosnahan
& Donovan Darcy

Pete Santilli (The Guerilla Media Network (GMN), “The alternative to the alternative media”: ) is a leading internet radio broadcaster who has been following Neil Keenan’s mission and developments for well over three years.

In this interview which spans nearly three hours, Pete firstly describes in his own terms, how he has independently researched and vetted Neil’s work and accomplishments.

Beyond Pete Santilli’s introduction, the interview continues into discussions covering many topics with Neil Keenan and his close associates, Chris Brosnahan (a high-level international banking specialist) and Donavan Darcy (an expert in business financial services including commodities and currency trading) of the Keenan Team, Group K, Ltd.

This discourse provides a concise yet comprehensive introduction for those who are new to matters relating to the Global Collateral Accounts, and Neil Keenan’s tireless work towards making these accounts available for humanitarian purposes.

Because humanitarian purposes were the original intention in terms of the establishment of the Global Collateral Accounts, these accounts were co-opted and stolen from by the dark cabal in order to forward their plans toward establishing their “New World Order.”

The following interview covers key points of interest for anyone who would like to understand details of what the international cabal-controlled banking system has done to the people of the world over the past 75+ years.

Regardless as to whether an audience member might be new to this material or a well-seasoned researcher, this is a power-packed, groundbreaking show with something of interest for everyone.


Copyright © 2015, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. Thank you Neil Keenan and Team. A special thanks to Pete Santilli for pick up on and making Neil’s efforts available for all the see and know.

    Never give up! I would rather die standing in freedom than survive kneeling in servitude. The cabal plan on killing us all anyway, so what do I have to loose?

    Thank you all, God speed


  2. Best interview for the Keenan Group ever. Congratulations!

    Thanks to the Pete Santilli Show for asking the most relevant questions and for giving the guests all the time needed to profound their truths, ideas and experiences.


  3. Good interview, good news popping up everywhere people, of course they are looking for somewhere to hide.

    Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform vs Bank of Canada, BIS, the queen etc

    Sovereign Squamish Nation vs Royal Bank of Canada

    good stuff all round

  4. Jeanne Scoville

    April 22, 2015 at 10:07 pm

    A huge, heartfelt thanks to Pete Santilli for his in depth conversation with Neil, Chris & Darcy. This is a tremendous public service to We The People to inform & educate us re the detailed intricacies of the multi-tasking required of Neil & Team K. Thanks also to Pete for highlighting the spiritual aspects of this pioneering mission to right so many wrongs done to humanity. As Neil knows, there are increasing numbers of who are awakening, who hold him & his loyal team not only in our hearts, but also in our prayers for a lasting victory that will serve the best in us & rebuild a far better world…

  5. Great program!!!
    Lots of basics for the newbie plus
    In depth discussion and intel
    Thsnks to all !!

  6. Lets hope that the Global accounts will soon be realised soon,
    your all doing a great job, Chris sounds like a Yorkshire lad?

    P.S. Happy St George’s day too all.

  7. Very good interview. Reminded me of a lot
    of things i’d forgotten. Mind you the amount
    of ads detracted from it as far as i’m concerned.
    No matter the info was worth the listen.

  8. Yup great show. I would have liked to see more responses left open for speaking and less of the adverts but every step helps us wake people up. i really enjoyed hearing from the other group K folks too. Cheers

  9. I’m so happy I finally got to sit down and listen to the show. Neil, you are being protected and it is very real. You are being watched over. Thank you so much for this in depth discussion. It put it all in order for me and it helped a great deal. (I’ve been following you since you were interviewed by David Wilcock.)
    If heaven needs you to know something there is nothing that can stop the energy. You were floating because they wanted to get you safely out as quickly as possible. I know I sound like a raving lunatic. There is evil everywhere seen and unseen; just look at all the things that have happened to you and your friends and dear friends. I didn’t know they tried to poison you that many times…thank God you survived. They want you to know that they’re there for you watching and protecting you and your wife and son, your loved ones and the whole team, your friends, family and everyone you care about. I keep you close in prayer always. Thank you one and all for your courage and bravery. I know I’ll never forget this as long as I live.
    live oak xxx

    • Neil,
      You mentioned in the show that the Queen of England is German. She’s a Battenburg German. TPTB gave her the last name of “Windsor” because it sounded oh so British….just a trivia fact I had to give you. They’re all Germans and Charles is repulsive.. …so is his father. Pedophilia runs rampant as well as influence with the muslims. (No capital m on purpose.) They gave their country away to them. All are fake royalty.

    • Jeanne Scoville

      April 28, 2015 at 12:23 am

      David Wilcock spoke most recently at the Whole Life Expo in San Francisco where he released updated information re disclosure, that “there is a race between the Alliance & cabal for disclosure, because whoever is first gets to control the narrative”. He states that “the cabal is losing more & mores. Another point David makes, is “if you are buying dinars, you are propping up the corrupt monetary system”…

      David emphasizes that “We can use the power of our consciousness POSITIVELY for positive change”. Service to others is also called for especially during these “quantum leaps” we’re presently entering…people who choose negativity, hate, war, etc. will have a more karmic future than those who choose positivity, love, compassion, forgiveness, etc…

      • My dear Jeanne,
        I’m sorry that my comments offended you. I carry no ill will toward anyone…not that I know of anyway. I want all the people who hate this country to go live somewhere else if they hate America so much. We can drop them in parachutes over Iran since many want to fight with ISIS. They can go where they please, just get out. All I want is justice to be served, fair trials for all charged with whatever they’ve done to hurt, and I want my country back and for all nations to be sovereign and free and we can live in peace. It would never work or be okay if it was just us that were sovereign and free. Many people are suffering and I don’t want to hold hands with the “enemy.” It’s very difficult to forgive mass murderers. I’m just not that evolved, and yes I can be very opinionated and maybe even obnoxious, but I figure it’s best to let God sort it out, not me. I apologize that it’s taken this long to respond to your comment. You are a wonderful and dear friend.
        live oak xxx

  10. Here is a list of all the traitors who voted for Lorretta Lynch, the new AG, just like Holder. I hope their names will be added to the no fly accords if they haven’t been already. (I know McConnell is already on the list.)

  11. hi there
    just to remind you all for live gazing event going on for three day ( already started 17h Berlin, Amsterdam time) at this link :
    at introduction they spoke about incident of invitation of Braco to Bali, Indonesia some years back and invitation was made by some prince ”Ubutu” or something like that, where he was amazed by the energy emanating from Braco’s gaze and body
    try to join and let together start after gazing good and positive visualization of the world we want, for the people and by the people and not dictatorship from corporation and dark energy crocodiles
    make intention that Keenan Group is successful in its original mission and intention inclusive plaintiff against Cabal and achieving of some leadership , government ready to take collateral accounts black book and make case in a court of law of all illegal activities cabal hide and perpetrate against humanity
    thank you

  12. Our post re “The Interview The Global Elite Never Want You To Hear [Pete Santilli]” did catch the attention of one Retired Executive [Scott Pollack], Neil’s bestfriend, and we had a very healthy exchange.

    We gave him the opportunity to prove his case, but he lost steam midway.

    This is how we did it:

    No. Up to now, we are still confused what name would you prefer. Most importantly, we want our readers to have a better perspective about your demeanor, if you don’t mind.

    “Unless you’re a specialist in my field of knowledgeability, you are like most people inexperienced at discerning specific types if schemes, nor do most hold 16,000,000 files on many globally involved up to their neck in such online fraudulent schemes.” – Retired Executive

    So you have a very impressive résumé to brag about, Mr. Retired? But, what does it serve us really? I mean, what can you do, or have already done, besides ruining people’s reputation in public, true or not?

    I’ve been to your KIRV website and I don’t think you have 16 million documents right there. There was no mention of “collateral accounts” either. Even a simple search for “Soekarno” or “dragon family” yields “Nothing Found”.

    So, what part of your very impressive résumé should you consider giving you the authority and credibility with regards to the global collateral accounts?

    Are you going to say that those stuffs don’t exist? Or, are you going to suggest that we just maintain the status quo because there’s nothing better?

    Frankly, with the considerable length of your comment here, nothing really is serving the interest of our audience.

    Just so you know, we will only appreciate those people who could bring about meaningful changes and not just endless hot air. Claims and counter claims are judge based on the actual benefit they may serve the people. Otherwise, they’re just another form of sophisticated entertainment.

    We do understand how the Jesuits work. So, if you’re one of their agents you may be wasting your time.

    In the meantime, we will continue to educate ourselves with verifiable information only. To put it simply, we are not fanatics worshiping anyone.

    We are a reader supported critical information aggregator with zero selfish agenda whatsoever. That’s why we are free to criticize everyone with confirmed selfish motive any day anywhere.

    We have been openly offered between $100 k to $250 k per month to do otherwise, but we are already happy with the no-strings attach amounts that our dear reader-sponsors have been sharing all these years. Of course, they’ll get a very useful eBook on alternative healthcare in the process. But, hey, it’s far more useful than a pair of glasses according to Dr. Bates. Of more import is that: they’ll enjoy the benefits of the knowledge therein not “tomorrow” or “next week” but in real time.

    Besides, it doesn’t help establishing your credibility either when you attack others’ self-sustaining methods while you advertise your Google Adsense money making venture, too. Clearly, your real object is already suspect in that regard.

    You did use Alexa ranking to emphasize popularity as one basis of the person’s credibility, so let’s see some actual Alexa rankings to date.

    Alexa rankings:
    KIRV 10,606,802
    The Critical Post 2,407,473
    Neil Keenan 810,454
    Divine Cosmos 118,532
    Benjamin Fulford 133,629

    So, if your information is more credible than others in the alternative media, why are they more popular?

    So, from hereon we would appreciate it if you could substantiate your claims and counterclaims against the Keenan Group, Ben Fulford, etc. with verifiable data, and not just attack their method of sustaining their efforts, bearing in mind that the enemy they are fighting against have unlimited access to taxpayers’ money and bank deposits.

    Put those data at MEGA cloud service at so everyone could have access to. With MEGA platform, you can upload up to 50GB of information for FREE!

    We are pretty sure our dear readers would appreciate if you do so. Otherwise, you will be confirming Alexa’s rankings as accurate, and I hope people would not get angry at us for wasting their time, because we obviously wasted hours watching your videos hoping to find substance but there’s none so far..


    Mr. Retired: Unfortunately, I don’t have enough free time left to educate you, Winston, or your audience so, I would recommend that if you feel my postings here have no worthwhile research value to those interested in researching more to discern the truer nature of affairs discussed within your report, then simply delete my jabberwocky.

    I drop hints on matters, acedemic to a few others, however too complex for most, and so I personally wish you and your audience well in improving their knowledgeability on subjects they really should research further than where they find themself presently.

    Be good.

    – RE


    This Retired Executive claims to have an impressive résumé but can’t seem to spell things right 😉

    So, who’s bogus?

  13. Further to this matter, the following email was sent to Pollack – which he conveniently ignored. It was later posted on facebook with the following comment:


    Scott “Drunkey” Pollack repeatedly begs – in his rants – for the people that he believes he is ‘outing’ to call him at his muppet “news desk”.

    The following email was sent to Pollack via the publicly listed email contact address:

    For someone who so desperately begs a response from Neil, (and the others that he is paid to target in his ongoing defamation attempts, with a number of clear breaches of the law to boot) he provided no response to the following email that was sent on Fri, 17 Apr 2015 00:48:09 +1200

    “Mr. Pollack & Associates,

    None of the people whom you have requested to call you will be doing any such thing and so your request to use them as a platform is denied.

    If you think you are going to be able to establish any credibility by way of eliciting a response in such a manner, then you are misguided.

    You are not recognized.

    Mr. Keenan calls you a dwarf. He actually wants to know which one of the Seven Dwarves you are? Sometimes he thinks you’re Dopey. Sometimes he thinks you are the 8th Dwarf.

    Yes, there is an 8th Dwarf Mr. Pollack and he is Drunkey; and he was named just for you. An alcoholic dwarf, just what we need.

    Some clarifications clearly need to be made here for your benefit, as the fundamentals appear to have escaped yourself and your crack team.

    It is illegal in the State of Illinois to record a conversation without the consent of both (all and any) parties involved.

    That is the law.

    You telephoned the public call center at the office of the Attorney General of Illinois for legal advice. You spoke with someone who did state that they could not definitively answer your questions; yet you point to such an unqualified response as evidence as if it supports your position.

    In a move of dramatically inept proportions you continue on a line of reasoning based upon a tentative reply from an unqualified spokesperson; when you should be well aware that it is illegal to do what you did in the first instance, by recording a call without consent within the state of Illinois.

    The person with whom you spoke with most recently offered to put you in touch with their superior but you declined to speak with that person – someone that would have been more suitable in terms of addressing your queries.

    In just how much more of a poorly thought-out and lackadaisical manner are you capable of conducting yourself?

    We can assure you that you are speaking with people at the opposite end of the spectrum than Neil is in this matter, some of whom he personally knows.

    Similarly, you have no idea what you are speaking about in relation to the internet audience reach data for

    For your edification, receives a consistent monthly average of 50,000 page views, enjoying an ongoing upward trend which includes large spikes in visitor traffic as new articles are published. Our databases continue to grow by the same measure.

    Accurate visitor and page view figures are only obtainable for a website by way of access as a website administrator, as you should also be aware.
    Third party statistics derived by any other means can only ever be estimated externally and are therefore inaccurate by their very nature. Systems such as Alexa can only draw figures from a limited number of web users who happen to have their software installed, which in the case of Alexa is under 0.02% of all internet users globally.

    We have IT specialists who confirm that, even if you are not fabricating what you claim – any website traffic statistics that come from anywhere other than the server that hosts the website, or an installed service such as Google Analytics, must inherently be incomplete – and as such a flawed representation of internet audience reach data.

    Just so you know.

    Be advised, most certainly neither yourself nor any of your cohorts are playing with all of the pieces Mr. Pollack – for if you were, then whatever you are being paid to implement your campaign of disinformation will certainly not be worth it as events play out in full.

    The term “egg-on-one’s-face” will barely come close in terms of humiliation for you and yours.

    You would be well advised to consider searching once again for that rock from under which you emerged.

    Group K.”

    • Keenan Team (2)

      April 30, 2015 at 10:37 am

      To Mr. Pollack,

      It is all too obvious that you are not freely spending your time to mount your useless attack campaign against Neil Keenan. We suggest that the money you’re being paid by the cabal to do this would be best spent on a psychiatrist – this is how you, Scott Pollack, can best serve humanity.

  14. A big THANK YOU to Team K and ed for your posts.

    “You would be well advised to consider searching once again for that rock from under which you emerged.”

    LOL!!! What a tool!

    • Well said Live Oak… !!! hope we don’t hear from this character (Mr. Scott Pollack) no more. 😀

      ” the dog’s are barking, that means we are walking straight on. ”

      Thank you Keenan Team for your efforts. Keep it on with Neil. We appreciate your efforts and your work. The whole Universe is protecting you, I’m sure. Our prayers for all of you and your families. God Bless you all.


      • Well said Mariah!
        Neil and Team K are heroes and we all love them. They are being protected; there is no doubt whatsoever.

        My advice to everyone , is to prepare the best you can for the worst and hope for the best, but all of you know that already. The sh*t storm is just about here. A hard rain is going to fall.
        live oak x

  15. Urgency shrinks time.

    We might as well face it. The sun sets in the west and arises in the east. Since the cabal follows the zodiacal procession, it’s death will come at the end of the Piscean age to be reborn in the Aquarian Age. We are simply witnessing this transition. It’s mission will change with the times. The water pouring is the age of abundance, the giving back of water that has been stored. While the transition will be challenging as the establishments are dissolved, we must each find our position or stance. We are all in this together, there is no us and them, there is only operation and/or cooperation. It is more a dance as Neil said.

    The father on his deathbed told his two sons of the great wealth he had hidden in the fields. So the sons, in their greed, turned over the earth and did not find the treasure but in their work they had transformed the fields to be fertile again.
    To be receptive to a new field, a new reality. Can each of us, in a sense, ‘change with the times?’

    1 Corinthians 6:12
    “I have the right to do anything,” you say–but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”–but I will not be mastered by anything.

    • “O Lord,because there are countless good things in nature, grant me the one which is most suited to me, even though it may be the most trivial of all. I ask you to insure only one thing— that I may not be subverted by it, like a reprobate, but rather that I may make use of it with peace of mind.”
      Philo (20 B.C.- 40 A.D.)

      • Hi live oak,
        wow, we meet again in the internet world, I know it’s you, my old friend from FL. I’ve read comments and I’ve discerned it’s absolutely you! haha
        I read you’ve been ill, so sorry dear lady! How are your kitty kids? I would love to catch up, is your email the same from 4-5 years ago? I occasionally see comments on various websites that sound like you or are using the real name, LOL but I now don’t think it’s been you. But I know my live oak friend by some of the comments.
        I sure hope all is ok and your health is on the mend! Your friend from the past,

        • Hi Phoebe!
          OMG!!!! Yes it’s me . …raising h*ll. My email is the same. It is so good to hear from you!!!!…Sam can’t believe it either. I hope you get half a minute and get in touch.
          I lost Julia 2 years ago…my beautiful, dignified, quiet brown tabby princess. I’ll tell you about her when we get in touch. My poor sweetheart was only 14 . I’m still rescuing animals whenever they find me. We have 3 cats now.
          I’m much better, just very tired some days. No big deal.
          live oak xxx

    • Beautiful thinking Ed. I loved how you put this idea that will help us hold on a little more; it makes our daily lives easier, to know we are almost there. I pray for all of us to keep our hearts and minds clear and our discernment working for us to receive the good information and do the best we can on a daily basis, in our daily human relationships and activities. I know it is hard for all of us; the lack of energy and the efforts for surviving one more day, seems harder now than ever. It is overhwelming sometimes. Nevertheless we must keep on trying our best. Coming here to read other humans going maybe through the same path, helps a lot, blessings to all.

      Blessings to K Team and all readers.

  16. Great news from Alberta, Canada (I hope)
    We have finally elected a premier who isn’t on the no fly list.

    • They’ll never give up. LOL! We know who you are…where’s spiritual white boy? What a crock!

      Makes me think of W.C. Fields: “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

  17. I know Alex Jones is suspect; one has to use great discernment when reading his articles or watching his videos. I found this article on Drudge and it is deeply disturbing. Please read it and decide for yourselves. Looks like Jade Helm is right around the corner.

    • Hi Live Oak,
      I need to check my emails again and answer yours! I have a few major changes in the household that I have to deal with but let me say…..AJ may have been a fringe kook 10 years ago but he isn’t now, he’s almost too mainstream now! He would never report this stuff that Neil Keenan is reporting….he is often lagging behind a few days, even some of the Jade HELL he’s lagging behind others that are reporting. He is a vetting news organization now but then, when you think about it, everything he said 10-15 years ago has NOW come true!!! So I would say to you and anyone calling him untrustworthy, THINK AGAIN!!!!
      p.s.- he has reporters that do a lot of their stories, he’s a behind the scene kindof guy now, his reporters have full discretion now.

      • Thanks Phoebe. I trust your judgement completely…we’ve known each other for quite a while now…all things considered…almost from the beginning of this mess. That makes me feel a lot better. I’m prepared for civil war. I think that’s what it’s going to take to put things to right again here in the USA. A lot of people still don’t get it. As I said a few comments up (and so did Neil and Team K on another post) a hard rain is going to fall.
        live oak xxx

  18. Jeanne Scoville

    May 16, 2015 at 2:55 pm

    It takes a lot of discernment & critical analysis to find the truth, if at all, in “popular” journalism/entertainment today. I follow no one in particular, because real investigative reporters are threatened by TPTB, & some have been murdered in a clandestine sort of way. I also am highly suspicious why some really important news goes unreported in the MSM. Veterans Today is ahead of the curve here. However, even at VT discretion is advised.

    Remember the main news outlets are owned by a few financiers who do not have our best interests at heart. Most “news personalities” today have
    artificially contrived public personas to keep his/her brand in a top
    competitive model. Popularity does not equal integrity!

    We The People are being challenged to be even more consciously awake & aware than ever before. We must take care not to be divided by diversionary tactics of the cabal-owned press. What unites us is far more important at this time of increasing fear/hate-mongering. It takes courage to stand in our sovereignty & hold to a high standard of integrity. Debating the issues with respect is often overshadowed with lies & propaganda of the MSM. Due diligence is required in most high-level issues we are now confronting. This takes time to sift through several sources to rule our disinformation as well as psy-ops. Truth has a frequency & oftentimes we have to check our gut/intuition re openness to what is true & what is not…Most of all…Be. Not. Deceived! Neil & team K can tell us a whole lot of wisdom in that regard…
    Blessings to all…

    • Jeanne Scoville

      May 16, 2015 at 2:59 pm

      …make that “to rule OUT disinformation”…

      • I agree Jeanne and thank you. VT is a good source but I hear it’s a pentagon news site and I’m not so sure about Gordon Duff. I trust our soldiers and militia, but not anyone in any high position in the military. To me, they act like politicians, much more concerned about their careers than We the People and the oath they took to defend the country. (I have called the pentagon several times in the past.)
        My husband taught me early on the check several reliable news sites before believing or trusting anything that’s being reported. Good advice.
        live oak x

    • Jeanne,
      I remember when Andrew Breitbart was (killed) died. A person who saw him collapse in the street said his face was bright red and there was a white ring around the edge of his face. I believe he was poisoned. Then in the same week the medical examiner “died” a few days (roughly) after doing the autopsy, and so did the medical examiner’s assistant who had been just fine, and not “old” at all. Then there was Sheriff Larry Deaver, a good fellow, well liked by the people he served and a friend of Sheriff Joe who was going on a hunting trip with his son and some friends and I think even a grandchild. That’s where I learned about “Boston Brakes”. He was alone in his truck and had an “accident” out of the blue. The road was dry and everything was normal and he hit a tree. I remember getting a request from him in the mail asking for a donation because he was running for sheriff again.
      People are afraid and are being threatened and I understand that very well. I was even threatened by the police at the Supreme Court (by phone) and investigated because I was asking questions. I told them to go for it; I have never even had a parking ticket. I’d rather be dead than be a slave and I’ll take a few with me if it ever comes to all out war. People who speak out, like for example, Sheryl Akisson (sp?) need excellent security. Keep your eyes wide opened and your powder dry.
      Everything is upside down and it’s about to change. God help us all.

  19. Does this mean Disclosure is effectively…coming out ?
    This people are serious about talking of hidden advanced Technology, myths about ufo’s and ET’s coming from other
    planets and galaxies.
    Conference about The Secret Space Program.
    Saint Mateo, Ca., 2014

    • Yes Mariah, Disclosure has begun with regards to the various secret space programs. You will also find information on this from David Wilcock, Catherine Austin-Fitts and others.

      • TY, Keenan Team/GroupK , for confirming this is very reassuring . You are right, everybody is talking about it everywhere. Disclosure IS happening ! People in the know are showing no fear for coming out to the public with so much information hidden from the peoples of the world. The Cabal is doomed and they know it.

        I’m sure Neil is fine, he has powerful protection and the prayers of thousands of people around the world, maybe more, for all those unstopable fighters like him as well.
        Best wishes for him (Neil) and his Team and families wherever they may be. Blessings to you all for keeping us informed.

        WE the people… have won this war. We are watching sporadic and already lost battles.

        Please, prayers for Texas…


  20. hi neil and team. john here in ireland. i have been really busy working on my self in side out. i have shared your story world wide to lot of people. and it is great, every one is waking up now. thanks for your bravery and strength. i just want you to know that a,lot of people send you prayers and love and protection all the time now. so stay strong and god bless you and your team . for stepping up and showing the rest of us how to be strong . good day to ye all ireland sends it love

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