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Offers His Assistance

The following was submitted to us by the person known as “The Asian Insider” (#1). He makes some valid points and so we are sharing them here.


“Sorry for bothering you again, but I feel compelled to impart some important observations.

Although I attempted to assist Mr. Keenan in my last communication, he decided it was time to expel me, and given full consideration of the facts, this was a pertinent move on his part.

Unfortunately, in the past we often did not always concur on policies nor approach, which I regret.

Upon reading the latest post from Benjamin Fulford, it sent a jolt up and down my spine. Despite the fact that this report was a fabrication, it immediately reiterated to the entire Dragon Family that should anything happen to Neil Keenan, the entire Global Collateral Account project falls apart. 

In many respects, I admire Mr. Keenan and Group K for what they have already so admirably achieved in taking on this monumental battle, on behalf of the Dragon Family; the securing of the Global Collateral Accounts, as well as their work towards enabling humanitarian initiatives.

And so, I would be most grateful if you would once again allow me an opportunity to humbly offer my observations by way of an update.

The many endeavors undertaken by Mr. Keenan and his Keenan Group have been followed ‘keenly’ from my vantage point here in Beijing. I observe the situation very clearly. Admittedly I am privy to information and sources of a somewhat elevated vantage point.

With respect to the Global Collateral Accounts, understand that the Golden Dragons control the vast majority of the Assets involved; because they are the Depositors. By way of the Family’s explicit approval, Neil Keenan continues to be in charge of the Accounts after protecting them for more than 7 years at his own great personal cost.

Anyone else making any claim to the same role is definitively – a flat out liar.

I admire Mr. Keenan and the Keenan Group for what they do, especially when speaking of using the GCA as an initiator towards financial restructuring, to assist the world’s disenfranchised populace with free energy and other very advanced technologies; such as healing systems, water purification methods, better schooling; and care for the vulnerable persons of our societies such as the homeless, military veterans, our children, and the elderly.

Pivotal documentation and legal agreements lay in wait for the return of Mr. Keenan in person – but he will first have said paperwork further detailed and rewritten before executing by way of his signature. Fortunately, it seems no one is in a hurry to do this.

This has been a protracted process and it is no easy task. It is important to remain cognizant of the point that this role – with it’s enormous responsibility – has only ever beforehand been occupied by one person: President Soekarno of Indonesia.

Following talks with the many Elders, and once the revised documents are signed , the Global Collateral Accounts will finally be opened for humanitarian purposes. Mr. Keenan has nearly everyone (especially all those who have aided him over the past seven years) in position and ready to commence work.

From Asia we watch this man very closely, not because we do not trust him, heavens no, but because on several occasions, he has nearly left us much too early.

Recently he was an inpatient at a local clinic with body pains, headaches, a high fever and he was hardly able to move, only to discover that his body had been poisoned once again.

From what I understand, there were 14 miniature ‘poison packets’ placed within his body with programmed time-releases, that were surreptitiously placed to be ingested into in his body while eating food in Indonesia. The remaining packets have begun to release now.

Although this new healing machine seemed to destroy 11 of them with only one treatment, it is possible the other 3 have burst into Neil’s system with a raging violence during the past 3 or 4 days – and Neil is not currently within the vicinity of a healing computer.

Neil must recover completely and push onward, and if not the Global Collateral Accounts would not be opened at all. The Family would turn their heads and refuse any and all requests in the event that Neil were to move on or pass on.

Neil should have returned to Asia before any of this happened. I understand that bank accounts were interfered with in every way imaginable. Deposits were flat out stolen, frozen and transfers were blocked and even returned for “security reasons.” Nevertheless this man forges ahead.

In addition to the GCA mission Mr. Keenan has taken on another project in parallel; the deployment of very advanced technologies; because the fight for our freedom is a multi-faceted endeavor.

I have spoken with two or three major groups that would support the entire matter – regardless of cost, but they also want to have outright control in making the currency transactions throughout the world as well.

Mr. Keenan has already made his position clear in that there is no room at the very top for subversive agendas – we, all of us can stand as witnesses to the predicament in which we find ourselves due to such upper level manipulations. 

This is not his ego espousing this, but as Neil has previously said to us in Jakarta, “I am not going to bring anyone into this who believes for one second that they are going to run this show for a few dollars. There is a plan, and the plan will be enacted step by step”.

I agree with Neil on this point; he is right, because he is the only one along with his team who has courageously walked the walk above and beyond talking the talk!

If the right donors with means soon come forth, this all could be rapidly completed; nevertheless if no one moves it could be later.

Neil has told others, and I confirm he is planning on doing this, that he is going to source the funds himself even if he has to negotiate specific deals to that effect.

My considerations are offered with respect,

The Asian Insider”



  1. NEIL, I can assure you once the Global Currency Reset happens, you will have as much money as you require IMMEDIATELY. Most do not know what that means but I believe you do, and once that happens, count me in as one of your supporters with no questions asked.=BillyBobG

  2. I’ve not left a reply up to this time. I do pray a hedge of protection around Neil. I am very thankful full for Neil and his honesty..

    • I also pray for you Neil. May you be healed, and on your feet once again. God Speed to you Neil!! We all have to pray for guidance, and strength to see this to the end!

  3. Dear insider I am very happy to know we are very close for our humanitarian work… I hope Neal is doing better pls tel him prayers for him, and his team k for all he has done.. I hope in the near future I can help his team.. Sally

  4. Power vs Force …. where force is seen as crass – and power as noble. Our prayers to Neil as he uses the light on this earth to deal with the dark ones – and love and light to all who soldier on in this huge effort to turn the tide on planet earth. Once the light is shining brightly – we will see the dark ones scurrying for the shadows. God be with you all.

  5. Neil may Gods protection be around you and your Team K. I pray someone can get a healing machine to you so you heal quickly . I pray for your safety and everyone else in the Team . May the dark ones be taken off this earth so you may finish this and open the accounts for everyone on this earth except the cabal and dark ones. Love & light. To our brave warriors of the light. Laurie K❤️🍀🙏🏻

  6. Dear Asian Insider,

    Is it possible for you to get a healing machine to Neil Keenan immediately?

    Kindest Respects,

  7. Hi Dear Asian Insider,

    We the Neil Keenan follower appreciate that you want to help, the best way to
    help Keenan and his team is provide extra security, please assist in this matter to
    ensure Keenan can complete the job. then for sure Keenan will give you some tasks, there will be monstrous amount of job to get all working.

    Love and Peace,


  8. In order for humanity to move towards the next chapter (spiritual ascension) MONEY will need to be ELIMINATED immediately.
    All it was and ever has been is a coupon for slaves.
    The REAL world doesnt require money to survive. The Real Life we were meant to live is one of ABUNDANCE, just like air is free. NO monetary system can measure the Sweat of a person by assigning coupons based on the mental/physical sweat (energy sacrifice) done by the Human.

    I say the closest answer is to launch the VENUS PROJECT as soon as possible, in countries of poverty, time to turn the triangle upside down. I am trying my best as well to secure funds and hopefully be able to contribute to the Group K team.

    Warmest Love,

    • Just where did you get this silly idea that money must be eliminated completely?? Yet at the same time you are ‘trying your best to secure funds to contribute to help Neil and GroupK”.
      You see what an oxymoron that is? In fact our entire global problem is the lack of MONEY. There is not a damned thing evil about money. What is evil is when people use it to DO evil things. Even then, it is what evil PEOPLE DO that is the problem, not money in and of itself.
      If you want to begin getting rid of all of yours, let me know and I will send you my address, lol.

  9. Dear Neil,
    I’m so sorry to hear about the poison packets, I can really understand, as it’s happened to me before. You will need someone to help you remove this. They have put Djinns inside your body and their babies can breed. The rough eye cant see these things (in the west they call it voodoo,witchcraft), here in Asia we know its common that when an enemy attacks, they send a Djinn. Please consult your good friends in Jakarta, they can (god Willing) help you heal.

    Sending you all my positive vibes and energy~~~ May the Light protect you.

  10. May these verses remind you (Neil and team), whose you are!

    Matthew 19:26
    Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

    Genesis 18:14a
    “Is anything too difficult for the LORD? ”

    Jeremiah 32:17
    ‘Ah Lord GOD! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and by Your outstretched arm! Nothing is too difficult for You,

    Jeremiah 33:3
    ‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

  11. mr “asian insider” is being very diplomatic it seems. beware the honey pots 😀

  12. Get well wishes heading your way,😉

  13. Vera Ellen Rich

    October 12, 2016 at 5:30 pm

    Sending my very best wishes and prayers for your full recovery. As to the source who implanted the poison, determine who has the most to gain. Then, request God to give you wisdom as to which one(s) implanted them. Then, cut that one or ones from your life. Hang in there, Sir! Your services are required!

  14. A. D. Harrington

    October 12, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    After studying a multitude of information on the web about all of this happening in the background, I have become a believer in Mr. Keenan as unbelievable as the story seems. Now, with all due respect, hope and prayers for Neil, it seems incomprehensible that the fate of our planet should rest on the health and well-being of a single individual no matter who they are. There are way too many ways to provide protection against such a devastating loss without collapsing the entire GCA efforts. If that has not already been done, there can be no time for delay.

  15. Thank you for your update on Neil and what’s happening. I will continue to wait in suspense for all to rejoice. Kyoko

  16. Susanne Stebbing

    October 12, 2016 at 8:07 pm

    I hope and pray things will turn out OK. I have followed you for quite sometime.

  17. Niel i hope you are wel,i pray to god for you
    Love from Angela,Nederland

  18. Be healthy again sir and thanks for keeping us posted! I wish for the best for you and K group!

  19. Money is a tool, not evil of itself yet it takes a great amount of responsibility. Really is labor that accomplishes things, our energy that pays for something like a carpenter, the house is paid for with the labor and once finished is paid for. Some societies in past did have no money systems that worked. No matter, now we are what and where we are and someone like Neil who has the responsibility to use money to help others so everyone benefits from the use of the tool it is much better than those who have used it to no good ends, selfish and greed, toxic poisons and effect of wrongful use of it. The only good of that nightmare is now we see that way needs to end forever.

  20. Neil you will need to buy takeaways from a different spot every night to stop any chance of falling sick again. Mind you that depends on how good the takeaways are in your area!

  21. Neil also needs the efforts of many, also… Everyone needs to do there part globally to push the darkness into hiding. Get well soon., Neil.


  22. Whew, I am glad to hear you are still among the living, and can still go to the toilet successfully. Keep a shillelagh handy and keep an Irish eye on that Insider guy. I always meditate on your safety and wellbeing. Thanks for yours and the groups efforts, we are all pulling for you. Any updates on the healing computers? Just curious. Stay safe.

  23. hola gracias por la actualizacion, deseo pronta recuperacion de Neil, que la luz se haga pronto

  24. Hi Neil, Soon, I would love for you to teach me the Irish jig; do you think you can handle that? It is so good to see you answering your fan mail; so that must mean you are feeling better. Nothing can happen to you because the work our dear Lord has assigned for you to do has to be fulfilled. So He has you in the palm of His hand. Stay strong and keep eating chicken soup, or some Irish coffee to feel better. We need you and Group K. Wish I could hug all of you.

    • get longer arms…hahahahha…thank you

      • Would longer arms really help; would you all stay put? But then longer arms would make me look funny; I already look silly wearing this lampshade waiting for you to serve tequila and take me dancing….or did you forget about that already?

    • I wish that too. I wish I could hug all of you . So relieved you’re feeling better Neil; I’d never get over it if something happened to you, to any of you.
      live oak xxx

  25. I am praying for Neil .
    I DO NOT have the words to express the GRATITUDE of what YOU and your team are doing for Humanity…
    It has to ……..
    Healing , health , joy , and SUCCESS
    Enormous RESPECT …..

  26. NEIL, just curious how things are progressing at the IMF since the ”new guys” took charge. And can you give us any update on the RV you spoke of?

  27. neil, we have cast spirits out of people’s houses, sickness, too…in the Name of Jesus…love you, and praying for you…mary ann

  28. Keenan Team | Two

    October 17, 2016 at 5:01 pm

    To everyone who doubted Neil’s word and insisted on a video, note Ben Fulford’s confirmation that he is truly alive.

    • The quiet before the storm I think.
      Can’t imagine what must be going
      on behind the scenes.
      Here’s to the good guys. John

  29. Hi Neil. .
    Greetings from France. .
    I speak pretty good English but still, I only get about 80% of the article.. but whatever. . I understood that you got poisoned “again”…
    You probably know but let me remind you that you are probably the most important human living on earth right now… the entire humanity is counting on you (even if 95% never heard of you).
    Please cook yourself all of your meal until the event occurred or have K2 cook for you.. ☺
    I will send you energy and positive taughts in my next meditation..
    Thanks for your great work..
    Benj the taxi

  30. Hi Neil,
    Thank you for all your hard work. You are awesome, how are things going with the dinar and zims?

  31. Dear Neil, we haven’t heard from you in a few weeks. I fullheartedly pray for your well being. You are a fighter and you have more of a fight left. May this process be swift for your sake, for us all. As we move closer to election day, I can’t help but feel more anxious for all our well being. I wait anxiously for your next report. Love and the healing light of hawaii to you. ~G

    • Right now, from what I read, they are killing left right and middle. So all truth talkers and warriors have to be triple quadruple careful. The cabal painted itself in a corner, they are going through the Raspoutine syndrome episode. We need to give them those extra biscuits. It is always like that at the end of horror movies.
      They are after Jim Stone and Ben Fulford also. And the guys from Wikileaks also. Quite a few dead. The only positive thing in all that, is that they are desperate to the point they do not play pretend anymore. So for those who remain blissful, I prefer to no comment.
      I feel it is urgent the resistance takes control of the Internet and the medias, we have such little time left.

  32. Further more, check Jim Stone site, see the gif of the machine flipping a vote. It is crazy, they want to steal that election big time! No wonder, the voting machines belong to the toad!

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