May 8, 2013

by Michael Henry Dunn

David P. Crayford recently attempted to resuscitate the fraudulent entity which calls itself the Office of International Treasury Control (OITC) via an unsubstantiated smear attack on Neil Keenan, posted on Rumor Mill News. We will make quick work of this grossly inaccurate article, in order to set the record straight as Mr. Keenan continues his work with the Global Collateral Accounts.

CHARGE: Crayford states that Neil Keenan was “caught (Red Handed) in criminal activities when he was carrying in his possession a wad of Financial Certificates, Bonds, Notes in 2010 / 2011 and he saw what happened to his accomplices, Yamaguchi and Watanabe…”

REALITY: At no time was Mr. Keenan “caught” in any criminal activity, and Crayford provides no evidence whatsoever to back this assertion.  Yamaguchi and Watanabe were the legitimate holders of the notes seized at Chiasso.  These notes disappeared, and no record of a charge or a court case remains.  The bonds were to all appearances simply stolen by the Italian Financial Police, for laundering through cabal entities such as Silvio Berlusconi and the U.N. who are accordingly defendants in Mr. Keenan’s lawsuit (along with the OITC itself).  Crayford fails to state what “criminal activity” Keenan was engaged in, cites no law, and provides no evidence of illegal activity.

CHARGE: Crayford states “instead of crossing the border from Italy to Switzerland, as his accomplices did and found themselves in handcuffs, Keenan literally dumped these into the hands of Daniele Dal Bosco in Italy, who then contacted us to establish what these Certificates, Bonds and Notes were all about.

REALITY: At no time did Mr. Keenan “dump” the bonds to Dal Bosco.  A custodianship agreement had been signed by Dal Bosco acknowledging the legitimacy of the bonds, of the Dragon Family’s claim to them, and his sworn promise to be custodian – and custodian only – of the bonds, and to deliver them when and where required by Keenan.  As we all know, he subsequently stole the bonds, and attempted to launder them through Crayford’s bogus organization. If Crayford had performed the simple due diligence of reading Mr. Keenan’s lawsuit, he would have read the following document in which Dal Bosco officially agreeing to a custodianship agreement for the bonds, as seen below:

(from Keenan Lawsuit) Item 75.  In early September 2009, KEENAN offered such custodianship to DAL BOSCO, and by electronic transmission dated September 2, 2009, DAL BOSCO acknowledged to KEENAN his “ACCEPTANCE” as “Custodian of the Dragon Family Financial Instruments” and noted, among other things:

(a) I can assure you that you will never regret making this decision. You are aware of the fact I am well trusted and a financial advisor within the Vatican and Mason circles and would never jeopardize my position with them for anything.

(b) My word is my bond and my word is Gold.

(c) I will be waiting for your Zurich arrival so that we can do great  things for the world. I understand clearly that I am not to discuss these bonds with anyone outside the immediate circle and my privacy is integral to the success of many nations.

(d) I further understand you are the authorized representative and Power of Attorney for said bonds and I will entrust them believe me as though it was my life depending on it. Therefore I humbly accept the custodianship of said Bonds in which I am only “to return them to either you or Mr. Yamaguchi. Not any other!

(e) Although electronic this email is to be considered my legal binding acceptance of the following bonds:

1. 250 Federal Reserve Notes, Series 1934, Numbers D45184101 A to 45184350 A, with each having a face value of 500 Million USD each totaling 125 Billion USD.

2. Japanese Bonas 57 Series numbers 1306 and 1310 with a value of 19 Billion USD including the interest.

3. 1 Kennedy Bond with a value of $1 Billion USD.

(f) Will be ready when called upon to deliver said notes to you.

Thank you once again for your kindness.

Yours truly, Daniele Dal Bosco

Italian Passport C 165124

CHARGE:  Crayford states: “since then Keenan has, unjustifiably and unwarranted, done nothing but lambasted Daniele Dal Bosco and all others who have contradicted him, calling them criminals and part of the cabal, etc, etc, etc. A real case of the Pot calling the Kettle Black.”

REALITY:  As Crayford well knows, Mr. Keenan acted legally and responsibly in response to Dal Bosco’s theft.  As trustee for the Dragon Family, he was charged with recovering the bonds, and so he immediately instituted legal action against Dal Bosco, the OITC, the Italian Financial Police, the World Economic Forum, Giancarlo Bruno, Ban Ki Moon, the United Nations, and other cabal entities approached by Dal Bosco in his attempt to launder the bonds.  Dal Bosco’s violation of his custodianship, and subsequent theft are thoroughly documented, as is the bogus nature of the OITC (as may be seen at the Wikipedia article which states that OITC is a “seemingly elaborate fraudulent organization which claims to be associated with the United Nations.”)

CHARGE: Crayford states: “If Keenan knew anything at all he would know the simplest of things like the laws which are in place around the world that prohibit a person from carrying such Certificates, Bonds, Notes,  etc, even copies of same. These laws restrict such movements of such Certificates, Bonds, and Notes, etc, to Bank Couriers, and Bonded Couriers…”

REALITY:  Again, Crayford has apparently not done the simplest due diligence in this matter. Mr. Keenan had been legally entrusted with authenticated bonds by the Dragon Family, and accordingly familiarized himself with the legal parameters governing his possession of such bonds.  The reason that no charges were filed against Yamaguchi and Watanabe is that their possession of the bonds was entirely legal.  This fact was noted in the Japanese press at the time, and is cited in the Keenan lawsuit as follows:

(from Keenan Lawsuit) Item 64. As reported by the Japanese and Italian press at the time, upon arriving at Chiasso, Yamaguchi and Watanabe were detained by the ITALIAN FINANCIAL POLICE after attempting to enter Switzerland with “undeclared United States Treasury Bonds concealed in a suitcase with a false bottom.” The Japanese Consulate General in Milan confirmed that the “detention” had taken place while trying to confirm the men’s identities. Eventually, neither Yamaguchi nor Watanabe were arrested, although their computer and eight telephones were also confiscated. Reportedly, Yamaguchi advised the authorities that the pair was in possession of valid historic bonds and that a mistake was being made. According to Japanese press reports, Yamaguchi and Watanabe were released as they “broke no laws.” Upon information and belief, it was Yamaguchi’ s position that since there had been no verification in accordance with the protocol required by the Federal Reserve system, and no negotiation with the Federal Reserve concerning the actual value of the financial instruments he was carrying, no laws had been broken

Although an Italian newspaper subsequently reported that the men had been found guilty of carrying fraudulent notes and sentenced to prison, no such charge or case exists within the records of the Italian government:

CHARGE:  Crayford states: “Keenan is the one engaging in Fraud against the Global Accounts (Collateral Accounts) as well as the OPPT, yet he has the audacity to say he watching out for further fraud…”

REALITY:  Crayford gives no evidence whatsoever for this serious allegation.  His article consists almost entirely of unsubstantiated smears.

CHARGE:  Crayford states: “The job of mopping up and exposing the hidden agenda of the Global Accounts should be left to us (The OITC) as the party best experienced and knowledgeable of the Global Accounts, along with the newly appointed International Treasury Controller, the real Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Accounts, who is attending to this matter on a constant basis with the Hierarchy….”

REALITY:  The OITC’s fraudulent nature has been repeatedly exposed to the world, as demonstrated at the Wikipedia link.  If Mr. Crayford seriously expects to convince his readers of the reality of the “newly appointed International Treasury Controller,” or of the mysterious “Heirarchy,” then it would behoove him to tell us just who the hell they are.  This, of course, he fails to do, protesting that it’s a really big secret that he can’t let out just yet.  Forgive us for our skepticism, and for suspecting that this sounds like a desperate cabal attempt to prop up some entity that might give them a shot at regaining control of the Accounts.

CHARGE:  Crayford states: “You (Keenan) are using your belief, your lies, to subvert people in Indonesia into believing you and your actions are genuine and legal, whereas they are the complete opposite to legal and you, Keenan, are the instigator of this fraud because you hold no rights whatsoever and you have, and are, attempting to use your misguided beliefs and lies to obtain rights from third parties of which they hold no rights either even though they may be “Elders” appointed by former President Soekarno to act as “Holders / Custodians” of the assets deposited in Indonesia. The Rights legally belong to the International Treasury Controller who is the Legal Heir, Owner and Sole Arbiter under Legal Decadency 1088 dated 20th January 1995, which superseded all other previous agreements. NOTE: ALL OTHER PREVIOUS AGREEMENTS (if any) referenced to the control, ownership and arbitrary rights of the Global Accounts (Collateral Accounts).

REALITY:  At no time has Neil Keenan claimed a legal right to represent or manage the accounts.  He has responded to the requests of various stakeholders – meaning those with a vested interest in the Global Accounts, including the Elders, the Depositors, and the nations – who saw that his actions in pursuit of the bonds opened an opportunity to finally put an end to the historic fraud practiced upon the Accounts by the entities which Mr. Crayford claims to represent (i.e., cabal-controlled organizations and persons such as the OITC, the UN, the World Economic Forum, the Italian Government, etc.).  The reason that he is now seen worldwide as a key factor in the responsible management of the Accounts is that he has the backing of the stakeholders, and has demonstrated his integrity, having refused bribes of astronomical sums to walk away.  Agreements are being drawn up.  In the meantime, Mr. Keenan sees it as his duty to expose further persons or entities attempting to defraud the Accounts (such as the OPPT, UN Swissindo, and the OITC).

CHARGE: Crayford states: “these stakeholders hold no authority to be able to pass such authority to Keenan. The authority is held by the Committee of the Hierarchy and the Chairman of the Hierarchy as Holder(s) of the Alfa – Omega Ring (Solomon’s Ring). Therefore if these stakeholders are willy-nillying giving out authority to someone who thinks he knows, or all and sundry, then they too are acting fraudulently. “

REALITY:  Here Crayford assumes the bald-faced brazen balderdash that is the indispensable ingredient of a successful con: make up cool-sounding stuff, and repeat it over and over until people start to believe it.  “Solomon’s Ring”?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  Great.  Introduce us to the “Heirarchy,” tell us who “the Controller” is, and show us the Ring, my precious, or we’ll take you straight to Mount Doom and fry your butt in lava.

CHARGE: Crayford states: “…because the American Courts hold no authority or Jurisdiction over the ITC / OITC. In fact it is the other way around. The ITC / OITC hold more jurisdiction over America than what the people actually know about, and could, and possibly will, turn America and its allies in this Fraud and Theft, upside down and inside out in due course. Then watch the sparks fly because we at the OITC do not make promises and then break them. Watch out Keenan, Drake and the OPPT, because that includes YOU as well.

REALITY:  This string of unsubstantiated, ill-informed, distorted allegations will not be causing even the teensiest anxiety to Neil Keenan, Drake Bailey, or to the other genuine principals working towards a responsible reset of the global financial system and a rebirth of freedom.  Until Mr. Crayford has something substantial to say, backed by evidence and documentation, or until he’s willing to tell us who the mysterious new “Controller” is, or just who the “Heirarchy” is and why we should trust them, when he’s willing to refute the pile of evidence indicating that OITC is a total sham…well, until such time, we will continue with our work, and suggest that he find some himself.

CONCLUSION:  A logical question arises: if OITC is so patently obvious a fraud, then what is Mr. Crayford intending to accomplish with this clumsy attempt to prop up the organization’s credibility via an attack on Neil Keenan?

A highly placed source in international banking informed Keenan (in this writer’s hearing) that the incidence of fraudulent activity around the Global Accounts has skyrocketed in recent months, as it became apparent that the Accounts would finally be audited and set in order by Mr. Keenan.  This source likened the phenomenon to rats….not rats fleeing a sinking ship, but rather a pack of rodents gnawing on the last few bits of meat clinging to a bone that is about to be taken away.

These frauds are necessarily based on getting someone to believe that you and your organization have some claim on or access to the Accounts, via family connections, or a bogus organization, or because (as with Adnan Sakhli) you had a lengthy affair with the widow of an exiled former dictator who stole a lot of gold (believe it or not, some people actually buy that one).

Once you have established your bogus bona fides, you then make the pitch for funding for your lawsuit, or you trade unusable Federal Reserve Notes for cash, or (as with the case of OITC) you sell phony diplomatic immunity for $20,000 each, via a non-existent affiliation with the United Nations.  All these gambits become unworkable if word starts to get around that a genuine system of responsible management is being put in place.  So what is left to do at that point, if you don’t want your livelihood taken away?  Attack the new manager, of course, no matter how clumsily, no matter if you provide no evidence – just throw all the dirt you can, and hope that some sticks long enough for you to dupe a few more gullible marks.

Yes, OITC claims diplomatic immunity, and innocent people are reportedly landing in jail after attempting to use these bogus passports, purchased at $20k each.  Where was OITC’s immunity when the Chairman, Ray Dam, spent nine months in a Cambodian prison? Where was the OITC’s UN affiliation and vast wealth when people flew to the address in Thailand to find no offices there?

Contrast this to the case of Mr. Keenan, who spent millions of dollars of his own funds on a lawsuit to recover notes that had been entrusted to him, and who has pursued the truth behind the Global Collateral Accounts despite massive bribe offers, death threats, and assassination attempts.  Yes, he is a businessman, and intends to ultimately be fairly compensated for his management of the assets, if that likelihood is confirmed by impending agreements.  But when we compare his actions to that of people such as Ray Dam, David Sale, and Mr. Crayford, the old saying from scripture proves true again…”by their fruits shall you know them.”

Michael Henry Dunn

© 2013 Neil Keenan