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Not To Be Outdone

“Dear Mr. Keenan, Group K, consider this my testimonial not to be outdone by CJ or anyone else.

My name is Kachoo and I was one of the first to use the second generation healing computers which were absolutely amazing.

Before I begin you must understand that I would tell my mother and father all about the Group K adventures and my dad would always say “go get em Keenan you crazy Irishman”. Then he would have a great laugh and say only someone like this guy can do it. I really enjoyed reading him your adventures but the ones I really appreciated were the ones regarding the healing computer.

My family has a history of medical problems. Our Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Aunts, Uncles nearly all died from the same diseases. If they died young they died from the same things. It never changed.

The Texas hospitals all said the same thing to me that being you cannot change what you are. I begged to differ then and I beg to differ now seeing I have a whole family of people who have changed what they were supposed to be. In matter of fact Mom and Dad are still with me and many other Aunts and Uncles who have used this wonderful healing computer.

I personally spent over $400,000 USD on treatments and medications for my immediate family (my Aunts and Uncles more) wondering if we would ever find the right combination to put these diseases to rest.

Enter the BRT (Bio-Reasonance Therapy) and within weeks the end of the problem. Of course it cost money but this is money well spent. It worked on my Mom and Dad first and then along came me.

I learned how to work this machine. Took me no time at all. I remember Mom telling me I cannot keep spending my money like this but how was I going to spend it dead?

Or them for that matter?

I worked the computer twice a day on us all and watched as everything began to become crystal clear; we were getting better. Mom could not wait to get on it and Dad, heck he was watching the football games for the first time in years.

The two of them going for walks daily ending up having lunch in the Mall and then returning home with smiles on their faces. Throughout it all my family was happy but more than anything they were happy keeping their eye on me.

I lost more than 130 pounds and went down to 185 (I am now at 170 where I was before everything hit me). I love shopping for clothes while they enjoy their lunches and often I will walk home with them (I have a walking track close by I would rather use).

Most of all I love putting my arms around them knowing they are not supposed to be here according to the Medical Profession as we know it. Our bodies are clean and we still use the computer 3 times weekly just to keep everything far away from causing us problems again.

A real kick is my dad singing in the showers again. He sure cannot sing but he bellows in there and no one says a word. We used to holler at him not that he would listen anyway.

Neil/Group K and Walter thank you for everything. You have a winner and if I had the money I spend on hospitals still in my bank I would buy more machines and let others use them. The one I hold now is precious seeing it cured us all, the entire family.

We have a history of Cancer, Lung (respiratory), eyes, arthritis, Inflamation, hearing, Liver and toxins, fungus, candida’s. Not all at the exact same level but all within the parameters as our doctor friend says.

Hey, our doctor is on the machine with his family 3 times a week now. Funny how we became the clinic and believe you me I would love to open one.

Do you have enough computers for me to do such a thing? Let me know!

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.

Kachoo and not Achoo. We know how you think Neil.


Copyright © 2020, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. Dear Amanah Neil
    Ty again for posting the great testimonies of healing computer.
    Also introducing Generation 3 BRT (Ty to you & Group K for bringing
    this technology to light. I’m aware been suppressed for so long)
    It puzzles me still how people understand man causes all the ails
    /pains of disease. However instead of removing those who cause
    them. Humans just pay more money to them to keep them in the job &
    help clean up their mess. If I had a sense of humour I’d find this funny.
    Great respect. With highest Love & Light

  2. Sharon Hamilton

    March 2, 2020 at 12:40 pm

    I would love to have one of the computers to open a clinic. I’m a registered nurse (70 years old) and need to use this wonderful machine on myself(diabetes and heart problems) and my family. I know a lot of people in my community that need medical help. Unfortunately I can not afford one at this time. Maybe someday. Thank you for the hope you give me for better health with this machine.

  3. naomi shinohara wong

    March 4, 2020 at 8:58 pm

    Dear Mr. Keenan and Team,

    This is to inquire about the healing machine you have introduced on your site.

    However, before getting into the main topic, I would like to express my utmost and sincere thanks to the unbelievably great work and achievements you have made for the sake of humanity. I have been following your site for almost ten years. I have never made any input into your site, but have always been extremely appreciative and deeply touched by your teamwork, ability and most of all your courage.
    Since Mr. Trump got elected, thanks to you and many others, I have better dreams. However, it does not seem to be an easy task to drain the swamp. My dally prayer goes to him and to you.

    With regard to the healing machine, I would like to know what will be the effect on the children of Fukushima, who are constantly exposed to radiation, and some of whom have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I do have a good feeling about it, but would like to know if there is any actual case in which the machine was used and proven effective.
    In addition, if you could give me any information on the efficacy of the machine on a patient with a transplanted organ; I have a friend who has gone through a kidney transplant operation some years ago. Recently she is having multiple health issues caused by a lowered immunity.
    I would also like to know if such machine is available in Japan and/or Canada. Although I am of a Japanese national, brought up and educated in Japan and the US, I have been living in Montreal, Canada for almost 40 years.

    I greatly appreciate it if you could give me any information concerning the above matter,
    Thank you very much.

    Naomi Shinohara Wong

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