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Neil’s Response
To The Asian Insider

My friend, I just want to say thank you for all the kind things you’ve said about me. I appreciate them, each and every one. I want you to know that no matter what was said, the final decision as to what I do with my life is mine alone.

I am not going to do a tap dance because I hear I am wonderful, as I continue to ponder what still needs to be done. As I’ve said over a long period, it might be time for me to delegate responsibilities and move forward.

I would do so with the understanding that my name will be on the agreements; it is I who will be responsible for everything.

I can live with traveling back and forth to Indonesia or any other Asian nation once a month to look things over, but I don’t believe for one second I will want to stay and deal with things that others can do well.

I believe my job is nearly done. Once I acquire the financing to finish this, I will move on to another phase. It is here where I will bring the experts in to deal with the various sub-matters we will be facing.

I have dealt with this intensely for approximately 4 years, so nothing is new or strange. I never thought I would continue on once I got it to where I was comfortable with it and where it could begin to run itself.

It is all about people my friend. This is where the win comes from; nowhere else.

My God, it has come a long way, and I don’t need to sit at the top of any mountain.

I’ve had a wonderful ride and should it end, then so be it. I would not have done anything different.

Also, remember this is not over with yet, so entitling me with the next whatever is not the right way to do anything. When it is done, then you can call me whatever name you wish, as I am sailing my ship into the sunset.

You will see me waving goodbye with a once a month stipend to make sure everything is okay. This will be my job, and everything else will be in the hands of those trusted ones that I hand pick.

You best believe that Group K, and I mean all of them, will be finding themselves in the “fires of hell” once this phase is completed! It will not be an easy task, but they are all up for it.

I cannot wait to see them at work doing what they do best with the latest equipment and banging things out one after another. Boy, will it be fun to watch them finally get the recognition they have always deserved! You may not know them yet, but they will become household names in the future.

I still have so much work to do, and you, Sir, are attempting to rope me back into the Accounts and deal with them in a capacity that someone much more qualified than I can do. That includes every department that will be created, whereby I will find the right people for the right jobs.

Just think of all the Asian people who will get to work on making sure Asia is compensated for the losses they have incurred at the hands of the Western banking system.

Then again, think about how the American people are going to feel when they start rebuilding the good old US of A with no need for any political system to finance things.

This is going to be a fun time for us all. Likewise there are more than enough qualified people to deal with it.

What I am trying to say is that overseeing this operation is enough for me. Once or twice a month I’ll check in on things to make sure everything is running smoothly.

I am very tired of being held up for so long by relentless Cabal tactics. It would not matter if I had access to sufficient funding that I need to finish this up now. But I don’t!

If I do shortly, then watch how it is done! It will be as easy as taking candy from a baby – maybe even a new Obama Executive Order. Check and see.

Furthermore, I do not see your power extending this far, yet mine does, so this is most likely my plan. I want to and need to get back down to the basics.

Fighting this long battle has been a hoot for me, but it should have been over long ago. The lack of serious interest in their own safety by the people on this planet has stunned me!

I am one of the last guys you would have thought could have taken things this far. But it’s been a tremendous competition, and how I love to compete! What could be a better stage than the battle for the Earth and its peoples!

Wow! Thanks to all for putting up with me day and night for years, especially during the times when I had no idea what I was doing. Those days are long behind me now, and they’re nothing more than good memories. There are so many things for me to look back at and say, “Did I do that?”  Sometimes I just shake my head.

Yes, there is so much more to do once this phase is finally in order. You will find me securely walking away from what was built from the lawsuit on up.

We have not seen anything to completion yet, so don’t get carried away with anything. Once it is done, this is what I expect to see: I will be around as per mandate, but let’s let the others enjoy the show when they can.

Thank you, Sir, for keeping your eyes on me. I love your valiant attempt to keep me in place, but my place will no longer be in this battle once it’s finally over.

Unbeknownst to you, I have spoken with the family, and they understand clearly that I might want to go. They have never heard anyone say such a thing to them before, but the tough job is nearly done now. Let someone else do what he or she needs to do to venture onward.

As my job nears completion, hopefully it finishes as you seem to feel it will… with us on top. If I have disappointed you in any way, I’m sorry for this.

However, there may be others who also have more vested interests in this besides me. They are the ones I will feel for.

By the way, with so many rapid changes occurring daily in the world, I reserve the right to change my decision. As you know, I am very tired although still working very hard at things. Sometimes the long hard hours catch up with one’s clear thinking.

Thank you again for all the well-meaning compliments, but save them for your wife. I am sure she would love to hear such nice things herself, coming from you.

At that time it will be my decision to make, and if you wish to thank me then pat me on the back and that will be plenty.  But remember we are talking about a new financial system including the Global Collateral Accounts which will be a tremendous international undertaking.

We are not talking about a large bank, we are talking about a huge financial concern. And it may just take more time than one might expect to get everything to the point where the lending of funds as well as the roll-out of humanitarian projects begins.

We are talking about many quadrillions of dollars and this cannot be allowed to just sit there as it has for the past one hundred years or so, nor may it be illegally used. And so there is still much work to do and I am not going anywhere until the work is done.

Let’s forget the premature accolades and get this over with so we can move on to the battle confronting us at this time. It’s not over.





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  1. Clifford Goodman

    August 6, 2016 at 10:17 am

    Niel, I wish you all the very best , you deserve it, but when you decide to give up we are going to miss your video’s like hell.
    The whole world will miss you ,
    Yours Sincerely, Cliff Goodman

    • Clifford, I am not giving up it will mean the battle is over with….We won!!!!…..Not my job to run a corporation ….set it up yes but run it no…Oversee it yes but run it NO….

      • It is undoubtedly your time to relax and be with your family. I already know that the people you have that will handle the running of what you have accomplished are the right people. I also know your finger will be ‘in the pie’ to make sure it is run right.

  2. I am very Greatful for all you and your group have done, I am at a loss for words.
    Thank you again

  3. …and thank God …you are still alive…and you see the moveng to” be”…dear brother…
    Long lhapy livr 4 you…

  4. Congratulations Neil ,
    Set up a Failsave System – then enjoy your free time .
    Indonesia has many ” good people ” but the ” bad ones ” are
    still roaming around and they make a lot of noise !!
    Love to keep them chained in their ” proper places ” …….
    God protect Joko Widodo …..

  5. Keep safe I think we are on bumpy ride,,,

  6. Brooks o'bryant

    August 6, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    We are all very grateful for all your help and I will back you to the end!!!love light and happiness to follow us all the days of our lives thanks to you and team K!

  7. From the moment I read the “China” case you first filed, I knew it was over for the system – to put those things “in the record” as fact, was the shot heard round the world for me. I knew you would get to the root of the problem and I believed the infestation was beyond what most people had a clue about.
    Your fortitude has cost you, and we will be blessed for it – thank you is not enough for what you have accomplished .

  8. As Irish always do no matter the situation we crack up a joke to make the day a better place! He He He But Neil as you wave at us with your chuckle, as you sail of in the sunset, don’t be surprised if there’s a big flotilla of rubber dingy’s and canoes paddling furiously behind trying to catch up to you! Just like all the animals rushing to NOAH’S ARC. LOL

    You are a hunter and a dam good one at it too, once the hunt is over, you will lay back in your comfortable chair and watch humanity enjoy the pleasures of being free. But always check up on things to make sure all is ok!! It will come to a point that when all is in place it will be up to humanity to start taking care of themselves in making the right choice! Your team Group K said it once in a comment in your post ( WE ARE NOT HERE TO SPOON FEED YOU) and until they grab that spoon and feed themselves they will not see reality!

    Neil you take care and be the best at being good. Be the baddest at being bad when needed too when playing with the evil ones.

    Best regards Charles

  9. Neil after you win this battle you deserve a rest and only check ups
    on the trusted people you hire. But I too will miss your updates and films. Your family time is important also. Be well may the angels & God watch over you and Team K. To make this win go quickly and safely for all ,
    Love & light Laurie K

  10. Neil, I can hear your words and can imagine the road has taken its toll. I am sure you will have things running well with those chosen to handle the responsibilities.

    I hope I am hearing that the cabal removal is all but over. The world deserves to heal.

    Thank you for your tireless efforts Neil.

    Group K I trust you are up to the tasks being passed to you soon.

    I look forward to more updates and to see the turning wheels of healing for our earth.

    God’s blessings for each of you. Stay safe and wishing you a smoother road, just ahead.


  11. I'm a Believer

    August 6, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    Neil. You deserve to have a fulfilling private life along with your family & friends. You’ve done the near impossible already. “Your health is (also) your wealth”!

    The gold is a vehicle to change a grossly unfair system for the betterment of We The People. However, the people also want what is fair & rewarding for you. We wish great fulfillment & the best of health & well-being for you. YOU MATTER TO US!!!

    However this Grand Adventure of mystery, intrigue, twists & turns play out, you remain a Hero to us! Yes, the people must also do their part is whatever way they are “called” to make a difference. I sincerely believe they do care about their safety & prosperity. Many see the colossal undertaking that is required, but are not sure where they can be most effective. The “clarion call” will soon sound, however, so they are best advised to be “on alert” more so perhaps than any other time in history!

    This is not only about radically changing the course of history, it is also about freeing the planet & its people from an insidious slavery, both spiritually & economically.

    God bless you Neil, Group K, & everyone who cares about ALL of us! Together we stand…

  12. Each morning begins to make sense when we have completed important work is rewarding and wonderful feel it was worth, I’ve been through it, help is running out of words and everything went well. Walk through life after a great task makes us free and at peace, it is incredible to feel that emotion.
    Mr Keenan you and your team will be remembered forever, not ever forget that the doors of my house will be open for you and your team are always welcome.
    Here, in my country we still have many things to do, I know that someday we will.
    It remains for me to tell you and your team, thank you for existing, a hug for everyone.
    His friend …. Arturo Ulloa

  13. Hi Neil:
    just wanted to again thank you for you continuous battle with soon to be controllers of us all. As you have always said, follow the money. What has been the most profound revelation about all of this is how deep it goes, and how VAST the problem and how their control and reach is worldwide. This truly has been a battle for you and many others to try and stave off the wolves and ultimately defeat them.

    Many of us out here in the alternative news world have tried to spread the word of the corruption and the evil behind it. Albeit from a much smaller scale, we’re fighting the fight as well and will continue to do so. WE are all worth it. It will be interesting to see the sleeping in this country (USA) finally wake up and see how they’re going to react to the REAL TRUTH. Hopefully they will ALL act better than what we’ve be seeing through this so called campaign season. The REPUBLIC we are supposed to be, WILL come back and be stronger than ever !

    Thank you for your relentless efforts to move humanity forward and release the world from the financial grips these bastards have held for so long.

    God bless you and your team and ALL THOSE WHO ARE SPREADING THE WORD !

    Take care and I hope one day to meet you.

    Devo in Texas USA

  14. Tick tock tick tock the world is waiting and bombs are Shopping on children, mate Pay for the final stage yoursel and have doe with this horrific System , Ask the ARABS for funding if you have not all read (qatar kuwaut saudi)they need this the Most at this stage in Time to save there closest brethren (iraq sirea Libra ) sorry if i am talking out of turn Mr keenan, and bruv fix up look Sharp

    • Keenan Team | Two

      August 6, 2016 at 4:51 pm

      If you would read recent posts, you would know that Neil has had MILLIONS of his own money STOLEN in attempting to finish this up.

  15. One thing I’m sure of, everybody appreciates every
    ounce of energy Neil has put into this and feels much
    needed relief knowing the Cabal is finally getting what
    they deserve. There are no adequate words big enough
    to express that. IMO it just seems logical that the Dragons
    ought to come forth with the necessary funds to finish it
    up and get it over with.

    NEIL: It seems very fitting to me, that Obama family and
    Clinton family ought to received the same ”10 day warning
    that the rothschild family got”. I think that is what it is
    going to take to free us over here. Time for such hardball.

    • Well if you really think about it, that’s exactly what got us in trouble in the first place. Giving out power away to have other people do things for us. We as humanity really need to step our game up right now. Although most of is aren’t as physically and mentally engaged in this as Niel and the K Team are we can still do OUR part and donate in order for us to contribute to our liberation instead of spend money on crap like McDonald’s.

  16. YES YOU DID!!! Do that. I do not believe any other could of done what you have accomplished. The entire world will be a better place because of your hard work. Yes, you did that.

  17. I meant no dissrespect and i “trullyappologise” if Any was given i tottalay respect and hold Mr keenan in the highest rega, and Yes i have been folwing stthe s regarding the honorable Mr keenans finances and i belive the poker move all in needs applying

  18. Your response, Neil, serves us all well in our understanding of where we all stand in this process so that we can set our anticipation and readiness meters to the proper setting.

    I am amused by the place you and Trump have found yourselves in. I can see great similarity in that you both have a macro view of power, yet the knowledge of when it is and isn’t practical in your dealings to rock the “power boat”.

    Such insight is needed in these times. By the seat of our street smarts with the hold on to your hat cause you’re just plain smart smarts!

  19. Neil,

    What can I say.. Great job and keep it going. I’m more than happy to get involved to try and help our cause for humanitarian issues with Australian farmers and we are ready to go.
    I have watching your post with intent for years now and can’t wait to get the ball rolling.


  20. NEIL, no doubt about it, this is not done yet, and I kind of think your the type who is challenged by the “process” of making this all work out for humanity. You should and will be rewarded cause you by your actions have set up a “Legacy” that not one person in Human History has been able to do. Fantastic job my friend, God’s speed to you and Group K, I am certain you will complete the job, take a few speckles for yourself , then take some Sun Screen and enjoy a Beach somewhere in the world where there are NO People to bug you. Keep at it Neil, you are the only one who can complete this for the World. ==BillyBobG

  21. A. D. Harrington

    August 7, 2016 at 7:23 pm

    Forgive me if all of this is a bit hard to comprehend and accept. As much as I would love to believe in what I am reading is on the horizon, the reality of what I am currently seeing is a continuing ripping apart of our country (U.S.) and a slow but sure progression towards the NWO of global governance and financial monopoly accountable to NO sovereign governments or sovereign individuals. And, of course, every step of it is masked in benign, motherhood as apple pie sounding names for environmental and other humanitarian or “national security” reasons. But, the reality of what transpires behind the platitudes is perpetuation of the global, criminal enterprise.

    It seems to me that if all of this is true, then the war is just beginning and the first step needs to be the total and visible destruction of the status quo. If this can, in fact, become the new reality, SIGN ME UP. I will be more than happy to help pick-up whatever part of the ball Neil wants to pass on.

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