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Merry Christmas

We have experienced some delay in getting our next post completed.

However it’s going to be a blockbuster!

The next post will be finished shortly, in the interim we wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and compliments of the season.

Neil Keenan & Group K


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  1. Merry Christmas Neil,,,,,may the Heavens shower you with Love
    Happiness and Prosperity,,,,,,,my profoundest THANK YOU

  2. Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas and blessings in the New Year!
    Grateful for all you do.

  3. I’m so looking forward to the blockbuster. In the meantime, I wish you and your entire team a very Merry Christmas and looking forward to an awesome and healing 2017 for us all.

  4. Happy holiday Neil, and blessings.


  6. Merry Christmas, Neil and whole team. Thank you so very much for taking this on even if it meant not being with your loved ones, and for staying on it regardless of the time it has taken to get this far. May 2017 be the best ever for you all!

  7. Merry Christmas Neil! and to all of the fine men and women with you! Also “Merry Christmas” to all my friends -from all around the world -whom come here… For the Block Buster-Bring it Neil!! We are sooo ready.!

  8. Merry Christmas Neil Keenan.You have carried the name well. GOD bless you Fighting Irishman.
    The Black Irishman from Balyhornest

  9. A warm merry Christmas to you Niel and Group K. And can’t forget the WDS. 🎄

  10. 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
    Merry Christmas to you, Neil, and your wonderful Team.
    God be with you and keep you all protected, safe, healthy, and happy throughout the coming New Year.
    You show such courage and inspire me very much.

  11. Thanks for your hard work and devotion. It IS appreciated.
    Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to us all.

  12. Team K,
    Have a great X’Mas‼️
    Look forward to next update..

  13. Merry Christmas to you as well sir. God Bless you and all you are doing.

  14. Linda Church McConnell

    December 25, 2016 at 4:33 am

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to EVERYONE. I am so thankful for everything you and your group has done and continues to do. Here’s wishing the year 2017 to be the best, most fruitful and happiest year for us all.
    Blessings to all. Jody

  15. Neil & Team K and WDS and all the ones fighting for our freedom and new technology to be released to all of mankind . Merry Christmas & A Blessed And prosperous New Year & may the angels work overtime watching over you and Team K. Love & light Laurie K

  16. Rejoice!! For unto you a Savior is born!! May this joy fill everyone’s heart whether we are with loved ones or we’re far apart and alone. May we all feel God’s love for us and not feel loneliness. May Group K and Neil continue in their endeavors to free men of all nations according to God’s plan. Soon their work will be done and they can rest from their toil. For their work, we all are so grateful. Neil and Group K we all love and admire you. Thank you for all of your sacrifices.

  17. Grinling Gibbons

    December 25, 2016 at 8:02 am

    I am & the World are very grateful for all of Neil ,s undying support in fighting the Cabal Nazi,s & Rothschilds Rockafellas Clinton,s Bush,s Soros, & Many Many More, he deserves a medal & should be rewarded with some sought of medal etv. Merry Christmas Neil Keenan Grinling Gibbons.

  18. Merry Christmas to all.

  19. Norie E. Sabayan

    December 25, 2016 at 8:52 am

    Merry Christmas sir Neil and Team! 🙂

  20. Thank you very much for keeping us all globally posted on our fight with the Cabal.

  21. Thank you, Neil & Team. Brazil here also sending you greetings and a better New Year.

  22. Merry Christmas Neil and to all of Keenen Group Best Wishes Alphonse.

  23. Merry Christmas Neil & Team. Hope you enjoy a great festive season ! Thanks so much for your hard work & devotion to such a wonderful cause. Reading all your messages from around the world from a great bunch of people is really inspiring. May 2017 bring some great realities to one & all.

  24. Catherine Cardoni

    December 25, 2016 at 12:59 pm

    Merry Christmas. The World is and will be a better place because of you and people working with you for the good of the people. We are all blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  25. Merry Christmas & best 2017 Blockbuster success for you & your K Group on your amazing endeavour. We are following you from Colombia. With most gratitude for your endurance and perseverance. You are the true healers of the universe.

    • Thanks Neil for all your hard work and an unselfish commitment to all of us. You surely are a man with integrity. May God richly Bless You. Have a great celebration.

  26. Nollaig shona duit agus go raibh maith agat freisin mo chara Gaelach.


  27. Very Much Love to You “All”. For This Christ day is Very Special with all of You present on Earth, Thank You, God Has Blessed us All.

  28. Following you from Mennefer Tanasi Native American Tribal Confederation Nation. Check every day for updates & looking forward to the block buster news. It’s going to be super when healing technologies do reach the people. Thank you Neil Keenan and global Associates for so much love & dedication to humanity.

  29. Merry Christmas Neil! I wish all a peaceful,prosperous and safe transition into a hopefully bright New Year..Lord knows we need it!

  30. Merry Christmas sir.

  31. Merry Christmas Neil & all Group K Light Workers…Go tell it on the mountains, over the hills and everywhere that Jesus Christ is born.

  32. Thank you sooo much for your dedication. You are a true patriot. You are in our prayers. Merry Christmas and Blessed 2017.

  33. Best Wishes to Group K and their families! 2017 will be EPIC!!!

  34. Merry Christmas Neil Keenan and Team. My fondest wishes to you and your family. Joy and Peace.

  35. Merry Christmas there mate….may your travels be sacred and safe….may the sacred language of the seven stars lighten your path unto the peace of your journey and may Christ Jesus bring you all blessing on this day. From the day forward. Now for then. Let it be so. Now Peace be Still. Sincerely…. Somas Wodi Anisahoni

  36. happy holidays Neal and the rest of the K Team….stay strong and blessed….PEACE N LOVE…

  37. Merry Christmas Neil and Group K. Thank you for your work. Your good news was a wonderful Christmas present.

  38. Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year,,, looking forward to it being a goodone

  39. FELIZ NAVIDAD Neil y próspero y muy abundante año 2017, desde Islas Canarias.

  40. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years Neil and the team K

  41. Marilyn J. Davis

    December 26, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    Merry Christmas Brother Neil Keenan. My daughter and I love you and Team K so much. Thank you for all you do for humanity. May the Father and the Son bring much warmth to your hearts this season.

  42. I’ll be looking forward to it.

  43. Happy New Year to Neil & team K & may God Bless each & every living being on mother Earth

  44. Mr. T & I hope U all had a Merry Christmas!

  45. Happy Holidays to the K team! Look forward for the new year!

  46. Merry Christmas Neil and Group K and everyone who posts here. Can’t wait to hear the blockbuster news….very exciting!!!
    Love and blessings and Happy New Year to everyone.
    live oak xxx

  47. Joy is the spirit of Christmas. Peace is the hope of the world.

    God bless all of you.

    live oak x

  48. NEIL, wishing you and your Team the very best for 2017. Without question, I am excited about the future and what your Team will be able to accomplish. When you say it is coming , then it is coming BIG!!!!!!

  49. All the best Guys for the new year, and stay safe.
    Cheers Nick.
    Northland NZ.

  50. Many Blessings, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your crew.! Thank you for all you do! I greatly appreciate all of you!

  51. Thank you Neil and may the Universe shine upon you all the gifts that you are gallantly striving to bring to all of the brothers and sisters of this Earth. The Intelligent Universe does not let acts of kindness go unnoticed. May your soul be blessed ALLWAYS.

  52. Thank you Neil.

    I will pray for your safety & success.

  53. Hi Neil and Team.
    happy new year.. Is there any news on the RV.
    i don’t won’t my dad to die

  54. Wishing you Neil and your team a very Happy Prosperous and Healthy NEW YEAR.
    The same for all you supporters commenting here.

  55. Ask the Elders if they will ask Chinese President Xi Jinping to ask Indonesian President Widodo if he will allow Chinese Troops to prevent the Cabal and their agents from taking ANYTHING.

    If they show up; warn them ONCE. After that; open fire immediately. Finish them all off.

    (Since they would all be sentenced to Death for their Crimes Against Humanity under Common Law in a Just Court; Justice Would be served.)

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