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Men Of Action
Are Favored
By The Lady Of Luck

I have just finished a call with Neil and I am relaying this message at his request. He is flying out shortly and he is not entirely sure when he will be returning.

A private jet is about to collect him, it is not too late to get everything completed but it is too late to accommodate the continued efforts that have contributed towards delays.

After many hours of conversation, involving delegations from foreign nations and a key member of the Rothschild family, and after continuous delays in terms of what Neil Keenan thought would be a major blow towards usurping the Western Globalist Financial System, he finally decided to pull the plug on any further delay and bring in those that would be able to assist him “in the NOW” to get things rolling.

This is what this trip is about.

His message to those that were assisting him in constructing the new financial system is to keep working and get what is needed to him – as soon as possible – in order that things can move forward. And that he would be seeing you soon in Asia.

A private jet will be arriving to pick Neil up in approximately 2 hours. Things are moving forward, and Neil is pushing the envelope.

Ádh mór Neil agus fanacht sábháilte , d’fhéadfadh gá duit an catnip agus shilleighly a fháil tríd an gceann … Gach an chuid is fear.

[No, you look it up]

Richard Montgomerie

Group K.


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  1. thank you neil for all the wonderfull work you have done for the whole of mankind,please take care where ever you go.i am also sure you are under divine protection,for this great work you are wishes and good luck. tony mac

    • Yes agreed, and “chance favors only the prepared mind.” Neil is and has been prepared for this moment in time, a good chance.

  2. Y’all are in my prayers for safe travel . God bless all of you

  3. Dia a thabhairt duit
    Le haghaidh gach stoirm tuar ceatha,
    le haghaidh gach cuimilt gáire,
    le haghaidh gach cúram d’fhonn
    agus cabhrú i ngach deacracht.
    I gcás gach fhadhb atá ann go seolann an saol,
    cara a roinnt,
    le haghaidh gach osna amhrán álainn
    agus freagra ar gach paidir.

    • Tá súil agam ach Dia a thugann dúinn an deis dúinn smiles a thabhairt do go leor ar aghaidh sula bhfuil sé seo go léir ar fud le … Go raibh maith agat as na liricí álainn na hÉireann ….

      Thank you very much

      • Neil luck and stay safe, you might need the catnip and shilleighly get through this one… Ha ha I like that one Neil and just for fun wear an leprechaun hat when you start swinging the shilleighly lol…all the best from Rhode Island my friend and may GOD bless

      • I just hope God gives us the opportunity to bring smiles to many forward before this is all over with … Thank you for the beautiful lyrics of Ireland ….

    • God give you
      For every storm a rainbow,
      for every tear a smile,
      for each task order
      and help in every difficulty.
      For every problem life sends,
      friend sharing
      for every sigh beautiful song
      and answer every prayer.

  4. God Speed my friend! Know that you are loved & appreciated.

  5. Thanks Neil for all your hard work and patience. May God richly Bless you for what you have done for all of us. You remain in my prayers for good health and safety

  6. Thanks Group K, I’ll work on my language skills, God Bless

  7. Neil and Team

    You have all tried to do things the kind way and have always been stumped down.
    Do it your way no matter the cost, for us that understand the way the world as gone astray and the way it’s being controlled, we will cherish your decisions no matter the outcome for a few or for many that didn’t want to wake up. Mother Earth will thank you for doing so. You are the chosen one and heavy it must be to bluntly say enough is enough! But don’t worry you are loved now and always will be.

    Best regards Charles

  8. Bealtaine do Shellilagh a líonadh Le idirghabháil Dhiaga a thabhairt toradh tapa agus rathúil do gach ceann de na daonnachta Neill.
    Agus is féidir leat taitneamh a bhaint pionta ar an stuif dubh ar do theach thuras.
    An Airm Dhiaga Taistealaíonn leat i gcónaí.
    Croí Bhraith buíochas ó do theaghlach Éireannach………. Paula.

  9. thank you neil and team k.

    expediting is needed and you must do what it takes to end the suffering of the planet and the good people living here.
    i am sure the universe will appreciate and understand all actions needed for earth to return to a good healthy and stable condition.

  10. Sending love , light, and protection energy from the universe for 3D earth dimension and protection from any negative energy entity(s) from other dimensions, may this love light and live energy protection surround you your staff, family, friends, your work organization , the people, and countries your working with, transportation methods, air you breath and food that you eat , places you stay and have meetings, anything else that is needed to keep you and everyone and everything involved safe . So this is .
    Have a safe journey and thank you again for all you have done and are doing for humanity and our home, Mother Earth .
    You and your team are truly amazing positive people 🙂

  11. Jason Nichols

    July 20, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    I picture Neil’s jet taking off at the hanger with the ‘Indiana Jones’ theme playing. With the shot of the map with the red line zipping from one continent to the next.

  12. Dia dul in éineacht leat, Neil

  13. You are in my prayers Neil. I know this has finally been “enough” and wish I could be a fly on the wall during the next week. Thank you. Much Love!!!!!

  14. Thomas martel

    July 20, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    Safe journey neil

  15. I hear the cabal are lining up to join the NO FRY list.

  16. If it MUST be the Hard Way Then …Let it be the HARD Way. Appears to me the window is closing for saving the planet and taking We The People Out of Slavery Globally. My GOD be with You and Yours and GOD have mercy on us ALL!

  17. Neil and Group K , I am sending prayers for protection so you may finally get everything done for humanity and Mother Earth and protection provided for you from God and the Angels to surround and protect you from evil of all kinds. I love that God created you to carry this heavy fight for our freedom and everyone that’s helping you. Love Light and protection. Laurie God speed Neil & Group K

  18. Thank you Group K (Richard) for the wonderful news and update. If anyone can get this piece handled, it is Neil. Blessings for safety and success in his travels and meetings. Very excited for this to get handled to start the ending of the “paid for” destruction on earth. Get ‘er done and keep us posted.


  19. Thank you Neil and Group K. I am eternally grateful. God bless All of You!
    live oak xxx

  20. Neil i pray youll be safe. We all need you and we are so happy for your success, millions are out of work, and have you heard Trump won!!!!!!!! Love you good luck of the Irish xxxooo.

  21. Good Luck Brother.

  22. Neil,
    Tell those RKMs to póg mo thóin – help us to repay them double for what they did to us and US.
    Tom Beaver

  23. Neil luck and stay safe , you might need the catnip and shilleighly get through this one … All the man

    Thanks goggle translate

  24. Dear Neil, I will pray for your safe journey and your health, and that it will produce more than even you hope for! May those silver wings then bear you safely home and to good food and good rest. The source of all light bless and guard you.

  25. Thank you, Neil, for all your hard work for the people. Do not know of anyone else who would do what you are trying to accomplish, especially after all the close calls you have gone through to help the people. No doubt you are being watched over by something beyond our knowledge.



  27. May God Bless You & Your Team! Keep protection around you tightly while the Lord looks down on you & your mission. You have made us all proud…this is a long time coming…the releasing of lovely Earth and her people from anguish, destruction, & slavery to emerge into a renaissance of peace, coordination, & the betterment of the world & its inhabitants.

  28. Brenda Teagarden

    July 21, 2016 at 3:05 am

    Neil and team,
    Keep up the good work and the light of Prime Creator keep up you safe and healthy with the full protection of Archangel Michael and his mighty Angels.

    I request any and all Beings for a most benevolent outcome for our humanity.

    Brenda T

  29. Great news! We are pushing the globalists here in Finland with the people’s movement ME KANSA (eng. We the People). Greetings!

  30. Neil….your strength has superseded all time lines and we are all blessed to call you a friend to the world, we will hold space for your safe return and success for all.

  31. MR. KEENAN, your move today has been anticipated for a long time, and Lord knows your the only man to do this. Our entire World depends upon you as the man who will bring ‘reality’ back to our lives. May God richly Bless you as you complete this process, and you know your the only man who can do that, so God Bless & Protect you on your travels and your final “Deeds” to be completed by you. I am so excited I can hardly type this. Thanks==BillyBobG

  32. Please stay safe. Blessings 2 U & Ur team.

  33. Neil
    I prepared a big welcome ceremony in case of your visit to Seoul Korea.
    Please inform in advance then I will lay down red carpet for you hahaha.
    The puppets of cabal in Korea now are scared to hear your appearance.
    Hope to see you soon.

  34. Go raibh maith agat Neil + Grúpa K fhoireann !
    Turais Sábháilte mar a ghlacann tú sciathán agus gníomh spor !

  35. I kneel for Neil!

  36. Due to my inside informations and news from you Neil team,benjamin fulford and some other sources that Elders of Asian (espescially Vietnam and Chinese elders) is going to unlock some “new gold” FOR SURE and preparing to open new banks in LOCAL COUNTRY to receive “the finnancial instruments” to speed up the Events.People are working with lot of works and stuffs to head to a better world/new finnancial system and push the criminals away ! Thanks a lot to your team and the ones who cancelled all of their lifes (families and all of the things of them) to protect the bunkers/warehouses ! Respect 1000 times,you guys are our humanity heroes

  37. Susanne Stebbing

    July 23, 2016 at 8:04 pm

    Good luck and hope for success real soon

  38. The anticipation in the air is so thick, one can almost cut it. Thoughts and prayers are continuing to be with you and your team! And to those who know you’re coming… Beware the anger of a patient man!! Thank you Mr. Neil and team!

  39. Ar mian leat an chuid is fearr Neil. A bheith sábháilte agus sláintiúil. Go raibh maith agat arís as do íobairt agus obair chrua.

  40. AMAZING what Neil and team have accomplished. We will forever be grateful to them. I would be extremely honored if one day I can shake hands with those white knights. 🙂
    In the meantime, I focused my mind and intentions (and I know it works) on your safety and health. I also know that some higher forces are watching over our knights.
    God bless you all!

  41. My only access to the Internet is through my mobile phone at the moment and I can’t figure out how to translate the last paragraph on it can anyone be so kind as to translate it or at least tell me how to do it with the mobile? I am so blessed & proud to “know” you Mr. Kernan & Team and continue to keep you in my thoughts & prayers, keep on keeping on!

    • Keenan Team | Two

      August 1, 2016 at 8:17 pm

      This is through Google Translate: “Neil luck and stay safe, you might need the catnip and shilleighly get through this one … All the man.”

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