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Mark Carney, You Can Check Out
Any Time You Like,
But You Can Never Leave

The following is another message for Neil Keenan from ‘The English Insider’;


“Whatever has happened to our Mr. Mark Carney? He was apparently all ready to resign and abscond awaiting the progenitor of all payouts from the “One Million Metric Tons of Gold Deal” (the clamps came down immediately and he was found with a packed bag – ready for immediate departure). Rather, he was ordered by the Rothschilds to stay right where he was and not to cancel his “central bankers’ membership” nor to take any extended vacations.

As one might assume, once one has gained entrance to the “hallowed halls of banksterism” and swears allegiance to the “money gods”, one has taken a blood oath forever, and not only pertaining to the blood of their immediate person, but also to the blood of their brethren.

Mr. Carney now has many eyes scrutinising him after his musings became public. He may be their weakest link, and security is awfully tight while all players are facing a good, hefty jail term.

One must remember that the Rothschilds own the Bank of England, not the English people. If the transaction exposed by Mr. Keenan and team were to be concluded, whom do you think would continue to be in control of the world’s financing?

Ponder upon Mr. Carney’s current predicament. Such an accomplished man with “personal circumstances which I have to manage” can be forced to carry on with tasks of an unlawful, immoral and “globalist” nature that make provision for the reinvigorated financial enslavement of mankind.

Do not be too harsh on him, he may be at a moral impasse; he must be seriously aware of the ramifications of his role in this malignant fraud. His arm is being twisted and it shows that it is too much for him to bear – which is written on his face.

(Neil, perhaps you should make contact with Donald Trump, I do not believe that he would want to begin a Presidential term – without being forewarned of a catastrophic deal of this magnitude being in the works that would impact not just the United States but the entire Western world.)

It has emerged that Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has been ingratiating herself with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, as their component of this now-not-so-concealed “One Million Metric Tons of Gold Deal”, is still being undertaken behind closed doors.

Dr. Yellen will surely be reaping a fortune from this dirty deal too, and she will be watched closely to ascertain whether billions of US Dollars make their way to Dubai to join Hillary and Barry in their sand castle palaces.

While Mr. Najib is in the United States with Dr. Yellen and Mr. Sauren, all applicable documents have been processed, including origin free and clear, distributions of commissions, legal paperwork, approvals at the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, the relevant Ministries and the Malaysian Bank Negara. All that remains to be completed are the seven-year tax immunities.

The broker Alfredo Sauren is the cement in this deal. Mr. Sauren brings it to life and makes it perform for the many world leaders. He has shown confirmed gold certificates to Bank Negara officials, as well as to Mr. Razak.

Mr. Sauren additionally claims to be one of the four Trustees for the Committee of 300 that handles Asia. He has been living in the Royal Compound in Bangkok (originally under the protection of the recently deceased King). Resultingly he has direct access to Thai gold. Notwithstanding, this does not mean that the gold belongs to either himself nor the Committee of 300 – but most likely to the Golden Dragons.

From my standpoint it is apparent that Najib Razak is playing both sides and will pocket as much personal gain as he can, regardless as to whomever closes the deal first.

The people of the United States must arise from their slumber for it will be they who are issued the cheque to pay severely for the thievery of their corrupt leadership by way of onerous taxes and unmitigated inflation; followed by the debtors’ FEMA prisons where they will get to work for almost nothing. 

Remember, Mark Carney, “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” The spurious arrangement that is this gold deal, will consume and decimate the world financially, and otherwise – if it is not immediately circumvented.

The time is upon you Neil Keenan and Group K – to take abrupt and decisive action to stop the fraudulent leveraging of a million metric tons of gold. This request comes from within the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

“The English Insider”


Addendum: Certain circles within Indonesia have become rather quiet of late, however it is known where the muted voices hide. What those within these circles in Indonesia should be aware of is that the gold they hold will soon be worth substantially more than it is currently. Certain people should show wisdom rather than desperation.”



  1. It is dazzling, dizzy-ing just now. Not a single day without a new development and revelation, apocalypse indeed. Thank you to this English insider.
    I have seen often in the past that our best allies can be those whose once played the game and opposed the interest of the good people.
    Nowhere to go, mister Carney, you are between the Rotschilds rock and the resistance hard place, I wouldńt like to be in your shoes. Karma is a bitch! And the bitch is fast acting, those days.
    I can literally feel in my bones the intensity of the events we are going through right now, and I am not an especially sensitive person.
    What the Keenan team has done and is doing is the most amazing achievement EVER!

  2. Soft Coup by Patriots Happening Now – Obama Stands Down

  3. May God help the people. Please Lord I come to you in humility asking for your assistance that the world doesn’t suffer from the greed of those that wish to destroy the world.
    In Jesus name,

  4. Some things never change – the greed and self serving elements exhibit themselves when the light shines into the darkness – thanks to Neil for the light
    and a chance to right the wrong doing – you are in our prayers daily

  5. we will indeed see what next if they are caught hand in cookie gar and that will be it , ” and so be it “

  6. Vera Ellen Rich

    November 2, 2016 at 1:47 pm

    I am proud of the work you are doing, Mr. Keenen and Group K. The few of you who are fighting this mighty battle have the “Arch- Angels” on your side. While you all labor mightily, the battle – in the long run – is already over and success assured. It may help to remember it is not by accident you have been chosen to lead the charge! In closing, may our God bless and keep you all safe while you complete your “watchdog” protective role — until all is revealed under Heaven’s demand. Well done, thou good and faithful servant(s).

  7. Another performance of the interminable, perennial Punch and Judy Puppet Show, permitted to be broadcast worldwide on Internet mainstream media, with the Puppet Master standing behind the curtain, the Owners of the puppet theater standing behind the behind, and the ancient, invisible Serpent System leading yet another revolution and counter-revolution against itself.
    Hegelian iterative method: Thesis — Antithesis — Synthesis.
    Diocletian method: Problem — Reaction — Solution.
    When will we ever learn?
    When will all of humanity come together without divisiveness?

  8. Diane Swaney
    NOV.2 2016
    Ì will pray for all of you. GOD watch over them because they are brave men taking the lead and the real danger they face is so urgent. Everyone be carefully and love to you all . What would we have done without you!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Most miss a facet of all this that drives these people, and is considered an integral part of everything they do.
    That certain ‘families’ are of God given ‘Royal’ Blood lines, and as such ‘ordained’ by this standing to initiate ‘the end justifies the means’.
    This was all over the lame stream press when some colonials decided on genocide against the indigenous Indian Nations.
    This ‘movement’ was called, ‘Manifest Destiny’, and is still being practiced to this day.
    Knowing what happened to people then, should provide ample reason Not to do so again.
    Yet, here we are, waiting for gold fever to rule out good conscience and once again drive men to evil.
    This would be the sudden impact that breaks the camel’s back and puts us all on these evil men’s menu.
    I regret that I have but one life to give… I hope I won’t have to…
    No one should go quietly into the night and fade away without even a whimper…
    The love of money that is the greatest evil?
    I add that it is all those who can stop this tragedy and do nothing, who are the greatest evil.
    GIT-R-DONE !

  10. It appears the process is quite advanced. Thank you English Insider.
    Bahrain and Qatar have become safety nets for American criminals who will be protected by lack of extradition laws between these two countries. Wealth has been sent to these countries in advance to purchase homes and provide preparation if Plan B is needed. May there be Divine Intervention to stop this heinous theft and crime. Mr. Carney is in a dilemna. Neil and Team K, may wisdom, success, health and safety be yours.

  11. Thank You, I believe it is time for the military and Intelligence community to move on ALL bankers(rothchild, rockefeller, etc). Enough with the slime, Mop Up.
    God Bless

  12. David Albert Yates (author)

    November 2, 2016 at 4:50 pm

    We all pray and play our part and from the heart in wanting this whole mess to be sorted.
    We await your move Neil/group K

  13. It is obvious that the Rothschild’s and co are behind this. What happened to the surrender negotiations??, but above all why were they not taken out???, because they never intended to honor anything and all knew that!.

  14. A bunch of ¨people”run this planet and confiscate nearly 100% of the wealth. We can’t wait anymore. It is 5 to midnight. According to Jim Stone, the screens Hillary wins have already been prepared with all the figures, check his site. Enormous !

    • The Dem’s have already planned to have victory fireworks go off 30 minutes after her stolen win, in EVERY state. I think she will be impeached if she wins.

  15. Hi Neil ,….so glad to wish u a happy birthday, and thank God for the day you were born…everything can only get better…that is how the big design works..thanks to you choice to do what you are doing, when you rised your hand , for this job, before you left the meeting place to come here..yahoooooo! it’s all fading into sight…lots of love and blessings to you and your crew…M L>

  16. NEIL, I love this, and know you are still the man to make all this happen. l admire so much the work you are doing and what it will mean to the world. Your Medical Machines are going to save the lives of ultimately thousands of people. What a gift you are giving to mankind. God Bless you and keep you and Group K safe==BillyBobG

  17. Thank you English Insider for bringing more Light in Neil Keenan and Group K efforts. I pray and send Light and Love for all of you. The planet and Universe smiling brightly for your shiny heart and courages. THANK YOU

  18. I just luv all this ‘tongue and cheek’ talk.

  19. Clinton has won. Check the next week Newsweek edition already printed, on Jim Stone’s site. So pretty on the photo she is !

    • I think it’s a PSYOP to trick Pro Trump voters to NOT go out and vote.

      • Could be. With so much double speak ! You’ve got to trust your guts and heart, those days! Interesting times! 🙂 But since they found their psychology diploma in a surprise envelope, it is likely to have the exact reverse effect. Because the tide is against the enemies of humanity, it is quite clear to me! OI litterally FEEL it.

  20. There are articles that say Demon George Soros has passed away..any truth to it??? or has he made a quick exit to his 5* star luxury bunker?

  21. Hi Neil…
    I hope you are safe and well. Just wondering when you will be putting up another post or video yourself. The election is very soon and was wishing you would have some more news about the gold deal and if they got it through or did you stop it, and how about the dinar and zims

  22. Praying for you and the world. Here in Miami they have cougth people filling votes for Killary in the elections place!. This is the worst election that i have seen. Hope that God dont forget that there is still good people in America. Blessings

    • I agree Di, I wish for Hillary do not get into office by the Baron Evelyn de Rothschild and Jacob Rothschild. I heard she had made an agreement with the devil higher up. So, she has been groom to be in office. God save us all if she does make it into office.

  23. I have heard great things about the healing machines and their abilities to diagnose and heal. I would like the number and information to contact healing centre in Switzerland or Germany in order to set up treatments for myself. Ii have Crohn’s disease and am on dialysis for kidney failure. Looking forward to hearing from you. Keep up the good work you are going to make the world a better place.
    Cheryl Mock

  24. Hi Neil and team

    I was just wondering is this the best email to contact Neil on contact[at]
    thanks john

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