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Keenan Group Closes In
On The Cabal (2 Videos)


Ø  Global security force lines up to close down the corrupt elite

Ø  A new International Court takes shape, backed by 90% of United Nations member countries

Ø  Not just a PR show court, but licensed, legitimate, and enforceable

Ø  The final pieces fall into place: control of the assets; 173 nation alliance; a powerful global security force…and the rule of law

by Michael Henry Dunn

September 1st, 2013 – From the outset of Neil Keenan’s trillion-dollar lawsuit against the corrupt Western banking elite and bloodline families, the scoffers asked, “Who could ever enforce a judgment?  And what duly authorized international policing entity could provide the global muscle needed to actually shut down this all-pervasive web of influence, which is woven into every power structure, be it financial, political, military, educational, agricultural, or pharmaceutical? And where will the funds come from to back this massive effort?”

Welcome to the end game.

The latest word from The Keenan Group is that the legal basis, the financial leverage, the enforcement/security apparatus, and the cooperation of the global community needed to bring the fight for freedom to a close are now coming into alignment.

Those spearheading this fight have known for decades that only a slow and careful undermining of the cabal’s foundations would ultimately remove this global cancer, that violent revolutions are a tragic mistake – that such bloody convulsions have been, in fact, the elite’s favorite tool of control for centuries, creating the chaos that has allowed them to seize ever tighter control of humanity in the name of “order.”

As David Wilcock recently pointed out, the fall of the Soviet Union seemed to happen overnight – but it had been carefully planned for decades by Russian patriots, who painstakingly removed the props of power beneath Bolshevik hegemony over years of quiet planning.  Violent revolutions almost always result in chaos and greater tyranny.

Storming the Bastille was no doubt a glorious experience for the oppressed people of France, but it led directly to the Reign of Terror and the ultimate rise of Napoleon, while the Rothschilds played both sides against the middle to amass mind-boggling wealth – and the foundation of their long-term plans to control the global banking system.

It would appear that the Keenan Group’s meticulous undermining of the corrupt oligarchy – the penetration of their operations, the hacking of their accounts, the careful crafting of alliances, the establishment of authentic legal mechanisms for their arrest, the assembling of a legitimate security force – and most importantly, the restoration of the stolen wealth of the nations to a globally sanctioned guardianship – are now almost all in place.

It all comes back to the Accounts. The elite’s fraudulent mirroring of the Global Collateral Accounts might be compared to the Ring of Power in Middle Earth.  When it was destroyed, the founding malice of the Dark Tower simply disintegrated, and the seemingly impregnable fortress slid to the earth, a pile of rubble.

When The Keenan Group’s final moves to control the assets are made, we can expect the fraudulent foundation of the fiat currency empire to vanish with startling speed.  The allied ancient clans of Asia have joined forces with Mr. Keenan in the wake of his recent meetings with the influential Count Albert Chiang in Hong Kong, and The Keenan Group’s plans for controlling the assets are well underway.

The exact nature of the global security forces that will hunt down and arrest cabal leaders and operatives may not now be revealed, for obvious reasons.

Mr. Keenan is deliberately vague on this point in the video message taped yesterday.  He will leave it to the cabalists to wonder which faction has turned against them, which intelligence operatives are actually moles, which elements of Interpol, or MI6, or CIA, or the NSA, or the Russian FSB, or NATO, or the Pentagon are actually freedom fighters, which well-bribed judge has had a crisis of conscience, which Mossad tough guy finally had his fill of Zionist slaughter in the name of Bilderberg profit…or which puppet head-of-state may be waiting for the moment to take a chance on the victory of humanity.

To these courageous ones may be added the thousands of timid and terrified cabalist mid-level operatives who will turn state’s evidence with a vengeance…once they see a prominent global elitist hobbling through a “perp walk” in ankle bracelets.  They may already be collecting evidence to offer in exchange for their lives or their freedom, as they see their escape routes disappear.

Meanwhile, the shape of the new International Court of Human Rights is becoming clear.  Neil Keenan arranged for this writer to have an extended interview yesterday with an international lawyer/jurist who is helping to establish the nature and standing of this new court – a global human rights court which is already licensed in a free country belonging to the non-aligned movement.

This distinguished judge has been working closely with Mr. Keenan for the last two years.    The aftermath of the cabal’s fall will entail a crying need for an untainted, globally recognized international court, possessing a solid legal foundation, effective jurisdiction world-wide, and most importantly, swift enforcement mechanisms to see that justice is done.

The so-called international courts of justice now in existence are (as may be expected) globalist frauds. The International Court of Justice, The International Criminal Court, The European Union Human Rights Court, the Inter-American Court of Central and South America, the African Union Court all share the same fundamental legal flaws.

Unlike an authentic court, they are not “courts of record” – in other words, the cases are not published, their database is not searchable, and the cases refused a hearing are not revealed.  These courts were all established by treaties which require the consent of the accused party – in other words, a nation which may have committed human rights violations may simply refuse to participate in the treaty, thereby removing itself (as the U.S. has done) from the court’s jurisdiction.

In addition, these courts require that all legal remedies against the accused government should first have been exhausted before the court will hear the case.  So if you have a million or so dollars to waste on processing a case through half a dozen layers of a corrupt and hostile judicial system, you may then have a chance – perhaps – to have a hearing in the international court.

Like so many cabal-designed institutions, these courts exist to thwart and prevent the very purpose which they were supposedly founded to accomplish.  The World Bank was created to eliminate poverty – it has dedicated itself to expanding impoverishment amid crushing global debt.

The United Nations was supposedly created to protect the sovereignty of all nations through global peacekeeping – little need be said on that score.  And the international courts exist largely to create officially sanctioned sink-holes where human rights abuse cases go to die.

The new court now taking shape is markedly different.  Firstly, it is not established by treaty (as with the fraudulent present courts whose jurisdiction may be escaped by gross offenders simply by withdrawal from the treaty), but by letters of agreement from the ministers of justice (or equivalent office) of the 173 countries (fully 90% of the membership of the U.N.) in the non-aligned movement who have joined forces to defeat the cabal, in which they commit their nations to honor the jurisdiction of the court.

Secondly, it will be a fully established court of record, with all cases published, constituting the searchable database necessary for a living body of law to have legitimacy.  Thirdly, it will proceed with its mission as a global human rights court on the basis of Common Law, and the body of international convention established in constructive contract law.  Not the mysterious, phony NESARA or OPPT super-secret, backroom-deal, non-laws promulgated by internet fraudsters, but the accumulated precedents of centuries, open to the scrutiny of all, and duly published.

And for those global elitists who are smugly scoffing as they read these lines, thinking “yeah, come and get me, do-gooders – see if you can touch my money or my freedom!” – we have some startling news. As the court’s rules will be established on the foundation of contract law, they will function in cooperation with the International Chamber of Commerce, which by current U.N.-sanctioned treaty signed by nearly every country in the world (including the U.S.) allows for immediate collection through local mechanisms of any and all judgments, by means of wage garnishment, asset seizure, and all other appropriate means.

The Indonesian judges and other officials who are alleged to have illegally conspired to keep Martha Wibawa (called Nelu) in prison should take note.  A complaint against them is being prepared, and their names are known.  A window of time may remain for this situation to be resolved, but the complaint is proceeding.

Or again, the global elitist may simply cry, “I refuse to recognize the jurisdiction of your court!”  Well, good luck with that one. The “shrink-wrap” precedent whereby software companies bind you to their terms of agreement when you tear the wrapping also applies here.  What’s good for the cabal goose is good for the alliance gander – the elite put people in jail and seize their assets everyday on the basis of the precedents of consent by failure to appear, or recognition of jurisdiction through the act of response itself.  The new court will apply the same precedent. There is really no way out of this one, boys and girls.

We are the world.  And you are not.

And there is that little matter of the new global police force, soon to make its debut.   As Mr. Keenan states in the accompanying video, this force will operate independently of the corrupt governments, will be funded from the Global Accounts, and guided by new international peace-keeping agreements aimed at establishing a safe arena for healthy competition for markets in a multi-polar world – one in which the absence of a deliberately created scarcity will make war a thing of the past.

Once there is a million times more than is needed to sustain the planet – a rough estimate of the true wealth of planet earth – then the endless warring for resources may finally cease.

We’re not there yet.  And the end game will have rough spots.  There is much that cannot now be told.  Keenan has aces up his sleeve.  And always a song on his lips.  This one’s straight and edgy and tells it like it is.  “Matt G.” with the Best Anti-Illuminati/NWO Song of 2012 – “Broken Monitors.”

Pass it along to wake up a friend.

Michael Henry Dunn

Best 2012 Anti-Illuminati/NWO Song !

© 2013 Neil Keenan

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