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Jean Our Thoughts Are With You;
Get Better

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  1. Jean,
    Infinitely divine and sacred feminine you are you know loving peace,
    loving healing. Your soul consciousness of and in light compels your
    beautiful gifts in giving. Feel that light emotion powerfully especially
    in this season of compassion that you know so well.
    Bless you sister and your goodness. Ascend your heart with love.
    You know that is your destiny.

    • Couldent say it better Gordon – thank you brother.

      Jean I love you to beloved sister – I wish you all the best healing you can get.

      Thomas from Denmark

      So good to hear from you Neil – I hope you do fine…….:-) we work from the heart as warriors do
      I´m with you and the team -Drake – Tannath – and some others.

  2. Thanks for this Neil… hang in, hang on

  3. I didn’t know Jean was sick. TY Neil for your kind message to her and showing this kind of compassion and good will towards your good friend and collaborator from the near past. We all are ONE in Consciousness and it’s not easy to control our Egos while incarnated in human bodies . I’ts a good thing to acknowledge there were very good times and that she was a good friend and supporter for the people’s sake. Letting go of the other not pleasant stuff that happened afterwards, is a very necessary thing to do for everybody, not only for you two. Blessings and good health to you Neil, and the best vibes and blessings go to Jean with wishes of a good Mental, Spiritual and physical being. This will be a good thing for all of us also, specially for our Spiritual and Mental Health.

  4. ~May God’s Grace fill you with Love n Light, Peace n Health~333

  5. Prayers & Great BIG hugs 4 Jean Haines from Great Gramy J & T @ Fort Hood, Texas. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  6. My prayers are with Jean in her time of healing. I spent quality time with Jean in her home in the late summer of 2013. I witnessed a devoted & courageous woman assisting Neil & his team…offering immediate support anytime she was consulted, which was often during the day as well as in the middle of the night. I never doubted her sincerity or integrity, because her commitment to the cause of freeing the Global Accounts on behalf of WeThe People was her overwhelming intention. This included her willingly assisting Neil & the cause financially from her own means. Because I was concerned about this, she reassured me it was okay, that she would be reimbursed in the future. When I returned to my home after being with Jean, my attention was on moving to a new home in Mexico so I lost touch with her as well as her work with Neil & his team. Much to my surprise, when I first learned about a year later of their “conflict”, I thought it was a temporary situation, since I had witnessed their mutual cooperation as well as their high regard for one another…I felt so sad to witness the public battle that I hoped would be cleared privately. Then to see it get so far out of hand was tragic from my point of view, as here were 2 people I deeply admired for their courageous uphill battle against the cabal. The “divide & conquer” tactics of the cabal had a field day with this unfortunate falling out. Despite all of this, I want to acknowledge my deep respect for the spirit of the real battle with the Global Accounts that both Jean & Neil held within their respective hearts. Forgiveness & compassion for differences are issues for each of us at this critical juncture of profound changes on Earth. CHRISTMAS brings a time of reflection for many of us. Bless you, Neil, for your caring words on this video! You are “bigger than life” in your efforts on our behalf. Your compassion for Jean in her healing struggle speaks volumes & teaches all of us what the Dalai Lama calls “lovingkindness”. Stay safe & may God bless you & your loved ones as well as Team K now & in the New Year. May God also bless Jean & give her the peace & healing she is seeking. Blessings to all…peace, too…

  7. Jean, My love and my prayers are with you. Know that you are loved for your light and good that you have done. Blessings to you.

  8. Neil, glad to see that you are okay. Have missed your videos–please post us an update soon. Thanks for posting this aboutJean. In these times, you never know if someone has been silenced or not, do you! If there’s no one around to tell! Hope you and the team are all well, and that Jean just needs some quality rest. Love to your Team and to Jean and to Drake and to the whole world. Thank you for your efforts!

  9. I hope the best for Jean during her recovery. Her site hit everything right on the target. And I appreciate and thank her for that. In our future I know there will be peace and there will be nothing to fear. Our dreams will come true together. We thank you and we love you Jean.

  10. Neil , its good hearing from you , we miss you , hearing you talk about forgiveness is forgiveness , we heal.

  11. A forgiving group of folks! Good men and women on this blog is why I stay tuned in here. Jean is in my prayers and I hope it is not too serious! Go toward the light Jean the light is good @@

  12. GREAT to ‘see’ you Neil ‘come UP For Air’…. more so with a Good Will message for Jean. And with this, I Pray to ‘High Heavens’ That ‘ITs WILL, BE Done’ and may That BE to Get BACK to BEing WELL, Jean.

    Neil, Be WELL as well – and the Same for the NK Team.. Looking Forward to Hearing an ‘Update’ re: Global Account Funds, the ‘Trustees’ (particularly the Sultan of S.), what the newly installed Pres. of Indonesia is ‘doing’ to Assist with regards to the Global Funds… Thanks Neil and GOD Speed!

  13. Neil, I am new have you web site and I listen to Drake and Tom every week.
    That was beautiful, obviously Jean means alot to you and all, I don’t know what happened between you all but everyone must let it go for all the people who believe in the greater good of the light.
    with love and light

  14. I’m so sorry to hear about Jean and her illness. Please get well Jean asap because your dogs and the world need you. We all need you to be well. I want to see all of us share the joy of being free, just as how it’s really supposed to be ….all. people. FREE, not just us.

    Thank you Neil so much for this update; I had no idea. You are a strong and very kind and compassionate and fair man and I know in my heart of hearts that my trust is well placed. Get some rest. I know you and Team K must be exhausted. Sleep well…stay safe…enjoy this splendid miraculous Christmas season.

    Merry Christmas to all,
    live oak xxx

  15. Thank you, Neil and all the loving commenters. I think the Cabal and off world “ankle biters/archons” are ratcheting up the attack on our leading light warriors. This was such a healing, loving and powerful video. I hope the same healing protection can be applied as well to whatever erupted this week between 2 other warriors – Kevin Annett & Alfred Webre.

  16. Mind control is literally a disease that takes months and even years to overcome. It took Me over 7 YEARS to deprogram My own Son. Jean is a Very decent person who was targeted and attacked by our common enemy. Of course the Gold and Global accounts are Real folks. More than You can even imagine. They are DESPERATE to get their hands on it and will resort to murder to make it happen. I know how they operate, they murdered My Mother and My Father in 1982. You have all been shown how they operate through Neil and Teams efforts. Just FYI, there is not even one ounce of Silver for Sale in Anderson, SC and the coin shops and pawn shops are closing left and right. The only thing I could find today were a few pawned wedding bands for spot gold price + 10%. I bought 12, that’s all they had. Patience is a virtue people. I’m going out on a long limb and giving it 2 to 4 weeks and You can Quote Me on that. It could be over before this non-Christmas holiday on the 25th which isn’t the Birthday of Jesus it’s the Resurrection from the tomb after 3 days after the Crucifixion on the 22’nd. The Birthday is Easter, not the Resurrection. My Birthday is January 7, which is the date kept by the Eastern Church in Russia. This equates to December 25 on the Julian and Tevet 25 on the Jewish Calendars. And NO, I AM not Jesus Christ incarnate; that’s My Only Son John Curren the 4th. I AM GOD in the Flesh… jc111 AND Jack Chapman, Hillbilly Uncircumcised Jew Boy and Sinner From South Carolina… 😉

    John Curren Chapman 111 (Jack) January 7, 1948
    John Curren Chapman 1V (Curren) April 19, 1973

  17. Hey all, just got some news about a missing flight from Indonesia to Singapore. Everything ok? Not trying to be alarming but any info on the safety of these people and Neil is appreciated. Cheers

  18. Hey guys, WTF? What happened to the 3 vids of the box payment and all the comments? With all the weirdo events taking place we’d like to know. Jo H.’s youtube still has the three vids. Are you all okay? Please let us know what has happened!

    Still sending you all best holiday wishes and bu ku safety.


  19. Is there some way I could send flowers and a personal message to Jean? She cannot see our messages from her sick bed but she would definitely receive our love through flowers. Please Neil, would it be possible to set up a “send flowers and love to Jean Haines” on your web-site?

    Incidentally, your “making history” post has vanished!! Thank god I downloaded the videos on my computer!!

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