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Is There Trouble In Jakarta?
Neil Keenan Missing?

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum last evening… I was alerted to the presence of some possible problems for Neil in Jakarta.

According to those that were present, it appears that he came face to face with some Mercenaries when he went to visit an Elder in the jungle. The vehicle outside of the house had some faux military markings on it, while a smattering of these same markings were spotted on his person.

It was assumed by all that this attempt at deception was to give the Elder’s family, associates and neighbors the implication that he really was somebody, other than who he really was. Neil implied that he was one of George Soros’ goons.

I have had some conversations with Neil in the past concerning Soros and the opinion held by many is that he is afraid of Neil.

We had heard that over the past years that the use of Merc’s in what is believed by the Cabal to be valuable landscape has been rather commonplace. In fact, the word on the “grapevine” was that there were many such stakeouts going on at this time across the Indonesian landscape.

To me, the amazing part of that scenario seems to be the GPS that George gave his goons to locate the assets of the Global Accounts appears to be broken. Due to the fact that the Merc’s have not been airlifting boxes of assets from the supposedly valuable landscape, there just can’t be any other explanation.

Oh, maybe just a minute… maybe there can be another argument made for the ineffectiveness. And that would be the IQ levels of the humanoids that George has given the task of operating the GPS “thingies,” simply are too low to execute.

But whatever the case may be, the Merc that was at the Elder’s home was just sitting on his butt doing nothing. Of course, Neil could not let an opportunity like that go by, as the story goes. He attempted to engage the Merc in conversation with his usual light hearted prankster rap but the man had little to say.

The only sound that came from his mouth was an order for everyone to pose for a picture. But this is where the quick thinking of the Indonesian native Nelu proved invaluable. He was in control of the only camera in the room. Before he handed it to the big guy, he set the camera so that the next picture snapped would vanish in 90 minutes.

I would assume that he had some explaining to do to HQ when he discovered that the picture he snapped was not in the camera.

This guy was having a bad day in regard to his future job opportunities. His updated resume will now have to include the fact the Elder had “left the building” and was nowhere to be found and the picture that he took of the people he was sent to keep away from the Elder had vanished. Oh well, maybe Blackwater can use him in the Ukraine.

In regards to the Cabal and Neil’s little squabble, let’s look at some facts. There have been multiple assassination attempts on Neil’s life over the past several years of which the success ratio is hovering somewhere south of .001%.

The assets of the Global Accounts remain intact. He is the only non-Asian to ever enter a bunker. The ability of the Cabal to mirror the accounts at the UBS in Switzerland has been reduced to a number that is causing some serious liquidity problems for the Khazarian Mafia Banksters. (Lookout George… you may be called upon to make a serious grant to the cause!)

I suppose that I should be more concerned about Neil’s whereabouts being a mystery at the moment, as I had been sent a little bit of information concerning a future event involving a car bomb.

But it always seems that when weighing the facts against the probabilities of Neil losing the battle against the “bad guys,” I have found that there just might be something else at play here. Could there be some invisible forces that may have tilted the point spread in one direction or the other?

I can’t point to anything definitive on this point, but I would recommend that you call your Bookie and place whatever you can afford on “Neil and the Global Accounts -6”, as I feel quite certain they will cover the spread.

By Anonymous


  1. Jeanne Scoville

    May 30, 2015 at 7:33 pm

    Neil is definitely protected by “Higher Powers” as well as through his own courageous & street-wise, conscious efforts combined with the exponentionally strong power of prayers & good wishes of many of us who support Neil’s daring, courageous quest. David Wilcock’s most recent, highly revealing interview on Jimmy Church’s Fade To Black also adds real time evidence to the downward spiral of the fast-fading cabal’s dominance. When We The People no longer give our power away to the hate/fear mongering of the cabal, we will gain so much more by standing solidly together behind our true heroes, such as Neil, who put their lives on the line time & again, for the greater good of humanity…

    Godspeed, Neil! Blessings are all around you with the protection & guidance of the Angels & the benevolent, “Invisible Ones”…May good fortune & miracles go with you during this most difficult phase of the “battle” for humankind…

    • said very well Jeanne, “ditto” Neil.

    • There is so much disinfo out now it could drive one nuts if not knowing that the cabal is trembling. I refuse to give any of my power to them ptw.I am free and on the side of goodness, go ahead Neil, you are divinely protected , they ought to be afraid of you.

  2. Way to go Neil. Keep on truck in’ lovin’ it.

  3. Clarification Please!
    Is the above babble from some third party based on hearsay supposed to be humor or what? An update from Neil would be greatly appreciated K Team…

  4. So, based on what is implied, the goons mission was successful, and Neil, Nelu, et al are no more. On the other hand, if that was so, why the tidbit about Nelu setting the camera for a 90 minute delete?

    I hope Neil and company’s luck has not run out. Given the mission and what is at stake, it seems incredible Neil did not have protection. Where were the White Dragon assets?

    Time will tell.

    All the best Neil, Nelu, associates


  5. Keep up the great work

  6. Ty, whoever you are. I have been wondering about Neil. Sometimes i glance at Jakartas news. Lots happening there. ABC, Neil…. Always Be Careful.

  7. JB Brown/Gramy J

    May 30, 2015 at 9:26 pm

    Just praying Neil is safe. And, I’m sure I speak 4 many others who pray 4 his safety. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J & T @ Fort Hood, Texas. ~~~~~~~

    • Positively marvelous to see a post from you Gramy J! For 3 decades I have diligently kept up with current events through the Internet. My discernment skills of detecting truth vs propaganda are honed perfectly. Never have I felt the positive shift that I feel right now in the NOW! I know Jeanne can feel it that is how she rolls! I am 99% sure Neil is taken care of and confirmation of his well being will be forthcoming.

    • Good to see your post Gramy J. I’ve been wondering about you and it’s so good to hear from you again. I send you big hugs too.
      live oak xxx

      PJ and Jeanne are right on. We are a little family. I think so anyway.

      • Jeanne Scoville

        June 1, 2015 at 4:57 pm

        We are definitely Family who gather here! Lovingkindness & compassion surround each of us who share in Neil & Team K’s quest. Together we are stronger & wiser as well as great “back up” behind the scenes. We have so much to look forward to & to share at our “Family Reunion” which will manifest at the perfect time…We will never give in to fear, divisiveness, hate, naysaying or despair. The Kingdom of Heaven is truly within us & will ultimately manifest in the outer world…Love to all…

  8. Please God may Neil and his group that are with him be safe and careful. I think I can say that for me and all of us who come here have been anxious for an update but this is extremely upsetting. I humbly ask that you keep us informed; as soon as you hear they are all safe, please let us know asap. I know how busy all of you are, but it would calm me down and all the rest who read the post. These are truly frightening times; I just can’t face the thought of losing Neil and all who are with him and working with him. I’ll keep you close in prayer as always. God bless us all.
    live oak xxx
    (I keep this blog bookmarked and check it several times each day.)

  9. Neil is in control – never doubt that fact. Git ‘er done!!!

  10. As confirmation: was chatting w/ Neil via fb messages yesterday. He sounded quite jovial & impish. After a while he said he had to move ’cause the place was “crawling w/ mercs”. But assured me he was quite safe & well protected. Mssg. was from Jakarta. I added my gratitude & prayers for protection.

  11. Right in the kisser. Atta Boys!! !

  12. Thanks for the update. Apparently Paul …………. (an American acting as a lawyer on behalf of the states for the Chinese government also has a copy of the (nang sir dam) book black.

  13. Yup, great to hear Neil is over there and doing fine. Cheers

  14. Best of luck and be safe.
    Good to hear things are
    moving on.

  15. Neil was on blog talk radio with Drake n Thomas. Missed the first bit but looking forward to the upload so i can tuck the brats in and listen to it. Cheers

  16. Hi Neil, i really enjoyed your chat
    on Cosmic Vision News. God bless
    you and your team and may the
    end be soon in sight.

    • want to know what is happening with keenen, want him safe, and busy kicking …we love you and all you do for humanity..and do it for yourself too, u deserve it!! You will be protected at all times from harm, as the light encircles you at evry nan-no-second..and sealed …so it is…speak so we no ur there…Namaste….Marylee

    • Jeanne Scoville

      June 5, 2015 at 10:09 pm

      Neil, Thanks for the update on Cosmic Voice. So glad to hear your team is arriving in Indonesia to give you the support you so very much deserve. You also have a huge force of caring folks from many walks in life solidly behind you every step of the way! Your laughter Is “music to our ears”!!!


    June 7, 2015 at 7:30 pm


  18. Darn i meant to say Cosmic Voice.
    Has anyone heard of the Landa
    Corporation? How do they fit
    into all of this etc.

  19. much blessings! NEIL KEENAN & Team 🙂

    I am so happy to hear NEIL is OK!

    YOU are in my prayers NEIL & Team!!

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  20. What happened to the new article??? Link is a 404, and not seeing a new one on here?

  21. As a subscriber I receive updates via email and I received an email today of a new update but link displays no page exists error. Can anyone verify this? Thanks

    • Yes me too. Cock-up. No worries.
      Keep on feeling and projecting the K team is safe and the baddies are not operationnal like they screw up with a GPS! Ha ha ha!
      And I also firmly believe that our heroes are PROTECTED!
      The way it goes those days, I noticed, often, they have (their old habit) a bad intent, but karma was a bitch, but now she is a super bitch, and the boomerang effect is oh-my if only-I’d-known-too-late-mate very painful to the perpetrators.
      Also I notice their blunders lapsus linguaes etc… They can’t help but revealing themselves. Like they want to say something but they say the contrary. It looks like the devil can’t speak in reverse any longer.

  22. Hi Team K. Whatever happened to the update?
    Nothing is showing up here.

    • We are very sorry for the delay, things have been hectic. Please stand by for an update as soon as possible. The email alert system has been sorted out and so if you are on the email update list you will be alerted as soon as the next post is live.

      Thank you for your patience!

  23. Jeanne Scoville

    June 18, 2015 at 3:36 pm

    While we are eagerly waiting for the latest news from Team K, perhaps this is a good time to consider the metaphor of “gold”…Neil & his team are onto something greater than mere material possessions. The “gold” is an outer reflection of the “gold” within each of our souls. The truth of our innate goodness as co-creators on Earth has been repressed by TPTB for far too long. Once we truly awaken to our “divine inheritance” & connect to “Soul” rather than ego distortions, we will be unstoppable! We will step our of our psychic prisons & slave controls, & begin the journey of working together to restore ourselves & our beautiful planet in ways never believed possible. May we be blessed with the vision of victory over apathy, hate, fear, despair, what we are not, & BE our true, blessed selves the Creator made us to be!
    Love to all…

  24. Hello. would appreciate any caomment about the Global Currency Reset. Thanks

  25. Hey Neil & Team!
    With all the fear porn out there we could sure use some good news on the financial front! I realize you are very busy but it has been 2 months (April 22) since we had a real update.
    I myself believe the so-called elite are in desperation mode right now and pulling out all the stops in a frantic attempt to control the situation and usher in their totalitarian world regime. I pray all they will accomplish is to finally awaken the still sleeping masses…
    PLEASE head some light on the situation from your perception!!!
    A sample of the out of control fear porn may be found at:
    God Bless and God Speed my brothers.

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