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Important Note
Regarding Neil’s UN Invitation

Dean Chambers who was once the Mayor of a town in Illinois, was appointed by Neil to respond to his invitation from the UN.

This is detailed below, along with some notes on recent attempts by cabal underlings and divisive trolls to once again hamper the efforts of Neil and Group K.

It is this simple: Neil and Group K have invested far too much in their efforts to waste time dealing with detractors at this point. What information Neil makes available is voluntary but there are those who seem to have a sense of entitlement with regards to access to certain details that is completely unfounded.

And so as work continues on various fronts, updates on certain developments will not be made public until completed. We are not going to waste time dealing with idiots and shills in the interim (costing us time and money) whilst there remains crucial work to do.

Additionally, people causing trouble on It’s a Keenan Thing will be immediately booted out.


“On 9/2/2016 I made a call on behalf of Neil Keenan answering the UN’s request for Neil’s recent invitation date and subsequent confirmation, if at all.

I advised them that Neil had no intention at this time to go anywhere other than to Indonesia for the completion of his own pending deals in Jakarta and other Asian countries.

We spoke for 20-25 minutes without regard to anyone else other than Neil, the Dragon Family & Group K.

Consequently, there is no official date set at this time with the UN.  Of course, Neil can change this at any time if or when he chooses to do so.

On another note, I would like to clarify a recent issue with Neil Wolfe. Neil cannot at this time open up on anyone, no matter how inflammatory they are or how misinformed they appear to be.

It is apparent that Neil is soon walking through the door that was previously opened to him. So to be diverted, especially now, by anyone with ill intent or misrepresentation of any kind will only further delay the great momentum Neil now has in place.

Therefore, what I heard today was if it happens again, Neil will not be able to relay any further information to what is happening at this time.  All information then will stay in house with Group K until everything is finished.

Hopefully, the perpetrators of devious behavior will get the message when they sit on the outside looking in while Neil dishes out projects to those that have stood by his team and in many ways have actually been part of the team.

If you must know, Neil Wolfe sent Thomas W. some documents with bits and pieces of truth attempting to get Thomas to make the mistake of coming after Neil. Thomas was not that stupid and, despite what unfortunately happened in the past between Thomas and Neil, he still is not considered to be a bad guy. Mistakes were made.

Life is all part of this… Wolfe said Thomas booted him out as well. Therefore, he cannot be all that bad, can he?

Getting back to the matter at hand, I spoke to the UN today and advised them that Neil could not confirm any given date for a meeting.

Dean Chambers”


Copyright © 2016, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. Thank you for stabilizing my blood pressure by not cottoning with ‘outside’ distractions / deviousness. You have my prayers n admiration for such determined strength.

  2. I quickly read it, I’ll read it again. Things are moving fast, and basically, I follow this site all day long.
    It all looks good to me.
    Don’t loose time with looser / destroyers. They belong to the past and low vibes are fading into oblivion , and they are pretty fast at that. The only thing they are good at, these days!
    Some people I see around me are either unconscious -may be just as well, or they could become really anxious-, or utterly pessimistic -I don’t blame them because most do not have the whole picture, and when I say that, I do not have the big head and say that I have the whole picture, not at all. We all have a part of the picture, the puzzle, I would say, but that puzzle is loosing some of its initial mystery every day.
    Never been, by the way, on a site where people would be opened to the concept of that healing computer and related concepts. Usually they abuse you, call you names, and then I take out the verbal artillery and all hell break loose, Ha ha ha ha ha! And my french, I don’t tell you :-)))))))) This is the way I am, and I have no intention to change at all!

    Love to the team and the nice people here!

    • Best wishes on everything you are doing now I know you will succeed & you are bright enough to not be distracted by the naysayers.Irish blesses Neil

  3. I'm not a number

    September 3, 2016 at 9:33 am

    I like many others will be glad you’re not accepting the UNs invitation. Please concentrate on your mission and I’m sure everyone will understand if you don’t update on certain developments or intentions you have. Please stay safe. You are in our prayers and thoughts xx

  4. Thank you Mr. Keenan for not letting the UN put their noses into where it doesn’t belong. The UN will only cause you trouble and lots of delays. You have fought long and hard to get where you are today you don’t need the UN . They are pioison.

  5. Jeff busby is a troll dean go team k you are the best !! Waiting patiently for healing machines!

  6. Thanks for all you have and will do Neil….I’m with you 100% on NOT giving the cabal any of your time. Now is the time to let them wonder what you have in store for them,like they have done to the people of the earth for so long

  7. I am loving it ,, I

  8. Neil can do no other than what he does
    He knows the truth

  9. We’re solidly behind you, Neil & Group K! As much as we love your updates, we understand that you must fully concentrate now on the critical tasks at hand.

  10. thank you Neil,,i am grateful to have people like YOU on this earth
    my Love and Blessings are with you where ever you are,,
    you make it,,,you win,,,we all win,,,

  11. Neil, you have the wings of an Eagle and Legions of Angels surrounding you. Fly on knowing we are all behind you flapping away.

    Me Kealoha Pumehana (with warmest affection)

  12. A quick note for Neil Wolfe, if you are so worried about the credibility and professionalism of your website, fix your text boxes as they are a mess. As a web designer I can tell you this, in the age of cell phones, readers will close that window if your message is garbled all over their screen.

  13. Go for the Gold, Neil, and make them lying thieves take their ball and go back to where they came from!

    My hope is in you and the Lord blessing you – Tommy

  14. Can’t wait for those first steps when the wretched chemtrails, vaccines and GMOs are eliminated. So looking forward to peace and prosperity around the globe. Keep doing your thing, and thank you!

  15. We all are curious creatures and want to know what is happening….but Silence is Golden. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing to keep all of you safe. Remember you promised to bring the Tequila and all I have to do is bring my dancing shoes and how about a lampshade (?). …as the most interesting person in the world says: “Keep thirsty my friend.” lol. Luv you and Group K. Stay Safe!!

  16. we believe in the keenan team and all they do.our prayers are with you all.believe it and it will be safe blessings.

  17. I am no rocket scientist but Manly Palmer Hall on magnetism, Dr Rife from Nebraska and other studies, even knowing how to tune up guitar strings ties in with the healing using non drugs non invasive cures. Each “entity” like even a fence post or a rock and things like a finger or a tiny little bacteria critter has a certain frequency and Dr Rife also found corresponding colors to the frequencies. A “diseased” thing like a muscle or ear canal etc, is “out of tune” It seems to me without knowing a lot about the healing machines that computers can work quickly to find such “out of tune” areas and the establishment of “back in tune” fixes you right up. Why chop people up with knives or dump gasoline like deadly chemicals or brain damaging “life long treatments” that only kill people? Finally it looks like we will all be able to use the cures and toss out the poison peddling for good.

  18. Dear Neil and Group K,
    the news about the Inviting from the UN is really Amazing. Finally they have to SEE YOU Neil. If we look back for 7 years ago, 1 year ago even three months ago…from this point a view Congratulations for the “UN-Invitation”. Although may be they are more taking care of “the gold/GCA”..:-) But WE the People really take care of You and Group K, the Planet and the People in the World. Many of us just have love, light and trust for You and Group K for a better world. And we are still and never stop giving our love, light and trust for your and Group K and all the people who assist you in this efforts.
    So the final line seems more and more brightly now and we keep up sending your our Light and Love.

  19. Niel sounds to me like you have it all under control…Would expect nothing less…..dealing with the UN is always Dangerous……may God guide you with an abundance of Discernment….BillyBobG

  20. Good. I stated in my last reply “Don’t go” . Just keep doing what you have to do. Please hurry.

  21. Thank you Dean for the update! I appreciate your efforts, as well as the others, who work together to keep this blog page and Neil’s FB page open and honest..and free of trolls! I am still clapping loudly… I love seeing intelligence at work! Thanks again Neil and your team. Know your efforts aren’t lost to the majority of us. God Bless!

  22. Keenan Team | Two

    September 4, 2016 at 12:08 am

    REMINDER: Please make sure comments are brief and relative to the post. If you would like to discuss other off-topic subjects and have conversations with specific people, please go to Neil’s Facebook page: Multiple comments between individuals on one post (especially off-topic) make it difficult for a new person to scan each post. Thank you.

  23. Godspeed, Neil, and thank you for all you do for us, mankind.

  24. what a circus! it never ends, does it? I’m sure whatever the “UN” offers will look appealing, but of course be a trap… like everything else… just like Killary getting charged only to have Obama pardon her before he leaves office… just like a predictable script of a bad soap opera.. as the world turns. Stay safe everyone . Maranatha!

  25. 1. Ridiculous, as any UN affiliated cadre can easily travel to visit with the K Team at any K Team designated, and secure, location. No need for K Team to travel to them.

    2. The “hundreds of projects” that all need funding, as well as technical know-how, will soon be receiving funding on a case by case basis, as there are allied forces — of the same humanitarian cloth as the K Team — out there with same “White Hat” objectives and goals .

    a. New Energy Technologies, many very low to nominal cost energy generation.
    b. Life extension/age reversal Rx, that will also have the benefit of the minimization of age onset diseases. [Though, admittedly, such is perhaps the most profound societal and socioeconomic affecting technology ever to be devised and will require a “Majestic 12-Type” administration so as not to cause negative societal upheaval.]
    c. 22nd Century Offense/Defense military technologies, principally to defend the humanitarian countries/populace from the mindless evil doers, e.g., ISIS, Taliban, hard-line “Communists,” to extraterrestrials [already have matter transport and future/past time travel technologies re parallel universes, as well as physical material replicators as if Star Trek.]
    d. Assembly-line type quality, highly technological state-of-art health care for all, i.e., diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care, wherein numbers make it economic, as if a Henry Ford assembly line.
    e. Technological agricultural food growth whose yield is upwards of 10x what is even best imagined today, and without biological GMO and untested plant growth supplements.
    f. Transportation updating/ advances, e.g., hypersonic passenger aircraft, ultra-high speed above ground levitation trains, ultra-economy autos.
    g. 3-D modular manufactured housing that will be erector set/Lego assembled on site with all utilities.
    h. Torsion Field Communication advances, replacing Wi-Fi/Internet, as well as facilitating new mass leaning/schooling worldwide.
    I. Clean water available to all, at free to near free costs, basis most advanced [admittedly largely Israeli] desalination and pipelines running thousands of miles.
    j. Others , too numerous to list, but above gives you an idea of what’s coming … as Hoppy, Gene, Roy, and the Lone Ranger will be riding to the rescue, GUARANTEED! 🙂

    • Clarification:
      within above comment, “already have matter transport and future/past time travel technologies re parallel universes, as well as physical material replicators as if Star Trek.” Meaning such is what U.S.A. has already invented and possesses, not meaning in possession of extraterrestrials.

      “Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.”
      Ben Rich — CEO, Lockheed Skunk Works

    • And who will give them the monry to proceed? Not the accounts for sure….who will give them the licensing for this?
      too many people have so many desires and many of them are really good but this will all emanate from the collateral accounts…


      • the people I work with are 50 year ahead of Lockheed Skunk Works…50 years and have been according to Russia for China for many many years….Sorry Ben you have been working with the establishment for far to long to know which end is up.



  28. Love and light to you all. We honour you for the work you are doing in service of mankind.
    The drama with the dark side reminds me of the words of Dr. David Hawkins in his book “Power vs Force” – where he says:-
    “… power arises from meaning. It has to do with motive and it has to do with principle. Power is always associated with that which supports the significance of life itself. It appeals to that part of human nature that we call noble – in contrast to force, which appeals to that which we call crass. Power appeals to that which uplifts, dignifies and enobles. Force must always be justified, whereas power requires no justification. Force is associated with the partial, power with the whole. If we analyse the nature of force, it becomes readily apparent why it must always succumb to power …” UNQUOTE

    May you be guided at all times with a loving hand – to use your power wisely.

  29. Dear Neil and Team K,
    While I love all the updates you’ve been posting, if you need to stay silent for a bit in order to get things done, I say go for it. All of you are very wise and capable; I have no doubts at all.
    It’s a shame that Keenan Team /Two has to keep reminding everyone the same thing over and over, even on the same thread! That also takes away precious time from your work which is critical.
    Please everyone honor their requests and stop wasting their time and efforts.
    I pray for your safety and well being Neil and Team and look forward to the completion of your work. It seems like it’s right around the corner.
    Blessings and much love,
    live oak x

  30. G20 Summit about to conclude!

    All countries will have a long day as all will be signing every no orders to bring new law and order to the world..
    Was nice to see the great greetings and OBAMA having to step out of Air Force 1 from the bottom of the plane!

    NATO UN coming to an end soon…

    Russia driving it’s big bear claws deep in CIA NATO Cabal by sending
    150 000 troops to Syria Turkey border! LOL

    BRICS AIIB BANKS making there move to release funds soon.

    • Charles, with all due respect, they are not signing for new laws and order,, THEY are signing their NWO agenda into play. every last one of them. Maranatha!

  31. A shining future awaits, once Neil signs the M1 documents. It’s exciting stuff but wearing on our patience, my feet are itching to start doing a jig!
    Love and peace to our brothers and sisters!

    • A Word to the Wise

      September 9, 2016 at 3:15 pm

      Patience has its own rewards…Holding the vision of a successful outcome at the Finish Line, jig included :), is a powerful back-up force for Neil & Group K…We The People do have the power, but we must first use it & take action wherever we are called to serve. Passively waiting is ineffective in the grand scheme of things, as is waiting for a hand-out. Staying alert & aware as well as opening to new energies, new ideas, new purpose is a more positive way to live. In the meantime, the Golden Rule is more needed than ever in the current world trials & tribulations…

      Peace to All…



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