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Hurricane Irma Weaponized:
HAARP Weather Warfare –
Methodology Exposed


Those in control of the HAARP installation at Clam Lake Naval facility in Wisconsin are responsible.

These Cabal operatives are the ones who have directed and concentrated recent weather events such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. And they can stop Irma right now or allow it to continue – which must be their mission.

Needless to say the Cabal have the power and the wherewithal to save or destroy many a life in this situation.

This Weather Weaponry is one of the last tools they have left that remains functional and at their disposal.

It is well understood by now that HAARP facilities can generate millions of watts of ELF (Extra Low Frequency) transmissions.

Related: University of Alaska Fairbanks – Geophysical Institute: HAARP

These transmissions are used to manipulate weather, including the spawning and directing of hurricanes; and the intensification of hurricane winds.

The same HAARP Weather-Weapon transmissions are now being polarized by the Clam Lake Facility.

The HAARP Alaska facility is a more modern version of the Clam Lake HAARP facility although both utilize the same principles. Observe the antenna configurations of the two facilities and you can see the similarities.

Related: Extremely Low Frequency Transmitter Site: Clam Lake, Wisconsin

We have been advised by well-placed sources that the old Clam Lake facility is where the Cabal are secretly directing their Weather Warfare control transmissions from: Right at this moment for Hurricane Irma, and recently for Hurricane Harvey.

Our intention, once again, is to halt these nefarious activities by exposing them publicly.

Learn more for yourself about HAARP by doing using your favorite search engine to research “ELF Wave Polarisation”.

Neil Keenan & Group K


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  1. Thank you Mr. Neil Keenan for this report. It has been my assumption that this was the work of the Cabal and HAARP. I appreciate the report. Please keep us informed.

  2. Why does Trump not just move in and stop them?

    • How brainless can you be. Stop blaming Trump. We must all unite in love in order to bring peace. Meditations are going on in Florida today at noon. Let’s focus on uniting the world so that these man=made (the cabal) weather situations stop. thelawislove

      • During meditation yesterday I received an image of a very dark and intelligent energy being focused which forms the eye of Irma. I was also told that groups of two in meditation and prayer can sway the path of the hurricane sending it to dissipate in the Gulf.

      • thelawislove – please try to remember/be aware that caling somebody “brainless” is *not* a loving thing to say. Please try to practice what you preach

      I was checking the radar this morning Friday. 9.8.17 am and YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE HAARP SHOOTING BIG GLOBS OF YOU KNOW WHAT INTO OUR ATMOSPHERE!!!?? WITNESS IT YOURSELF!!! At 240pm est Accuweather radar showed HAARP
      Shooting chemicals near Louisiana air space AND just outside the St. Louis, MO airspace. Controlling Katia in th Gulf and Irma in the Southeastern u.s. Accuweather radar picks up HAARP evil “globs” of chemicals on their weather radar. Check it out yourself!!!

  3. Thanks My Brother, Your team is doing a great service, God Bless

  4. No power is greater than our Almighty’s. Prayer and humble asking is all that is needed to destroy the wicked. Let it be done so now.

  5. Why would the US Military allow this we could take that facilty in short order. Why has it not been done? Thank You for being ontop of things like this!

    • The military industrial complex are the perpetrators of these war crimes.
      The military order followers, follow orders.
      Thank you for sharing this information, people have the right to know the truth; it is up to all of us to make others aware of this information, its going to take all of us to make this insanity stop.
      We are the ones we have been waiting for.

    • Because they all belongbto the same network. We are on our own and need to act together inrernationally against these people. Nature does no such thing.

  6. Why is not our military taking it out?

  7. These disgusting people need to be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity and murder and all other charges associated with their evil crimes. It is disgusting these people are allowed to inhabit this planet. Lets erradicate them immediately so our earth can thrive….and the people thrive in peace without these evil greed monsters of Satan.

  8. The dark and the light this is a war between, and we the human has to suffer For the greed the greed of the dark the archon The cabala…
    what is the agenda control control the human population that is the agenda no wem cannot be free , that is the mentality at the preAdamite. .
    they still manipulating planet Earth., enough is enough.

    something has to be done this has to end now not tomorrow now.
    we need all the help,
    all the help we need from the infinite Creator the created all things all Universe we invoke , we will win this war that’s a guarantee.

  9. As I recall, several years ago, the HAARP facility in Alaska was “given” to a higher-learning institution for research. If this is true, I am sure the “good guys” are using HAARP to try to direct Irma to stay out in the Atlantic instead of threatening land and people. It seems to me that the last group –“good guys” and “bad guys”–who waits the longest to send out their HAARP ELF waves would be the “winner” in controlling Irma. It seems that producing a cold front will direct Irma away from land. Let us all pray that the good guys win. God is on our side.

  10. Why can’t we destroy these facilities? Why are these people if you can even call them people, allowed to do this to us? If we steal a candy bar we get put in jail. I know you all are working hard to free us. Please know we are behind you all the way. Don’t back down!! Continue forward good warriors!!

    • Yeah it would be really interesting if this HAARP complex were to be destroyed, you would probably see the storm dissipate in 10 minutes. All the meteorologists would clearly be saying “Man that’s a first, what the hell happened there”

    • You cannot get near the HAARP installations. If you try to interfere with what They are doing, you Will be Terminated.

  11. I was wondering if there was a facility in Alaska. The skies of Juneau last night looked as if there was a ripple in the clouds like a wake in water. My first thought was frequencies directed towards the southeast and after looking into the location of the Alaska facility it looks like it. Dire times my friends and continue to support your truth and nobility. Thanks for the update

  12. I am surprised indeed that we in Wisconsin would allow this to happen. I am not surprised that this is happening in Wisconsin! What can we do about this?
    Please don’t allow this to continue. Who can we speak to? I and others are in a tizzy over the chem trails here and our health. Please let us know what we can do. Speak to the elders. It is truly time to eliminate those who are not allowing the exchanges and betterment of our sweet earth and her inhabitants to take place.
    Ranting, sorry. We need assistance here.
    Blessings and much gratitude for your loving care. Together we all will bring down the cabal.

    Mazie Miles

  13. Well as my mind as been flying for true news to watching total retardation that this world has mostly become!!! My take on HARRP which I will be told I was wrong. LOL! Was that these storms were actually being used against the Cabal.
    The one in Texas to bring the Bush Clinton Can to a halt by sending in the National Guard and same as Florida’s Obama Drug Cartel by doing the same there with the National Guard!! but then BOOM !!!!! You come out with this post!! Well it was wishful thinking for a moment for me!!

    Best regards Charles

    Glad you are all well and still stumping them Elites were it hurts!!!

    • Charles, I had the same thought. But then I continued the thought process and came up with a better one. It finally got too hot for the Bush clan and Harvey was a see ya don’t want to be ya card played by Sr.

      They have perfected these weather weapons since late 1990’s for sure. Trump has toured a chemtrail plane and is aware of geoengineering. Trump means well but got caught up in a conversion from an oligarchy to a military junta. The conclusion of a long waited for paradigm shift is full speed ahead. It is a warm fuzzy when Neil posts these updates as the exposure is extremely helpful. Thanks team.

      P.S. That tweet Trump made “What happened? I happened.” in regards to HC new book was side splitting!

    • we should all be part in this because
      these guys denouncing the elites are taking risks. Let’s not hide behind them and let us show them that we are also brave!

  14. Hi Neil,
    I read through your post this morning re: Irma. I also read Ben’s recent post yesterday regarding Irma and Harvey.
    We live in central Florida along the east coast, less than 2 blocks in from the ocean and are preparing once again for worst case scenerio.
    My question for you and your team is why are the Cabal still in control of this HAARP facility, and why isn’t anyone stopping them from weaponizing the weather, and why aren’t they being run out of this or any other HAARP facilities they may be controlling?
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am very tired of being pushed around and bullied at every bend in the road by this very corrupt group of service to self greedy criminals.
    I read through your entire website last year after reading through Financial Tyranny on David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos website, was all very shocking information, especially the attempt to detonate nuclear bombs off the coast of Charleston. Since then I have been following yours and Ben’s posts, as well as David and Corey Goode’s interviews on his website Cosmic Disclosure.
    Interestingly, whenever I am conversing with someone about these matters, the NSA or whoever else is listening, runs white messages very quickly across the very top of the black screen of my iPhone. The first time they said “What are you talking about?” Later on they said , We never sleep.” They also said “We control your home.”
    While I was conversing with someone recently they said “We beg to differ”. These messages are alarming to whomever I am conversing with.
    Besides my questions, I want to thank you and your team for all that you are doing on behalf of the world.
    Many blessings,

    • i am going to answer with another question: ever heard of the concept of money and power and the urge to take control over others?

    • That is unheard of but I believe you that they are interrupting into your conversation and letting you know they are there. Outrageous. There are more of us good people that the corrupt but they have the power and own the armies and same with all levels of government. They have been out of control and unchecked. No checks and balances. Wanted to add that Obama has signed an executive order that staffed and funded the 800 concentration camps, all ready for people. Do not get on any bus. Find a way to get out of sight. That is what seems prudent.
      After a hurricane in Florida with massive damage they can declare martial law and round people up and tape them where they want, take peoples weapons, our military have signed they will shoot to kill anyone who refuses to give up their weapon. They can take charge of all your property, food, vehicles, etc. But the martial law is what was said to be would be coming after the east coast is devastated.

  15. What I don’t understand is why the government allows this to happen. Why don’t they just bomb the place and end all this misery?

    • Their goal is population reduction as the Bilderberg Group of billionaires who are unelected and keep no minutes but determine policy have been taking measures to reduce population. In Kenya they are giving women vaccines they are told for tetanus but also sterilize them. Program recommended by Kissinger as he worried if their population got too large and they organized they would not let their resources be stolen from them while they live in dire poverty. That is a true rendition of what I read. America maybe first since we have now comfort and will not work for pennies as they have been asking people to do in other countries and would be harder to control. We have no idea what is going on around the world but have seen maps of the similar weather all over the world. They can cause this. Millions of birds die in one night and fish by the millions washing up on shore have all been practice for these dangerous HAARP weapons. Never had happened before as far as we know and has happened in America and Italy and elsewhere. Dark government is in control and Trump either a part of it or has been threatened.

  16. Why is it that our President and Military do not know about this? Why can’t the good guys in the military take over this facility and stop this? Why do they not know about this?

    • How do you know they do not – and do you not suppose that certain things have to take place behind the scenes. The cabal may be on their way out but we are still in a war…

      • Post Author, Speaking on the US side not territorial islands the hurricanes like Jose are avoiding land and Maria projected to do a right turn after it demolishes Puerto Rico. This gives credence to the good guys getting involved in these weapons of mass destruction we were warned about in the 90s. I know America has a good faction and I am proud to be a supporter of that faction. After this report came out by K team I can see these hurricanes being controlled by the good guys. I pray all humans in Puerto Rico can get to shelter and they should avoid taking shelter at the IRS the good guys I am sure do not approve of the IRS based there.

  17. assuming the good guys also have control of some haarp installations by now,
    would they not have the moral highground ànd the duty to use their equipment to counter these effects?

  18. I can’t put my finger on it but it would appear that the United States Inc (political venue) for some strange reason, is giving the southern nation states hell. With false flag shootings, the pulling down of confederate statues, and now a full on assault using the weather. Is this because they want to load these southern states with their BS debt based credit to rebuild, thus committing these nations to a obligation of some type? Da know.

    • More social security recipients in warmer weather and will save them lots in payouts to come. And they have been causing friction to distract people to keep them occupied and using their energy in protests/friction rather than in being cohesive. Harder for us to counter this. I would imagine many of our military and police would try to defend us if they understood what was really going on but they can be shot if they do not follow orders under marital law as it will surely be declared.

    • Hi Nick!

      If I understand correctly, the Cabal has now for 10 years tried to activate WWIII. As they have found out, that for some “odd” reason they haven´t managed to cickstart it, they try another way to make money and at the same time continue their quest to kill the spirit of ordinary people. The “bombard” us with weather insted of bumps. They must have some idea, that we don´t know anything other, then that Irma is a natural thing. And its much cheaper for them to do this. There is no reason to make canons and bullits. The cost is to hi. Just make weathery caos and then get the financial system to rebuild again. Cabal controls both the weather and the banks. And they still think, that we at to stupid to se it.

  19. Wow! I am speechless. Cyclone Winston in Fiji was devastating. Where is this leading to? How many of us will be killed before we start a new beginning?

  20. Yep. Right on the path of Irma. Northern Florida, east coast. Almost finished with battening down the hatches. I WILL SURVIVE.

    Thank you Neil for the info. Especially the location of where this is being done.

    Stay safe. No fear.

  21. Neil and Team K,
    Thank you for all your hard work, we will win the game in the end.
    looking forward to meeting you in next few months and getting a healing machine to Sydney.
    take care
    John French

  22. Thanks Neil, it’s good know about you! Elvis 🕺🏼 Neil “Suspicious Mind” . 👍🏻

  23. Thank you Neil! Out the bastards!

    Cobra posted a Situation Update that included images of a Weather Modification Patent Application for a Hurricane and Tornado Control Device, and a Seeding Report for Hurricane Harvey.

    You can see these documents here:

    The recent Full Moon Meditation included a Meditation to Dissolve Irma, as requested by Cobra in his Situation Update. People in Cobra’s blog community have also started a daily meditation to dissolve Hurricane Irma. More info can be found here:

    Whether on the front lines, working behind the scenes, or hiding in plain sight, we will continue the good fight until we have a breakthrough!

    It may sound trite, but thanks to you and your team for all that you do, Neil!

    May Blessings and Protection Be Yours.


  24. Solar flare input to the hurricane will be?

  25. criminal minds 🙁

  26. The sad thing about this situation is that they are a BIG part of these disasterous storms. They the ones in charge, don’t think this is unknown to them, belive me they all know. It’s call depopulate the land.

  27. Susanne Stebbing

    September 7, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    We do need to get rid of these cabal and to do it now as this could even spread to other countries and destroy the world. Get them bombed or arrested and all their funds confiscated.

  28. Thank you Mr Neil and Group K for exposing the satanists. Where are our so called free press? Why aren’t they keeping the general public, their readers informed on these facts of “Weather modification”?
    It is crystal clear, that President Trump’s exit from the Paris agreement is a huge reason for fabricating these Frankenstein storms and floods destroying our homes, schools, businesses in the Republic of Texas, Louisiana and now Florida may be Georgia and South Carolina.
    The Geo engineers who works for the globalists bare responsibility for the destruction of life, properties and the misery they created.
    This is an act of the globalists not an act of Almighty God who enter covenants with His children according to Genesis 9 : 9 – 12.
    “Technology will be made available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques****for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need to be appraised…**** Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm.” -The late Zbigniew Brzezinski ( excerpt from his book Between two Ages)

    • Free Press is fiction. All news media is owned
      by Zionists. Propaganda. They won’t report 200,000 children missing every year, likely much more, in America. Why won’t this site let
      this be printed? It is extremely relevant. My comments from
      yesterday were not retained.

  29. If this weapon is mobilized, it is because the Cabal is up for something big to disrupt, the connotation so maybe discerned.

    • anthony l. jones

      September 8, 2017 at 2:48 pm

      probally to sink the usa into further debt disrupt the commuintys and push terorrism.. hell they might be pushing a new bill through congress. or rounding up to goto war…

  30. Methink, the immediate intervention should come from the people’s collective action-masses movement that the Cabal feared most. What kind of a situation that would warrant this action from the people than as we have now.

  31. Pleiadian Earth Angel

    September 8, 2017 at 2:55 am

    Thank you for sharing and enlightening others. I hope people will dig deeper. Many of the questions asked here on the comments can be answered when we dive deeper into who gains from the destruction and the fear it causes for all in the path so the hurricanes and the fires.


  33. anthony l. jones

    September 8, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    i was trying to find out around the 15 or 16th did the harrp facility blast frequency into the sky i noticed on the weather map around that time how squarish the weather through out the whole center of america looked and it reminded me of the squairsh cloud formation you would see over the facility or somewhere near it.. of harrp during there tests.. i just imagined this was on a larger scale.

    • anthony l. jones

      September 8, 2017 at 2:55 pm

      i was thinking how that weather was going to lead to very extreme weather, never did i imagine it cause three hurricans and numerous toranado storms.

  34. Come on
    If you know where they are working from
    Just unplug them from the grid
    It must require an enormous amount of energy

  35. Global Prayer & Meditation September 9, 10, 2017 or Sooner to end geoengineering, weather wars, and ALL wars waged against humanity

  36. I hope these evil demons with HAARPS, Chemtrails, Monsanto are all brought to justice. Killing of mankind should be punishable by execution. Then they wouldn’t be so eager to cause death and destruction. I lived thru 4 hurricanes in Florida in 2004 in a row. You could see the HAARPS Rings at times, then you couldnt see anything. Hurricane Frances stayed over us 3 days which you know is not a Mother nature storm. It just hung over us and would not stop. Hurricane Jeannie was also devastating. Caused a lot of damage for NW Florida. We are prepped and as ready as we can be , but not looking forward to this.

  37. also be sure the mexico earthquake had to do with nukes in the fault lines.

  38. Why is hurricane Irma another 9-11 event? is that because the number 11 is a ritual number for the despicable cabals.

    • Yes, 11 or II represents the columns of time and space. These people are Satan worshipers with the intention of destroying our free will and make this planet outright under Satan. So, the idea of II has to do with breaking the chains of time and space so that Satan can openly rule without constraint. 9/11 was a ritual mass human sacrifice, with the towers representing time and space ( II ) coming down to allow Satan in. The Roman for 911 is IXXI, which also happens to be the sigil (seal) of Satan. So, events like these are again rituals to Satan supporting his transcending time and space to overtlt rule our world.

  39. what would trump, the military and local police do if an armed militia took over these mentioned facilities?

  40. Do you think the hundreds of thousands of body bags being unloaded from ships by the us goverment in Cuba a while back is related?

  41. And another thing, it is a fact the cure for cancer has been released, there is a way to stop aids before it happens, and weed is about to be legalized everywhere. And now haarp is complete. And millions of new unused shiny black body bags are stored in the south ready for use. We are literally done. Too many “Coincidences “. God I hope we are all wrong about it all.

  42. When does this stop? I just read on another site that FEMA will be spraying the mosquitoes over Florida and Texas because of the weather. What?! How about let mother nature take care of the bugs? Spraying poison over populated areas will kill the ‘skeeters, the rice they grow in, the birds that eat them, and eventually us. And don’t get me started about the bees!

  43. I am very happy to see people waking up to weather modification, especially after Harvey and Irma. I often wonder though if people understand “Why” they are doing this. So, I thought I would give an explanation.

    The same people that brought us the Climate Hoax are in control of weather modification. They are the world’s Globalists. Many years ago the think tank, Club of Rome, invented what they called “Climatism” which became the modern climate hoax, initiated with people like Maurice Strong of the United Nations. The goal was to get humanity to begin behaving in a neo-feudal fashion so as to be easier to control, reliant on government, willingly existing with less rights/possessions, be taxed to death, and see themselves (humanity) as the enemy. Climate hoax was chosen to achieve this, because it has the concept of being something natural, that was not the cause of anyone or institution (nobody to blame, like a King or evil government).

    This all goes hand in hand with United Nations Agenda 21, in which the plan is to concentrate people in large mega-cities, and get them off the land (by force). In other words, make us all complete prisoners. Well, many poorer nations and mid-level nations were not too fond of this futuristic Globalist nightmare. Neither were freedom loving people such as Americans not living in urban areas. So, the Globalists decided to deal with these people in a way that also happens to support their climate hoax, by use of weather weapons. Poorer countries (such as Thailand) that were looking to become independently self-sufficient without Globalism were dealt crippling blows. Areas of places like America were dealt severe weather (hurricane, flooding, tornadoes, etc) to create mass property damage, decrease employment (destroy businesses), and make land unusable. The ultimate goal of this is to push people off their land, out of their rural/suburban homes and into Agenda 21 mega cities. It also helps that home/property insurance have the least coverage for “acts of god”, which weather attacks are seen as. As a side note, Globalist agencies like FEMA are able to step in and direct people…right off their land, or marshal law can be declared. If the people resist these forces, a “National Emergency” would be declared, and United Nations troops brought in to restore order. U.N. troops just happen to be mostly Chinese these days, making such a scenario a real life Red Dawn event. Because after all, Globalism is simply worldwide Communism, Fascism, et al.

  44. will the 5g satellites be modern weaponized platforms in terms of the weather wars or just for frying the public at large as any other mobile cellphone tower.

  45. Neil is not the only human who would run INTO a burning house to save a child. If one goes to sleep in a warm bed home and awakens surrounded by fire going back to sleep is not an option. Get out of the house and restore safety. Act. Even the smallest movement in the right direction is progress. The momentum of many moving even a little is immense. A letter, a different choice, an act of kindness or tolerance, even the smallest thing matters. Creation is more powerful than destruction. Humans are creators with infinite imagination. We forget our nature. Help me remember.


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